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[Update] Nuku says, "Daily update, 24/63 classes have had their skills rejiggered properly. The project will continue."

[Update] Nuku says, "Hey, one of our loyal staffers is in need, so I thought I'd put this here: If you throw in and mention who you are in game, I'll give you 2 mako per dollar."

[Update] Nuku says, "+census role now exists"

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "In a continuing series of minor improvements, your daily mission cooldown is now shown in +bounty."

[Update] Nuku says, "Taking a break, daily update, 37/63, beating out the pace of the last two days and flying past the halfway mark. We'll be done soon."

[Update] Always Opens Her Gates Wide, Miorna moofs, "Fixed."

[Update] Nuku says, "All classes are now updated!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Frenzied mobs should drop more cred."

[Update] Nuku says, "Mega mobs should drop more cred."

[Update] Nuku says, "Freecred now caps at 999,999,999 If you get over this, it will pull you back down to it."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap daemonically howls, "Form stuff! Stygian Hound has been improved. Along with better kemonomimi descs and a few other textual changes, they have a new lstat, Beastmode. Try setting beastmode to active and see what happens! Also, Anery Stripe Cornsnake's kemonomimi arms are no longer broken, and several forms (including Snowshoe Hare, Wild Cannibal, and Kaiju) have had their win/loss scenes tweaked so they no longer kill the loser (which is a theme violation)."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap daemonically howls, "Since it's November, the month of American Thanksgiving, when I sat down to do one of the stretch goal form updates, I chose the Wild Turkey. You can now, if you wish, be a two-headed gobbler using your Head Splitter."

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap daemonically howls, "And, in tribute to the Halloween holiday just past, I chose Zombie for the other outstanding stretch goal update. Ever wanted to look like Undead Shiva (or Undead Kali)? Now's your chance. Arm Divider now works on Zombie."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Pinata and Plumpkin forms have been reset to their intended availability, during the months of May and October respectively."

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "This isn't useful for players, but now, for new channels, you may set the "color" prop to the color you like instead of adding it to the prepend function"

[Update] Pretentious fox Hex~ smoothly says, "@bootmyass(also known as @bootme) is available as @bootmycloaca too"

[Update] Monster Master Lurhstaap daemonically howls, "Storm Dragon's Legs have been tweaked to be more smoothly taur- and serpentine-compatible. Also, three new Exploration lores have been added - one for the Racer Arena, one for Xanadu Gardens, and one for the Tree of Life and Death within the Gardens. More lore incoming soon!"

[Update] Nuku says, "Remorting no longer sets your role to an invalid state, or changes it. Leave that remort alone!"

[Update] Divided By Hinoserm quietly yips, "ProtoMUCK 2.1a0.6.19: Fixed an obscure little bug in the MUF debugger that would prevent backtraces from printing the correct number of function args."

[Update] Nuku says, "New Quirks: Inflatable, Electric Generation, Big Eared, Web Slinger, Dextrous Tail, Cold Blood, Electric resistance, venomous"

[Update] Nuku says, "New command, web #abort, to kill your web combat dead."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "Following an investigation into an errant comma getting a little out of hand, the lore command (yes, that exists - I've no idea why nobody seems to know about it :-)) has received a facelift. See lore #help for the options."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "NISDs should no longer accept invalid numbers of vials when transferring them between players."

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "+bounty command updated to use more consistent colours (and less random boldness!), and it also now displays the current Promethean Studies sample request. Pregnancy bounty to be implemented at a later time when I've figured out how it works :-)"

[Update] Late Night Coder Inutt says, "The lore command will now assume that if you've remorted, you're already familiar with things and will show which entries you're missing. You can toggle this behaviour with lore #hideunknown if you'd prefer not to see things your character doesn't personally know. (You can toggle the option at any time, but unknown entries will only ever be shown if you have remorted)."

Full archive of updates can be found in the Multiplayer Updates Archive