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ScentEx for Flexible Survival -- by Alynna
Allows one to leave their scent on things, and enhances smell commands so that these
scents can be detected.  Scents are typically temporary, until made permanent.
Marking a player costs 5% mako battery.  Marking a room, 10% mako battery.
The cost to clean a temporary scent off anything, 5% mako battery.
Check out the elite items 'permascent' and 'deodorizer' to work with permanent scents.
Scents normally start with an intensity of 100, which means it will last 100 hours
or 4 days, 4 hours.  This could change with modifiers.  Scents degrade every hour
by 1 level until they disappear.  However, others marking the spot can make this
happen more quickly (also the scent can be removed).  Every new scent of equal or
greater power than the scents already there, displaces the scent its replacing by
reducing the intensity of all scents at its level or below, by 1 hour.
 mark <person>                Place your scent on a person.
 descent <person>=<number>    Clean a mark from a person.
 track                        Track your scents and what scents have been left on you.
Important props:
 @set me=scentEx/mark:        %n leaves %p scent all over %m!
 This message is displayed when you mark someone, %m is the name of the target.
 %n is your name, and any other pronoun subs are OK.