Multiplayer Updates/January 2013

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  • New global research topic: Pregnancy Broadcaster. Want to help counteract the slowing of player pregnancies? Too bad, you don't have the skills for it.
  • Submitting will no longer cause agents with Advanced Inoculation to mutate. Unless the monster is scripted, that is.
  • The price of the various EMP harnesses in the elite store have been slashed to a fifth of their normal cost; they can now be obtained for 5 mako apiece.
  • When getting a daily mission, you can now demand a specific location. Just type daily (area)!


  • You may no longer switch dedications in the middle of a fight. Cheater.
  • Scientifically Minded merit coded. Y'know, for all that research available.


  • The RNG for +rewards has been improved. Expect fewer streaks of the same thing over and over again. Maybe. Hopefully.
  • The Puzzler will now round properly when deciding how much salvage to give you, instead of flooring. Nickel and dime him to death!
  • Sexy Exosuit added to Theta Base.
  • Mouse avatar installed to the avatar system!
  • Scene creator added to the web interface.
  • +timezones command added. Just a simple chart of what time it is where.


  • +register now shows all your characters, not just the ones on Flexible Survival.
  • The Puzzler's Hat has been added to the elite store for 1 mako. It's an avatar accessory! You cannot actually wear it unless you have the Mastermind badge for completing a very large puzzle, however.
  • Rotating objects in the avatar system actually works now, instead of making big black boxes everywhere.


  • Adapting Womb added to the elite store for 20 mako. Allows you to infect the bajeezus out of anyone you stuff up yourself. That'll teach 'em.
  • If an item is expired, you'll see it marked as such (in big red letters) when you view your inventory.
  • Guys? I think the Puzzler forgot that not everyone is an idiot. He's had to cut back on his salvage rewards, which now have a ceiling of 1 salvage per thousand freecred worth.


  • You must now either be actively dedicated to Recursion or have a Recursor to recurse.
  • You will no longer get a second +XP multiplier bonus from +reward while one is already active.
    • Also, the bonus now applies to RP ticks.
  • Blue Collar added to the elite store for 1 mako. Grants a new accessory for the avatar system.
  • Speaking of avatars, gaze upon the unbridled majesty of the new taurbutt feature! GAZE AT IT.
    • If you find a shape that has a taurbutt, and your butt is insufficiently large on the avatar system, please file a +request to have this travesty rectified.
  • Anyone who had the "Advanced Innoculation" perk will find it missing. Please go purchase the properly-spelled "Advanced Inoculation" perk instead.


  • The perk room in chargen now properly tells you that you can spend 26 points, not 20.


  • Talking to the mission NPCs will now do the same thing as gathering a daily mission.
  • Oh my glob, you guys. [if not A] is now a usable thing. You can use NOT in if blocks now!
  • Latex Snow Leopard finally remembered it's a cat, and now resembles one in the avatar system.


  • XP will no longer fall out of +reward if you are at the level cap.
    • It also only has a 50% chance of consuming your high octane reward.
  • The web interface is a little less likely to make a mistake due to refreshing, such as double-challenging the Puzzler or double-pasting a comment to a request.


  • You will now more reliably be sent to an idle room after an hour of inactivity.
  • Helpfile for rewards updated.
  • White Siberian Tiger now properly uses the feline avatar.
  • mine command added due to the completion of the Expanded Promethean Farms research. Allows you to gather materials (of unknown usefulness at this time) in designated areas in exchange for freecred patrol points.
    • Farming room added to new Dawn.



  • The premium lotto (+mlotto) will now only actually run when there is at least 20 mako sunk into that current drawing.


  • +mako/role no longer has ambiguity errors when checking if a role about to be removed is equipped.
  • You can now properly repair items that had expired with no modifiers on them.

Fixed a bug in billing software that was causing recently added credit cards to fail to store into the database correctly. This also fixes an issue where subscriptions were not loading. If you are having problems with billing or subscriptions, please create a +request.

  • When you use Faction Exchange Paperwork to change faction, the resulting badge should actually reference the correct losing team.
  • Commandable Nanites now properly parse size changes.
  • Typing shift (or its equivalents, tf or transform) by itself will now give the proper syntax for the command.




  • Helpfile added for dedications.
  • Updates to clarify the rules for scene rewards.
  • The partial-matching ability of the help command is now far more intelligent, and works akin to +rpinfo.
  • Bouncy ferals have their groins again. This should prevent them from bypassing the No Female Sex and No Male Sex merits.


