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The sun dawns on a new day as our group of agents sleep in the back of the truck. After eating, and innoculating the infected as best they can. At about midnight, Biggs and Wedge had returned, much to Sasha's relief. The new day brings little more for reasurrance however, as they are reminded of the two already gone, and two slowly going. "I radio'd back for some more support, they should be here shortly." Sasha says looking very tired. She had been up all night making sure that the artficial bubble stayed up, incase they were attacked. Sure enough, coming up to the TCP (Just the truck really) comes another truck, carrying one other inside it.

Falling, all Angus can see is black nothingness and all he feels is falling, like he is in nowhere. There is nothing to hear, nothing to really feel. His body feels... strange, very very strange.

Falling, all Angus and Smokie can see is black nothingness, and all they feel is falling, like they are in nowhere. There is nothing to hear, nothing to feel, and their bodies feel... strange... very very strange.

The adept slept like a baby considering there was litte else she could do. Upon awakening Kilsa shifts and covers the body of Sasha without warning, tightening into a skin tight suit and speaking to her. "Are you able to funtion correctly?" She ask the tired looking female. "I have something that might give you a boost if you neeed it." The suit says quietly. "We can't have you fail or we all die."

Waking up from inside the truck's rear is the semi-formally dressed and shotgun wielding lion Dio. It was a rather nice nap considering the circumstances. While earlier he had only fired one shot in the forest, two shots are missing from the tube, having to perform the deed of putting down their comrade Angus. The lion wasn't quite sure what to think of the deed, but he'd reflect on it later. Before the former coyote goo'd into the ground, he managed to collect a vial, assuming it could be used like a compass to their destination. However, it wasn't reacting for the time being. For now, Dio found two more shotgun shells in the truck, loaded them, and exited out the vehicle to meet the new arrivals.

Angus had never liked the sensation of falling, and this time wasn't an exception. All he knew was that he was alone, drifting in this eerie opressive darkness, as his thought drifted back to what had happened. He remembered Oregon, he remembered the ambush and the pain as his very form began to change before his eyes...and the last thing he remembered, was leaning into Smokie before everything went dark....and now he was hear. His weapons were gone, what powers he did have would not respond...and he was completly human...

Alkain wakes up with a yawn and a shake of his head, his sleep wasn't very restful with the things he's just seen. He sighs when he realizes it wasn't a dream and shakes his head some more, "So... What now?" he looks at the goo that Dio had collected and sighs, "Wish that hadn't been Angus..." he just shakes his head at that

Casey's body mostly just lays limp, with the many wounds they suffered from the encounter. A few momwnts after everyone had woken up, their body emits a small spark at first, which quickly spreads across their body while at the same time gaining strength. The flames heat quickly escalates to 'funeral pyre' level, all the while burning away the wounds on Casey.

"Well, that was hell of a dream..." says slowly a coyote, that is being slowly transformated into a feral wolf, by the packmind's nanites. Sithra sits up and scratches his wolf's chest. He shakes his head, and tries to remember his dream that he just woke up from. All he remembers is, he was a coyote, but... He was just wandering around the city, transforming everyone into feral wolves. The dream has ended, when he was staying before his home. The Harem Hive Club. He shakes his head once again and takes a bottle of water out of his backpack. He drinks half of the water before placing bottle back. Grabbing a box with bullets for his RPD, he begins to fill up free mags that he had in his backpack.

The Hard Corps. contingent of the US Military holdouts received a call for help. This call for help had terrible implications and a dire need for haste. Jets with harnesses were rigged with harnesses and other secure points and in an hour fifteen soldiers deployed with all haste to bring salvation to the lost. This aerial armada does not rest, flying overnight all but nonstop, Utilizing group methods to carry those that need rest and continue on, buffered by the fact that the leader amongst them can assume the size of a bomber to tow others. By the time morning comes the sound of jet engines has been replaced however. Now what the survivors will see coming over that last hill, rounding that last bend is a personel carrier the size of a mobile tactical base. It is a monster truck to monster trucks and it is bristling with personel, weapons and suplies. Save for the two scouts and the quartet of snipers and spotters that were dropped off out of sight as insurance. All the same, soon enough radio static will be hailing in over the eath shaking rumble of a massive engine.

"Basecamp, This is HC-Rescue, please respond. We are coming in hot and need to know you are still ticking and not just kicking. Over."

Was this death? There was nothingness around, nothing to feel... She got suddenly very heady. She didn't want to open her eyes, she was afraid that as soon as she acknowledged the void, she'd be doomed and destroyed. But she'd failed. She'd failed Angus and she'd failed Coyote. Her body... Her body felt disconnected. She couldn't place it. Did she have a body? All the muscles were different and her shape was different, but she didn't know to what extent. Her eyes were closed and she felt vertigo. It bothered her. Everything bothered her. She was foggy, she felt worse than being drunk. It was being drunk without the pleasure, only the absolute lack of control. A fever-dream that is very disturbing...

She was a coyote, she remembered.  Coyote...  What was Coyote?  Something or someone she'd failed.  Some kind of power?  A god?  What was a god, even?  Coyote...  was Angus.  Angus was a Coyote, too?  But they hadn't always been such.  Drifting mind, she thought back further.  Angus hadn't always been in her life, but he was in her death.  They'd been Coyotes, but she knew somehow that they had been other things before.  What had he been?  It didn't matter.  What had she been?  A coyote on two legs, a coyote on four...  A hyena, hunched and cackling.  A Tousky, full of strange minded clarity.  A beast, a wolf, a male, and then a collie, a female, and then before that, a husky, but she knew she was human many ages ago.  That's all she knew.  Human.  What was she as a human?  She didn't remember anymore...  She'd tried so hard to forget being anything but a Coyote... 
That was when she felt something on her shoulder, warmth, a feeling, a presence.  Was she making it up?  Who...  What...  Angus?  She tries to whisper his name, for the first time reaching into the abyss.

Sasha feels Kilsa wrap up around her again and she nods, "I'll do fine, I can go three days if I have to." she tells the shifter. Biggs and Wedge get to work setting up the .50 Cal again and making sure not damage has befallin the truck. The arrival of a truck carrying another RSX agent is a welcome sight, and Sasha heads to the radio. "This is Agent 3rd class Sasha, we are still kciking, barely, your support will be more then welcome." Comes the tired responce. She thinks a moment, "We lost our old team leader... so... Lion, you're next.. you lead us the rest of the way." She calls out, still keeping the radio on.

Inside the dreamscape, Angus and Smokie continue to fall, however, are now drapped in clothing, Coyote skins, Coyote masks, Coyote paws for boots. They fall together, still nothing to see, and nothing to hear however.

Kilsa chuckles at Sasha, "You leadership is amusing, What next Sasha? We pick straws to find out a leader?" Kilsa sounds very upset as she uses the suit to pinch Sasha on the back of the neck. "You organized this... We should have been a little more ready.." Kilsa HUD flashes something just for Sasha and then goes back to normal.

Dio looks up the burning and infected human with a surprised look. Well, if he decided to burn himself it might save him the trouble. An awfully ghastly decision, but Dio wasn't aware of the Phoenix and their power. However, he looked relieved when he saw reinforcements have arrived. "Up next? You make it sound like being team leader is some kind of death lottery," he shouts back to the truck. "I don't give a shit who the leader is, but it's time to get things done. I don't know why this dude is burning, but I'm sure that'll solve itself eventually. This vial here I got from our dear departed coyote friend." Dio holds up the vial of nonreactive lifeblood. "My theory is that we drive around and see if it starts trying to return to its destination. Unless anyone else has other suggestions, start the engine, man the guns, and let's go."

Angus had no recollection of when it happened, but suddenly he could feel himself wearing somthing. His hands brush against his own form and felt fur, causing him even more confusion as he fell. Then he heard it...something that sound like a whisper and opens his eyes, to see nothing but darkness. "Sm-Smokie?" He whispers back in suprise as he feels something brush against his shoulder. He reaches towards whatever it is, groping in the darkness as he trys to find her.

Alkain glances at Kilsa and nods in agreement, when Casey goes up in flames he eeps, "Oh great..." Then he notices that instead of turning to ash his wounds are healing, "Well... Ok then..." he shakes his head and hmms as he looks at Casey's burning body, he ponders a bit and tries to tap into his dreams. Trying to see if there's a link to the pack mind, once he makes contact though... He screams in pain and holds his head dizzly before falling over, quickly breaking the link if it isn't severed anyway before passsing out

She hears her name... Angus's voice, though strange. She reaches out, and feels a hand in her hand. Her eyes rip open and she sees a man there, all a'dressed in the the pelts of Coyotes, the face of one like a mask over his face. She looks down at herself, her body all wrapped in furs, as his, though he is masculine, her body, smaller than his, cannot be visibly told as a gender. She feels sick immediately, and clutches her stomach, as she looks over herself, then over the other man nearby. Through her own mask, he can only see brown eyes widen and shake. "N-no..." she whispers, then she cries it out. "No!"

Her mind races. She's not a Coyote. Who is that man? But what the hell is she? A human... wrapped in pelts... A pretender. She wasn't good enough. She wasn't good enough to become a coyote in her death. She'd lived like she thought she should! Ths falling, she couldn't think right. What kind of afterlife was this? Was it even the afterlife? She sure thought she was dying, before, but she can't be sure. She can feel. But now, human? She wasn't a Coyote! ...She was forsaken. She reached out to the man again, her hand on his shoulder. Was he Angus? Had Coyote forsaken him, too? She grits her teeth. Would solid ground ever reach them?

"Is this hell?"

CaseyRune is covered in a thin layer of ash as the process completes itself. The fire starts flickering at the ground agressively, almost looking like it was about to burst off their body. On the upside Casey themselves seems to be coming to.

Sudden pain in his arms causes Sithra to drop the mag he was filling, spreading bullets across truck's floor. Just for a few seconds he felt like tearing off his hand would be a really good idea. He lets out a scream as he collapses on all fours, panting heavily. His arms are... same as they was before. "What... the hell was that?" he stands up, his body is slightly shaking, he flops back on the floor and takes bottle of water once again. As his hands are shaking much more than his body does, he spills plenty of water on himself. Dropping a bottle on the floor he sits, pushing his pack towards the wall and pants heavily.

Snipers stop aiming at the heads of various visible members of the surviving team, scouts come out from behind the truck sheathing wicked looking knives and the mobile assault platform of a truck grinds to a halt inside the comforting environs of the bubble being maintained. Hunger vanishes, fatigue fades and what had been a lot of grumpy soldiers and an RSX liason, became a renewed crew of cohesive grunts.

Swiftly suplies are unpacked, weapons are rechecked and finally a rather busty rabbit with the nametag of 'Ripley' steps forward to hear out Dio before replying.

"Lieutenant Ripley reporting, we brought an RSX liason to look at your equipment and guide, but as for the rest we will do what we can. If you find leadership a burden, feel free to step down and allow us to handle organising things here."

Turning away the rabbit barks off some quick orders, having the suplies moved to the TPC save essential which are placed in packs and carried along. With her urging the massive truck is soon emptied out and immediately turns into a melting pile of mercurial goo, falling in on itself as it's mass is absorbed and restructured. Eventually a very large, very muscular man clad in a mixture of armor and tactical gear rises from the soup, his helmet withdrawing into his head to reveal lengthy dread, very dark skin, golden slitted eyes, overlapping fangs and tusks giving him quite the beastial appearance despite seeming human overall.

Guns are drawn and leveled towards Alkain and Casey when there is a scream, a collective sound of weapons locking and loading, energy systems humming and whining as they come online. And then Cerris speaks up.

"Now would be a great time for someone to check that mary over there. I need immediate confirmation that he isn't about turn on us before we obliterate him. The burning one too. As for the rest of you, especialy you there fuzzy; What direction was your last contact? We'll start there and search from there. Shoot first ask questions later, we can patch up those fallen from friendly fire, but my info says if you are infected, you are fucked. If possible we'll try to save you but if not, we wont be trying to bring you home for burial."

And just as these words come out, Sithra starts freaking out and half the assembled weapons are directed his as well.

"Well fuck me...You have infected here in your fucking camp? Are you idiots? Who is maintaining nano control here? For fuck's sake STOP. I don't see anyone bleeding out their ass or ears so what the fuck do you need regen for out here? Quit wasting energy and stop making these dumbasses suffer needlessly. Hope that works, otherwise we start popping heads and burning bodies."

Miorna laughs a bit at Kilsa, "I doubt mother would be so easily removed, I don't think Miranai would go down without a fight, despite herself." Not knowing of the relationship between the two. Nodding to Dio she is about to start up the truck again, after Cerris' team unloads. She is concerned about Casey, but doesn't much show it, more concerned about the whole team. When she hears Sithra screem though, she, Biggs and Wedge scramble out to take a look, that is when she hears Cerris' talk of stopping the nano regulations. So, she announces, "OK, full Nano black out, you have 10 seconds to get in a form you like, use whatever other powers you want, and then you are done." She yells out.

The falling comes to a very very sudden end. Very sudden stop. THere is not around, but the ground now, and.. a single dying tree. Under the tree sits a single form, a single someone. "Welcome." They say to the pair.

"Don't be fucking smug." Kilsa slide off of Sasha and shifts into a perfered combat form. "Alright I've been waiting to do this." Kilsa give a frustrated growl of rage before punching at her with all her might with her steal fist. She takes one look at Cerris and give a military salute. "Kilsa, Private Security Service Leader of the KS Solutions , Former Army Medic. I'm not infected and I don't mind submitting to checks. You can't be a worst leader than this bitch."

Kilsa has finally hit a rage peak, "Situation is a totally a shit cake from the start, we got ambushed lost two people that were mission critical, Angus and Smokie, I failed by taking the safety if the bubble maker into account." Kilsa pale eyes are shimmering from fury, "I don't mind putting my life in someones hands but I atleast want some fucking competency." The Now strange looking Valyrie look at Sasha, "I don't care who your mother is, you and I will have problems when this is over...." Kilsa readys her rocket launch and grits her teeth. "I don't know about the rest of you but if I get infected I'm taking that bitch down with me. The rest of you would be better off under a competent leader. Hell at least these fuckers have a clue." She points at Cerris group before putting the Rocket launcher over her back.

Dio watches Alkain attempt to do whatever he was trying to accomplish. He assumed it was a sort of dream nanomagic, having been the victim of it twice before in his lifetime. Upon seeing him fall over, the lion grumbles under his breath. Another problem to take care of.

"Ripley? Yeah, I remember you. I believe we went on a mission together once not so long ago. Again, I don't give a shit. We've got a compass and we're following it. When there's an enemy, shoot it. When there's a big enemy, shoot at it a lot."

Hearing that wonderful sound of brandishing weapons, Dio sighs and rubs at the bridge on his forehead. "We really don't have time for this shit...." And then Kilsa goes into a rage mode. What glorious prospects have come to "save" their party? Dio walks over to the unconscious Alkain and drags him behind the truck, as to not be under direct fire in-case a fight broke out. However, he takes a long look at Casey. Now that he though about it, he had heard rumors and legends about stuff like this. "Whoa fuck, I think this person is one of those phoenix people. If my information is correct, he's going to burst into a gigantic ball of flame or something soon. TAKE COVER, NOW!" The lion runs behind the truck and takes cover with Alkain right beside him.

Angus finally opens his eyes when he hears someone scream no, and is confronted with the sight of someone wearing coyote forms. "S-Smokie?" He asked once again, before he pulled her closer to him. He didn't know if it was her, and then his world was flooded with pain when they finalyl hit the ground. Grumbling lightly he looks up when he hears another voice, and blinks. "Well, didn't expect a warm welcome. After the shit we've been through atleast..."

Alkain slowly comes too with a long drawn out, "Oooooooooooowwwww..." he slowly puts a hand to his head and grunts as he opens his eyes, "Oooww... Note... To... Self... Don't do... That again..." his speech sounds pained as he holds his head, "God that hurt..." he then notices that 'help' has arrived and blinks as he realizes that he's been moved, "Why'd you move me?" as he starts to sit up and grunts from pain, "Can you help me up?" To Dio. He doesn't look infected, pure talakai there, should Dio not help he'll slowly get to his feet himself with a grumble

Sithra opens his eyes and sees the guns being pointed at him

Sithra opens his eyes and sees the guns being pointed at him, "Why?" asks he quetly. He can't die. He doesn't want to die. Why would he want to die? Dying is bad. All those thoughts are running trough his mind. He is broken. "You can't..." he hears words of the man that just appeared. That man wants him to die. But Sithra has a family now. He is not alone anymore. And he doesn't want to die. Became he will be alone if he does so. He tries to stand up, but collapses on the floor. He growls and tries to stand up once again, now on all fours. He seem to be mutating, slowly as his arms and legs becomes more wolf-like. The pain from the transformation just annoys him, making him go into the rage. "So, if I want to live, I must kill you." he says his last words, as he growls loudly and burst-transforms into a feral wolf. His fur seem to be harder than it should. He jumps off the truck and rushes towards Cerris. When he gets close enough, he jumps again, trying to break Cerris' neck in one attack, but... He easily avoids the attack and Sithra lands behind him, growling, preparing for another attack.

