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A Stygian Hound, born to the human mother, Miza, after a questionable encounter within the Bone Yard. Preceded by many other siblings, including the closest, slightly older sister, Lythe. Nikolas has the full appearance of his father, from the wiry, rough coat to tri-cleft hooves and a wicked reptilian tail. Notably; Nikolas does not act anywhere near as violent or aggressive as his sire, and tends to be more quiet, even reclusive. Notably; his fur is a very dark muddied mixture of blacks and reds, fading into a silvery spine. He has his mother's black hair, long and silken and sloppily tied back with stray locks about his face and nape. He keeps his horns trimmed and filed rather than displaying the full curled crown, keeping them short as much as he has chance to. His horns and teeth share the same golden-orange hue as his glowing eyes, which lack any sort of notable pupil.

Overall in size, he is average--for his kind. Topping in at 8' tall, weighing 500lbs in sheer muscle and metallic traits. For those curious enough, and sneaky enough to catch him with his pants down, he's rather well endowed with sizable large balls and a tri-knotted(cluster at base, not stacked) cock that rivals his forearm in length. Notably; the characteristic thorn-like barbs of his species are mostly dwindled, appearing as little more than softer fleshy nubs rather than terrifying hooks. Perhaps the most common theory for his more docile nature and appearance is BECAUSE of who his mother is, and despite his feral nature, he displays a tremendous amount of willpower and self control; unless he's tearing into something's hide with tooth and claw for attacking him... then the violence shows.

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Prometheans: Nik sympathizes with them, mostly, in that he believes that not all of the feral beasts out there are beyond reform, and that only those who truely wish to be 'saved'-- rather, reverted to human, should be. Being comfortable in the form he was born in, he is favorable to Prometheans who help others and do not force their ideals.

Zephyr: The company that gave Nikolai his start. Having 'acquired' him from his early leave of the nursery and given him a stabilizer to counterbalance his feral nature, Nikolai feels some sense of debt to the company for giving him a new start, and agrees that stability is a key priority in dealing with the state of the world at large-- starting with one city at a time.

RSX: Not particularly fond of their strong-arm methods of 'curing' the ferals, Nikolai tolerates them out of respect for his mother's position within their ranks, and often tries to assist her with her research-- rather, act as a guardian to her while she studies her subjects. Nik is docile, but mess with his mom and he will not hesitate to remind you of the terrors Stygian Hounds can be.

Ferals: Having a similar animal drive clawing at the back of his mind, Nikolai feels some measure of pity for those who have surrendered to their feral nature. Alternatively; those who have gone full feral, but do not bring harm nor threat to others, are treated with distanced respect. Recovery of ferals, and inevitable termination of those who are too dangerous and beyond recovery, is a sad reality, and prominent reminder to Nikolai of his debt to Zephyr.

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Miza - Human female - Mother

Miza is Nikolai's mother. Yes, that tiny woman birthed Nik. Don't ask what his father looked like, Nik has a vast majority of his traits, and often dislikes the thought or mention of him. Nik is very much a 'momma's boy' and is likely to revert more on his feral nature if she is threatened in order to protect her. Nik is willing to endure any embarrassment or awkward encounters to be around this woman.

Lythe - female (race pending) - Sister

One of many, many siblings, Lythe was born just before Nik in terms of order, and the two share a typical sibling bond. Both having a more feral nature, it is not uncommon to find the two out in the field together; tearing into dangerous beasts' hides and in general fighting off those who have gone full feral. Wher Nik is more reserved and in control, possibly even detesting the natural.. urges.. Lythe seems more liberal and even seems to enjoy her victories. Like true brother and sister, the two tend to pick at each other, with Nik more often the victim of Lythe's teasing and unholy crushing hugs.

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RP Hooks
Key Notes

Things you can easily tell at a glance

  • Nikolai IS a native Stygian Hound, as such he looks big and intimidating and has a terminal case of RBF
  • This being said, Nik has an abundance of self control and will power over his feral nature, this is a constant internal battle that he is still perfecting.
  • Wears pants and a sloppy button-up collared shirt, does not like to go full nude around others.

Personality Notes

These are things most people can pick up on from actually watching him rather than simply glancing him over and seeing satan puppy.

  • Nik is actually more submissive in nature, and his tail especially is highly expressive
  • He has a very acute sense of smell, and the scent of a female in heat actually seems to repulse him- based on his reactions.
  • He does not like getting a boner. Even when covered, he has a tell-tale quirk; he stamps his foot.
  • He has a distinct southern drawl to his words, this may not always be expressed in typing, have patience with me.

Roleplay Notes

Important information to know before interacting!

  • Nikolai is 99% a NON-SEXUAL character. Sorry, there will be no boinking unless agreed on OOC and with very good reasoning. If you want your own satan puppy from him, grab a plushie.
  • Nikolai's kink list does have alternate meanings to what is listed, so get creative if you plan to employ them.
  • If somehow you manage to make or see him very angry, there will be bloodshed, please keep in mind Stygian Hounds are, at their core, violent.
  • He has weak points to make him calm down/submit. Find them at your own risk.
  • Nikolai is NOT a story leader! He is a side character for YOU to enjoy, be it as a casual interaction, or employed/craftily convinced to be a body guard!
  • Yes, he can be a cuddle bug if he likes you/knows you well enough. Warm pupper.

Plot Notes

A general run-down of things you might learn or already know based on interaction with him, his family, or otherwise overhear/see documented

  • Mother: Miza, Human Female, RSX researcher
  • Closest Sibling: Lythe, female ???
  • Feral minded, exhibits self control.
  • Does have the Longevity gene, and does not seem to physically age past maturation
  • Keeps horns trimmed and filed short(if you have a character who is good with trimming horns/hooves AND can cut metal, you've probably met Nik at least once for this)

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Name Nikolai

DOB April 29

Gender Male

Species Stygian Hound

Faction Zephyr


  • Miza - Mother - Human Female
  • Lythe - Sister - ??? Female

Relationship Single, not looking

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