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In a corner room of the RSX HQ, Sasha along with Biggs and Wedge wait for the agents to answer the call. Sasha is an Anubis Servant, standing there and looking out the large window. While she has hit the glass ceiling, she doesn't feel she could do her mother right by getting forced into being human. She wairs a simple yet durable white t-shirt and denim pants. Her tail is bristled behind her and her ears swing about in annoyance. Biggs and Wedge themselves are human, in more uniform style attire, red button up shirts, ties, and black slacks. They are busy preparing a presentation for the agents when they arrive, and look far more nurvous then Sasha herself.

Seems like almost everyday there's another interesting call to action. At least it keeps things from getting boring. From the sound of it however, this call seems a bit more dangerous than the typical calls for help that usually come though. Dio checks his semi-formal suit and pants are up to proper aesthetic par and decides to bring his new weapon along via a strap on his back. Dio sets off for the RSX HQ and walks into the meeting area. "Greetings," the tall silver lion says with a bow, "I understand there's a job that needs handling?"

Kilsa walks with all the grace a tentacle monster could show. Her excitment was almost thick in the air as she walked up to the Anubis Servant and decide to have a little fun as she approach shifting her form before looking at Sasha and smiling, "Hello, I hear there is something you need taken care of." She grins almost ferally in her feline form while eye Sasha like prey...

She never worked with RSX. Never, it was a rule. She'd heard stories and they'd bothered her. BEING here, that enraged her. She could feel the eyes on her thin form, her flat chest, all layered with baggy clothes and a long, dirty skirt of scraps. Eyes on her missing ear, and her rusty old m16, and her pockets full of magazines for it. All these damn humans. Call her another one of those Fairhaven freaks! She actually LIVED. Letting herself into the briefing room, she sees the two earlier agents. Familiar, at least, from Zephyr. She'd seen them around before. Two suits, and a plainsclothes Jackal. She'd pay attention to the Jackal. She takes a seat, holding her rifle in her arms.

CaseyRune enters the briefing room, muttering to themselves while slipping a syringe into their pocket. "And they wonder why I don't report in often." They give a quick scan of the room, redshirt, redshirt, agents, and important looking jackal. Interesting. "What horrid new beast ate a squad of Redshirts today? I'm assuming that's what this is about."

"What the hell am I doing here..." mumbles Sithra to himself as he walks towards the briefing room. He is really low on money and this mission looked pretty simple to him. He feels people's eyes on his exposed body. Humans... They're probably just shot him if he would do something that they wouldn't like. His old, rusty RPD hangs on his shoulder, along with his backpack. He slowly walks into the briefing room, "Hello, I've heard that you need people to handle something." he says.

As Dio walks in, Sasha smiles while Biggs and Wedge get finished setting up the projector. "Welcome, yes, there is quiet the job that needs doing." Shortly after Kilsa walks in and both Biggs and Wedge look terrified, reaching for side arms, but Sasha gives them a hard look. Knowing her eyes alone have been known to give men greater then them cause to curl up and cry, they simply get back to work on the projector. She gives a nod to Smokie and to Sithra, "Yes, there is a job to be done, and nice weaponry, but be careful, our foe isn't known to give you time to prepare." she explains. Both Biggs and Wedge again sweet bullets as Casey mentions a squad of Redshirts. Sasha just smiles. "Ok, introductions, I'm Sasha, Agent 3rd class of RSX Solutions, and these are my assistants Biggs and Wedge. I'll welcome your introductions after our presentation." She says, looking over to the now readied screen. "Here is what we know on our prey. It is highly intellegent, though seems only to be concerned on one thing, and that is capturing or destorying everything in its path," on the projector comes some very poor quality images of what looks to be a massive wolf, with many, many smaller wolves that look just like it darting about. "We have designated it Oregon Threat #4, the Wolf Wellspring and Wolf Packmind. Thought to be destoryed by the Coyote Pack, they have resurged from out of an area near what was once Portland Oregon. Caution is adviced when dealing with any member of this entity." (cont)

Sasha clicks a button and the slide changes, "Here is what we know about how it fights and our current situation." she says as the information is up on the screen for all to read. "A simple scratch or bite is enough to cause major harm, though exaclty how this works is still being researched, a few have witnessed thier infectious properties to cause very unpleasent transormations on a rapid scale, and near gureented lost of sanity. This particular Pack and Wellspring have been sighted moving up toward Washington's borders and we need to find a way to stop them as well as why they are coming up toward our state." With another push of the button the slide changes again, "It has been documented that the changes would cause agents to 'melt' so to speak, and be lost to us, however, something that has changed," and there are pictures on the screen depicting the old methiods that Packminds would work under, "Now, somehow, they convert on the spot, one agent has been able to come back with this information, before being converted himself, his high levels of resistance innoculations helping keep him stable and sane till he could get back to our HQ." (cont)

Then the slide changes again, showing a progression of this agent from human, then cringing in pain as his bones and muscles change shape, next, laying on the ground from the pain unable to even stand, then, finally, a feral wolf, lunging against the bars that held him. The next slide documents, "When you do finally kill them, they still 'melt' into this strange goo, and bleed through the ground, exactly what happens then, is still unknown to us." With that she turns the projector off, "Any questions?"

