Multiplayer Updates/July 2013

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  • Fixed bug in global research that could cause expensive projects to read as unfunded incorrectly.
  • New options added to fuck command. fuck <target> mouth fuck <target> ass and fuck <target> breasts.
    • NOTE: if the fucker has a darwin's pass, they CAN impregnate the target with this.
    • Using the new fuck options does not remove Virgin status.
  • +prove mouth|ass|breasts will now show your filled status for these areas.
  • Breast descriptions now include filled/Breasts values.
  • When a new player is created using the Child Liberation Device, their virginity is pre-set.
  • New stringparsing (only for infections since it needs to write data): [fill the <whatever> of [target] by <number>]
    • For obvious reasons, only cunt, ass, breasts or mouth will work in 'whatever'.
  • +prove will now work with the filled/<body part> options.
  • Unfinished NPCs moved out of the Zephyr Coffee Lounge. Until they are complete, that is.
  • Functional Miura Mercedes NPC added to the Zephyr Coffee Lounge. Expansion of dialogue to come.
  • Functional Louis Ledoyen NPC added to the Zephyr Coffee Lounge. Expansion of dialogue to come. Playtesting encouraged!


  • afk command added as alias for goidl.
  • Commend no longer works on new, not even placed, forms.
  • No more overflows in +census.
  • +roll now factors in group purchased skills.


  • Fixed crash in AI code when using Renew.
  • Many very very old requests(6+ months) closed out to clear the air.
  • Not to be outdone, Rod has joined forces with the Prometheans to cook up a new feral training scheme.
    • 'How to be cool', is what he calls it, and it's available to all feral mode agents, allowing them to keep their cool and not forget how to use doorknobs.
    • This training is available at the mall.
  • Area in and around Chandler Hospital updated.
    • Obvious exits now marked in white, spacing issues fixed, and spellcheck has been employed vigorously.


  • Non-staff cannot change the status of a request that is set Completed, Denied or In Progress.
  • New nanomagic, rpinfo biomonitoring nanomagic.


  • Finder prop no longer set on finding vials.
  • Nanomagic with requirements show this requirement in their rpinfo.
  • Setting your birthday made more intuitive, hopefully.
  • New avatar accessory, made by our very own Glitch, a pair of fairy wings.
  • To make a matching set, he also made bat wings, cause why not?
  • Fixed stacked item exploit with craftmod upgrades.
  • Fixed a crash with a recent fix to web crafting.
  • You can no longer use builder nanites from your backpack.
  • Chimera Serum will no longer crash if you have no mastered infections.
  • Chimera Serum will no longer infect a body part if the infection it rolls has no parts of that slot.


  • New, premium, avatar color, Psychedelic!
  • New recipe and modifier created (Piercing design and targeting device) due to stretch goals.
    • Both are available for +rewards.
  • Staff viewing of alts on other games via +account now MUCH faster.
  • When you master a form it will now suggest you commend it if you like it.
  • Spring Parsing templates and examples on the Monster Maker wiki page have been updated for form-authors' convenience.
    • Also, comments about the 'commend' command added at the beginning of the page.
    • Remember to read this page to help you through form creation!
  • Social actions that cost resources to do (cash, xp, etc) will no longer cost MORE if you critically succeed.
  • Fixed critical error in web patrol missions.
  • The update link on the page now shows how many days ago each update post was made.
  • Result posted for rocket facility.
  • New research available: Construct Rocket.


