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[Hoshi no Tama Spa]: Garden

    The inner courtyard is bordered with a bamboo walkway allowing access to the rest of the building. In its center, covered with an ever present soft mist, is a pool. The rocks and plants surrounding it give a well-done illusion to it being natural, though with a second look you can see the steps and ledges under the water. The water looks to be warm and soothing to the skin and soul alike.

    The central pool is the only thing that looks unnatural though, as a quarter of the courtyard has been converted into a zen garden, complete with all the tools resting near a couple rocks for someone to smooth out any imperfections in the pattern.

    Another quarter of the old courtyard area has been dug up completely and turned into a vegetable garden, except for a couple sneaky fruits like tomatoes. The rest has become a short-cropped lawn with some of the softest grass imaginable, perfect for those times when all one needs is a place to lay down and look at the sky.

    Day and night three wisps dart and weave around, offering light at their whims and playing with guests. The mischief is tempered by another presence; one of love and caring. Spending time here makes it easy to forget the worries of the day and just give yourself to the peace and love of another, or maybe just hop in that spring once more.

--Contents of [Hoshi no Tama Spa]: Garden-- Players: [NEW] Slaamundi(#25303P/C)[§], [IC] Softy, [NEW] Aex, [IC] Rivanna[§], [IC] Darkwyrm[§], [IC] Kayliana, [IC] Rihko, [i14m] Redd, [JDG] Sunochi, [i2h] Lowell

Obvious Exits: [D] Down, [W] West, [E] East, [N] North, [S] South Too many players here, use +glance if you want You can [bond] here to spawn here on defeat. You have explored a new area. Your hazard monitor emits a soothing ding. (+haz) Gambler has arrived. Vnova has arrived. Crescent has arrived. <smell> Gambler sniffs at the room.

Sunochi moves in from the north, the latex kitsune's tails squeaking and swaying behind hir as the lab coat-wearing individual looks over the garden with a smile. "Ah, such a serene place..." shi whispered, pulling hir arms over hir head in a long stretch. "Now, how to start my day today. Certainly, this will be one of those days to have a good lesson, yes?" Sunochi pauses a moment, a hand moving to brush against one of the wisps close to her, a light nod. "Mmm, alright. Then, shall I begin?"

Crescent goes [OOC] Out-Of-Character. Mordici has arrived. Gambler has left.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "From this point forward, I request that no one uses any special commands (IE FUck, sniff, etc) or use vials or the like unless I give the OK to. Mainly due to logging reasons and personal teaching preferences..."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now that I have that out of the way, welcome to RP 101. For those who are still new to roleplaying, we'll start with the basics. My little paragraph of a pose to start everything off is called an intro pose or a scene setting pose. Fundamentally they are the same thing, however, there's a minor difference. A scene setting pose is just that, it sets the scene, the mood of the area and, depending on where you are at, the area itself. An intro pose is less substantial but still important as it does not set the scene but introduces your character TO the scene."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Detail is an integral part of any scene and having a detailed pose will make it easier for everyone else to pose alongside you. My assistant isn't here today, so I would like to grab one of you all to be the kitsune's helper today. Who'd like to help?"

<OOC> Darkwyrm says, "Sure, why not."

<OOC> Aex says, "can't see any reason not too"

<OOC> Darkwyrm says, "I'll let one of the newbies do it :3"

<OOC> Slaamundi is too slow.

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "I'll never help you!"

<OOC> Kayliana says, "lol"

<OOC> Aex says, "id poke you if i knew how"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Scene setting. I've one or two of those for woodland encounters before XD"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "*done"

<OOC> Aex says, "anyone mind telling me why the commands in help section dont work?"

<OOC> Rihko says, "Which commands? It's possible that particular help file is leftover from an older version of the MUCK and it no longer applies."

<OOC> Aex says, "the on for basic commands. it says /me or me should work"

Kayliana has left.

