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A com call crackles in to three individual com links, two of the messages is for Zypher members Dio and Kilsa. "Alright we have reports of a distress call from the Library. Check it out and report back any problem." A seperate message is scent to Noire, "Hey one of our supply Caravans went dark near the library please check it out as soon as possible. Most of the supplies are medical and we would need them as soon as possible please repel any hostile threats." Kilsa nods after checking her bearing and starts to head to the library. "On my way." She starts to run.

A rather large lion beast lounges in the Zypher lobby. Rather relaxed, a brief snore escapes his muzzle as an indication of the feline's fading consciousness. Suddenly, Dio jumps in the air in surprise as a deafening message blasts through his com unit. "Something wrong at the library, hmm? Very well..." he murmurs under his breath. The lion stands at attention from his comfy location, smooths out his rather fancy clothes, and makes his way towards the library with a rather neutral expression.

Elsewhere in Fairhaven, a chimeric woman sits on the edge of a roof, wings folded up neatly behind her as she tinkers with her drone. The noon sun reflects off of her armor and helmet, as well as most of her metallic skin. When she accidentally directs the glare into her eye for the fourth time in a row with her arm, she makes a mental note to find something to dull the sheen a bit later. She diligently returns to work, but just as she does, a radio message assaults her ear, almost causing her to drop the drone entirely. Well. Almost in that it really does make her drop it. She ensures that the ensuing stream of obscenities are not broadcast over the radio before flying down to retrieve the remains of her drone, then quickly takes off in the direction of the library, sincerely hoping that it will be worth it.

Its doesn't take long before the group notices a few skunk girls dressed in military garb laying in neat rows as a Fox boy with a lab coat looks them over carefully. "Not good Not good!" The Fox begins tending to the greatest of the wounded as most of the skunks have the RSX uniform, "Why weren't they innoculated like the rest?" The fox complains as Kilsa is the first to arrive and looks around while whistling, "Wow. What did this?" The fox jumps and starts running away towards the library. "You won't get me!!" He screams Kilsa smacks herself on the forehead.

As Dio casually strides towards his obligation, he observes the bleak image that is the modern times. With large fuzzy paws safely tucked away in his pockets, the feline begins to lose himself in thought. It's hard for him to believe that this city and the country's laws was something he once protected and upheld with honor. Finally reaching the supposedly distressed area, Dio takes a position next to Kilsa. The feline would love to make an introduction to the supposed fellow agent, but it would seem that would have to wait. "Hmmm..." Dio says under his breath, taking in the intriguing scene. A fuzzy paw comes up to his chin as he tries to analyze just what was happening. He watches the fox with a curious gaze and proclaims, "Get? Why would we need to get you?"

Noire sets down off to the side, affording Kilsa and Dio an acknowledging, if confused, glance before turning her attention to the other RSX operative. Looking the most human of those gathered and her face having at least been painted to look like skin, she holds her hands up in a gesture of non-aggression, trying to stop him before he manages to slip away into the library. "Hey, wait! What's going on, what happened here?" She quickly looks over the infected soldiers on the ground with a concerned expression, then looks back at the scientist. "I'm with RSX, there was a call about a supply caravan in this area...?" She gives Dio and Kilsa another look, mouthing "do you know...?" at them.

The fox's running is cut short when out of blue a oily mass strikes the fox with the force of a semi truck. "Grrrrrr....." The creature is a skunk beast with a strange skin mutation, standing over the fox. "No no no no!!" The fox scream as he is covered in black goo and is slowly become a skunk girl. The beast smiles with its dripping face as it tosses the now skunk to the side and look as the group, "GRRRR..." IT charges at the three quickly before launching a spray of black liquid.

As Kilsa delievers her strike to the beast the creature falls to the ground and reaches out at Dio firing a nastly black liquid at the group Kilsa and Noire dodge with practiced ease while a nasty batch hits Dio and flows into his skin turning him into a full skunk before Kilsa kick the beast in the head putting it out for a while. "You ok?" She asked to the fellow agent before sniffing him carefully.