  • Friend and Enemy door locks now support 'ally' lists. Players in these lists can control access just like the owner (but cannot update the ally list or remove the lock).
    • +re #lock fancy added to rental rooms. This is a lock that works the same as a regular 'friend' lock. Note: it increases the cost of the room's rental.
  • The Penetration combat skill now pierces HP Buffers. +rpinfo updated with values.
  • DebuffResist now has soft caps at 20% and 40%, plus a hard cap at 60%.
  • The 'spread' modifiers now properly grant Modified players a little AoE.
  • New command setai lets you set specific named sets to particular fight conditions, they will be loaded just before each fight starts.


  • The freecred component to training levels has been adjusted. New values listed at the Level Costs page.
  • The Puzzler is now a bit more obvious about announcing himself when you are notified in-MUD.
  • The Nanite Magnetic Brew, being useless, has been removed from the Mall. Sorry about that.
  • When you specifically challenge the Puzzler, the odds of better rewards are now higher.
  • There's a new, massive helpfile for shifting!
  • Jelly Bean recipe added to the Seelie Sweets store.
  • InstantCooldown now actually works, instead of just taking all your powers off cooldown instantly forever. Whoops.


  • Emergency Medical Care coded and added to the elite store for 1 mako. Acts as a single-use immediate health recovery.
  • Now that the in-game clock has caught up with whatever the hell 'meatspace' is, so the timescale is now 1:1. Fairhaven is now running on CST (GMT -4). Don't think about it too hard.
    • This also means that months now have the proper number of days.
  • +mako/preg now advances your pregnancy by 2%5% of the maximum pregnancy timer. This is a minor boost now, but will continue to be increasingly important as pregnancies continue to slow.


  • Patrol puzzles should now mention that fox jerk. Also, they should start giving the better rewards from the last couple of days.
  • Using the web interface to sell XP for creds should no longer cause the game to explode.
  • Giant Size is now appropriately NoAoE. Being huge is not especially contagious.
  • NeoGAMES Lab added to Woodfield. Currently only contains Anklyosaurian, but that may change in the near future.


  • Documentation on Damage, Accuracy, and freecred updated.
  • When you win patrol points from a patrol puzzle, you now receive back the cost of the puzzle (2 if encountered randomly, 15 if you challenged it intentionally) as well.
  • Obtaining the Destined flag from having 260+ supporter points is now automatic.
    • It now properly boosts salvage and cred income.
  • Winning the patrol puzzle and being rewarded with salvage now uses the market price of salvage; you should start getting a bit more now.


  • Lots of fun tweaks to make the AI a little more intelligent and a little less artificial.
    • AI: Post Combat should fire now.
    • You can now set pets to 'always summon' in their individual AI settings. This means you'll keep trying to re-cast them if they're off cooldown, even if they're not quite dead yet.
  • The effects of the Infectious Womb now respect infections set to not be funnellable.
    • It also now informs you when your womb infects its passengers.
  • Opportunistic merit coded.
  • StatusBoost no longer improves the InstantCooldown status.
  • The time until your next hero point regenerates is now visible in the web interface.
  • Some jerkass fox (but I repeat myself! Zing!) has stepped forward, claiming credit for all those patrol puzzles.
    • He claims to be known as... The Puzzler.
    • He cannot be punched at this time. He can, however, be challenged at any time by clicking the new "Puzzle" button on the web interface. Costs 15 patrol points, mind.


  • Lunar Touched mako cost reduced from 45 to 30.
    • Were Dino added.
    • Were Dragon added.
    • Were Goo added.
    • Were Insect added.
    • Were Latex added.
    • Were Reptile added.
    • Were Undead added.
    • Were Ursine added.
  • Insulating's passive effect reduced in power by 25%. Turns out it was just a mite too powerful since moving to long-refresh passives.
  • Fox avatar updated on the Who's Online page.
  • The Talakai have obtained their own web avatar! So that's what they're supposed to be.
  • Damage and Accuracy now allow a % of your damage to pierce a HPBuffer. 5 10 and 20 % per 1 2 and 3 points, respectively (the two are added together, so a max of 40% piercing).
  • Medical Implanter added to the nanite workshop. This allows people to start or stop being Modified.


