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Heh, howdy nice to be meetn y'all. Name's Queenie, well, least it's that for the moment. I'm a classy gal,succubus lookin an all but don't be meaning I got to go actin the part. Flirt? Oh ya I'll flirt, but if you're want'n more n that you'd better be planin on a fancy dinner an a movie at the very least. No movies? Now ya better be thinking of sumthin  else then shouldn't ya? Come on now, git movin!

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Zephyr- Eh, nice enough, for money grubbers.

Promethean- Eh, no thanks, I've enough problems without even going on about this one.

RSX- Spooks, really remind me of government spooks, enough said really.

Ferals- Bad, run DO NOT GET CAUGHT.

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Todde- Friend, pretty nice guy all around!

Edel- Friend and boss, house mate. Gives me a place to live and a job!

Rihko- Acquaintance, didn't really get to know them.

Chell- Acquaintance, been around them before but not recently.

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RP Hooks
Nervous Loudmouth
 Nervous yet without censor, mostly, occasionally gets fairly shy, stuttering and everything though past that is a pretty fun husky!

Milky Husky

 Husky girl kemonomimi with milk issues! She also has occasional heat problems not to mention the occasional um rather blond moment.

Succubus Kemonomimi

 Though at the moment she seems more fond of her succubus form, still kemonomimi but the husky in her peeks out depending on her mood.


 Looking for love to go with the lovin? Perfect fan of "dawwww" moments right here!

Identity Crisis

 Acts, talks, and even thinks a tad bit differntly between husky and succubus forms. Called by Queenie when she's looking impish.

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Looking over Quincy, she is about the same size and about the same weight compared to you. Her body is covered in bare flesh. Her head is normal save for perky, overly large ears that twitch atop her head, thick and fuzzy like that of a husky. When she smiles or grins, a fang has a tendency of poking out. Her body is charmingly human. She has 2 arm filling breasts. Her arms are charmingly human. Her legs are charmingly human. She has a long and fluffy dog tail swaying behind her. Tucked away beneath her tail is a round, padded rump that begs to be groped. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a female husky. She has a large dainty clit. She has a large plump, flush lipped vagina. She's currently wearing well, a really small, kimono. It goes down to just below her ass, split to allow her tail to move freely but giving a clear view of her black, almost shear, panties. It's rather snug around her breasts, and the neck is fairly deep for all that it holds her breasts fairly securely, it offers quite a bit of cleavage. The design is simple enough, black with dark roses embroidered across the material, each thread a slightly different shade of the same colour, and layered in such a way that each shade only sometimes peaks through, depending on how one looks at her. The material though seems to be almost, gauze like in some light, going shear every now and then as she moves, though not quiet transparent enough to see through, the tight fit around her breasts, and the low cut, do enough to leave very little to the imagination.

This somewhat short young woman has slightly awkward way about her yet, yet seems quite hyper and is of a pale, cream like, complexion. She wears her red-blonde hair cropped short and styled in a pixie cut, her canine ears clearly visible due to this, at times twitching this way or that. Her face is soft, more pretty than anything else, her lips full but her nose a small button of a thing with freckles across the bridge and to either side, seemingly sprinkled about. She has honestly rosy cheeks, which are also dusted with freckles, and sky blue eyes that have a bit of friendly gleam to them. Oddly enough, at either side of her eyes seems to be a metal tab, connected to a thin, transparent visor in front of her eyes. Information of her surroundings seems to constantly stream across this HUD, as well as her own current vitals, and perhaps others, had she the skill to read them. However, at the moment her eyes seem, distracted, and at times she wipes away a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth, a somewhat flighty smile on her face at the moment.

Her body and frame seem, well, soft, and rather curvy. Her height at around five feet and five inches, she has a bosom that is just too large to miss, their jiggling often causing her to bite her lips and her movements seemingly unused to their weight. It's also apparent that they are just rather, well, engorged with milk, dribbling a bit and leaking a little through her current clothes, the dampness making it obvious that she has a smattering of freckles dotting her chest and breasts. The rest of her form is just as soft, with the appearance of someone who perhaps used to run, but let themselves go a bit. What with her wide hips and her large, jiggling backside, the addition of the tail seeming to make the motion almost hypnotic as it wags back forth almost in time with the jiggle. Her arms and legs still hold some of the remnants of old muscle and training, though have a bit more softness to them then would be expected perhaps.

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Cow Maiden ACTIVE

Nanite Adept

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