Never Fall

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Never Fall stats
Type Resurrection, Posthumous, Determination, Healing Target Dead Self NoAoE
Description Just when they thought they had you beaten down, you stagger to your feet, battered, bruised, but not defeated. Not today...
Cooldown 75000 Charge time 0
Energy 0 Accuracy 75%
Damage 20 Healing at level 0
100% chance of Energymod at magnitude 5 for 2 rounds.
100% chance of Wound at magnitude 2 for 10 rounds.
100% chance of DamageBuff at magnitude 10 for 10 rounds.
Training Upgrades
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage 1 Healing at level 0
Secondary Type Healing NextHostileAction NextFriendlyAction Secondary Target Self NoAoE
Secondary Statuses
100% chance of DamageImmunity at magnitude 100 for 1 rounds.
100% chance of Regen at magnitude 10 for 1 rounds.

Never Fall/Extra Notes Edit notes

Mutant powers Based on this power: