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Rough static is heard as the audio log begins to play. "Test. Test. Is thing thing working?" Nayru's voice says as the static quiets down, "Well everything looks to be functional. Let's just hope that it stays that way."

"My name is Nayru Ikana. I'm currently a member of the group who call themselves Prometheans. To be honest I can't say that I personal agree with everything they are about, but they have been kind to me and accepted me where most others look upon me with suspicion.

"To be honest, I can't say I remember much about before P-Day. Perhaps the natites actually have had an effect on my brain over the years. On the other hand it could simply be because it been eight years since that day. Eight eventful years at that. Who's to say?" There is a pause as something dawned on Nayru, "Wow. Has it actually been eight years? It's hard to believe.

"Well moving on. From what I do remember, I had a pretty normal, if boring, childhood. I did alright in school. Not exceptionally well, but I didn't do all that bad either. After school I spent most of my time playing outside. My parents usually didn't get back home until late, and I particularly didn't like spending time all alone inside. As long as I made sure to return home before they did they usually didn't knew a thing.

"One of things I particularly remember doing is just exploring the city. It actually got to the point where I had a pretty good lay out of just about everything in Fairhaven was at the time. Something that helped me out ever since this little apocalypse of ours began. Of course this exploration eventually waned as I got older. and just walking the city wasn't able to hold my attention as it use to. Instead I just began looking into different outlets for entertainment.

"Now before you get ahead of yourself, I never did drugs or anything like that. Not that I remember at least. Instead I began doing whatever picked up my interest at the time. I even picked up a few odd jobs here and there.

"One particular job that comes to mind is the time I shadowed a local magician for awhile. I guess it wasn't technically a job. I never got paid for anything, nor do I remember doing anything in particular. I merely acted as his assistant from time to time, and helped out with a trick every now and then. Just between you and me it's how I learned many of the tools that I used to survive to this day. It's kind of funny how much they had proven to be useful. I kind of wonder if he has had as good of luck surviving this as me...

"So yeah. I might as well get on to that. The day where everything changed. P-day.

"I was going to a local community college at the time. In fact I had my own place to live and everything. Then P-day came. Nothing seemed out of the normal at first. People were just going about their lives as far as I remember. I myself was walking to school. Then I remember hearing screaming as one of the first infected jumped on top of someone else. The next thing I remember is panic as people all around began running and changing. Turning into one of them. It was a literal zombie apocalypse.

"I broke from the crowd as soon as I could. I didn't want to risk this being something that was spread by merely touching one another. It ended up not mattering as I ran across a bunny girl that didn't hesitate to attack. I somehow managed to fight her off me and run away, but it was already to late. My whole arm had already transformed by time I made it back to my home.

"The next few hours were among the scariest of my life. My whole body was transforming into one reminiscence of a rabbit. Consistently afraid that I was going to lose my mind like one of them. That isn't even including all the stuff I could hear outside my apartment. Some of the infected even trying to get into my house, but my lock managed to hold. Yet as the panic began to wear off, my mind was somehow still my own.

"The next few years became the hardest in my life. I quickly learned that I had to do whatever it took to survive. This included breaking into homes to grab whatever useful stuff they have. I can't say I regret doing so either. Most of them were abandon, and if I didn't, I probably wouldn't be around here today.

"Breaking and entering wasn't the only skill I learned during this time. I actually became quite adept at sewing. Taking whatever fabric I could get my hands on and making into something useful. Clothes are one of the few things that keep us apart from the ferals after all. It also helped that it became quite meditative as it allowed me a moment of calmness and simplicity in this crazy world we live in.

"Sadly over time I wasn't able to use my own apartment as a safe haven as one day a reptile looking man actually managed to break down the door. I had no idea if he was a feral or not, and I didn't stick around to find out. I grabbed what I could before escaping through a window.

"I spent the next few months wondering from safe house to safe house. Just trying to stay one step ahead from the ferals. The last thing I wanted was to wake up with a feral between my legs. It wasn't easy and there were a few close calls here and there, but I was fortunate enough to meet the Prometheans when I did.

"It was raining that day and I was running low on food. Rumor had it that a group of mutants were living north to the city. So desperate and believing they were like every other group of mutants I have met, I decided to try to plunder what I could. This plan ended up not going so well.

"I lost my way while I was sneaking around their compound. Unable to find out where they kept their food stores. Things only got worse when one of their guards caught sight of me. It wasn't long after that that I actually found myself surrounded.

"I thought that was it for me. I knew I wasn't going to be able to fight my way out. Especially with how hungry I was. Yet instead of attacking me, they offered me an open hand. Even today I'm not sure if it was out of pity or true concern over me, but ever since I was a part of the Prometheans.

"That's basically leads us to today. I've been itching to check out Zephyr for awhile now. That place always felt uneasy to me, with the armed guards, and how common it is to see them disposing of some type of body. Yet apparently many of the others actually hang out there. It makes me wonder what's over there. And who knows, maybe I can repossess some usable salvage while I'm there. Wish me luck." Static cuts off the recording.

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Zephyr: They are the ones that have brought us into this situation, and they may very well be the only ones who are able to get us out of this. And despite the companies overall view on things, their agents have proven to be some of the best allies I could ever make.

RSX: How do I put this lightly? I make very little dealings with RSX, and hardly know many agents who actively work for them. Whether that's a sign of how badly they treat most mutants, or just coincidence is up to you to decide. At very least they are decently organized when it comes to helping revive old towns.

Prometheans: Well the Prometheans helped me out when no one else would. So I might be bias in my opinion of them. Are they the best chance humanity has to make it through to the future? That's hard for me to say. Yet hopefully they're rehabilitation of Ferals will prove fruitful in the end.

Survivalists: I'm not quite sure where to put these folks as each one is as different from each other as it can get. Which is to be expected as they are people who are just trying to survive this nanite ridden wasteland, something I know of all to well.

Ferals: Ferals are always a sticky subject for me. On one hand I hope they are able to recover to the point where they are at least no longer the nanite driven animals some of them appear to be. However many are still dangerous, and I will not hesitate to defend myself or my own from their hands when ever the need arises.

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Birthday: August 14th, 1989

Place of Birth: Fairhaven, California

Gender: Female

Form: Buntsune

Faction: Promethean

Group: Eye of the Storm

Group Title: Buntsune

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Current Dedication: Eros

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