Sergeant Alexander

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Sergeant Alexander

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Camp Bravo
Must be found?: No
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy

Author- Wahn

Sergeant Alexander manages Tiny Tim. He acts as a caretaker and oversees sample collection and breeding sessions.


Sergeant Alexander is a tough-looking soldier, who's seen a lot in his time. He's about 5'11' and pretty buff and muscular. Looks like he's responsible for caring for the minotaur, as he carries box after box of vegetables and other foodstuffs to the creature from behind one of the nearby tents.


The player may go to Sergeant Alexander to watch Tiny Tim have his way with the male soldiers. If Major Padgett is convinced to allow female soldiers to participate, there will be an option available to watch them as well. The player may also speak to him about taking their own turn with the Tiny Tim.


  • If you are in possession of Velos you can bring him out to have a chat with him. Depending on if you had velos meet Diego already it will alter the scene.
  • He may play a part in the gangbang between yourself, Elaine, Tiny Tim, and random female soldiers. For more info on this check Tiny Tims page


As of yet Sergeant Alexander is not infectious.


  • Sergeant Alexander will only have sex with pure females. He will not have sex with males or hermaphrodites.

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later