<OOC> Sunochi nods, pets Aex. "Alright, now that I started the scene pose, the next person in line, commonly refered to as a 'Pose Order', keeps the scene at a smooth pace. Commonly when you use the command 'WS', it starts with the scene starter (In example: Myself), and goes from the top of the list. If we were to follow that, Mordici would be next, but for the sake of arguging, Aex will be replying to the pose."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Ah, I'll explain basic commands then, Aex."

<OOC> Aex says, "thanks then"

<OOC> Aex says, "i get most of it. I'm just bollocks at the MU clients"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "We'll start with the first one. Say or ". That will let you speak to everyone in the room. Some people, however, don't use that function as it doesn't look that great during a scene and limits a pose some. In Example: If I was to type "Hello, my name is Sunochi. You would get the following..."

Sunochi smoothly says, "Hello, my name is Sunochi."

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Yeah the sayverbs often, well, don't fit or just get in the way."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The same thing works with 'say' instead of the ". But, if you look at the small sentence, it's appended with your sayverbs. Thanks, Rivanna."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The second command, : , allows you to do actions. /me and me do not work in that regard."

<OOC> Aex says, "just learned that because i used the go ooc command"

<OOC> Aex says, "shouldve done that earlier"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "If I was to do :starts to polish hir tails with latex wax. You would see the following."

Sunochi starts to polish hir tails with latex wax

<OOC> Aex gives a thumbs up sign towards sunochi

<OOC> Sunochi says, "It's better, than using say, but still slightly limited. What if you didn't want to put your name first and start it off with a sentence?"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "em starts to polish hir tails... Also works."

Sunochi test

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Ah, I forgot about that command, Slaamundi, thank you."

<OOC> Redd says, "emote, you mean?"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Short for emote."

Aex swats at a fly

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Yes, like that, Aex. Good job."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now, one of the more powerful commands to use is @emit or spoof. What it does is lets you make whatever and NOT append your name to it. The drawback of this is if you forget to put your name anywhere in what your pose is, people will get confused."

<OOC> Mordici says, "so does /me"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Only on certain clients, Mordici, but it's better to use : or em. (Even better to use :"

stares intently

<OOC> Redd says, "There's a way to have spoof always show who made a post,"

<OOC> Mordici uses /me on habit, due to using IRC client to Rp a while back.

<OOC> Sunochi nods. "Mmm. we'll save that for later, Redd, kay?"

<OOC> Darkwyrm says, "What's the command for that, Redd?"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Spoofing is also done with |"

Rin has arrived. <Home> Rin makes their way rapidly home.

<OOC> Sunochi tackles Rin. <3

Slaamundi tries |

tosses a rock at rin

<OOC> Sunochi says, "My opening pose? I used @emit, despite my name appearing first. It was a pose preference."

<OOC> Redd says, "'spoof #show'"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Neat."

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Something like:"

<OOC> Rin huggles the Sunochi! "Lots of people in our garden...." The dense, stifling foliage parts suddenly, a sea of green and gold grasses rolling out before you, churning in the breeze.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Mmhmm. I'm running my RP 101 session, dear."

<OOC> Redd says, "I think this was planned,"

<OOC> Rihko says, "And doing admirably."

<OOC> Rin says, "Ah! I see."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "So, newcomers, do you think you got the commands down to make a pose right?"

<OOC> Aex says, "yup"

<OOC> Softy says, "Aye."

<OOC> Sunochi nods then! "Any questions so far?"

<OOC> Redd will save a trick with say for later, :3

Crescent has reconnected.

Aex begins to clean laser pistol

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Hold it right there, Aex! Since there aren't any questions, we'll go on to the next section. Pose depth."

<OOC> Redd says, "Could demonstrate now, if Sunochi likes,"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Sure then, Redd. Then we will move to the next lesson." "See how my sayverb is later?" gleams Redd, "It's actually a rather easy trick"

Sunochi smiles, "How so, Redd?"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Oh yeah, theres ';' too, which let's you append 's to your name and such."

