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Narwen is a scientist. Most of the time he's stuck as a Skunk Beast, but he doesn't let a little thing like a total lack of opposable thumbs dampen his enthusiasm for bleeding-edge devices without proper safety features. What could go wrong?

He's also just about the worst Skunk Beast ever. Despite being built like a tank (or maybe a warhorse) he's more apologetic than aggressive, and his tastes are entirely on the male end of the spectrum. If he ever turned someone into a Skunk Girl he'd be mortified.

Narwen usually wears a pair of rainbow-striped shorts and not a whole lot else (and sometimes even those are left off, if he's running a little heavy in the junk department that day). He has a pair of glasses perched on his muzzle, a lanyard with his ID dangling from his neck, and something between a satchel and a saddlebag slung over his back. If you took those trappings away he'd look no different from any feral Skunk Beast, down to the perpetually aroused shaft. (He doesn't like to talk about that.)

Link to Narwen's FS profile with crunchy details

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Skunk Beast Technologies
Skunk Beast Technologies! A small spin-off from Zephyr, funded by the lab in which Narwen worked as a technician on the condition that it be spun off as far away as possible.

As well as Narwen himself, there are two employees: Angus (PC, specializing in mad science and things that go boom) and Manny Lebrowski (NPC, administration and client support and legal and public relations and flirting).


Logo artwork (C) Cooner, posted with permission.

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Artwork (C) Teaselbone, commissioned by Narwen's player.

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