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The Bounty is distributed around the city for anyone that willing to collect information on the strange Collie herm that has been spotted going in and out of man of the griffion camps on the east side of Fairhaven. The bounty is for infomation, if the Collie is harmed in any way the bounty is null and forfeit. She was last spotted going in to an eastern skycraper over looking a Candy Shop shop. She has not left that location in the last two days, This is would be the perfect time to gather some data.

A skyscraper? Intresting place to hole up in in this day and age, never know what could be using the place as a home before you. And how angry they will be when they found out you invaded it. Angus looks up at the sky, his tail swaying lightly as his gaze drops down to the main entrance and he sighs. Curiosity still burned through the coyotes thoughts, wanting to know what was so important about the information they were sent here to get.

A bounty, and a, hopefully, non-violent one to boot! Eager to accept for an extra bit of that wonderful bit of virtual currency, Dio heads for the skyscraper with his shotgun securely held in his right hand. While the bounty required the target not to be harmed, it was always good to be prepared if the need to defend oneself was required. Tucking at his suit, he finds a familiar stubborn coyote and heads for him. "Hello sir," he says in his smooth baritone voice. "Here for the bounty as well? I can imagine others will be happy to pick up some extra money as well."


Aimee walking along in the city, she didn't care much about bounties, people, or other such things, her guardian wisp staying close to her, another smaller feral husky staying near as well. Shiffing around, all Aimee was concerned about was making more friends! Her huge breasts are overwhemling, bouncing off of her knees, leaking with their bounty, 2 more hidden by the first two, and her puppy belly! Seeing the group congrigating here she gives a loud bark! Her head tilts as she recognises Dio! "Gentle Sex Lion!!" she calls out running... bouncing.. over to him and licking him over and over again. The nude except for her jewelery female husky then plops a nipple into Dio's muzzle, waving around to ANgus as well, "Aimee protect friends... hurt things here.." she says as, subcontiously, she commands the ambiant nanites around her to afford protection, speed, and strength to her allies along with the nursing sustanance she is giving Dio, rather forcefully!

Cookies is skittering along the streets happily, about as money-hungry as anyone else after the bounty. As long as she didn't actually have to go near the ferals, she supposed. Being that she was absolutely teeming with fertile scents, she had her 'emergency backup plan' strapped to her back in the form of an inactive radio static pack. Fortunately, she never needed to turn it on throughout her journey to here, either! She would probably be puking up more guts were that the case. When she approaches the site and sees Dio, she beams with delight, prancing right up to him, sticking right by his side. "Hi-hi," she mewls up at him with a little wave and- oh shit who the hell is that mauling her lion! She stares damned near daggers at the husky, although the rather adorable display slowly melts her heart. Jealousy... subsiding... replaced with... d'awww! Damnit, stupid cute-ass huskies, she thinks to herself as she blushes up.

The doors to the Skyscraper open and a large Busty Labrador walks out with an adult skunkgirl riding her back. The giggling skunkgirl looks at the approaching group and snarls at them before the busty Labrador japs its tail in the skunk girl mouth who just suckles and looks at you hatefully as the labrador walks away. The Entry way is filled with ruined furniture, broken desk and two destroyed elevators. There a load of powder on the floor with various paw prints. One of the paw prints standing out is a large set of hoof prints leading to the second floor of the western side of the building. There is a another set of foot prints going the same way. In the corner of the main floor a single pretty pony is grazing on a turned over potted plant, it seems to ignore the intruders as it walked around with a proud strut to the next plant.

Angus flashes Dio a smile as he appears, and just shrugs. "Oh I know more people are going to show to collect the bounty. Just means more eyes and less danger." Aimee's appearance catches him by surprise when she forces a nipple into Dio's muzzle. Talk about a crazy entrance. He waves to Cookies when she appears as well and goes back to staring at the skyscraper, wodering what craziness will show itself next when the Labrador slips out the front door and the skunkgirl snarls. "Excuse us, just passing through." He mutters, slipping on by them and into the trashed lobby to look around. All this dust makes him wrinkle his nose, the paw prints standing out. "Well, I guess we know where to g-....." He was turning as he was speaking, his eyes widening in shock...and fear as he notices the Pretty pony for the first time. His hand twitching as he stops himself from panicing and grabbing his gun....