Paws still dug in his pockets, Dio shrugs at the troubled fox. The sound of a new arrival perks the lion's ears, causing him to rotate his torso towards Noire. An eyebrow raises in curiosity as he observes the Valkyrie. "Did you say you're from RSX? That's a strange coincidence." Dio pauses, not noticing the commotion taking place and says, "Can't say I'm sure I know what's going on here. Regardless my nam-" Introduction cut short, the lion snaps back to witness a strange mass convert the troubled fox boy. The paws fly out of his pockets as they take attempt a defensive stance. Unfortunately, the lion was caught off guard. The mysterious liquid nails his torso and knocks him to the ground before spreading throughout his body. He grunts in pain as his former lion form is quickly replaced by that of a skunk. With the changes finally complete, Dio props himself up on his hands and rubs his head. "Yeah, I think I'm okay..." He takes a short pause to breath and continues, "Just what the hell was that?"

The brief but decisive fight has Noire a little out-of breath, her stun lance still crackling with electricity. It's not enough to keep her from jumping out of the way of that black gunk like it were pure acid, though. "Shit!" She shakes her head and tries to calm herself down. She touches back down on the ground and puts her weapon away. "Just /what/ was that supposed to be? Do skunk beasts normally... drip like that?" A glance at Dio reminds her of the further issue, and she quickly runs over. "Are you hurt? I've got a medkit." She tries to bite back the distaste on her face, the prospect of being turned into a skunk an unpleasant one indeed, let alone by such disgusting means. But she recognizes a friend, and isn't about to not help him because of something like that.

The former fox in the labcoat is wheezing on the ground before a convo full of skunkgirls drive up and load him up in the truck. The are armed to the teeth and one of the them is sitting on top of a mounted gun. "Hey. Your the help we requested? Its a shame we couldn't any quicker assistance for those RSX guys." She pointed a finger at the laid out skunk girls in military gear. "This fox is ours so we will take him we will send another convoy to atleast get those gals to Zphyer since we don't have a chopper ourselves." The skunk girl smiles, "I'm Lisa. I'm the one who send the call out. Luckly you only came across this one, we been repeling these things in groups of five or six at a time. Can I have you come with me so we can stop this before it more than just our problem?" She says while opening the back of the truck to allow the group to get in. Kilsa smiles and nods, "Alright Lisa, I'm not used to be called to a mission rather than just looking for request. This must be big." She grins ferally.

The new skunk cranes his head upwards to meet Noire's eyes. "I think I'm fine. Thank you for the offer though, ma'am." With a bit of a wobble, Dio gets back on his feet by pushing himself up with his hands. He pats his clothing free of any dirt and smooths out the creases. He gives a satisfied tuck on the jacket and scans his view across the scene. "Thanks for the help, I could've been in much more danger if you guys hadn't saved me. I'll try not to get caught off guard again." Dio bows in his new smaller form and says, "Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dio. It would seem that we'll be comrades for the time being." Suddenly, a rather large convoy appears on the scene, capturing Dio's interest. He makes his way towards the new skunk with his hands in his pockets once more and says, "Lisa, was it? It seems you know a lot about this situation." Taking a seat on the truck, he proclaims, "I hope you have an explanation for what's going on." In his seat, Dio leans back and crosses his legs.

Looking a little ruffled by the development, Noire just nods and follows along. Even without breathing, the skunk smell is hard to ignore. Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, she valiantly refrains from saying anything about it. "I can't say I'm in any position to know how commonplace things like this are, but if it's getting worse, then I agree that it needs to stop sooner rather than later." She folds her wings behind her, and her hands in her lap, scanning her eyes over the rest of those present. "Should we stock up on tomato juice before we go any further?"

A quick nods from Lisa to Dio before she begins speaking, "We've been for the most part well maintained against threats to our little slice of heaven." She chuckled grimly, "Then about a week ago we got attacked by a latex fox filled with black liquid. The creatures seems to be coming from fairhaven chemical. We don't think it a feral since they black liquid creature only target the library but what is worse is that dozens of liqiud creatures will follow up the attack with mass kidnapping which is why we need to get out of here and get a convo back there as soo as possible." Lisa glares at Noire, "Listen, I don't find you funny. I didn't ask to be a giant skunk but you are asking for me to show you how much spray I can give off in a tightly packed truck." She growl as they arrived at the library and dropped off the injured former fox. "Now I can drive you to the Chemical plant myself or you can walk and take out any foes that might be heading for that poor group of RSX agents."

Keeping an eye on Lisa, Dio listens intently to her explanation. He leans forward and slams a fist into his open palm. "Fairhaven Chemical, eh? Thank you for the explanation, ma'am. I hope there aren't any more side effects of the liquid besides being transformed." Getting up from his seat to stand and look back at the Valkerye. Using his hands to make a "come here" gesture, Dio says with an increased enthusiasm, "It was just a little joke to ease the tension. Now if you don't mind, I'd love to get started. This was just a job at first, but now I have quite the personal investment." The skunk's former carefree gaze replaces itself with a determined fire, eager to get back at what transformed him.