Cerris watches the ongoings mostly impassively, his thick lips pursing distatsefully at the news he receives from Kilsa. But he says only "Smokie and Angus are dead huh? Saves me the trouble of putting a bullet in them before skull fucking the hole myself. Alright then, let's get this shit under way, we have an extermination to perform. Wait what...Explode? Fuck hit the dirt!"

With that he lunges forward with all intent on grabbing the pheonix and chucking him away from the truck filled with high explossives. Unfortunately on the way he finds a wolf lunging at him like the rabid pack infected feral he thought he was dealing with. As such he simply steps aside and kicks the guy in the back and allows his soldiers the freedom to fire away and put the pack monster down. The other seven soldiers move to keep the other infected in view.

Cerris for his part ignores the weapons fire that opens up behind him, turning the space he just exited into a hell of bullets, flechets flames and energy beams...yes, he ignores that and everything else save for two things: Inwardly he rages, Angus and Smokie were part of him, he wanted to fix them, make them right, have them apart of the reborn america, they were supposed to be a part of his fucking victory, they were supposed to have lots of babies and play with his children and BBQ on new independance day! That or he was supposed to put them down mercifully and have no regrets. But this shit was unacceptable, they were dead and he had no goodbyes. No prayers to nonexistant baby jesus and that fucking coyote he wanted to choke. Just vengeance to be had. For this reason, when he does get a hold of Casey, he likely throws him much harder than needed, putting his full chain hammer throwing bodily strength into getting himthe fuck away from the truck and turning everyone into giblets.

There wont be an appology, there will only be a duck and cover, because this was a war and shit happened, soldiers did what they had to do. As an after thought...he really had wanted to knock that crazy coyote bitch up, but good. Would have been a nice final prank on Angus to make him raise one of Cerris' unruly ass children.

Sudden pain, her mind evacuated by the jolt of landing. Normally, her body could take pain, but now she was windless. The pain... She landed on something lumpy and squishy and sharp and covered in fur that wasn't alive or warm. Her stomach was doing flips as she rolled off of him weakly. A voice? She twitched her ear to it. She tried to whine, a canid sound, but it came out distinctly human. Sickening...

She gets up, and watched the fur-wearing man, and the figure under the gnarled and twisted tree. What was this? Why was she here? Why was she human? Did she fail Coyote? That's what she keeps asking. She was deathly afraid that she had failed...

CaseyRune slowly comes around from their little coma, giving little resistance to be tossed like a ragdoll. However as soon as they realize whats happening and where they are, they can only let out a paniced "AHH! BOLLOCKS!" Before impacting a piece of local flora and exploding like an incindiary grenade. After a few moments Casey climbs out of a bush, completely unharmed, dusting soot, burning leaves and twigs off their suit. "What in the Burning Hells was that for?! You Could've at least been discreet about it." They reach into their inner coat pocket after they had bushed away all the soot, and pulls out a small metal flask. "Goddamn it is not my day today..."

Sasha looks to Kilsa as the punch lands squarely on her jaw, and the nanomagic stops right there, not from the punch, but that really not helping. Biggs and Wedge move to catch her and hold her up again as the other agent finally makes his apperance, "Eric, Agent 1st Class, and what kind of shit have you got yourself into Sasha?" He asks looking the Jackal over. "I want a full report as soon as... what?" And Sasha mirrors his actions, looking to Casey, looking to Sithra, and both of them ducking for the other side of the truck. THe bullets, the lasers, everything, this was all going to hell so fast and so far, none of the RSX agents think this could be anything more fucked up then it already is. Sithra is dead, Casey is now a napam and... they just shake their heads, Eric saying to Sasha, "Full... report... now..." He says, her growling back. "Yes sir." The bubble is down.

Inside the dream another drops in from above, Sithra, human and unclothed. She lands much softer then the other two, the figure under the tree saying, "And welcome to you too, this.. is the dreamscape of the Wolf, what exactly brings you all here?" The female voice asks.