"Now then, I wonder how we should appro-" Dio's ears twitch as he hears /that husky/, shrinking down a bit as he hears the awfully embarrassing nickname. "Oh no..." Using his hand, he covers up his eyes and hopes that perhaps the situation would solve itself. Ignorance is bliss, until the subject matter comes slamming into your face. Suddenly finding a nipple and complimentary flood of milk into his mouth, the poor feline is forces to swallow or drown, eventually coughing up some milk onto the ground and pushing the husky away. "Yes... Thank you," he grumbles under his breath with a hint of frustration after wiping his mouth. Though, his mood seems to pick up a bit after Cookies arrives by his side. "Good to see you, my- Ah! Not my... Sorry. Yes, good to see you ma'am." The lion places a reassuring and gentle hand upon Cookie's head and gives her a friendly rub.

While the group was snarled at, there didn't seem to be any immediate amount of danger in the area. Though that pony was less than reassuring. Shortly after, he follows behind Angus and looks down at the prints upon the floor. "Looks like we may find our target if we follow these," he agrees, looking at Angus curiously.

Dissonent silently approaches the skyscraper, pulling hir labcoat tighter around hirself as a breeze blows by. Shi looks up, admiring the height of the skyscraper, beforing drawing hir eyes back down to the group infront of hir, who seemed to be focused on something inside the doors. Shi hoped it wouldn't be too difficult to find the husky inside the building, as it looked to be fairly large. Shi reached the group and gave a quiet hello, loud enough to hear, but not as loud as any other person might've spoken.

Aimee looks to Dio as he removes her nipple from his muzzle, "Gentle Sex Lion not like Aimee?" she asks whimpering and backing away a bit, and looking over to Cookies and Angus, "Who... who is... " she asks sniffing furiously at the air. As her body begins to warm again she rubs on her tight feeling breasts, "Aimee have more... others need?" she asks with a soft moan, a husky through and through, though one that seems to be content in not raping everything in sight, a peak at her soaked groin however would indicate it probably isn't by her choice though. When the doors open, she gives a startled yelp, sniffing over in that direction, "What... what is? Friends?" she asks looking again to Angus and Dio, nose and ears going a mile a minute, crouching to all fours, her top breasts rubbing the ground and a hand starting to rub at her muff as well. Looking to the new arrival, her nose goes to working them over next, "Who is?" she asks again.

Cookies snickers quietly as the lion wipes his mouth clean. She had to admit, that was pretty funny, still giggling even as she nuzzles up against his hand. "Friend of yours, huh?" she teases Dio, nodding over to the husky, though her attentions snap straight to the pair that first emerge from the building. She responds to the snarl with an irritated hiss, fur on her ears and tail bristling out, staring death as they pass by. As the group enters the building she follows close behind, shaking her head in slight disbelief- the nerve of some ferals, really!- and all but hugging Dio as she walks. She peers down at the tracks and lets out an unimpressed huff. "Yup, those are dog feet alright. Not the lab's though- ignoring the fact that it's in the wrong direction, it also looks kind of like a collie's pawpattern," she murmurs, crouching down and smoothing out some of the edges where she thinks needs fixing with a finger, to make it look a little less distorted. "Lucky that there's this... whatever this is here." She gestures towards the powder-stuff overall, standing back up. "So in other words yeah this is the right direction." She spent a looong time avoiding critters like this.