<OOC> Aex like this?

<OOC> Aex says, "apparently not"

Slaamundi's face brightens with comprehension.

Rivanna's ears waggle seductively

<OOC> Redd says, "Sticking two commas(,,) in a say will allow you to place your sayverb where you please"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The teacher gets taught something new."

Aex impeccably says, "herro"

<OOC> Mordici says, "stick two anywhere?"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "You place ,, where you want the sayverb to appear?"

"I like pizza. ," gurgle coyly you, " Always."

<OOC> Redd says, "as long as they stay together, and exactly"

Rihko tilts her head to the side, her tails slowly waving as she listens. "Oooooo..." she says. "That's rather neat, Redd!"

Mordici really? ,,

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Why is my sayverb talking like yoda?"

<OOC> Redd says, "It does that, for some reason, heh,"

"Well, this is a fine mess you have gotten me into. ," smoothly says Sunochi.

<OOC> Softy says, "Neat."

"cool trick ," impeccably says Aex, " simple"

<OOC> Mordici huffs a bit

<OOC> Aex says, "it does sound a bit like yoda"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Alright, now. Shall we move on?"

<OOC> Aex says, "gladly"

<OOC> Redd says, "Has to be say, not pose or emote,"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Yeah, it doesnt seem right, perhaps if the name was printed First. Otherwise, it's odd."

"Really ," regally proclaims Mordici.

"use the force! ," impeccably says Aex.

Sunochi laughs. "Alright then, alright!"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now. Everyone remembers my introduction pose, yes?"

<OOC> Aex says, "yea"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Neat trick, but, I don't see me using it with how odd it appears."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And then Aex decided to pose cleaning their laser pistol..."

<OOC> Aex says, "wouldn't his seem more fitting then their?"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "And my spoofing of entering a clearing XD"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "You didn't specify a gender."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "However..."

<OOC> Aex says, "alright then i guess thats true"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "One line wonders are generally a BAD thing in roleplaying. It leaves not much... if anything... to go on."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "We don't know where Aex is in the Garden... or what Aex gender is or anything."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "We just know that Aex is cleaning a laser pistol..."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Which, really isn't much to go on."

<OOC> Aex says, "it was bad."

<OOC> Aex cleans his laser pistol in the sky with a blue thin cloth

<OOC> Sunochi says, "It's better but still lacks substance, Aex."

<OOC> Rivanna says, "XD"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Here, let me make a small example okay?"

<OOC> Aex says, "alright then"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "blah, gotta afk, food =)"

<OOC> Aex says, "i'm trying to figure out when i got the skunk mutation"

<OOC> Redd says, "I can fix that, if you want, heh,"

<OOC> Rin says, "possibly from a web battle? That happens some times."

A sigh comes from the kitsune, floating gently in the pool as she takes a look to the sky, a simple laser pistol taken apart with peices sprawled across her belly, a peice of cloth in one hand and one of the many parts of the weapon in hir other hand. Shi slowly rubs the cloth on the peice, taking care to not damage the item while digging into each crevice meticulously, humming softly to keep hirself busy.

<OOC> Aex says, "im trying to get more gryphon mutations. maybe wyvern or dragon if possible"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And I made a minor mistake in my pose, I forgot to put my name in there so... if there were a lot of people here, actively roleplaying, who'd know who's pose that is."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "But, isn't that a bit more to go on for some people?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Compared to Aex's pose?"

<OOC> Aex says, "yea."

<OOC> Slaamundi smiles.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Substance of a pose is really the most important part of RP'ing here."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "There's a lot of things you can do to pad the pose and still get what you want out of it."

<OOC> Crescent watches quietly.

<OOC> Redd says, "You also didn't match the pronouns throughout, :3"

<OOC> Sunochi tailsmacks Redd.

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Pronouns are evil."

<OOC> Aex wingsmacks redd

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Even I have issues, and I'm not perfect!"

