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Was in Fairhaven relaxing during a one month break from her college courses at nearby Humboldt State University when P-Day occured, leaving her trapped and practically alone as all of her friends were either ripped apart by ferals or went feral themselves.

The trauma caused a drastic personality shift, from outgoing and friendly to reclusive and distant. She also became borderline suicidal and extremely hostile towards ferals, although she is overcoming the later and coping with the former.

Her attire tends to consist of military uniform mimicries with a bit of feminine flair.

Since she started seeing Joannah her original personality has begun to resurface.


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Zephyr Inc.: "I don't trust them as a whole, but not every employee is representative of the corruption of the corporation. Right?"

RSX: "I haven't had any real dealings with them and I refuse to base my opinions on the conjecture of others."

Prometheans: "They seem to be mostly nice folks with a good head on their collective shoulders, but they lack discipline and organization at times. Although considering they are basically a rehab group combined with a sort of commune they are doing much better than you might expect."

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RP Hooks
Cursed to Unhappiness? - So many bad things have happened in her life, both before and since P-day that she has a deep rooted fear that she isn't allowed to be happy. It can get so bad that it leaves her near catatonic at times, but she is getting better.

Strangely Naive - Certain things that most take for granted are completely foreign concepts to her due to her father's strict rules and over-protectiveness. For example, she knows of porn as a concept but has no idea what it's really about or even why people would want it.

Disassociative Lust Disorder - When she becomes especially aroused she sometimes suffers dramatic personality shifts, typically becoming aggressive and domineering. However the duration of the personality shifts are not fixed and do not appear to be based on any quantifiable variables.

Military Childhood - Being treated like a soldier by her own father has given military uniform and routines a feeling typically associated with one's home and family.

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Nanite Adept (ICly took the Recursion path although I got impatient/lazy and just bought adept directly)

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Sarentha Lesse


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Birthday: October 14th, 1986

Place of Birth: ???(still haven't decided)

Sex: Female

Favored Form: Pale Skinned Nephilim with two sets of wings

Profession: Freelancer primarily employed by the Prometheans

Specialty: Psychotherapy & General Medicine

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Joannah Lover

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