The second floor is covered the same white powder but there is long trail of clean floor. The sound of barking reaches everyone ears. In the far corner there is a collie with a big pink bow around her next. She is surrounded by large gryphons they are looking at her intently as she is covered in flower and giving out small cookies to the gryphons. The Gyphons eat the cookie loudly as she pushes a large tub underneath the biggest gryphon and begins to bark. The gryphon gives a soft caw and places her breast over the tub. The Collie begins to gently play with the nipples of the gryphon before the gryphons notices the party. A Particular large Centar Mare in the back stands and yells pointing at the armed group. The Gryphon scatter immediately some of them shattering window and the Centar female leaps out the window before long white wings unfurls from her back as she attempts to fly away but plummets down with a nasty crunch on the pavement. The Collie back up with some dough in her hands. She starts to shiver and her hands glow or a moment as the dough begins to slowly brown in her hands, after a few minutes she tosses the misshappend cookie to the side and points at it. She barks again and looks around for an escape, her pupils are very dialated as she shivers and tries to keep some distance between the group and herself.

Dio would notice that the coyote was twitching, acting rather nervous when he turns his head away and closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath. Just ignore it, just ignore it, just ignore it. Angus clenches his hands as he walks up the steps, pretty much ignoring everything as he trys to remain calm and not cause any destruction. His ears twitch as he hears the collies barks, and he moves quickly towards the source and eyes the Gryphons. "....Did we just ruin a bake off or something?" He mutters as he watches the Gryphons flee and the Centaur splats, before he turns back to the Collie.

"No no." Dio waves his hand reassuringly at the hyper husky and shakes his head. "It's just that your surprised me is all, ma'am. If you wouldn't mind, please ask before doing such actions." Looking about the building and noticing Cookies' reaction, he places a paw upon the feline's shoulder and gives her a firm, friendly, and warm squeeze. One of those 'it's gonna be alright' sort of squeezes. Right behind twitchy 'yote, Dio gently pushes Cookies along up the stairs in time to witness the surreal display. He raises his arms in the air, hoping to make him seem as less of a threat a lion could possibly become. "We're not here for viol- Too late," he murmurs, dropping his hands back to his sides. "Perhaps a feral bakery of sorts? Anyways..." Dio straps the shotgun upon his back and crouches down on one knee, smiling warmly at the collie. "Hello ma'am. We're not here to hurt you. Just looking for a bit of information is all."

Dissonent follows the group quietly, arriving up the stairs just to see the centaur jump out the window, watching with worry, then wincing when shi heard it hit the pavement, closing hir eyes and shaking hir head with a soft sigh. Shi opens them again and takes in the room, focusing on the collie, then to the cookie she dropped, unsure whether or not to pick it up for closer examination.

Aimee follows the group up on two feet, her boobs hurt when she tired to walk on all fours. Then, whent he group comes up to the second floor and all that goes on, she gives a very startled yalp and hides behind Dio a moment... as much as the tall hyper husky can hide. Once everything quiets down though, she processes everything she heard and smelled, well, as well as she could. She sniffs over toward the collie, "Is ok?" she says but then, dropping to all four, tail raised in the air showing off her still dripping, thick lipped, black and quivering husky lips, she drags her large breasts and puppy belly accross the flour covered floor, sniffing over to the Collie. She gives a few barks of greeting! Panting lightly to the fellow canine, and seeing her against the wall, she tilts her head slightly, turns around to face the group and lowers herself slightly, presenting to the collie, weither to be bred or as the universal canine greeting is hard to tell.

Cookies is ever vigilant in staying next to the lion, her tail occasionally brushing up against his legs- that is until she is surprised not only by a room full of ferals but also the following cacophany of shattering glass, making her yowl out in surprise and duck, hands thrown over her head. After a moment, she peeks up past her hands and mewls out quietly, eyes set on the collie. Yup, that's the one! Peering over at Dio, she decides it's probably best leaving the talking to him, at least while she's still nervous, and opts to stay quiet for now.