Noire holds up her hands in a somewhat apolagetic gesture. "Yeah. Sorry. I didn't mean anything personally about it." So much for valiantly managing to not say anything about it. She looks reluctant to stand up and make herself even more conspicuous (as if all her paint didn't accomplish that well enough on its own), but in the interest of cooperation she obliges him... Hir. "I'm here to help, and that's what I intend to do. I can fly if I have to but I'd rather go with you." She glances at Kilsa and Dio, nodding in confirmation. "Though, we should probably sit back down before we start moving."

The frowning Lisa sighs, "Sorry I'm just a little touchy about being a skunk, I get cock hungry when a skunk beast shows up, I'm considered bottom tier infected. Why couldn't I have got lucky and atleast been a Skunk beast." She growls as she begins driving, Kilsa smirks to herself, "Because the library would kick you out. Now please drive us there so that we can do some good and stop your complaining." She says curtly as the they are driven outside of the Chemical plant. "Here we are be very careful." She says before a growling is heard, "Out OUT!" She dives out the car before three large hyena run out infront of the vehicle and another standing behind it. "Grrr." Three of them begin attacking the vehical. The one from behind is armed with a rocket launcher and is currently preparing to fire.

The skunk sits back down in his seat as the conversations continue on. Listening to Kilsa, he couldn't help but let out a little chuckle at her bluntness. Dio props his skunky head up with a paw and looks towards her. "I like your personality, ma'am. I think we'll get along just fine." Giving a relieved sigh, the skunk sinks into his seat as the truck finally begins to move. While normally he would take this opportunity for a fine cat nap, Dio is much more determined to get back at whatever hit him. He looks on edge and alert, ready for anything at anytime. Immediately after hearing the loud shouts from the other skunk, Dio springs from his seat and dives out the back of the truck and picks himself up. Ready for a fight, he brings up his fists and growls.

Noire spent the rest of the trip in silence, looking over her designs on her hands idly. She's almost lost in thought when they arrive, but she has a hard time ignoring the noise when they're suddenly attacked. She spreads her wings and takes off, stun lance at the ready. She notices the rocketeer skunk and tries to swoop down on it, the back of her mind screaming at her about charging anything bearing an exlposives launcher.

Lisa withdraws a firearm from her hips while rising and fires wildy at the Hyena with a rocket launcher. "No you don't." One of the bullets catches him in the eye and drop him before he has a chance to fire. "Alright I'll leave everything up to you guys." She climbs back in the vehicle, she drives the car over the dead creature and drives back to the library leaving the group. Kilsa growls, "How courageous, I'm sure she is a hero amoung skunks. Come on lets deal with these weaklings."

The hyena's go down hard as the bigger ones scurry off, the smallest and weakest of the group whimpers while holding hir broken leg as hir friends leave hir. A closer looks show a small collar around his neck, "No!" He tries to crawl away from the group as Kilsa calmly walks up while gasping from the fight and stomps on hir back pinning him to the grown. "You just spoke...." She stats calmly, "And the dead one just used a weapon, you aren't ferals are you?" the Herm just whimpers harder and stuggles more..

Obviously not very happy about being attacked twice, Dio stomps his way towards the weakened foe. He glares at the hyena and growls viciously. Looking towards Kilsa with a fiery gaze, he loudly proclaims, "I'll restrain this one if you don't mind." Putting his days of law enforcement to use, Dio slams himself on the hyena's back and pulls up his right arm, putting him in a traditional restraint hold used by police when necessary. In show of intimidation, he pulls on the arm some more, making sure to cause pain but not enough to pull the shoulder out of the socket. Curiously, he looks at the collar and determines that there is definitely someone higher up calling the shots. With another growl, Dio says, "What the hell was that for? Who told you to attack us? Are you guarding something?"

Feathers ruffled a bit, Noire dusts herself off and walks over to join the other two. Perturbed but not quite wrathful since the fight was so pathetically easy, she just stands nearby with her arms crossed. "They're Hyenas, too. Not even skunks. What would they even have to gain from this? Were they out there guarding something or was this just some thug attack?" She stops herself, shaking her head, and mutters, "No, then they wouldn't have had a rocket launcher. Where would they even get equipment like that? This doesn't make any sense." She looks at Dio and Kilsa, hoping one of them has better insight.