  • Update to the Monster Maker wiki page to provide support for Taur and Serpentine form creation.
    • Also, Color Chooser support templates added to the string parsing section of the page.
  • Arm and Tail Divider tempalte added to the string parsing section of Monster Maker wiki page.
  • New Staff Made Monster added to the Jutting Peaks as per Stretch Goals: Minkitsune!
  • New Area Built in Woodfield: Wax Museum - Apocalypse Exhibit with New Staff Monster within! Death (Skullbot)
  • Child/roo pet training upgraded!
    • You can now buy extra levels of training for your pets (100 tokens or 5 mako per extra level increasing by those amounts per level purchased.
      • 100/5 for the first, 200/10 for the second, 300/15 the third, etc).
    • These levels can, on a child, be used to buy any further upgrades (masteries, roles or power upgrades).
    • On a roo pet, power upgrades and extra roles (beyond the first free 3) can be purchased.
    • Additional xp will be required for each level.
  • Some fixes made to pet level indicators for first and second level.
  • Roo pets now gain xp like children.
  • You can now buy additional power upgrades in the same power, but only once per upgrade.
  • Level expanded pets will become no-trade once the first level is purchased (it warns you).
  • New stringparsing options for [if and [case blocks. 'is feminine' 'is not feminine' 'is masculine' 'is not masculine' 'is hermy' 'is not hermy' 'is neutral' 'is not neutral'.
    • Each will take into account not only the gender but will also obey the perks.
    • To be considered either masculine or feminine, the target must either be pure of one gender OR have the perks to force it.
    • To be neutral you must either have NO gender or have the Uncertain Gender perk.
    • To be hermy, you must be a natural herm and have none of the perks to specify a gender-view.


  • New Mako-purchaseable form: Demonic Fox, now available in the mako shop!
  • Added few more level 0 actions.
    • Artisan (design) added to Clairmont Marketplace and Eureka Landing Spot.
    • Diplomat (socializing) added to Clairmont and Eureka Embassies.
    • Banker (academics) added to Clairmont and Eureka banks.
  • Vast majority of references to Rsx, as opposed to RSX, cleared."
  • Top misspellings in the English language cleared from all room descriptions. Big thanks to the Oxford English Corpus' list.
  • Exploit with craftmod selective keys fixed.
  • Enhanced Training group benefit now affects XP gained via RP.
  • For personal desc use, the public/<whatever> local stat will work in your base propdir.
  • Major change for string parsing.
    • Text is parsed in order of reliance and from left to right.
    • So a piece of string parsing like [if [if 1]1[else]0[end if]][local stat skunks of [player]][else]boo[end if] will parse the [if 1] block first, then the outer if, and finally do the local stat section last.
  • Rolled back the String Parsing changes. After review the code is infeasible.


  • Level 0 Nanomagic Researcher (arcane) added to Paranormal Classes in Clairmont and Eureka.
  • Bartender (socializing) added to New Ireland Pub in Clairmont and to the Internet Coffee in Eureka.
  • Inventor (research) added to Clairmont's Garage and to Eureka's Military Workshop.
  • Storyteller (legends) added to New Ireland Pub in Clairmont and to the Internet Coffee in Eureka.
  • Added level 1 action for Shopkeeper.


  • 6644 long-term idle players purged.
  • Made renaming of characters be a little more forgiving with new names.
  • Aquatic avatar added and assigned to many aquatic forms.
    • If you run into a form without it, submit a request to get it added.
  • tport command now obeys rooms that are set 'no summon'.
  • If the party leader of a party you are joining is mentored, you will mentor down to that level (if your level is higher) automagically.
  • Item-based toggles will now not keep getting turned off by the AI system.
  • Minor updates in and around the Zephyr Inc building.
    • The Psych Department no longer goes full derp is you try to make a +room.
    • Huntermun no longer uses past-tense.
    • Traveling around the building no longer results in weird [end if] and [at random] bits of text.
  • New recipe modifier added to token shop due to stretch goals, Bouncing.
  • New, free, avatar accessory, a white cowboy hat!
  • New, premium, accessory, a gold crown!
  • New, free, avatar accessory, a fiery background!
  • New level 1 actions added.
    • Supernatural Researcher (arcane) added to Eureka and Clairmont schools.
    • Technician (computer) added to RSX center in Clairmont and to the internet coffee in Eureka.
    • Security Officer (security) added to Eureka's Military Compound and Clairmont's Police Station, Soldier job moved to Military Cantina.
    • Bureaucrat (red tape) added to Eureka and Clairmont's Town Halls.
  • Significantly improved accuracy and detection rate of the [redacted] software.


