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A bit of a wife, a bit of a pet, with some trickster thrown in. Rea lives for fun, she always has, even before Pday, well that and music. She isn't much of a fighter, preferring to flee or stick the back line, though this may chance with time. As it stands her current mental state is a bit, well, she's a bit of an air head, easily distracted and easily entertained, but she remains loyal to her wife and partner Hasuko Magic, Hasu to her, and the one who's collar she wears. Now, with aspirations of family, and perhaps getting some sort of band or even her own club in the future, she doesn't really mind that all this happened. Social, bouncy, and with foul mouth, Rea can be a handful, on her best days.

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RSX- "They pay the bills, someone has to. I get what I want well enough."

Zephyr - "Good for shopping, and a helicopter ride. Most people seem to hang out here, and with how the RSX coffee blows I don't blame em."

Ferals - "Pfft, annoying, worrisome, but dangerous? They have to catch me to be dangerous. Trust me, they aren't catching me anytime soon."

Promethean - "Sounds like religion to me, which was a bad idea the first go around. I'll stay well clear thanks so much,regardless of their "noble" cause. A lot of bad shit went down before under the word noble, good habit to avoid it."

Skunkbeasts - "Scare me shitless, I am NOT going to be, like, some skunk harem girl, getting raped and liking it, no thank you."

The Fox - "The Fox? Helpful, besides, its true, balance matters quite a bit. This place could become, unbalanced, easily, in fact it may be heading there already. Do anything? I'll find what I have to do when it finds me, don't you know the best way to find what you need to is to go after what want? After all, you rarely get what you want in the end of the day, but rather, what you need."

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Hasuko Magic : Rea's Wife, and actually a long time friend, they found they both joined RSX after getting picked up by one of their planes and things just went from there.

Caris : A strange little fennec that Rea decided was too cute to not "adopt". Will shift to her fox form simply to pick the smaller fox up and curl around them.

Arky : An acquaintance only, she doesn't know much about Arky, other then he has some scent problems.

Chance : Met first with Arky, again, an acquaintance, she doesn't know much about the mall rat at all.

Narwen : Another one met with Arky and again, acquaintance only, didn't get too close to the skunk beast though.

Connell : A nice seeming lion beast she met while having coffee at Zephyr.

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RP Hooks

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Human Rea/Fox Tail

"A younger woman with soft, pale, skin and a thin frame, despite her large breasts. She would stand at around five foot eight in her bare feet. She has short hair, hanging down to hair shoulders, with a ragged cut and obviously dyed. The color of her hair is not a singular color, but a myriad riot of color, blues and pinks, gold and red, all blending together in an almost hypnotic pattern. Her eyes, with the concentric rings starting gold, then iridescent, and gold again, have a dazed look to them, though seem bright, amused and happy. Her full lips are drawn into a ditzy, bright smile, her status as an airhead readily apparent from that alone. Her button of a nose has a pair of wire rim rose colored glasses resting on it, her looking through or over them as she pleases. Around her neck is a gemmed, silver collar, with a gold tag hanging from the d-ring of it shaped like a heart. Behind her, six wings, three to either side, spread out behind her, the feathers iridescent for the most part, with a few golden feathers through out. A long, fluffy fox tail, at least three feet long, drift in the air behind her, in almost lazy manner, the fur a match for her hair.

Her clothing, at the moment, is a short, tiered skirt, red and pink, and a multi colored fishnet top, with no bra under it. Her feet are clad in bright red cloth thigh highs, the privileged cage style, the front lacing up and letting one see her legs, fitted well, they emphasize the svelte form of her legs. The fishnet top clings to her bare breasts, the netting mostly black, with red netting forming a large H over her large boobs. The netting over her bare back spells out "Rea Magic". The skirt itself is fairly simple, just, really short, ending at her thighs, and slit in the back to let her tail out so it won't lift the skirt on accident. Between her lips is sucker and in one of her hands is a small, multi colored pompom, often resting against her hips."

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Group: Unaffiliated

Faction: RSX

Form: 85% Human

  • Head: Human
  • Torso: Human
  • Arms: Human
  • Legs: Human
  • Tail: Fox
  • Groin: Human

Gender: Female

  • Mass Category: 4(71-124 lbs)
  • Height Category: 5(5'3"-6'5")
  • Breasts: Two Grand Breasts (10)
  • Groin: One Arm Deep(18)

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