Pack Rat/Extra Notes

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Rod taught us to chill out, but he also taught us when it's time to be serious. This training covers both nicely, so just sit back, relax, and let the awesome rain down on you.

Role: Debuffer/DoT DPS

Soul Powers

Level 10 Quantum Mechanics
Level 15 Hip
Level 25 Rad Turn
Level 35 Awesome Twist
Level 40 Constant Upkeep
Level 45 Tubular Takedown

Combat Skills

Avoidance 1
Controlled Burst 1
endurance 1
Enduring Malice 1
Lingering Kindness 1
Scavenger 2
Speed 1
Support 1
Tactician 1



Purchased in [The Mall]: Mall Rat Territory or on the web interface for 75,000 Freecreds.