Seeing the others walk in, some familiar, Dio gives them a friendly wave with a slight smile. It's usually a smart idea to get on your team's good side when you have the possibility of getting violently torn limb from limb after all. Before the presentation started, Dio decided he'd make himself comfortable by taking a nice seat somewhere only a few feet from Smokey. Awful lot of guns, but the situation certainly justified it. On his own back lays a modified pump-action shotgun, clearly in view as the lion takes it off and rests it upon his lap, allowing him to lean back and relax in his seat.

As the slides and presentation goes by, Dio takes in each bit of information with extreme interest. He had heard about this packmind problem before, but he wasn't too keen on all the finer details. With the presentation now over, Dio raised his fuzzy hand into the air to ask a question. "Instant infection? That's awfully dangerous. How do you suppose we combat this menace? Just keep shooting at them until they turn to goo? Also, where exactly will we be heading once this briefing is complete?"

"I don't to charity for large organizations," as she says this she moves uncomfortable close to wedge as the edges of her moves stretch and her mouth becomes that of a leech infect dripping goo, "This Wolf Wellspring and Wolf Packmind and melting processing.... You are asking use to brave alot. I want to know if there has been any effective methods of dealing with this threat in the past. I'm am not one of those strange coyotes even if I did get the physical infection strain from a nice stud." She moves over to Biggs while still talking to Sasha, Her form has now shifted to a Cerebus while pointing to Bigg and talking with on head, "Soon.....You." She says to the red shirt. The other head speaks to Sasha as the other two lick their lips and growl at Biggs, "As a non-coyote, I want to know what I can do to prevent being turned into grey goo, eaten, or being know like these two if they walked into Bozeman." She glance at pair before finally shifting into a human.

Those golden coyote eyes narrow. Packminds? A wellspring. That was their adversary. She shifts her weight in her seat, crossing her digitigrade legs under her skirt. She wasn't unfamiliar with the methods of packminds. She'd never actually come into contact, oh, but she had known about them and had been told stories. Her stomach was all a-flutter by this, though. She'd never actually BEEN up agaist a packmind. No, not even a finger. Her knuckles popped audibly as she gripped the butt of her rifle hard. "I'm in, but I want to know about any and all theories." Her voice, strong for her frail-looking form, was even and level. She looks up at the creature talking to Sasha directly, who'd never taken a seat, and was indicating her and another coyote. ...Another Coyote? Curious. Now she was interested on two levels. Yes, this would be even more of a test than she normally did for initiation. She'd note to watch that other one closely. "I'd also like to know what that agent there knows, that I don't, about coyotes and this infection."

CaseyRune sighs "Damnit, I was right..." They shake their head, sitting closer to the back. "So, what protections against the Wolf Borg exactly do we have? I'm kinda with the others on this one. I'm not a fan of getting myself killed. Its a massive pain in the ass."

Sithra remains silent as all of his questions are being asked by the others. He makes his way towards one of the seats and places his backpack on it. He stretches his back and finally notices another coyote. It's a first 'yote he has ever met. He gives her a firm nod as he sees her looking at him. Then he returns to his backpack and takes out an light armor along with army pants, two boxes with bullets, two prefilled magazines and a bandoleer. He puts his equipment on and sits down, relaxing.

Angus grumbled as he slipped into the breifing room, late to the party once again it seems. To be honest, he really didn't want to go on a mission for the RSx, as he's never had any good dealings with them, and the only thing that was stopping this coyote from bolting at the moment was that he noticed Smokie was here as well.

Looking about the room Sasha starts to answer questions, first with the lion. "

Looking about the room Sasha starts to answer questions, first with the lion. "The only effective ways we have found is to combat them is just that, shoot and keep shooting. We will be heading to the south, down near the border of the states." Then the ever changing Kilsa, "Thsi isn't charity, you will be payed handsomely after your safe return, and, there has been reports of other Packminds fighting with either other, and of a group of Zypher agents who managed to not only be infected but also come back afterwhich, unfortunately those files are sealed, so we don't know where, when, how, or why." She says to the shifter. "As for preventing this, the infection resistance innoculations have proven effective in limited ways, but the only good way is to just not get touched. If you see something odd, shot it, if it doesn't look odd, shot it anyway, unless it is one of our team. She is about to continue when over the intercom comes, "Agent Sasha, your SP time is in fifteen minutes, miss this important mission and I'll have your jackle head on my desk by end of business today, understand!" comes a gruff male voice, she looks to the intercom and snarls a moment, "You heard the man, more explinations will be had on the road, lets go, move, move, move, move." She says, picking up some papers and heading to the door herself. Biggs and Wedge both for thier part look about to wet their pants and actually hold on to each other, but follow Sasha out. Any who follow her to the parking lot will find a covered FMTV waiting for them.