The Collie looks at Dio. Her gazes is long and fearful, "Gun-people!" She whimpers and points to them, "Take food. Take Milk.." She grunts and starts to bark again. She looks at her hands and thinks about what Dio said, "No hurt?" She looks at Aimee and barks back. She reaches under Aimee nervously and touches her boob. "MILK!" The collie starts barking rapidly at Aimee. She relaxes a bit and turns around presents herself. "Gun-people? Friends?" She looks down between her legs expectantly at each of the group, offer herself to be smelled by each of them.

Gun-people? Now that's an intresting label for them. Angus walks over to the window to lean out and look at the Centaur that was paying for forgeting what Gravity was. "Well....this is one intresting bounty I can tell you that." The Coyote mutters as he moves away from the window and watches Aimee and the Collie with his hands in his pockets. "Yes, we are all friends. You have nothing to fear from us." An eyebrow quirks as she looks between her legs then them, causing him to roll his eyes as he leans in close to her and sniffs. Trying to show that he wasn't hostile.

Dio watches as the feral husky makes communication with the collie in her strange way. Ferals were certainly an interesting bunch, especially the ones that don't mount people the second they see one. "Yes, sorry about that ma'am. I should've realized my weapon may have been quite scarey!" The lion sits his rear upon the floor and crosses his legs, allowing Cookies to get into his lap if she desired, in an attempt to look as friendly as possible. "We're interested in what exactly you're doing here. Perhaps a bakery of sorts? Have you been looking for materials?" He looks upon both canids' gestures and tilts his head. What were the- And then Angus gives them a sniff, causing Dio to bite at his lip to stiffle his laughter. Certainly not feline territory.

Dissonent forces a soft smile to hir face, trying to show hirself as friendly, the smile becoming more genuine as the coyote leans in and sniffs. "Well...this certainly is strange..." shi remarks to noone in particular.

Aimee gives a soft moan as her breast is touched and smiles to the Collie, turning to sniff at hir back. She gives a few barks to her, and pays very little attention to Dio, Cookies, and Dissonent, but Angus gets a sniff as well when he gets close! Feeling very warm, her pussy lips thobbing slightly she walks around the Collie a few times before licking at her sheathe and balls. "Pinky friend? Bake Collie... Pinky. Bake Collie.." she processes this for a while then goes back to licking on hir more sensitive areas. With a whimper she closes her legs tight, "No... Collie Mommy made Aimee promise..." so she contents herself to lick at the Collie instead.

Cookies stares at the collie's presented backside and rubs at the back of her neck a bit. Erring on the side of caution, she decides staying as far away from feral genitals is the optimal thing to do and takes her place in Dio's lap, taking off her radio pack, facing forwards with it set in her lap and snuggling her back up against his chest. "Yup... All, erm... nice and friendly." Nice and friendly and well-armed and what the /hell/ was that husky doing? She stares and quirks one brow. "I'm not sure what I expected."

The Collie looks at Dio and pouts since he didn't sniff her. She pouts for a moment and listens to him with a soft smile. "Food for milk. Big birds have big boobs." She says as Dissonent give her a sniff. "Make food stuff and with milk. Ponies eat food and don't hurt, Horse-lady eat food and don't hurt, Big bird eat food and don't hurt, Skunk eat food and don't hurt." She says and looks at the all the people gathered. "Gun-people hurt.." She points to her belly. "Had puppies, want to go to bright place with food. Gun-people shoot Pinky, Pinky hurt and taken by big lizzie, big lizzie...hurt and...hurt...and hurt...." She looked down then smiled, "All better and have puppies-lizzie later." She shrugs. "Gun-people want stuff?" She looks at them all curiously.

Angus freezes for a little bit as Aimee sniffs him, standing up fast and taking a step away from them both when he gets a chance. He looks back at the others when he gets a chance, and just shrugs. It's not like he did anything that bad did he, all he did was sniff? "I'm sure we can help you get to the bright place with food if you allow us, and I don't think we really need any stuff at the moment."

