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Arms: Raking Claws
Head: Drain Vitae, Keen Vision
Legs: Feline Agility, Tumble
Skin: Smooth Hide
Torso: Vitality

Size rating of 5. His body is covered in glistening ebony latex that gloves close and tight. His fur, where it exists, is a lustrous ivory color. His head is primarily human save that the very tip of his nose is a pad, and he has skunk ears protruding from his scalp. Keen, slitted eyes glimmer luminously, and behind his sultry lips, sharp canines might show. From a widow's peak, twin bands of fur stripe back over the scalp and down the back of his neck before forming an opulent collar around his neck and drapes down over his sternum. Veins of shorter fur spread down over the cheeks like barbed briar vines in a tribal pattern that displays over the latex skin there. His body is a lean and fit humanoid form. Twin bands of fur run parallel to his spine, but his edges curve and barb like tribal briar patterning to extend out and over the ribs and small of his back as an archaic design. He has 2 hefty breasts. His arms are streamlined and swift with pointing, hardened nails. Thick tufts of fur drape like pauldrons over his shoulders. Vine-like shorter fur treks over his biceps before tufting out at the elbow and then wrapping along his forearms before terminating in thick cuffs about his wrists. The edges of the fur barb outwards tribally across the sleek, latex skin. His legs are athletic and well-sculpted, suited for gymnastic talents. Vine-like trails of fur run along the outsides of his thighs before dipping back to cradle the backs of his calves. Fur tufts longer at the apex of his calves before sliding down to form thick, luscious cuffs around his ankles, the fur draping there richly in contrast to his latex hide. His bottom bares sleek globes for gluteal padding. Short fur spreads in briar-like patterns of tribal design over his latex buns. Just above his bottom, a skunk tail colored the same as his skin extends. Additional long fur travels the top of his tail, covering in twin stripes of tufting fur that deviates from the stripes in thorns and swirls, a tribal pattern over the top of the tail.