As she passes by Angus she gives him a snarl as well, "You are late! You'll just have to catch up with the rest of the team while we drive to our destination, and if you mess up, it is coming out of your pay, understand?"

"Hmm..." Dio murmurs, putting a paw to his chin as he absorbs all the new information. The lion looks around as he spots Angus walking into the room, giving him a friendly wave. "So, some people have actually come back? Strange how someone would lock down files that could be integral for our survival..." As the call to arms goes off, Dio hops out of his seat and straps the shotgun on his back once more. "Better be some damn good pay for something like this," he says with a slight chuckle and begins to follow Sasha out the door with haste, eying and appreciating the vehicle as he stands only a few feet next to it, ready to hop on.

The nanite adept looks over bigs like a vicious python looking at a crippled mouse. "I'll make you a deal, If you don't die within the next few days, I'll make sure that when I come to get you. I'll even bring along your friend.." She shifts into a spiderwoman, "I wonder what you would do when there is no escape?" She sit looking at the gunner and smiles. "Now imaging this someone smarter than a feral who could look like any creature at any time, they can level a building in minutes and you...your just a human with a rusty looking weapon.. What do you do?" Kilsa laugh with a creepy chittering sound, "Naaaa I'm just screwing with you two, I promise I'm only going to take one of you when you least expect it." She says while adopting a new form of a succubus with a frightening face.

"So Sasha, out of the RSX operatives sent to deal with Oregon Threats how many returned alive and were they any of them as skilled as the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum here, because I've seen some RSX members that I highly respect and that could probably rip my tits off without breaking a sweat.." She grinns in with her sickening face a before crossing her arms and waiting to get to their destination.

Seeing Angus, Smokie jumped up happily to greet her packmate. Of course, the formalities are cut short by the call to arms. She growls, and steps out into the lobby. Anyone looking at the crew of the mutants in the wrong way gets a scowl, and gets to hear the Coyote slap a magazine into her rifle. She loads up into the truck, and saves a spot on either side of her for the two other coyotes.

CaseyRune gets up, checking to make sure that they did have their rifle loaded before heading off with the others down to the garage. takes one look at the vehicle and nods, good to see RSX isn't fucking around. They lean on the side of the vehicle waitng for the others to come down, .45 drawn and ready.

Sithra's eyebrow raises as he sees another coyote walks into the room. He stands up, takes his backpack and jumps a few times to check his equipment. As everything seems to be ok, he decides to talk with other coyotes, but gets interrupted by the call to arms. He walks out to the lobby, ignoring all of the human's stares and makes his way to the truck. As he climbs into it, he sees that one of the coyotes is in here already. He sits beside her, places RPD on his lap and offers his paw to 'yote, "Name is Sithra."

Angus gives Dio a friendly smile as he hugs Smokie in greeting, before he looked at Sithra in surprise as he didn't think he would meet a new coyote today. When Sasha walks by he gives her a mock salute, but she manages to walk away before he can smart off. Sighing he tightens the strap on his hammer, and checks his revolver. "Talking to the wrong coyote if you don't like Chaos." He mumbles as he follows the others out into the lobby, making a few faces at the humans as they pass by before he eyes up the truck. Climbing in he of course takes a seat next to the other coyotes, and smiles at Sithra. "Hello there, I'm Angus...Now, anyone mind telling me whats going on?"

Late, late, late! Alkain hurries along the hallways and towards the garage, "This is all fine and dandy..." at the looks he gets from the humies and sighs as he arrives at the FMTV, "Sorry I'm late..." he looks to the others and hmms, "What's going on anyway?"

The FMTV is loaded for bear. A 50 Cal on the top, the back loaded up with Desert Eagles, M4's, M16A2's, and crates of ammo, food, and water. In the far back corner is a long box marked 'In Case of Emergancy.' As the other agents hop into the back, Sasha gets in the TC side, Biggs in the driver's seat, and Wedge mans the gun atop. "We are leaving now, this is Agent Sasha, Truck WC-95 Leaving on Oregon Interception Mission." The radio returns, "This is the RCT, that is a roger, you are clear for departure, and come back alive." With that the truck heads out, going West by Southwest toward the border. While they drive, Sasha tries to answer more questions through the truck's comm. "We usually do well keeping the threat down, loosing only a few agents, but this is different, rarely do the Packminds move like this." She explains, "And we don't know why Z would seal the files, all we know is that they did. Check the med bags, there are temporary innoculations to help prevent the infections, though they are only partly effective against this, any 'yote's back there, don't bother, we don't know why, but for some reason you are a luckly lot, immune, and do we have any volunteers back there to be worked on to try and find out why you are?" She asks, seriously as a rattle snake. The drive is very uneventful, the truck easily handling both roads and terrian easily. Soon the group is at the Oregon, Washington Boarder....

