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Species: Harpy
Gender: Male
Location: College Campus
Must be found?: Yes?
Events: No
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy

Author - Rikaeus


Stewart has three different appearance descriptions based on his location:

Bell tower:

The first thing you see about the harpy boy is that his arms are transformed into his wings. His feathers are of a pure white shade, but the backside of his wings are covered in fur, rather than avian coverings. The fur is of an orange and brown striped pattern that stands out rather boldly. His feet are clawed just like a winged creature's should be. From his backside you can see feathers that spread out into a tail. Clothing-wise he is wearing a white t-shirt with an american flag on it and cargo shorts. The male is currently lounging on the white fluffy clouds, enjoying the sun. When he notices you looking at him Stewart smiles at you and waves his left arm.

Tenvale College Library:

You notice Stewart is currently sitting at one of the many tables in the library. He is gazing over multiple different books of many kinds of subjects and appears to be taking a large swig of coffee from a cup on the table every few minutes. From the muttering under his breath you can tell that he's trying to study. Appearance-wise, the guy's arms are currently in their human form, rather than winged arms he has human ones, that match his olive-skinned tone. He's wearing a button up shirt as well as a pair of dress pants. When he notices you looking at him, he gives you a weary smile and waves.

Stewart's Room:

The harpy boy is laying spread out on his bed, reading what looks to be fantasy novel. You guess that college students do need breaks from studying sometimes too. His arms aren't transformed, which makes sense as otherwise he'd be unable to hold the book. At the moment he is only wearing a pair of cargo shorts, revealing his human-like chest and his perky nipples. It doesn't take him long to realize you're staring at him, which prompts him to smile at you before returning his attention to his book.








  • Is in the library during the night and Bell tower during the day
  • Having an infection that gives you wings is the only way to visit Stewart in the bell tower
  • In some scenes with Stewart, having a high intelligence is a must (he believes studying is important)

Ideas of Potential Growth

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