After watching the other Packmind get put down, Kilsa decides that now isn't the time for her to seem unstable, "Hey Thanks." She says to the strange nutjob that kept them from becoming a fire ball. Kilsa cross her lower set of arms, "Alright. I think its time we did the smart thing, We aren't in the fake bubble of Miranai's Cum-stain of a child. So we have to stand on our A game." Kilsa looks at Sasha, "I Want to live. The longer we wait here the quicker we are going to die, We just lost three people to the Wellspring which if what we know so far is correct means that they know what we know. They know what we can do, they have readiness and tatics on their side. If we aren't capable then its time to pack the fuck up and leave, if we are capable then lets come up with a plan that the others didn't know about because other wise it our asses in the fryer. Just think like this the enemy knows EVERYTHING. Include what each of use can do. Sasha I'm sorry about punching you but we can have any more fuckups from anyone if we hope to get out of this alive, that includes me and you. I'm afraid but I'm more afraid of what happens if we fail. So....Ideas now." The Adept finish while scaning the area for more packmind that could be around. "We also have to keep alert..."

The bullets whiz and ding everywhich way, only causing Dio to sigh and grumble under his breath. Feeling that the one-sided firefight is over, Dio looks back over to Alkain. "That's why I moved you," he says, referring to the firefight. "YO!" Dio yells from his position behind the truck, "Thanks for taking care of the exploding problem, but this is getting annoying. The fucking bubble is off now. If you would stand down so we get can on the truck and not waste any more time, I'd really appreciate it. This one here wasn't infected. He just passed out due to some nanomagic failure." Dio stands up, still obscured by the truck, and gives Alkain a shoulder. "We're moving out, NOW. Load up," he snarls, practically growling.

And then the gunfire/flames/explosions/lasers go off, Alkain winces in pain and shakes his head, "Is all that noise nesseccery?" he nods to Dio and grunts as he moves to the truck with him, "THere were hundreds... Maybe thousands of minds in there..." he shakes his head sadly, "It's sad..."

Angus couldn't help but try and give the figure beside him a hug as she makes a sound of distress, and nearly has a heart attack when another figure comes falling out of the sky. "Hey you okay?" He asks the fallen form as he kneels down to offer his hand. He nodded when the figure near the tree started to speak, and he turned back to them. Like Smokie he was crestfallen because of his failure, but there was no way in hell this coyote was going to give up. So out came the smartass remarks "I came here for a heart, she came for a brain, and I'm guessing they came for courage." He smiles, pointing down at the figure on the floor. "Now the question is, who the hell are you."

CaseyRune walks up to what's left of the part and the truck, taking a long swig from the flask. "Do we really... Christ, another one lost?" They say as soon as they see another wolf that used to be a party member. They take another swig before closing the flask and slipping it back in the pocket it came from. They pick up their .45 from the ground, reloading the empty gun with a fresh magazine. They give a glare to the military folks. "What, you sent in to 'clean' this mess of a mission? Then good job, mission accomplished, the infected are dead. Now call off your goon squad. I've had enough of this damned place."

He is falling. Alone. He just wanted to live. And he has died because of that. Such an irony. He opens his eyes to see nothing. He is alone. And he is a human. Why he is a human? It's don't matter, unless it's caused him to be alone. His family he wouldn't be able to see

The soldier for their part are with Kilsa and her assessement of the situation. With Cerris locked in form, he finds he only has his maetal plated fists and and muscles to work with and as such he nods and the rest of the soldiers reload, then move the added suplies into the back of the truck before selecting hand holds and such seeing as the full fifteen soldier, four RSX agents and remainder of the party might be a tight fit. Cerris for his part just ignores the rest, uncaring about their gripes, he had a pair of pseudo family members to mourn and avenge. "The plan is simple, we head to the last combat site, then reconoiter with your bottle of blood and see if we cant find and kill all o these sons of bitches and then go the fuck home."

He is falling. Alone. He just wanted to live. And he has died because of that. Such an irony. He opens his eyes to see nothing. He is alone. And he is a human. Why he is a human? It's don't matter, unless it's caused him to be alone. His family he wouldn't be able to see them anymore. And it hurts him the most.

Sithra's thoughts are stopped by the sudden end of his fall. He lands strangely soft and the first thing he realizes is that, he actually isn't alone. There are two more humans dressed like a coyotes. He stares at them, not being able to say a word. A tear flows down his cheek, showing how happy he is.

The... The wolf packmind? They were in it? Talking to it? She growls. Well, she tries to growl, but she more like, well, makes this annoying sound that only human can make. She stands up, feeling strange. She's standing on tip-toe, looking at the figure.

But then that new body comes, she turns around. Maybe this is the afterlife? Someone just died. The former-Coyote goes to him now, though repulsed by the human figure, she kneels and offers him her hand kindly, smiling beneith the mask of fur.