What a strange bunch, these ferals are, but he had certainly seen stranger that's for sure. With Cookies now in his lap, he wraps his arms around her torso and begins to pet at her head, sometimes taking a moment to scratch behind her ears just a little with a clawed finger. "I see... Ferals are a fan of your cooking it would seem." Offered a little something, Dio shakes his head and gives Cookies a little squeeze. "No thank you ma'am. As the gentleman coyote said, we can help you if you desire. I'd like to apologize on behalf of all 'gun-people' out there. Some are a little trigger happy with their weapons, but some use them to defend themselves or others quite responsibly."

Dissonent kneels down, and picks up the cookie that was dropped earlier, examining it, and then looking to the collie questioningly, "Can you tell us more about the bright place?" shi says, unsure of what the place could be, but still a good idea.

Aimee continues her licking and lapping at Pinky's sheath and balls for a while before backing up and barking at her a few times, blinking a few more times as the general conversation catches up to her.. or was she catching up to it? "Bake Collie safe.. Aimee no let hurt.." she says and lays on her back a moment, tail wagging in the flour on the floor, offering her form of protection to Pinky, just as the ambiant nanites had enclosed on Dio and Angus, they now do the same to Pinky as Aimee puts herself on display, leading to hir an odd strength and protection. She looks over to Dio, Angus, Cookies, and Dissonent, as if to offer to them as well, tongue lolling out and panting, another bark to Pinky tells what she would like to do to help hir as well.

Cookies lets out a whine of disapproval. She starts whispering up to Dio, nuzzling up against his paw. "Hey- hey, hey. She's got a good thing going on here, doesn't she? She gives them food, they give her milk- sure, if she stops she'll regret it, but why would she?" She nods over towards the tub. "Hell, she /must/ be getting something more out of it than them if she gets enough to keep it coming and feed herself, right? Why can't we just leave her here, head back and get paid for the sitrep? It's nothing exciting. Big pay for such a small job," she mewls exasperatedly. "It's just.. ferals being ferals." She peers over at Aimee and, slightly confused, she slowly shakes her head a bit to say no. She idly hoped she didn't just pass up a billion freecred or something to that effect, but she'd never know now, now would she!

Pinky moans from Aimee attentions while attemping to nods= to the group and gives a soft howl, A soft thump sounds and another followed by several thumps before a large Metallic badger with a torn RSX uniform slowly climbs up the stairs and look at the various people. She opens her paws and growls before Pinky jumps in the way barking, The Badger nods and walks past everyone before sitting near the tubs of milk. The badger growls and waits as if guarding the room. The Collie give a happy bark and touches herself a little feeling a bit more randy due to Aimee actions. "Stop. Don't want lose control. Want make food." She pets Aimee and looks at the erection she is currently sprouting before turning away. "Get? Pinky get bow? Pinky get Gun people stuff." She pushes a small box out the way of the wall near the stairway. There is a load of different vials, some guns, a grenade and other stuff. "SCREE!!!" Dozen of Gryphons swoop in the window and begin attacking the badger the badger to her credits is have no problem beating them till a Gryphon twice the size of the rest of the bunch tackles her out the other window where a loud clang is heard and a pissed off roar. The gryphon have turned their attention to Pinky and they look extremely angry. "SCREEEEEEE!!!!" The Largest Dives for her as she screams and attempts to run away but trips over the box she just moved.

Angus stares at the metallic badger as she walks by them, his eyes going wide as he stares at the arsenal the Collie has. "Holy shit..." That was not expected, just as unexpected as the gryphons coming back to crash the party. He takes a second to react, but as soon as he hears the scream he charges. Drawing his gun as the chilled air around him starts to grow cold, and electricty crackles around his form.