The Hyena smiles at Dio and lickes hir lips, "Oooooh how dominate. I haven't been man-handled like ths since... Yesterday." The odd creature whimpers as hir arm is pulled, "OW OW OW! Fuck!" The Hyena curses at the pain, "No one told us to! You were driving in the area and we saw that it was a skunk in the drivers seat. An easy target.." Shi chuckles before Kilsa sighs, "I really don't like him." She look at the chemical plant ahead of them and growls. "I'm thinking we could either torture him or get answers from there." The Hyena give a creepy chuckle, "You won't make it in there, I tried to walk in and I couldn't sit down for a weak. As for where we got our weapons... heh. That none of your damn business." shi cackles.

"None of my business? I'm pretty damn sure it's my business now," Dio growls. In an increased rage, the skunk picks up the back of his restrained target's head and slams it down into the cement with great force, hoping to break his nose. "You /ARE/ going to tell me where those weapons came from," he pauses and again slams the hyena's head down, "And you ARE going to tell me what's going on in there. I don't have time for this shit, so tell me what I want to know NOW before I extract it from the pieces of your brain physically."

Noire winces a bit as the thing's face hits the ground, but not about to claim it wasn't warrented. "You'd better just go ahead and speak up while your mouth still works." She shakes her head, putting a hand on Dio's shoulder while the Hyena wouldn't be able to notice it, just to indicate to him to maybe dial it back just a little bit in case he meant any of that.

A loud snap is heard as the face of the Hyena is broken, hir muzzle drop sickenly as he starts to cry. "Stahp....pwease....mah fassse." The Hyena crys as Kilsa just looked on, "Wow. Working out some issues with his face? Could have probably went about that differently maybe offered him some food or something. Hope we can understand him." The Hyena sobs for a minue before speaking, "Genshiva in duh plunt gash us dah wheaponish." Shi speaks through broken teeth and a broken nose. "Lesh me go....I sarbby...." Kilsa sighs, "Get off the big baby and lets go. Obviously he isn't even worth his friends time, lets not waste ours." Kilsa says before notices something in the distance a black shape decending from the sky. "EVERBODY LOOK OUT!!"

The black forms decends upon the for gathered and as it nears the group the sound of bullets reaches everyone ears before the shadow dragon wings are torn to shreds as hit lands on the ground with a sickening splat. Kilsa wastes no time in moving out the way but the dragon vomits out a black goo which speed by her and Dio but smacks Noire on the chest. "What the hell!" Kilsa shouts before pulling her own rocket launcher from her bag and putting it together and firing it on the dragon. "We need to go NOW. We are too exposed out here." She starts walking to the Chemical plant while keeping her eyes to the sky.

Happy with the information he extracted, Dio chuckles loudly as he stands to his feet. It would seem the skunk enjoys doing things the hard way. "Alright," he says to Kilsa, "Let's press o-" However, he is interrupted by a threatening figure in the sky. Dio prepares himself for battle as the dragon smacks into the cement and retaliates. "Whoa!" Dio exclaims as the goo zooms past him. He looks towards his infected comrade and holds out his hand to assist if needed. "Are you okay? If so, speak to me. We need to get out of here. Grab my hand and we'll run for it in the factory." Either way Noire chooses, he prepares himself to sprint for the chemical plant as she makes her decision.

A grin slides across Noire's face as they get what they needed, still a little unhappy with the overall situation but glad to see progress. She's about to follow the other two when she notices Kilsa looking upward, shooting at something. She stumbles back just in time to avoid having a dragon land on top of her, but her relief is short lived as the black goo splats up on her. The change is quick, and she coughs and groans as her body transforms, spitting out a quick "shit" as she tries to get up. She grabs Dio's wrist to avoid scratching him with her big claws. "Hate not having hair, paint damn well better still be there when I change back..." She continues grumbling to herself as she follows the others inside.

The inside of the of the complex is dirty, splotches of the black inky substance seems to be all over as Kilsa steps in a puddle. "Dammit." She grunts but her leg doesn't shift at all. "Hey the puddles seem to be safe. Now where do you think our problem is located." She looks at three different doors, on three sides of the room and a set of starts leading to the basement. "We've got staff offices, Cooling rod room and Disposal room. Then there are the stairs... Any idea's on where to go?"