Dio takes a seat away from the coyote group. Not out of personal reasons, but he still didn't trust them all that much despite knowing Angus from casual encounters. "I'm going to have to shake some people in Zephyr at some point for those damn files. We could probably use them right now..." The lion lets out a cough to break his current mood. "By the way, my name is Dio for those who are unaware. It's nice to know a person's name so you can shout it out before they get attacked from behind," he says with a slight chuckle. When the medical bag is mentioned, the lion walks over and opens it up to reveal the indicated inoculations, taking one out and holding it in his hands. "Only partly, hmm? Well, I try to increase my odds when possible." Dio pulls up his shirt sleve and injects himself with the inoculation and disposes of it. "It seems like we've arrived. Shall we exit?"

The nanite adept sits as close as she can to biggs and shift back into one of her favorite forms to resting in. The nanite adepts flesh becomes hard as diamond but she does jab herself to quickly solve that little problem before she is 99% gooped by the terrible things coming for her but in her mind she has a thought that keeps her going.

Her blood is pumping she can't stop grinning because this is what she lived for since she woke up in the cot on Zypher triage, she was a monster that want to beat other bigger monsters and this would be her change, no more goofy Kagaroos, Haughty Solar dragons, or disgusting Quetzals... This THIS was something that wanted her dead, didn't care about tradition or morals, and was greatly strong that anything she had ever heard of. This was the Wellsping Wolf and it was only a stepping stone to her goal.. "I'm so excited..." She murmur to herself as her diamond skin glitters softly.

The nanite adept sits down while shifting back into one of her favorite forms to resting in. The nanite adepts flesh becomes hard as diamond but she does jab herself to quickly solve that little problem before she is 99% gooped by the terrible things coming for her but in her mind she has a thought that keeps her going.

Her blood is pumping she can't stop grinning because this is what she lived for since she woke up in the cot on Zypher triage, she was a monster that want to beat other bigger monsters and this would be her change, no more goofy Kagaroos, Haughty Solar dragons, or disgusting Quetzals... This THIS was something that wanted her dead, didn't care about tradition or morals, and was greatly strong that anything she had ever heard of. This was the Wellsping Wolf and it was only a stepping stone to her goal.. "I'm so excited..." Kilsa murmur to herself as her diamond skin glitters softly. "I want to break this creature..." Her insane sounding giggles echo around her as her pale nanite in her eyes gain a bright silver luster.

Smokie smiles as Angus sits beside her, and leans on him happily as she uses her claws to push the pin out of the back of her m16, swivelling the upper downward and peering into the mechanisms of the beast. All's set, she decides, and snaps it back together quickly. "I'm Smokie, as most of you all know. Sithra, is it?" She smiles, and sits up straight, giving her paw to the new coyote. Small, delicate, with finely-sculpted tiny bones that would make sweet little whistles if whittled. She had decided to do her best to stick to this new muzzle, and hopefully, to indoctrinate her. She was always on the look out for Coyotes to join in her cult. "Angus and I are from a little coyote pack in Fairhaven."

Her ears perk up, and she growls as she hears the jackaless on the radio. "Immune? What crockery..." She turns, and looks at Angus. Hell. She didn't want to make Angus test. She had to be pre-emptive. "What kind of tests? I might do it."

CaseyRune snaps their fingers, a small flame flickers to a very weak life. They quickly snuff it out, muttering a small 'damn'. They decide to intorduce themselves. "Name's Casey. Hopefully you all will live long enough to remember it." Casey tries the tiny fire test twice more, the same result each time. "Well this can't be good."

"There is no need for you to do so. I'll volunteer." says Sithra giving a smile to Smokie, "Small pack you say... I've became a 'yote just yesterday, but I would love to hang out with you guys.".

Angus just smiled as he felt the familiar feather weight of Smokie as she leaned on him. "Aren't we like the only pack?" He jokes lightly, turning to smiles at the two when she sits up straight. His ears flicked at the Jackelesses words, and he shrugged lightly. "Immune or not, I'm not taking any chances, but I'll volunteer."

