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Zephyr: "Ooooh! These guys! I work for them! Yup, yup! They're the good guys!"

RSX: "Uhmm... I'unno, cool? I don't get what the big problem is with them!"

Prometheans: "Oh! These ones! I like these ones, too! Yup, yup! They're like Riva, just less non-not-insane!"

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Due to how Riva is ICly, it's rather hard to properly categorise the people she meets. To give a general idea, though, people will be divided into categories that Riva's general disposition towards them will follow.

Positive: Redd - "Ooooh! Mister Magic! Yeah, yeah! I like this guy! I have him in my pants, see?! ...Oooh! No, not like that! No-no! Wait--!"

Conrad - "Met the kitty at the coffee place. I met him later at the top floor of Zephyr! He was funny when he fell down! ...Or when I pushed him over. Meh, same difference, right? Right?"

Lunae - "Oooh! Nice girl! She's special, 'cos she's not special! Y'know, right? Oooh! She can't see, either!"

Tetrikitty - "Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Yeah, yeah! I met the kitty in Zepphur! She had a box, too! And I was promoted to the Director of Acquiring Boards! ...Huh? What do you mean that's not what she meant?"

Lushie - "Lady that called me dumb. ... ... ...I-in a nice way, of course! ...I think. ...Maybe. Anywho, they seem kind enough! She even offered free food, and a business card that's apparently non-not-inedible!"

Vilho - "Mister Vil-hoe is nice, yup-yup! We talked about pirates 'n' stuff at the shrine thingie-ma-bob-ma-doodle! ...I forget what it's called. Eheheh..."


Glint - "Grrr... Meanie! Said mean things at Zephyr's lobby... Next time I see 'em, I might just be mean to them, too! ...But does that mean Riva has to be mean to Riva for being a meanie? ...I needa think this over."

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RP Hooks
- Riva's Insanity

Truly, Riva isn't right in the head, so she's more than often going to be an interesting presence in a conversation. Don't bother keeping your distance; it won't work, because more often than not, she's already breeched your personal space by the time it took you to read this.

- Riva's 'Imaginary Friends'

Tying in to her insanity, Riva apparently has several entities that -- according to her -- follow the poor girl around wherever she goes. She has given all of these entities a name and an individual personality. Currently, the list is: Rita, Rika, Rima, Riha, Rica, Rheeta, Hullo, Lamar, 'Mr. Magic' (The Redd Plushie), and 'Him'

- "Mister Magic"

Riva's plushie, dubbed "Mister Magic". Tends to treat with affection, and treats the doll as if it were living. Insult it with caution, lest you invoke the wrath of someone with unknown morals.

- Riva's Wings

Riva possesses a pair of wings. Take a look at her in the game to get a better description of them.

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Carried Items
- A coyote plush toy.

In reality, this is a plush version of Redd. It was gifted to her when they first met; she keeps it on her person at all times, and truly believes it to be him... Probably.

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-=None Available=-

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Gender: Female

Main Form(s): Coyote, Husky, Aassahke Female

Nickname(s): "Crazyote"

Orientation: Unknown

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Quotable Quotes
"Nnngh... I feel soo good... And that's bad, 'cos feeling 'good' is bad, right? Bad isn't good, so that's bad! Bad is bad! Good is bad! Bad is not good! Nnngh... This goodness is so bad! Riva feels bad, which isn't good, which is bad..."

"Is me calling me stupid?! Yup-yup! Me called me stupid! Grrr... Me is SO gonna un-me the me and un-stupid the stupid! ...Stupid."

"So! Now that intro-ma-ductions are outa the way! What's about we all do something social, like talk! ...Wait, we're already talking..."

"Weirdo... I know, right? Wait, which one was this again? I'unno. Rika, I think? Nah, that's Rima. Am not! Are too! Hullo, help me! Wha? Nah. You have this in the bag. Dammit, Hullo! Why're you always the bad guy?! Wait, no, wrong one... Nah, you're right. Uhm... And you are? Hullo, duh. Oi! Stop impersonating me, Rheeta! Oh, shut up, all of you! You're confusing poor Riva! Yeah, stop doing that, meanies!"

"...Riva forgot your name, or you didn't tell her your name, which is rude either way. Hehe... And Riva is never-ever rude, so YOU'RE the rude one! Now apologise by telling Riva your name!"

"I don't speak in the third person! I speak in the tenth person! Get it right, nub! ...T'heck did I just say?"

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