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[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "You can now receive Vial Tokens in +reward, and the vial extractor will now accept Vial Tokens in lieu of mako at 1:2 vial token:mako, rounded (3:5, 8:15). Vials that aren't on-grid and the like that you could get in =reward before can be extracted, but only with the usage of vial tokens rather than mako, so, you must get those +reward vial tokens! Thos e who donated 50+ have gotten their badges!"

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Some colors added to the Vial Machine's extract display to provide for clearer reading."

[Update] Chinthliss says, "The underlying way the muck talked to the webinterface for live content (combat, stats bar, etc) has been replaced."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "And capitalized, too."

[Update] Nuku says, "Mobster pets lowered in damage combat skill."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Vial Extractor will now allow you to choose NOT to level it down to 1 without aborting."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Leg Splitter support added to Corporate Cougar, thanks to an Infection Update."

[Update] Avatar says, "Poll 'Should Dry Well stop descriptions including Milkiness?' has ended."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "New command! +eliteshop/+tokenshop <text> which will list all items that contain <text> in their name within that specific shop with its descriptions, type, cost and such."

[Update] Fluff dragon Alukraz rumbles, "After a rowdy round of roughhousing, a new building has been found to be salvageable. Repair and resources are needed to renovate and bring the hotel back to its former glory and perhaps give some of the patrons of Sloppy Seconds a place to rest after a round of indulgence."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Minor bugs in Extract have been squished."

[Update] Mines of Miorna brainlessly giggles, "New Players should no longer get spammed about joining a faction before they are given the option to join a faction."

[Update] Mines of Miorna brainlessly giggles, "Dribbling Messages should now take into account Rut as a status as well as Rut occuring not as a status."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "Since apparently, you fuck a urethra, rather than a bladder(I guess this makes sense) in this game, licking someone will now handle urethra properly as a target."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Slight addition to the +help ooc etiquette that I didn't think was needed before, but it's been added."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Zephyr's Promethean Studies research team have been given a stern talking to, and have been informed that they are no longer permitted to expend their entire lab's resources studying their own personal fetishes. As a result, they are once again accepting samples from infections other than Anime Babe Arms and have promised to regularly rotate their requirements."

[Update] Nuku says, "Heavy mobs nudged down a little and the other two buffed for mobsters."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "MAY have found the source to the You have either too little loadout or upkeep message and fixed it. Let's see!"

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "If you have the Chimeric Mutant perk, you can lset Chimeric Mutant=<description of permanent features throughout infections>, and it will display when folks look at you, deparate from your custom description. Also, the Custom Desc is now labelled so folks can't falsify instances of items like Tentacles or other autodesced items."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Bacon, bacon, is it bacon? I smell bacon.... *snuffle snuffle* The Buta Yarou is now porkin' it up over in the Hellish Menagerie. It's BACON!"

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Fixed bug in Craftmod Selective Trade that would bring up non-existent recipes."

[Update] Mines of Miorna brainlessly giggles, "Typos in Golden Ram skin and Amoeba transfrom thwacked."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "More tweaks to try and mitigate the "You can't use items--" message form extraneously popping up!"

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Looking at yourself no longer redundantly informs you that you just looked at yourself, twice. You'll still be informed when others look at you."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "Fixed program error when listing classes with class command"

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "'size' will now show you your own statistics when you look while wearing concealment, but it will still note you're wearing concealment."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "The monster bait will properly handle being given a vial from the inventory rather than the nisd once again."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Mods gained from Mysterious Humming Crates will now have a minimum rating of +10% and maximum of +20%."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "*coughs* Upgrade, not mods."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "The Fast Filling edge should work for plugged up breasts as well."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Added in 'cock' as an option in the 'lick' command, though it only is an alias for Bladder/Urethra. If a cock is present on the person, it will also replace the 'bladder' with 'cock' in teh display."

[Update] Mines of Miorna brainlessly giggles, "Typo in the Slasher Drone was causing it to spawn with no powers or enhancements. Typo eraticated, drone now functioning at optimal levels."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Issues with Busty Labrador's torso showing too much tit when not supposed to and dripping when Dry Well present have been addressed. Also, bug in setting caps below 0 have been addressed, too, for Compact merits."

[Update] Doctorrent Glitch churrs adorably, "Have added in a little code that should correctly figure the Months veterancy of your account when you check +account. This should also fix Newbie issues, so that folks won't be auto-replaced with NEW in their ~status when they're actually more than two months old."

[Update] Obscure MUF Poker Inutt says, "bounty command updated to show your current cooldowns"

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