Jumping down out of the truck Sasha sighs, "Out here, there is no stable bubble, but, I'll fix that." She says and she kneels down, focusing a moment. Soon, everyone's nanite powers return to them as if normal, but Sasha herself seems to be concentrating, focusing on something, she thinks for a moment, "In the back, the first Coyote, the one with the smaller rifle, while I'm focusing on keeping our temporary bubble running, you're in charge. Keeping focus on that, trying to keep myself alive to do so, and lead you all around isn't going to work. Biggs, Wedge, take the truck and establish a TCP. Everyone else, lets move out, they were last spotted around here. Take out what supplies you can carry, any weapon you want, and make sure to bring me that crate in the far back." She says with a smile. After everyone has dismounted, the truck will drive away to the east. She looks over the 'yotes, "Thank you all for volunteering, you will get quite the bonus."

Without the comforting protection of the nanite bubble, Dio was feeling a little off as most mutants probably would. However, thanks to the beauty of regulation nanomagic, that feeling started to wash away. Defending her would be integral to surviving this mission. As requested, Dio walks over towards the long and locked box and analyzes it curiously. "Hmmm... Wonder what's inside..." Figuring that he'll probably find out quite soon, Dio places two paws on the box and drags it out next to Sasha. "As requested, ma'am." With that accomplished, Dio unstraps his shotgun and beings loading 12 gauge shells from within his pockets. Upon designation of a team leader, the lion looks towards Smokey with a questioning look. With all the rumors surrounding coyotes, he didn't feel quite confident with the decision.

Kilsa smiles moving up on Sasha, "I want to protect you, you essential to all of our survival in here so continue to do what your doing but know that I'll keep you safe till I get my shot at the Wolf Wellspring." Kilsa shift into a goo girl and covers Sasha before rapidly harding into a sexy looking suit. The suit then stretches out into spider legs as the rest of it hardens into comfortable enough inside that sasha can sit while still seeing and hearing while the visor while Kilsa walks, Iron plating like a tank finishes off the strange armor. "Relax and you'll be safe. If we get into any serious action I'll eject you if you need to run."

Smokie perks up as she's appointed the leader. Immediately, she jumps out with her rifle at her hip. It looks too big for her, and now out in the open, someone knowledgeably about weapons would see it was modified for its user. Shortened stock, an enlarged triggerguard. Her ear twitches, and she sniffs at the air, the scent on the wind. Dirt beneath her paws, the soft grass of Western Oregon, the raincatcher. There's the smell of blood on the wind. It intoxicates her animal senses, making her eager for it, for the taste of flesh. She probably should have eaten before she came here, but she knew that eating right before a mission is a bad thing. Fasting, that's better. She hadn't fasted for a night, nor had she prayed about it, but she was confident in her Coyote medicine to help her.

It's not... Not REALLY blood, though. It's close, very close, close enough to mess with her head, but it most definitely is strange. She turns towards it. West, to the setting sun. She pulls back the charging handle on her rifle, and then lets it snap forward, loading the chamber. She smacks the forward assist, to ensure proper feeding. She checks to make sure the safety is off, and it was; it was practically rusted into the Semi Auto firemode. "Okay, listen, we're going to stay tighter than a Mexican virgin. I don't want anyone wanderin' off to the side. First sign of trouble I want you all to form up in a circle around Sasha. You fuckers better not go firing that thing off like your damn peckers." And with that, she begins, at a trot, westward, eyes wide and her ear-and-a-half perked up.

CaseyRune wasn't about to take orders from a coyote, but its not like they had a choice. They stick to their weapons, in paticular the rifle. if these things infect at melee range then might as well keep them nowhere near it. They decide to keep to the rear.

Angus could definitly tell they were out of the nanite bubble as soon as the pain started, one of the perks of being nanite reinforced he guessed. Stepping out of the truck he was rather glad to have Sasha with them, as the pain stopped as soon as the Regulation nanomagic started up. With a roll of his shoulder he draws his revolver, checks to make sure it's loaded, and nods. "I'll try Smokie, but I make no promises." He jokes, giving her a smile as he starts to follow.

Shacking a bit, Sasha lets Kilsa meld on to her and then form a protective suit around her. She cringes, but is actually thinkful for it. She bends down and unlocks the crate, taking from it a SMRL and a pack containing 3 more rockets for it. "Lead on." She says to Smokie and follows the coyote as they sniff out their target. Those following would be able to pick up the trail as well, eventually, nose or no nose, blood, though very oddly colored. I leads into a clearing in the woods and grasses they are in. She stops herself, looking over to Smokie for what will be done next.

The lion continues to load shells into his modified shotgun until the magazine tube was completely full. He places a paw on the slide, brings it backwards, and then slides it forward, creating that beautiful pumping sound and preparing a lovely shell and its payload for the journey into the local residents. Clicking off the safety, Dio was prepared, or at least hopefully prepared, for what's to come.