<OOC> Redd says, "Consistency is also nice"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Yes, consistency is nice. Be consistent and you'll make your fellow RP'ers happier."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "In addition, proper spelling and grammar is awesome as well!"

<OOC> Aex says, "I hate it when people have horrible spelling and grammar.I'm probably mot doing too well on grammar either though."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Right, there is supposed to be two spaces between that period and 'I'm'"

<OOC> Sunochi sigh, "And a period at the end of my sentence too!

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And a quotation mark."

<OOC> Aex says, "Can't make fun of me. You're not perfect either!"

<OOC> Crescent says, "So a question! What if you meet a "one line wonder" or a bad spelling/grammar? Do you point out or?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Good question."

<OOC> Rin says, "well...there's another lesson right there....everyone makes mistakes. So don't beat yourself up over them..."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "It's generally nice to politely point it out to them in a page."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Don't immediately blast them through OOC."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Cause you'll piss off more than just who you are roleplaying with, you'll probably piss off staff too."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Right, Redd?"

<OOC> Aex says, "If its not a big thing I don't mind too much, but if it's something like "hay giys wuts gon on???1!/1!""

<OOC> Redd does not involve himself in interplayer disputes, :/

<OOC> Aex says, "I go and murder them"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Also, don't be insulting when you page. Be helpful. Constructive criticism is good but overbearing criticism is bad."

<OOC> Crescent takes notes.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Aex's simple pose? You'd probably want to page him "Hey, Aex? Think you can pad out your poses a bit more? It's hard to work with something so small like that.""

<OOC> Rin nods. "That's ture...if you help them understand what makes a decent pose, they tend to make more of an effort. I've seen it happen before."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The bad way would be: "HEY AEX YOU FUCKING NEWB! POSE RIGHT OR GTFO!""

<OOC> Aex cries

<OOC> Sunochi patpats Aex.

<OOC> Aex sniffs a little

<OOC> Redd says, "that last example would be something that would upset staff, yes."

Rihko quietly whistles to herself, impressed, as she makes her way through the courtyard garden. She is smiling as she looks around, delighted with the surroundings and the pleasant atmosphere. As she reaches the pool, she blinks and then bows her head towards the hostess. "Oh, hello," she offers, tone soft and polite. "This is a very nice garden! I've always wondered what was in here when I walked past on the street."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "While that is a short pose, it's well constructed and offers a lot to go off of!"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Thank you Rihko for the nice example."

<OOC> Rihko hugs Aex!

<OOC> Rihko says, "Everyone was new at this some time. :D"

<OOC> Aex D

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Speaking of padding your poses.."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Use the environment and your body."

<OOC> Rihko says, "I generally find that the more I enjoy it, the more I put into my poses."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Let me paste an example from the place I run..."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "It shows good use of surroundings and use of body parts in your posing to make some really impactful scenes."

<Paste from Sunochi>----------------------------

The Devil leaned forwards, "It is because I had to work on it for such a long time. It's made for them in mind, just like it is designed for a tail." Koakuma let out a sigh of relief at her Mistress's statement. The simple fact that Mistress was to still be a Magician felt as if a weight was taken off her shoulder, "And I don't believe that even if it was true that Lady Remilia would do so." She smiled softly at her Mistress's last comment, "I'm glad that this helped you at least." Best to look at the bright side of such things.

A nod comes to the magician. "Let me see your notes. Perhaps you have something that I have yet to find." as she makes a reach for the notebook. "And I am glad too, and with my statement, seems you are happy as well." a pause.. "Koakuma? Tell me what you would do if I became a Lesser Devil like yourself? Lets say theoretically... this was irreversible and I will be stuck like this for as long as my near immortal body would live. What would you do? How would you react? What would change?"