  • Being in botmode now prevents dying from turning off auto.
  • farbop command added.
  • Anyone who was procrastinating on one of the old instanced daily missions may notice that it just cancelled itself.
  • Help files for missions and children updated.
  • Silver Plated Supply Crate added to token store. 50 tokens, gives 1 uncommon salvage.
  • Gold Framed Supply Crate added to token store. 1000 tokens, gives 1 rare salvage.
  • HPBuffer mechanics change II: Buffers now absorb DoTs. However, DoTs will target your *smallest* buffer each time they tick. Prepare accordingly.
  • No, seriously, the discrepancy between web crafting previews and reality fixed this time.
  • More background fixes. Open up a +request if you see anything weird in combat, please.


  • Clicking on the mako icon in the web interface now takes you straight to the buy mako page.
  • Were Equines added to Lunar Touched.
  • As a reminder, please do not buy 200 mako simultaneously and break the entire mako market. Pretty please. :<
  • 'Bloodletter' monster templates weakened slightly. Modern medicine, ho!
  • New command: setemail (address) (also +setemail or @setemail (address)) -- changes the email attached to your account.
  • lots and lots of changes to the new background systems that handle accounts, but you figured that already.


  • Gigantic ferals have shrunk a little bit, due to an improper wash cycle.
  • Background overhaul to player accounts. Beyond a bunch of boring back-end optimizations, the main thing you'll notice is that your mako/lunars/whatever are now shared between both games. And any future games!


  • Gigantic and Tiny should stop appearing on the same mutants.
  • The Eagle Eyes perk has been destroyed, and perk points refunded for anyone that had it.
  • Help file for wombs added.
  • HPBuffer mechanics change: When an attack hits your HP Buffers, it can only hit one individual buffer at a time. If a single hit is stronger than your single strongest standing buffer, the extra damage goes right through to you. This is to lower the impact of stacked buffers.
  • Lunar Touched coded and placed in the convention center.


  • Are you ready for a huge pile of daily mission updates? Good!
    • Players at their XP cap will now be able to progress through daily missions. Whoops.
    • A salvage roll, akin to what you did at the end of instances, will now trigger at the end of a mission.
      • Helping someone with at least 51% of their own mission will also give you a salvage roll. Familiar!
    • Monsters with templates, and especially monsters with multiple templates, will count for more when tallying up your daily mission.
      • That means more loots.
    • You will now get a readout about how far along you are in your daily mission after each combat.
  • +help/search now requires you put in at least four characters, to prevent gigantic floods of useless results.
  • [relief [target]] updated. You can now use [relief female of [target]] or [relief male of [target]] to specify which set of urges were just sated. [relief [target]] still does both.
  • That mako pool for more perk points went through.
    • Everyone got five more perk points to play with! This is baseline; it will apply to everyone, past, present, and future.
    • Another pool, this one costing 1,600 mako, has been opened. Yes, it would mean another five.
  • Exciting breakthroughs in the world of wombcraft!
    • +womb/vacate (target) added; allows you to force a person out of yourself. When used with no argument, it empties the pool. Everyone out.
    • Infectious Womb coded and placed in the elite store for 40 mako. When possessed and activated, everyone in your womb will be hit with your groin mutation as if you funneled them.
  • Templated fun:
    • Gigantic and Tiny monster templates added. Adjusts monster size; big ones get a little AoEmod, too.
      • Both only show up with +2 danger level settings or higher.
    • Cock Hungry and Pussy Loving templates added. Only spawns on female/male ferals when the player is the opposite sex and has the relevant horniness of 60.
    • Bloodletter template added. Only shows up with +3 danger.
    • Templates on monsters now also boost their trinket drop values, as well as the normal XP/cred gain.


  • [relief [target]] added to string parsing. Reduces horniness, as if you had just managed to have sex without actually causing an impregnation.
  • The holiday badges and accessory pack have been removed from the elite store until next year.
  • We have finally run out of malls. Daily missions are now missions to proceed to X area and beat up huge piles of ferals. Just like the web interface, in other words.
    • Report to the same NPCs as before, but now you type daily to get your mission. daily restart will let you draw a new mission from the hat.
    • Rewards are now handed out based upon how much ass you kicked during the mission.
  • String parsing if blocks now support the use of parenthesis. [if (a and b) or (c and d)] will now parse properly.
    • Yes, you can nest them. Go nuts!