With shotgun at the ready, Dio follows behind the group, making sure to stick close and protect their nanite bubble lifeline. He takes a sniff at the air, noticing the strange smell Smokey might've picked up before. "Hmm, don't see any tracks. Awfully strange," he says, looking about their new environment on high alert. The lion's ears twitch, picking up a mysterious sound. "Hmm? I think I just heard something move around somewhere. Prepare yourselves."

Kilsa doesn't do much other that alow Beth to steer her around and keeping with the group. Every so often her body shimmers and there is a bright like from the visor as she takes in a deep breath too keep her internals and her pilot cooled off. "Sasha, What do we have as far as the intelligence of the Wellspring?" She asked mainly for Idle converstation but mostly to know how she could beat the damn thing.

Smokie begins to pant some, her tongue just hanging over her lips. She's working herself up, getting frenzied as she enters the clearing. She's gripping her rifle hard, but she can't even think of using it, or aiming. Her eyes dart around. She takes another scenting of the wind, slouching like she wants to move to all fours. The scent stops. Her ears perk, but nothing distinctive comes to her. Suddenly, shaking, she curls her tail against the back of her skirt. "This.. Feels like an ambush...." she whispers to herself, and looks over at Angus with concern

CaseyRune peers through the scope of their rifle "Then it probably is. Lord knows what these things actually are." They can't see anything yet, but that doesn't stop them from keeping a strong watch with their rifle. "Where are you, you furry borg wannabe..."

Alkain hmms as he scans the area around him and shakes his head, "Doesn't look familiar..." but he heads west towards the group, trying to stay as silent as possible while trying to make sure nothing surprises him

Sithra picks up the scent of his group, as he finishes his preparations and makes sure that ferals wouldn't get inside of the truck. He rushes by the trail left by his group, until he makes it to the clearing. It was close, but catches up to Sasha,

Sithra picks up the scent of his group, as he finishes his preparations and makes sure that ferals wouldn't get inside of the truck. He rushes by the trail left by his group, until he makes it to the clearing. It was close, but catches up to Sasha, before he melts. He gives a nod to Smokie and prepares his gun. Now he walks with his group, his ears're twitching to the every sound and eyes checks possible places where feral could hide.

Angus had been following along, eyes and ears alert, as they walked down the path. The farther they went from the truck the more worried he became, especially since Smokie was acting so weird. When Dio states he hears something his eyes narrow, and he takes a step closer to smokie, giving her a smile as he meets her eye.

With a long howl coming somewhere to the south eight wolves spring out of the woods going mostly for those in the clearing. Using little more then their senses they feel Angus the greatest threat, five of them going after him alone. Two go at Smokie, and one at Alkain for now. Alkain is quite agile, dodging the lunging wolf quickly and it sails over him, landing on its feat and repositioning. The two heading for Smokie also miss thier target, one sailing over the ducking Coyote, the other missing as she takes a step back. Angus however, is not so lucky. Managing to dodge the first two, the third collides solidly, Angus' arm firm in his mouth as he draws blood and tries to drag him down. The two others tackle him, bringing Angus to the ground. Sasha turns fast, "We're under attack!!!" She looks around, she can't do much while trying to maintain the bubble effect, "Kilsa, get off me and fight." She says, unsure if Kilsa would do so or not, but if she couldn't fight, and Kilsa was doing nothing but protect her, then they were two down.

An ambush in the jungle! What a perfect and classic setting for such an event. Dio prepares his shotgun, resting the butt in the comfort of his shoulder. With the current situation however, the lion wasn't quite sure how safe it'd be to fire a spread-shot weapon considering the amount of friendlies he could hit. Dio clicks the safety back on and turns the shotgun around, wielding it like a bat. The first wolf that manages to catch his attention is the one who whiffed its lunge over Smokie. In a violent charge, he stomps his way over, winds up a powerful and wild swing, and connects a solid blow to the wolf's head, the result of which causes it to turn into the strange goo the briefing had pointed out earlier. One down, seven more to go.

"Shut up bitch and keep that bubble going." Kilsa screams excitedly as her arms shift into metal tentacles and they become thin as wires and she begins to whirl them around her self in a razor bladed whirl winds, "You can't take me off and your safer in the middle of the fighting that on the edges with everyone else. Now let me keep you alive while you keep that bubble up." Kilsa waits while letting the others do what they did best.

Aw hell, there we go again. Swarmed in a way, the Coyote drops as she sees an angry pair of jaws lunge at her, and another, she sidesteps. She stands up and swings around, the one that goes to her side in her eyes as she grips her old rifle by the barrel and swings it as hard as she can across the thing's legs-- and misses. She glances at Angus, who was taken down, and feels dread pang at her heart, and nearly feels like she's going to heave. "N'aww FUCK!" she yelps.