"I suppose you're right, ma'am." Dio continues to pet at the feline in his lap, almost as if he were rewarding her for her actions. "We got all the information that was required for the bounty." The lion looks towards the new arrival and looks back at the group, realizing the badger was simply minding their own business from initial glance. As the gryphons come in and attack, the lion quickly scoots Cookies out of his lap and unstraps his shotgun, pointing the barrel towards the group of avian attackers. He breathes in deep, and soon releases a loud and intimidating primal lion roar with a vicious snarl and deathly gaze. "GET DOWN OR I'LL PUT YOU DOWN," he exclaims with an authority a police officer usually brings.

Dissonent instead of instantly moving to attack like the others, instead holds up the cookie from earlier, curious if the gryphons might still be interested in it, considering their earlier interest in them. Shi holds it out, and waits for a reaction.

As Pinky moves away but seems happy with what she was doing Aimee smiles, "No lose control.. Aimee help, Aimee make sure Bake Collie still bake.." she says giving a few happy wags of her tail. When the Badger comes up though, Aimee hides behind Pinky, sniffing at it, though when Pinky seems ok, Aimee relaxes... until ... Gryphons.. lots of Gryphons!! Aimee gives a few loud yipes and whines, but stays near Pinky, her new friend, as her adorations spur her subcontious control of the ambiant nanites to guard, strenghten, protect her and her friends. "Aimee Scared!!" she calls out whining after.

Cookies flinches at every scree'ing noise, letting out a soft growl and whining softly as she's scooted away from Dio, to her great chagrin. The roar only makes things worse for her in terms of the horrid noise, and she drops her radio pack as she clutches at her ears. She eyes that pack and whines softly, reaching out to snatch it back up and hold it against herself as she shuffles against the nearest wall, shutting her eyes. La la la there are no bad things la la la, she internally assures herself again and again, squeezing the pack as though for dear life- not too hard though, she doesn't want to turn it on or anything by accident. Eyeing the stairwell intently, she lets out a soft groan and just thuds her head back against the wall, hiding in her own little safe world. She was a runner, not a fighter, but hey, that would make her look even /worse/ in front of Dio, and she can't have that.

The Gryphon keep their distance from Angus as Dio's roar shake some of the birds resolve, A Single Gryphon in the middle of the group face starts to split as its body starts to shift into a reddish bird. The milk in the buckets around it begin to sizzle, The bird standing before them is now a Hermaphrodite Phoenix, Burning Feathers drop from its form as it screeches. The Flaming beast stops ass shi continues to sniff at the cookie in Dissonent hand, The rest of the gryphons sniff and drool at the cookie the leader is chewing in her beak. The Collie is shiver behind the group and crying softly, her heart racing in pure panic as she clutches on the Aimee for dear life. The leader and the rest of group peck at hir hungryly.

Heat, not good! A fire bird wasn't exactly the best creature for the icy coyote to tangle with, and as soon as he notices it nibbling on the cookie he takes a step back. "Everyone okay?" He asks, looking around a little before he lays eyes on Cookies. His revolver was still trained on the closest gryphon as he moves closer to her, putting himself in the way of her and the Gryphons as he speaks. "You okay?"

Oh no. Things sure escalated quickly. He looks back towards Cookies and tries to give her a reassuring look. It was a lion's duty to protect his... Whatever they were. As Angus goes over towards her, the lion gives him an appreciative smile and returns his attention to the problem at hand. And more specifically... The cookies! Dio begins to shuffle his way towards the phoenix's attention and lowers his shotgun, pointing the barrel towards the floor and wearing a warm smile. Diplomacy may be worth a shot, even if all it did was provide a distraction for the others. "Do you like?" He questions in a very smooth and inviting tone, as if he were gently talking to a family member of sorts. "We can make more... But we can't make more under attack. Like more?" He tries to speak slow, simplifying his speech in hope the phoenix would better understand him.