Koakuma let Patchouli take her notebook and then she went silent looking down, "Mistress. If you were truly like me... I don't know. I think I'd in part always blame myself. You'd never be as strong as you were before. You'd always just be a Koakuma. It just wouldn't feel right for me. Seeing you like this. Your hat never wearing properly anymore. Your dress forever changed. Your movements in air always different. While you'd still be my Mistress I don't know." She paused for a bit, "I'd always be there to support you. I'd always be at your side. No matter what happened. I'd help you as best I could to adjust to your new body. To how different things are with a body such as mine." She took a few deep breaths. "I'm just glad its not happening..."

A smile comes to Patchouli as she lifts herself up off her chair, setting the notebook down and walked towards Koakuma. "And this is why you are the best servant I could have ever summoned in my entire life." as she moves to pull Koakuma up out of the chair and into a tight embrace. "You're family to me Koakuma. I'm glad you consider the same and will always be there for me. I couldn't ask for more from you." as a small tear drops onto Koakuma's shoulder. "I promise I won't change and promise me you'll still be there for me through all of this.. like you have been, Koakuma."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "I'll let people read those four paragraphs before I continue."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Myself as Patchouli and my RP Partner Koakuma."

<OOC> Aex limps through the street using the butt of his gun for support. Blood runs from his forehead and down his face, finally dripping onto his shirt and leaving bloodstains in the white cotton T-shirt.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "This also examples power posing too in the last pose of that paste."

<OOC> Aex says, "How was that?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "It's good but we can work on that later, Aex."

<OOC> Aex says, "As long as its good im happy"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Those are average poses where I play at. Now, does anyone have any questions on that paste on how its using the surroundings and body parts in posings?"

<OOC> Redd personally prefers short poses, but that's due to time constraints, :/

<OOC> Vnova says, "wow, those are long pharagraphs"

<OOC> Sunochi chuckles.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Paragraphs get longer the more you play with someone and know them." <OOC> Slaamundi says, "I would like to ask about internal monologue in poses. Because I know some people hate it, but I think a small amout can be effective. I think generally you should not pad your poses with too much internal monologue though because other people can't react to it, unless their characters are mindreaders. Right?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "I've known that Koakuma for roughly a year and a half."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Right, Slaamundi. Internal Monologue is pretty useful but in small doses."

<OOC> Redd says, "I'm bemused by it, almost always,"

<OOC> Rin says, "it helps other players understand WHY your character is doing what they are doing, but like you said, they shouldn't really react to it. Its there for support purposes, not the main attraction, so to speak."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "here's an example of a good use of internal monologue"

<OOC> Aex wings give a small flap causing a small gust of wind to knock over some of the items on the table. He apologizes and pays for the damaged item with 2 freecreds.

<Paste from Sunochi>----------------------------

Rin's eyes welled up with tears, looking at Utsuho with a face that of a scared child.. o O (This... this CAN'T be Okuu!) she thought, tails tucked between her legs before she replies. "Okuu... you're scaring me..." she shakes her head, backing up as Okuu advances to her... as her ears perk up at the mention of God... "No... you.. .you aren't... Okuu, snap back into it... you're scaring me..." as her tears fill up, streaming down her face, she turns and starts running.. "You are not the Okuu I know!" she cries out, shifting into catform... 'I... I can't face that power... I just can't.' Running far and far away from the insane Hell Raven, the kasha looks around as various undead fairies start to follow her, an ear perked up as an idea strikes... o O (I'll... I'll see if any of the surface dwelling youkai will help...) as she pitterpatters towards one of her places... going back to kasha form... "Okuu... I'm sorry..." as a rain of danmaku shoots up from Orin towards the surface.... one minute... two minutes.... three minutes... and.... suddenly sunlight. Real sunlight bursts down into the hole as spirits start flying out... "This... this should attract some of the powerful youkai... please.. help me." she sniffles... heading back towards the Palace... -- 'You are not the Okuu I know!' The words shoot through Utsuho's heart like a lethal arrow, stopping her where she stands, twisting her face into a pained, shocked expression. Her arms fall to her sides. Her wings droop. She stares at Rin in confusion as the kasha flees, then finally realizes what's happening. She reaches out an arm to the fleeing cat, trying to float after her, calling as tears form in her eyes. "...O-Orin! Wait, c-come back! I didn't...I just...I didn't mean..." The tears glow like molten metal, obscuring Utsuho's vision with their blinding light. She quickly wipes them away, but as she looks back up, Rin is nowhere to be seen. Utsuho spins around, looking everywhere for her friend even as more glowing tears block her vision, calling even as her voice slowly weakens to a whimper. "...Orin? Orin, please, I...I don't...don't...don't leave me here..." She gives up at last, eyes squeezed shut against the weeping, fingers clasped almost painfully around her aching head. And Utsuho screams. And screams. And screams.