"OW, CHRIST! Do I -look- like one of them?! Watch the friendly fire!" Aside from the annoyance of being hit by an ally, Casey takes being on fire rather well. As calm as you can look putting out a coat fire while rabid wolves circle you. "Thankfully I can heal."

Alkain growls at the wolves and breathes a gout of flame! Only to have it sent towards an ally! Ooops, "Ah, sorry!" he growls to himself as he eyes the trees as if debating on using one as a weapon


Sithra rushes to Smokie and covers her from the wolves, "I'll take those, you go to Angus!" Sithra says and growls, "The bigger gun, the more dangerous they, right?!" He shoots a few bullets in wolfes direction to make them back up a little.

Angus let out a shout of suprise as a furred form with fangs came barreling at him, before that same cry turned into one of pain when those same jaws clamped down on his right arm, right before two more wolves crashed into him and sent him to the ground. He didn't think, he only reacted as the very air around him became alive with a chaotic charge of electric energy, sending deadly arcs of that same current through the few wolves still attached to the coyote, causing them to atleast let go or send them flying. Still in a massive amount of pain he looks up just as Smokie's attack misses the wolf still near her, and he reacts. By shifting that same wolf into a feral coyote, before the pain made him clutch at his arm. And watch in shock as it continued to change, to mirror his attackers.

Sasha yells at Kilsa, "Get off of me and fight!!" She says as she tries to take Kilsa off, but sure as shit, she can't. So instead she just growls. Meanwhile, one wolf is down and the other transforming. As soon as the Finger of the Pack is done transforming, it goos as well, both of them bleeding into the ground, as if water into a sponge. More wolves come out of the wood work, 4 more, 3 going for Sithra, and one more going for Smokie. Smokie nearly dodges, but gets a swipe to the leg, however, Sithra is FAR less lucky, two of the wolves getting good shots on them. They are far too smart to approce Kilsa, blade like arms flying around like that, they had easier targets. The wolves on Angus are thrown off, but turn to Casey, lunging at them, both scoring good strikes. "Damn it! Retrograde, Retrograde, Get the fuck out of here, we are sitting ducks come on!" No one is currently held down, and there seems to be a clear exit toward where the TCP would be. They seem to also leave Alkain and Dio alone. Sasha takes their exit, bringing Kilsa with her, motioning for all to follow.

Staying in this forest would probably end up being suicide at this rate. The enemy had a huge advantage. Dio clicks the safety off on his gun once more and takes aim by resting the butt on his shoulder. He sees Sasha run for the clearing and takes heed of the gesture, agreeing that it would be a wonderful idea to retreat for the time being. He spots multiple wolves jumping out of the forest and aims his barrel towards the ones at Sithra. BANG, the pellets land perfectly center-mass inside one wolf, completely melting him into the now familiar goo. A few pellets manage to sneak their way in the spread and penetrate the skull of another wolf, causing him to melt as well. "Time to move!" Dio yells as he run towards the exit, pumping his shotgun for the next round.

The suit around Sasha moves quickly on its spider legs, "Sasha, for future reference. I'll fight when they need me not because you do." She says curtly, "Unless your telling me your some kinda badass that can fight off the murder-wolves? Because if that the case heaven forbid me to stop you." She says simply, "Now what next..." She turns off her wires-o-death to keep from butchering her allies.

Oh dog damnit, her leg! She yowls, holding her rifle the right way around and spraying bullets in random into the area, as she moves over to Angus before she gets immobilized by the inevitable pain of the coming transformation. She grabs him by the scruff, and begins to drag the larger Coyote back, firing as she goes. One random bullet manages to hit one, making it twist in an unnatural way before it collapses into the red blood-like liquid that they oft do.

Sithra growls as wolves takes a few strikes on him, "You... bastards." He lifts up his gun and shoots at the wolves. As distance between them is really small the bullet breaks trough the skull of one of them and strikes leg of another. He stands up and runs over to Smokie and Angus, while wolves're distracted.

CaseyRune takes the brunt of the next wave of attacks, thankfully from an enemy this time. "Sonofabitch. This is -not- a good day. Burn Mongrels!" After gathering enough flames, they ready to toss the fireball into the heaviest cluster of wolves yet end up getting shot in the shoulder and dropping the fire in the gress. "OW! FOR THE LOVE OF..... I AM NOT THEM DAMNIT! OW!"

Alkain winces as he watches the others change and shakes his head with a growl as he puts up a mirage of himself as he flees with the others, hoping to distract them a while

Angus was still staring at his arm when he felt Smokie grab on the scruff of his neck and pull, causing him to squirm in suprise before he realized who it was. With a nod he trys to buy them some time, and takes aim at a Wolf near CaseyRune...but just as he's about to shot something plays at his senses, casuing his focus to waver. Which causes him to shoot CaseyRune. He blink, as a sudden urge starts to take that wanted him to just stay here..Until a second one, even stronger then the last told him to get his ass to Crystal lake, now! With a grunt he stood back up, shuttering in pain as the transformation shifted, covering most of his chest and his other arm as he begins to run towards the TCP.

