Pretty Pony

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Pretty Pony

Arms: Group Hug
Tail: Party Cannon
Head: Awww, Giggle
Legs: Foot Stomp
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Quadrupedal Stance


Don't look a gift Pony in the mouth.

Pretty Pony is tiny and extremely light. Their body is covered in short, sleek, shiny silvery-white fur, with a tattoo of a rainbow. Their head is long and stretched, although their muzzle isn't as large as a full sized horse's. One has a broad forehead with widely spaced eyes, heavy, flat equine teeth, and a pair of cute, round little ears. One is also sporting a long, flowing, rainbow-colored mane. Their body is stocky, long, and rounded with curves, with a wide chest, seemingly designed for four legs. Their arms are short and round forelegs, going perfectly flat at the end where a hoof would be. One has no fingers or visible hand, but still seem able to grip things somehow. Although the forelegs seem to lack a knee, each still bends properly. Their legs are bent in a digitigrade shape, but the hind legs still seem to lack normal joints, just being short, round appendages that are perfectly flat at the end, without a foot or toes. One has a pony's tail, made of long strands of rainbow-colored hair erupting from a clump on their hindquarters. The tail swishes around behind them as it twitches and waves, and underneath the tail one has a round, muscular ass. A private peek would reveal that: Their groin resembles that of a pretty pony.