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What is Nanomagic

Contrary to the name, nanomagic isn't actually magic of any sort. Instead, it employs the wonderful powers of science! By installing a Nanite Interface Control Enhancer, also known as a NICE unit, via surgery into one's skull, they gain the ability to use various nanomagics to control the nanites in all sorts of cool ways. In order to do this however, they need programs and user skill to communicate with the nanites. These programs can range from nifty little perks all the way to life-saving medical wonders! While some nanomagics have mechanical effects, they are mostly used for RP purposes.

How to obtain Nanomagic

For the price of fifty mako down at the elite store, one may purchase a Nanite Interface Control Enhancer. This item will sit in your inventory and shall entitle you to a single base nanomagic, such as Anti Nanomagic, Earth Nanomagic, Medical Nanomagic, and more. Once you've obtained your free base nanomagic, you're able to collect three more. To collect another base nanomagic however, you must leach it off another character by the use of a ten mako and one use Nanomagic Transferance Facilitator. Another option is to buy a Tutoring Loading Downloading Runtime, also known as a TLDR unit, for four hundred reward tokens. This allows you to obtain an advanced nanomagic based off one of the base nanomagics or grab another base.

Some base nanomagics have advanced nanomagics one may leech off another player or use a TLDR unit to learn, such as Pyrotechnic Nanomagic requiring Thermal Nanomagic to learn. It's worth noting that you are only limited to four base nanomagics, and are certainly able to learn the advanced nanomagics that follow.

Nanomagic Limits

With nanomagic being nothing more than controlling nanites, they are subject to any and all of the Nanite Limits. Not only does it follow what limits the nanites have, but nanomagics must follow the rules of the program, no matter how hard the user tries. To look up the individual limits and abilites of a nanomagic, either visit its wiki page or type +rpinfo <Nanomagic here>. Some people find certain nanomagics a bit confusing, so here's a guide on what some nanomagics can and can not do. As a general note: If a nanomagic does not specifiy a range, it is more than likely twenty feet.

Anti, Counter, and Regulation Nanomagic

Anti Nanomagic and Counter Nanomagic are quite aptly named, as both allow a user to cancle out nanomagic effects. Anti creates a twenty feet signal around the user that disrupts nanite activity. Anyone inside this radius, including that of the user, are considered 'out of bubble'. This prevents any and all nanomagic from functing (besides Regulation Nanomagic) and doesn't allow for infections to occur, including that of a coyote dedicant trying to shift another individual. Shifting to another form is also not possible. While this doesn't prevent mutant powers from functioning, it does weaken them to an extent. To put it simply, if you can't do it out of bubble, you can't do it while under the effect of Anti Nanomagic. While Anti nanomagic is activated, you may not use any other form of nanomagic. in addition, it puts a small energy drain upon the user. The user must also concentrate to maintain the effect, and anything that breaks that concentration, such as being set on fire by a flamethrower, will end it.

Counter Nanomagic is a more controlled version of Anti-Nanomagic and can single out a particular person or nanomagic effect. This way, the user or other people around them aren't affected by being out of bubble. This effect actually doesn't require a roll, unless the defender spends a hero point or employs the use of Regulation Nanomagic. Specific details of the rolls can be found on either their respecitive wiki pages or rpinfo. If the defender does not defend themselves or fails, they are considered 'out of bubble'. If a nanomagic is targeted and not defended or failed, it is instantly countered. While not intuitive when reading the rpinfo on Counter Nanomagic, it isn't a fire and forget ability. It does require some concentration to maintain the interuption signal, just like Anti Nanomagic.

Regulation Nanomagic is the opposite of Anti Nanomagic and requires the Nanite Manufacturing Nanomagic base. This program allows one to create what is essentially a nanite bubble around themselves, even allowing the user to create bubbles outside the Fairhaven bubble in a twenty feet sphere. This allows infections, shifting, and all the wonderful things one may do under a bubble. The task of keeping up a bubble requires energy, concentration, and not allowing the user themselves to use another nanomagic while they have it up. If Anti/Counter nanomagic is activated while Regulation nanomagic is in effect, a program conflict shall occur. Both users will roll a D20, adding in any appropriate perk modifiers and an additional +5 per hero point. The effect of the conflict shall last an hour. Just like its Anti and Counter brothers though, the concentration can be broken due to anything that would cause the person to rationally no longer be able to keep their mind focused on the task.

Emotional Aura

Emotional Aura Nanomagic is quite the popular program for its uses in mediation, along with other things. Anyone within a twent feet radius of the user is subject to the Emotional Aura, friend or foe. The user is able to project things such as anger, hapiness, calm, and various other things to those around them. What's important to note howerver is that it is NOT mind control. What an affected person chooses to do with their emotions is up to them. Not every person goes into a blind bloodlust fury when they get angry. Instead, they could just feel angry and do whatever it is they usually do when they feel such. Emotional Aura can NOT install feelings of arousal directly. However, it can relax a person and lower their inihbitions to a point. If one wishes to resist this effect, both the user and defender must roll a D20 (adding modifiers of +1 for each point of intimidation or socializing they have).

Illusion Nanomagic

Illusion Nanomagic allows one to fool another's senses by creating an illusion. Fooling one or two senses, such as sight and hearing, doesn't require too much effort. However, fooling all five will be quite complicated and will require spending a hero point. A highly detailed illusion will require quite a lot of work as well and has special rolling involved, which can be viewed upon the Illusion Nanomagic wiki page or the rpinfo. If someone wishes to believe an illusion, they certainly may! Those who don't must either roll a D20 or spend a hero point to disbelieve it. Upon noticing the ruse, the defender can easily notice they are being fooled and the illusion begins fading out, which is then easily ignored. What is not possible however is to create an over-complex illusion such as making a person think they are in a form they aren't, which would require fooling more things than five senses. You also can't fool a sense someone doesn't have, such as trying to fool a deaf person's sense of hearing.

Medical Nanomagic

Medical Nanomagic is a very powerful tool that enhances one's medical abilities. Naturally, the nanites are able to heal various wounds a person manages to obtain, but there are limits to that as well. If there is a body to work with, one can even be saved from 'death', that is if there's a medical nanomagic user on standby and can reach the victim within five minutes. If five minutes go by from 'death', they are gone and can not be saved by any means. If there is no body to work with, they also can not be saved. A user may even save someone who was ran through a wood chipper. Though a task like that would require the spending of three hero points along with having a three in the Medicine skill, or enough hero points to simulate having three in the Medicine skill and still have enough left over for the three to do the actual reviving. Medical Nanomagic tasks require a certain amount of hero points to be spent an require an equal amount of medicine skill. For each point you don't have, you must spend an additional hero point to a maximum of two.

Medical nanomagic even increases your medicine skill by one, allowing you to reach four for roleplay purposes. This allows even faster wound recovery when roleplaying with such a user.