Sasha and the rest continue running toward the TCP, some of them having to deal with sudden changes in their stature. Kilsa continues to keep Sasha safe, while the rest keep up stride. Back at the truck, the sight is not something one would want to see. Two sets of ripped up clothes, spent rounds everywhere, it is odvious Biggs and Wedge didn't do much better then they did. "BIGGS!! WEDGE!!!" Sasha shouts out, looking around, however, a pair of howls is all that answers her....

Finally, the lion makes his way out of the forest along with the others. With shotgun still at the ready, he looks around the van for the red shirts. Who knew such awful fate would fall upon these lovely people?! "Did everyone make it back," Dio says as he looks back towards the forest, waiting for everyone to come by. "I saw that some of our party was infected... I don't think I want to take any chances with something like that. Also, cut that yelling shit out!" Dio snarls at Sasha as he doesn't want to risk another ambush, but it's probably inevitable by this point.

The moment kilsa see all that remain of the humanity of Biggs and Wedge and growls, "Party poopers, Hell I only wanted one and I would have don it alot more tactfully than this shit. Like Dio said, Shut up.... I don't want to have to miss out on more fight." Kilsa says before her body shimmers a bit. and the suit tightend around sasha and seems to show off her bodys curves a little more. "Understand the more of a liability you become the tighter and more uncomfortable this suit becomes, If I have to...." She whispers the last bit to sasha.

She was crying. She was watching as he turned, watching as his body failed his mind. She growled as the changes wracked her with incredible pain, the worst she'd ever felt, all over her body. She dropped her gun awhile back, and was now tearing at her jacket before she met the cold ground. Angus was going... Angus, her love. Redd had been gone, and she'd met a strange new Coyote, who in a strange way, had taught her to love Angus. And now she was watching the end of it, and she couldn't take it. One last comfort. She'd never quite used this power like this. She reached out to him, watching her hand contort and change into a paw as his already had. She wanted to make sure he wasn't alone. She reached out, eyes teary and closed with her twisted body rebelling. The last moment. She projected a feeling to all around her, but focusing on Angus, to comfort him. That last kiss, that last bittersweet nuzzle. O, my flesh and blood are traitors to you now. She keeps it up as long as she can, even after she knows Angus is gone. She follows him into the dark, as the feeling falls off short, like a cool breeze on a summer day that suddenly stops. No longer there is Smokie on this world, either, as the figure of a teary-faced wolf stands up, and rushes towards what it sees as its next meal.

CaseyRune colapses burnt bleeding and in agony onto the ground just infront of the truck drawing their .45 and aiming right at the two last remaining wolves that were their comrades and where the rest of the wolves had fled. They fire off 11 of the 12 shot clip, hitting the wolf that was formerly Smokie, the rest of the bullets going god knows where. The final shot they keep, turing the gun to themselves. "I escaped Vegas, survived 5 years of whatever the damn plauge could throw at me. Like hell you're going to get your hands on me."

Alkain blinks as he spots Casey raising his weapon and growls as he tries to snatch it from him... "DAMNIT! Don't let them get away, but don't kill them! I might be able to save them!" Too late! Smokies gone as he rages, "GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! STOP KILLING THEM!" as he attempts to yank the gun away from Casey, "Knock them out!"

Sithra collapses onto the ground as he feels waves of pain washes over him. He feels that his torso changes it's shape to more wolf-like. "No, you won't get me today." He stands up to see that other coyotes, who he has just met, are fully transformed into wolves. "Why..." then he sees Casey points his gun at one of ex-coyotes. He lowers his head and turns away from them. He don't want to see it. Even if he didn't really know them. Walking past them he hears eleven shots being fired. He feels like each one of them is hitting his head like a hammer. "Burn in hell..." he spits those words at one of the goo puddle that left from ambush. He starts to walk towards TCP. He can't die here today...

Angus staggered about as the transformation continued, his weapons gone. His hammer lost somewhere in the woods where the left it, and his revolver just dropped in the dirt...and his mind wasn't far behind. He couldn't believe this was happening, couldn't understand how they had failed so he failed, so completely. Dropping to all fours in agonizing pain, tears rolling down his muzzles as it began to shift, his mind racing and in a panic as he felt himself slip away....and then, he suddenly felt at peace once again, could take comfort in a feeling that had sprang from nowhere....Then he felt her next to her, felt her kiss, and leaned into the nuzzling. The pain was not gone, nor the fear, as his form finished the change..but in the end..He knew he wasn't alone, He stayed by her side till there was nothing but darkness and in the end, he was content.