<OOC> Rihko says, "I do not like it when people pose their thoughts. In my past experience, Slaamundi, if someone puts their internal monologue into a pose it indicates that their general feelings on the matter are plainly visible in their posture and demeanor."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Rin Kaenbyou (me) used internal dialogue (referenced by the o O () ) to run things through her head.."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Some people dont' like it but it can be VERY useful in making a good pose."

<OOC> Sunochi does also have a habit of using ...'s a lot. Don't judge her!

<OOC> Sunochi says, "If you notice, it still affects the scene quite a bit and gives the reader, the ones not in the scene, a good chance to see what is going on in the characters mind."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Here's another bad example of what I was talking about, to show how internal monologue can become very passive aggressive and almost like powerposing if done badly."

<OOC> Mordici says, "I also know it has been used in other Rps I have been, to allow those that can tap into people's minds to hear other's thoughts.. so they know.."

Slaamundi took a seat in the garden, looking around with a smile. But on the inside, he was not smiling. To him all the students looked so young and weak. He could just imagine them getting eaten up on the battlefield by Ferals, nothing more then cannon fodder. Then he thought about Sunochi. What a naive fool, to think shi could save these poor innocents from their ultimate destruction. "What's up?" said Slaamundi, with feigned cheerfullness.

<OOC> Rihko says, "Ehyea, we're short on telepaths in Flexible Survival, though. :D"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Yes, thats an example of where internal monologue doesn't help."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "In fact, it detracts from the RP."

<OOC> Redd says, "Stuff nobody can react to,"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Yeah, it puts Sunochi in an uncomfortable position too."

<OOC> Rin says, "again, in that example the internal thoughts are the main focus of the pose, not supporting the actions and/or dialouge."

<OOC> Mordici says, "don't they have the magic stuff going on now"

<OOC> Redd says, "Mordici, Nanomagic has nothing to do with actual magic,"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Right Rin. And in my paste, the internal thoughts support the actions and dialogue. So there's a real fundamental difference on where it can be used effectively, both good and bad thoughts."

<OOC> Sunochi idle note, the scene that last paste came from sent both players into tears.

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "What makes it like powerposing is the assumption that no one is empathetic enough to read Slaamundi's actual emotions."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And speaking of power posing."

Sunochi grumbles a bit, giving a stern look towards Slaamundi, "I really don't like how you think of me, mutant." shi muttered as one of hir wisps closes in and tackles Slaamundi right out of his chair, slamming into him with such force to break his arm in multiple places.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "That's bad as well, almost worse than Slaamundi's pose."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "That is true powerposing, doing the actions and deciding the fate of others."

<OOC> Aex begins to get bored with the amount of silence and starts rummaging through his leather backpack noisily and creates a small pile of stuff to burn. Every now and then he mutters to himself.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "That will quickly get you hated amongst a lot of people if you continually do that."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Aex, lesson time, we can get to practicing later, kay?"

