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Forged out of necessity, trained with a specific purpose in mind, the Spellbreakers of Fairhaven stand resolute against any and all perils. Sometimes referred to as Mage Hunters, these fighters are fond of the frontlines, best suited to guarding their allies against threats not of this world.

Some however choose to specialize in concentrated withering strikes and focused takedown techniques, intended to subdue and subjugate the magical or otherwise. Regardless of which avenue they take, the Spellbreaker zealously guards their mind and body against the corruptive influence of the otherworldly.

Soul Powers

Level 10 Mental Discipline
Level 15 Harsh Training
Level 25 Taunting Banner
Level 35 Rude Interruption
Level 40 Elemental Warding
Level 45 Push The Limit
Accuracy 1
Avoidance 1
Bewitched 1
Concentrated 2
Durability 1
Endurance -1
Health 1
Opportunity 1
Regenerating 1
Warded 2
Spellbreaker/Extra Notes

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