With Noire in tow, the two make a break for the factory behind Kilsa and end up inside. Dio, after releasing the new dragon's hand, takes a moment to stretch and scan the room. "Hmmm.." he murmurs, putting a hand to his chin. "I find it a little strange we weren't attacked right when we got in here. Seems like there should be guards or something. Either it's a trap or we've been underestimated." Listening to Kilsa's list of choices, he thinks for a bit on where they should go. "Personally, I'd like to start out with the offices. We might find some more grunts to rough up and get them to tell us where everything might be."

As if she weren't already tall enough, Noire grumbles some more as her head hits the ceiling. "I agree, the offices are probably best. If they've actually been used, they might have some papers or something about what's been going on. Or some other kind of evidence, at the very least. I don't know." The whole place gives her the creeps, but if she has to be stuck as something in this hellhole, a big fire=breathing dragon sure is high on the list.

Kilsa smiles before trying to open the door to the offices before she growls. "Its locked give me a second. I can break it down." She flexes and lower her body before her muscles expand she runs and hits the door with tremendous forces and fall into the room. At the moment she is set upon by two very large Hyena who proceed to start stomping the mess out of the prone nanite adept. In the back of the room is a large Hyena with dragon like wings, shi is sitting in a office chair with a skunk girl in his lap, at seeing the intruders shi withdraws from the whimpering skunkgirl and tosses her aside like trash. "INTRUDERS!!!" Shi screams as the whole group starts to arm themselves with various blunt weapons.

Not too far behind Kilsa, Dio follows her to the office door. He quirks an eyebrow as she suddenly get stronger and bursts through the door. Clapping his hands and chuckling at how she fell through the door, Dio says, "Bravo! Well done," still ignorant of what she'd gotten herself into. Hearing quite a commotion, the skunk recovers and quickly prepares himself for a fight. He stomps into the room and observes the scene with an angry growl. "Ay yo, what are you pieces of shit doing to my bitch," he says in a strange accent. Storming in, he pushes violently against a stomping hyena. "I was told by some guy named Genshiva to help him out and this is what I get? Mess with my bitches again and I'll have your fucking necks slices open like bread you dumb shits." He pauses and reaches out a hand to Kilsa. "Now tell me where I can find Genshiva and I might be willing to forget this happened."

Noire idly wonders if her nanites have recovered enough to shift back to her old state yet, but stops wondering when the door falls and the hyenas descend on Kilsa. She's about to rush forward to help her when Dio pipes up, barking orders in an unfamiliar voice. She balks at the mention of "bitches", but since the hyenas seem to be buying it, she refrains from commenting on it. Instead, she cautiously moves forward to help Kilsa up, too. Her mouth curls back into a growl, mentally admitting that it really does work better with fangs.

Kilsa growls as they stop kicking her and stomping her, she notes what Dio says and moves over to him and whimpers like a scared dog to help with his act. The leader of the group with the wings slowly walks over to Skunk girl and sniffs, "You ain't shit skunk bitch but if you want to talk to the queen, get her fucking name right. Its Geneva. Now what business do you have with the oil queen and you will have to pay the usually fee to speak with her. A thousand creds a person. I'm Jim and I don't care who the fuck you are long as you pay and don't piss off the queen of oil, We won't have to kill you." He walks up to the Skunk girl and holds out his hand, "Three Stacks or get the fuck out." He says.

Kilsa spends 1 Freecred for RP reasons.

Dio spends 3000 Freecred for RP reasons.

The blood inside Dio's veins boil. His muscles contort and it takes every ounce of his fiber not to give the winged abomination a heavy punch in the throat. However, he attempts to calm himself down and fishes around in his pockets. "Yea yea, whatever. Oil queen is the one who has business with me. Geneva doesn't have time to talk to bottom tier shits like you." Finding the requested money, he reaches out his hands and drops it on the floor. "There you go, shithead. Why don't you go ahead and stick it up your ass," Dio says with a growl. It fills Dio with great regret that he is unable to shift into his lion form, but it would probably be for the best to avoid an all out brawl for the time being.

Noire starts to get out some money of her own, but promptly stops when she notices Dio already paying out the 3000 himself. She hisses quietly enough for him to hear "pay you back later". Meanwhile, she watches the rest of the room in case any of them decide to reneg on that whole 'as long as you pay we don't care' thing.