<OOC> Aex says, "I didn't do that on purpose. My MUSH client keeps changing what i type"

<OOC> Aex says, ">.>"

<OOC> Mordici says, "godmoding heh"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Yea."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "HOWEVER... with prior permission, what looks like godmodding can actually be done right."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Ah."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "In my first paste, as an example, where Patchouli picked Koakuma up out of her chair to hug? While I didn't get permission, it was generally understood between both of us that things like that would be okay."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now... a proper way to ASk for permission..."

<OOC> Sunochi pokes Slaamundi, "Mind if I have my wisps break your arm badly?"

<OOC> Aex Pokes Slaamundi "Mind if I break your arms?"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Everyone can break one and only one of my bones. Choose wisely."

<OOC> Sunochi breaks Slaamundi's boner.

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Not that one :("

<OOC> Aex Breaks Slaamundi's skull

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now, it's up to Slaamundi to respond, either a yes or no. Though, it does cause slight issues with the other people present. Since usually it's done by pages to get permission, the ones in the scene can think of it as power posing even if the permission was granted by the second (Or multiple) parties."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "So as a general courtesy, it's good to let everyone know OOC'ly that the permission was granted."

<OOC> Slaamundi's brains slowly ooze back into hir skull as it reforms. Creepy.

<OOC> Aex says, "I grant everyone permission to go jump off a cliff into a pit of magma. Your welcome!"

<OOC> Sunochi pats Aex. "I know you're eager but chill on the posing okay?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Now, does anyone have any questions so far?"

<OOC> Rin says, "what should you do if someone powerposes you without permission?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Peoples first thought would normally be to ignore it, yes? However, usually that's wrong. Page the offender in question and ask why they did that. If you can't get an answer, it's generally a good idea to ignore it after that."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The first thing you SHOULDN'T do is bitch them out ooc'ly as that will disrupt the scene and cause a lot of people to get annoyed"

<OOC> Aex says, "Seeing as I'm fairly new, what's the command for paging?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "page name=text"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Or you can use p in place of page"

<OOC> Aex says, "Thanks"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Another thing I've seen that can be a problem. Your character is in a fight with another, and you don't want to powerpose so you pose trying to hit them. Then they return with something like, "Sunochi watches Slaamundi's slow, clumsy punch with a smirk, easily having enough time to duck out of the way. Before he can react, shi's behind him, tapping on his shoulder.""

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "You want to give people the option of deciding how they react but they can take it too far."

<OOC> Redd says, "Combat should be done with a judge, generally,"

<OOC> Redd says, "sort of as a referee,"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Mmhmm."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Judges, like myself, have a few extra rules we gotta obey.. but hey, that's for WAAAY later."

<OOC> Rin says, "or unless both players agree prior to combat that both will be getting hit from time to time. I've RPed some successful combat scenes without judge, but really that only works when both players have a propper respect for one another."

<OOC> Sunochi nods.

<OOC> Slaamundi wouldn't mind talking more about how to do combat and action scenes fairly. But sits on it for later.

<OOC> Sunochi does have a combat scene actually logged elsemu*

<OOC> Crescent says, "Yep. Agree with that"

<OOC> Mordici says, "agreed"

<OOC> Mordici says, "I like seeing other people's ideas and takes on things.."

<OOC> Lowell wakes up in her room. Sees people. Greets.

<OOC> Slaamundi waves.