Dissonent steps back from the phoenix slowly, so as not to bring their attention back hirself, and by extension, the rest of the group. Shi glances back to the lion as he begins speaking to the phoenix, doubtfully for a moment, before realizing that using the cookie was a doubtful move as well, and deciding that this may work. Shi continues hir slow steps back for a couple more feet. Then deciding that shi's at a relatively safe distant, shi relaxes hirself and watches the lion's diplomatic attempt, hoping in his favour.

Aimee continues to whine standing just infront of Pinky, clawing and biting toward them, though it would seem she isn't very good at it, "No!! Aimee Friend, no hurt!" she cries, trying to growl but it is more a whine and whimper. She continues to try and protect Pinky, even pulling her away, to try and hide her as she prepares to do her all to keep everyone alive, healthy, strong!

Cookies stares past Angus, not answering him, not even acknowledging anything was there... except that bird. Her and that flaming bird. Those were the only two things in the entire universe as far as she was concerned at the moment, watching it nibble away, the catgirl's blood boiling- fortunately in the more figurative sense, of course- as she just glares death like she's never glared death before. It wasn't a rageful, "I'm-going-to-rip-your-guts-out" sort of feeling, no; what overcame her was a very calm but powerful need to kill the everloving fuck out of that bird, nothing more and nothing less. For the time being, her body trembled involuntarily out of the subsiding fear and the growing bloodlust, and she stayed perfectly put, just clutching that radio pack as panic overtakes her.

The Blazing Pheonix calms down at eating the cookie. The Collie moves to the front of the group and nods, she gives a few soft barks and the Blazing looks a little annoyed but nods as stomps its clawed feet. Its squawks at Pinky and geastues to his crotch with a burning wing, Pinky looks a little nervous but slowly approaches the bird when the sound of a thump echos behind them and another thump and dozens of more thumps as a large metallic badger enters from the stairs. Its faces is heavily dented but healing. "GROOOOAAAARRRR!!!" The Badger doesn't care as it leaps over the party and on the flaming bird, It sizzles as it works to open the birds beak as the creature struggles to flip over the Badger but the badger opens the bird beak far enough to spew a deep greenish black smoke from its mouth into the bird mouth. All the calm in the room last just a second as all the birds begin attack both the party and the badger.

The Pheonix crashes into the floor and roll to the back of the wall, "Scree?" Its seems that the bird is still in disbelief of the vicious asskicking its recieved. The combined might of the party and the vicious poisoning before the fight leaves it pant. A grinning badger comes up to it and smiles, "Hee Hee Hee." The Badger grabs the poor bird by its cock and starts to drag it pasts the group and down the stairs. The Bird is screeching in pain the whole time. Pinky cheers, "Not Bad bird, Just mean bird. Shiny make Bird Nice again." She looks at all the other gryphons who have been beaten all across the area. "Strong gun-people. Strong Friend!" The little wheels in her head turn as she looks at the group. "Need help. Pinky Help. Need food. Pinky help. Need Pinky body. Pinky help." She says while clapping excitedly.

As soon as the badger appeared again Angus knew that the shit was just about to hit the he did the only thing he could think of to help. He summons a finger, letting biomass fall off his form and shift into an almost complete copy of himself as he joins the fray....Which, wasn't the smartest idea as he starts firing off a few shots. The group defeating the birds, before one manages to talke out the finger he just summoned. Not good, as Angus snarles. Every muscle in his body locking up as he falls to the floor, twitching as it almost seems that he goes into a seizure before it subsides and he groans in pain. "....Fuck, that hurts every damn time..."

Roaring, punching, and hitting people with the butt of his shotgun seemed to make good work in keeping the enemies down. The lion did his best to keep the attention upon him rather than the party, but it would seem a few too many slipped over to Angus' duplicate. Fight over, he walks towards Angus and crouches down on one knee, putting a friendly hand upon his shoulder. "Are you alright, sir?" Not one for medical practices, perhaps a bit of contact and concern might help take the coyote's mind off the pain for a bit, if only a little. Still by Angus, he gives a warm look over at Cookies and goads her over to take a position by his side, looking quite happy she's safe before he turns his attention back to the collie. "Seems like you've got a good business going then! Well, I suppose that's mission complete."

