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Reward Tokens are a special type of currency available to everyone, free of charge. They can be acquired in a number of different ways, and allow the player to purchase some very useful items when they have enough. They are, however, somewhat difficult to come by at first.

How to Get

Reward Tokens are acquired in many different ways. Specifically, you can do any, or all, of the following:

  1. Roleplay with others for extended periods of time. This occurs faster when subscribed.
  2. Volunteer in the Zephyr Promethean Studies Lab. It is located down and west from the Zephyr Lobby.
  3. Complete a daily quest.
  4. Complete a web salvage mission.
  5. Perform a Social Action in Eureka or Clairmont. Random chance of getting a Reward Token from this method.
  6. Purchase with FreeCred from the Mall.
  7. Purchase from other players, which is usually cheaper than from the Mall.
  8. Purchase from the Elite Shop with Mako (yields 5-15 for each 1 Mako).
  9. Volunteer for pediatrics testing in Zephyr Living Quarters and Child Care, Basement 1. Only available to those who can get pregnant. It is located down from the Zephyr Lobby. Awards 10 tokens and access to Zephyr Elite Requisitions.
  10. Turn in the Craft Bounty for FreeCred and Reward Tokens.
  11. Complete a Market Bounty mission by finding and defeating the named enemy in the designated area. 1 token per bounty.

Where to Spend

There are a number of ways you can spend Reward Tokens:

  1. Spend them in Zephyr Requisitions for useful items.
  2. When available after completing a Pediatrics quest (pregquest), spend them in Zephyr Elite Requisitions.
  3. Sell them to other players for FreeCred.
  4. If you're generous, you can give your tokens to other players.