<Paste from Sunochi>----------------------------

And Patchouli does .. both! A quick graze of the keystone and a jump into the air as she opens her book to let five fireballs smash into the ground, sending Patchouli back enough to avoid the sword as the wings upon Patchouli's back flare out, she dashes right towards the Tenko, book raised. "I..." *WHACK* "AM..." *WHACK!* "Patchouli Knowledge!" *WHACK*, smacking the Tennyo with her sturdy, dictionary-weighted book as she scoots back, opening it to let a fireball explode RIGHT out towards the hand holding the Sword of Hisou in attempt to dislodge the weapon. "Not... your or...ordinary youkai... tenko." Tenshi landed to a stop on one knee, suddenly she had a book being whack onto her face! Tenshi did her best to find a hole, her spellcard was about to ping out. The Sword of Hisou was yanked away from her, but among the hits, and thanks to State of Enlightenment, Tenshi did what a human would do...or Keine in any case. She reached through the hits, and grabbed Patchouli by the front of her robe, heading in for a full power headbutt, then brought up her knee various time, "I.." *knee* "DON'T" *knee* "CARE!" By the end of her sentence, her card pinged out, but she managed to stand despite the crushing pain.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Ack, stupid paste."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Thats an example of power posing.. that was done proper."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "The permissions were there, in pages... and they went at it."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "however, because I forgot to put a space in between Patchouli and Tenshi's pose... it looks like one huge paragraph"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Effect of the pose is the same, however."

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Does anyone have any more questions?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "I assume that no one does then."

<OOC> Aex says, "If a person continues to take their powerpose too far after a few times of being paged and requested that they stop"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "What is the command to do the paste thing?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "@paste here"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Not a good idea to use that normally."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "How does it work?"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And Aex, if someone is doing that and won't stop after the request, ignore the person and continue on with the scene."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Just adds the page break first?"

<Home> Rihko makes their way rapidly home. Rihko has left.

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Ok back, after reading all old stuff XD"

<OOC> Aex says, "Yes I guess that works."

<OOC> Sunochi chuckles.

<OOC> Sunochi says, "And I believe that is all I have prepared for the day's lesson."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Probably someone you don't want to play with."

<OOC> Rivanna says, "And yeah, there are quite a few folks that like to Goku as I call it."

<OOC> Mordici says, "you should give permission only to someone you actually trust.. really"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Mmhmm."

<OOC> Aex says, "I'm also starting to dislike my MUSH clients auto correct function. "Yes I guess that works" didn't sound right"

<OOC> Mordici says, "i wouldn't let sunochi.. i don't know them"

<OOC> Slaamundi blows up the Zephyr building with mind bullets.

<OOC> Redd says, "Mudlet has a spellcheck, but it's manual,"

<OOC> Sunochi heh.

<OOC> Mordici says, "however vnova? i would allow cause i do know them.. even if they are on alt or something.. i trust them"

<OOC> Sunochi gives people a reward for being patient and enjoying the session!

<OOC> Aex lifts the courtyard garden into the air with his mind and sets it down in the middle of the ocean

<OOC> Vnova says, "thanks, that was a good lesson"

<OOC> Softy says, "Neat."

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Heh, I want a lesson on running plots and Player Judging. :D"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "I believe that this is all that I have for the day, so if you liked it, a +pjvote Sunochi would be awesome and I'll continue to run these when I can."

<OOC> Rivanna says, "Interesting, Sunochi."

<OOC> Sunochi can run that too later.

<OOC> Rivanna says, "So did anyone else log this?"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "And refereeing combat scenes."

<OOC> Slaamundi logged.

<OOC> Aex says, "how do i log?"

<OOC> Redd says, "I can give you a link to the page on directing, Slaamundi,"

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Slaamundi, you have my permission to throw this up on the wiki, my pastes from my TouhouMUCK logs are okay to use as well (Provided you link)"

<OOC> Crescent says, "Have both players roll d20s"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "On the wiki? I have seen it."

<OOC> Aex says, "I'm kinda waiting for someone to call me a noob for not knowing these things. >.>"

<OOC> Softy says, "Woah, what, there's a TouhouMUCK?"

<OOC> Rivanna says, "I imagine d20's with mods for skills like Sports and such could be used XD"

<OOC> Crescent says, "Add handicap for player skill level"

<OOC> Crescent says, "Then resolve the winner's pose"

<OOC> Slaamundi says, "Like, "Tell me what skills you have that you think are relevent?""

<OOC> Sunochi says, "Yes, Softy, I run it."

<OOC> Crescent says, "Tadaa. You are a combat referee"

<OOC> Softy says, "Sounds neat."