  • The Ember Sanctum zone and Ember Matriarch questline have been fully rewritten.
    • You will not have to redo the quest if you have already finished it. Playtesting is encouraged!
  • Local stat can now work with directories.
  • Komodo Dragon added to the Reptile lunar touched forms.
  • Commission Tax should be calculated more accurately.
  • +census request now shows stats on incomplete requests.
  • Fixed a bug introduced with my last fix for web crafting!
  • New, player purchased, avatar accessory, shackles.
  • Two new red collars available.
  • Updated the theme & policy room to encourage people to type terms.
  • New option for +monster command, +monster clear all will remove all +monster created enemies in the room.
  • New Area added past Deeper in the East Forest called Jutting Peaks.
  • Direct Connect is now functioning again.
  • New, free, avatar color, Goldenrod
  • Avatar caching system has been enhanced.
    • This has necessitated erasing the existing cache, so avatars might be slow to load for a little while.
  • Spoilers: The Coatl High Priest should no longer require you to lose twice to progress. 'Twas a bug, but playtesting is encouraged.
  • Quetzalcoatl Quest updated for grammatical errors on mobs as well as fixing bugs in the quest process. All should run smoothly, now!
    • It will now require you to be fully Coatl when accessing the idol.
  • Fixed critical error in web missions.
  • Roboticist (computer) job comes with actions up to level 3.
    • Also, multiple choices available for the level 3 action.
  • The Long Way web mission is now locked to level 60+
  • New Staff Monster: Okami Boi now available in the Petshop of Cuteness!
  • Fixed bug in how web combat objects representing players are processed.
  • Scientist job available.
    • It comes with actions up to level 3, included multiple options based on the skills.
    • The job is available (for now) in Eureka School and Clairmont College.


  • Minor update to the Church of Promethea.
    • Players now warned that it is a dangerous place, grammar fixes, and certain directions no longer teleport you.
  • New command added, convert.
    • Will convert salvage rarities in game.
    • Note: can move multiple steps, so "convert 1 rare chemical to common" will give you a butt-load of common chem salvage!
    • Can convert both up and down. Converting down still incurs the usual taxes.
  • New string parsing added for [if] and [case] blocks, <string1> ~= <string2> will do a regex on string1 using string2 as a pattern.
  • River now properly connected to the highway outside Fairhaven. References to a nonexistent bridge removed.
  • Alex the Zebra has received an update.
    • Hir sex scene should now be a bit sexier (less typos, proper spacing, etc.), and it will dynamically respond to whether you've... frisked, with hir before.
  • Clairmont, Living Museum, and New Ireland updated.
    • They have been given more legible spacing.
    • Obvious exits in the description are now marked in white.
    • All jobs in Clairmont now only show up if you possess the right skills.
    • Most minor bugs in these areas have been ironed out.
  • Public sector of the Department Store updated.
    • As with Clairmont and New Ireland, obvious exits are now marked in white, commands in green, and viewable items in yellow.
    • Work on standardizing the older zones this way will continue throughout the month and all new areas will be color-coded accordingly. Polish, polish, polish!
      • Exceptions for some special locations.


  • If you are already logged in, say via telnet, you will not be given the direct connect on viewing the main page.
  • +register now shows, approximately, how much cash you have gained on the muck (game specific) for that day.


  • When visiting the main page of the web page, you are now given the direct connect screen
    • This is instead of the Facebook news. Hopefully it will encouraging new players to get further into the game.
  • New accessory available, red collar.
  • Code changes in an attempt to make the game more gracefully handle multiple text connections to the same character.
  • Newly created characters on the web can now agree to the ToS correctly.
  • Subscription 'days remaining' counter now working correctly.


  • Dusk Dragon questline improved.
    • Fixed typos, axed glitches, and fixed a tiny exploit.
  • Spacing and format issues in several areas fixed.
    • Behind-the-scenes code cleaned up.