Dissonent punches and kicks any that got within range of hir, exception being the members of hir party. When the battle was finished she watched as the badger dragged the phoenix away, feeling a twinge of sorrow for it. Shi then goes to kneel by Angus, making sure he wasn't dying, then surveying the damage. "Well...I suppose we've done what we supposed to..."

Cookies has remarkably bloody, half-charred knuckles by the end of it. What blood's hers and what's not is up to dispute, but one thing is for sure: She sure punched the hell out of something, and that something was very hot. She pants and groans heavily, and by all means she would just love to chase that badger down for taking /her/ bird, but quite frankly she didn't feel like hitting anything else now that the adrenaline stopped rushing so hard and the pain started burning lots. Sitting down where she stood and rifling through a few pockets on her backpack, fingers sore and stinging like all hell from the burns, she produces some gauze and pastey, greyish ointment that she applies liberally to where she'll place it over her knuckles, then carefully applying it to either hand. She winces and whines throughout the whole process like a big baby, but at the end of it she's done a pretty good job. For rolling up some bandages, anyway. She flicks her hands a bit, stretching her fingers and sighing softly, her ears folded flat against her head. "That's gonna sting for a while..."

The Group heads off to turn to the mission in to the Lab Boys. They are followed by Pinky who continues to make friends with the only other feral in the party. When they get to the outskirts of the Zypher building the Collie points to the building, "Bright Place!" She says while gripping on to the Coyote near here. "No gun hurt?" She asked while cowering behind Angus looking at the sentries and remembering the pain she endured at their hands before.

Angus groans a little as he starts to pick himself up. "I'll's not like I haven't died before Dio." He mutters, shutting the pain out as he stands back up and looks at everyone. Turning to Cookies he chuckles. "Hey pain is good, means that you can still feel them." By the time they were ready to leave the pain had started to go away, still hurt like hell but now it was hurting slightly less like hell! When they get to the outskirts of the Zeypher building he snickers, before the Collie decides to hide behind him and catch him by surprise. "No it's going to be okay, we won't let them hurt you."

"Ah yes. Of course sir," he chuckles, giving the coyote a small pat on the shoulder before standing back up and walking towards Cookies. "Are you okay my lady? My deepest apologies! I should never let a lady be in harm's way." And then the lion darts his eyes and whispers something under his breath. "I do enjoy the strong ones though."

Finally at the Bright Place, the lion brushes off a few feathers from his suit and looks towards the husky with a reassuring smile. "Indeed. We won't let such things happen again, my lady." The lion begins walking towards the Zephyr building entrance and waves at the sentries. "Excuse us, gentleman. My party and I are here to assist some precious cargo."

Cookies looks up to Dio, brows furrowing in confusion at the whisper even as a blush rises on her cheeks. "Y-you can fill me in on what I did on the way back," she mewls out weakly, getting her things back together and clinging to Dio the rest of the way back. She sneers at each of the sentries for good measure as she passes by in a very 'I will most certainly send a very stern mail to internal affairs' sort of way. Wasn't very becoming of the /sentries/ of all people to consort with the enemy in her eyes. On the overall, this was a very mixed bag of a day for her, but she beat something up for once so it couldn't be all that bad.

The Lab boy smiles and send out two soldiers that are mutated as Collie Herm themselves, They stand to both sides of Pinky and she smiles, "Cute." She says as she drools a little bit around them. The Lab technician smiles and direct the group to the lobby and speak to them. "Thank you for your help. We were unsure how to access her without combat, we didn't want to extract her either, once we are done testing her and let her back out in the enviornment. Possibly with a tracker. You can pick up your reward in lab six. Thank you again." In the back everyone can hear the happy giggles and barks of Pinky and some embarressed shouts of the lab crew.