The winged hyenas just chuckled, "Real scary... I'm sure your ass has got more use than mine has...Skunk." He spits the last word out like a curse as he turns around and opens a trap door in the floor. "Go down and speak with queen. This thousand buys you an hour of her time but don't push it, Cunts." Kilsa growls like a feral at Hyena and flame flicker in her mouth as a warning before she desends the stairs. A booming voice echos, "Who enters and wishes to speak with the oil queen, I will accept your desire to shift into a greatest of creature for just a small price." The oil queen is a liquid panthress nearly the size of a water dragon, She sniff and smiles, "Your not one my regulars, you smell of skunk, lion, dragon, valkrye and one of you just smell horrible." She looked at Kilsa with a disgusted face.

Before he descends down the stairs, Dio reveals a rather hardy middle finger to the crowd of hyenas. Now sure that he's no longer in earshot, the skunk chuckles at his own performance. Eventually, the team reaches the base of the stairs where Dio looks upon the oil queen with curiosity. He thinks for a moment until he comes up with an idea. A skunky hand comes up to curl around his ear in the traditional way of trying to amplify distant sounds and says, "I'm sorry my Queen, but would you mind coming a bit closer? I'm afraid my time in battle has left me hard of hearing. We've been through quite a bit on our way here and the smells of our trouble follow us. Excuse a peon like myself to request something from you, Oil Queen." The skunk takes a rather deep bow and hopes he pulls off another bluff.

Noire takes the opportunity to shift back to her preferred form, smiling as her face returns to more-or-less normal, her expression lighting up as she notes that her paint job has been restored. She isn't much shorter, though, still over 7 feet tall. She stretches her fairly normal human arms to get comfortable again, and follows along the others with a noteably more cheery demeanor. "Finally." She adjusts her armor, and is fixing her helmet when she spots the Oil Queen. A disgusted grimace plays across her face as she regards the drippy cat. Goo girls are all well and good, great even, but this is something different, something... Kind of gross. Her hackles raise instinctively, and her body tenses. "I think we might all be in agreement that none of use want to be whatever you want to make use be."

"Ah so you aren't one of the idiots treating me like a God? Alright then here is how its going to go, If you want to get out of here alive and not messed up like I am then fix me. I had to come up with this stupid queen thing just so people would both to feed me." She reach over and soft click is heard and the lights turn on revealing that the dripping feline is so large that her body is partial inside of a vat. "I can't even leave this place. I used to be a a human agent till I got like this. So please... Fix me or end me." She lurches as close a she can get before growling at the party, "I'll get your infection the traditional way...." She fires a ball of slime that block the door. "Now we won't have any interruptions."

The oil queen fought like a monster possessed but the much smaller targest dodged nimbly around the monster as she continued to strike the walls and floor of her basement until the roof above her gives way and collaspes upon her. "ARGH!!" She screamed as the roof smashed her into paste and the door behind the group explodes with a skunk standing behind them. "Hey. Your all ok?" The familiar voice of Lisa calls out, as the sounds of gunshot echo in the back. "Those RSX guys healed up and decided to come back here. They are mopping up the place, I want to be gone before they get too excited and blow up the place." She shouts over the gunfire.

Regaining his form, Dio the lion looks upon the violent scene. He gives a heavy grin large enough to show his sharp teeth as he claps his hands once more. "Good, good," he murmurs, "A job well done my comrades. I feel quite satisfied with my revenge." Smoothing out his clothes and cleaning off the dirt, Dio notices some oil spots on his formal wear with a disgruntled visage. "Damn it," he whispers under his breath. Hearing a familiar voice, the lion pivots around to view Lisa and bows. "Thank you for the assistance ma'am." Walking towards the newly opened door, he stops short and leans up against the wall. "That was fun, you two. Perhaps we'll get to do it again sometime."

Noire's out of breath, beaten and sore, but at least you wouldn't know it by her metal skin. "You're a lifesaver. I take back what I said about the smell." She quickly moves toward the exit, glancing to make sure Kilsa and Dio are out safe, too. "That was a hell of a trip. If we do it again in the future, let's maybe bring some better firepower." She grins and stretches her wings, glad to be out in the open again.

As the forces wipe out the Oil Queen and her minions, The three operatives makes their exit. Kilsa walks out of the plant with a big smile and starts to walk toward the library as she slowly shimmers and shifts into a skunk girl. "I wonder why they targeted the library in particular." She murmurs as the place is cleaned out behind her.