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Zephyr: "I may be an employee, but that doesn't mean I do it for the money. Zephyr is letting me do the work I love, and I'm glad I have that."

RSX: "I don't like them- well, not to say that they're all bad people but- you get the idea right? All profit and no humanity... That's the stereotype anyway Do you think they think the same thing about us?"

Prometheans: "I've had some.. Bad experiences with them, but I'm sure there are nice people there too. I do sometimes wonder which society will be the next one. If it's theirs, I'm frightened for my future..."

Ferals: "Those... I- I hate them! I'd kill all of them if I could! I don't want to be taken advantage of again."

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RP Hooks
Destined for Service? - As a former shrine maiden in Japan, Suzune had an isolated childhood and developed a strong antipathy towards her family's Shinto faith. After much deliberation she resolved to embrace Inari's service again and dedicated herself to the Inari shrine as a Kitsune. However, she's still not sure what her future will bring, and her knowledge of the modern-day supernatural is lacking. An understanding of the modern gods will always pique her interest.

To Stand Alone - In order to get over her fear of rapacious ferals, Suzune taught herself the arts of self defense to protect herself and her loved ones. Though she's recently come to appreciate her own skills, she is always interested in learning martial arts that she's unaware of. After all, one can never be too prepared for danger.

Gaining Her Footing - Suzune is looking for friends and allies to help her adjust to the new world- in particular people with a "saner" outlook on post-human life.

Echoes of Home - Anyone with Japanese connections can draw Suzune out of her shell. She's very much interested in people who share her background, and can talk at length about her experiences in the countryside and how to adjust to post-apocalyptic American life.

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Suzune Kaminaga

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Gender: Female

Main Form(s): Kemonomimi Kitsune, "Plain" Human.

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Anbessa, Amaterasu, Edel, Shadowfenrir





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Played By: Suzune