Mountain Man

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Mountain Man

Arms: Slip Beneath
Head: Terrifying Visage
Legs: Wild Swing
Skin: Deadly Body Odor
Torso: Juggernaut


Appears to be juuuust fine.

The Mountain Man's body is covered in dark plaid flannel. His head is surmounted by a coon-skin cap. Human features are half-hidden by a grizzled beard. His body is broad-shouldered and well-muscled. The flannel shirt covers most of the muscle, but even the hands and wrists look like he could wring something's neck. He has 2 nipples. His arms are thick with muscle. The associated hands are strong and covered in calluses, occasionally twitching as if to grasp someone or something. His legs are stocky and bearing a few scars on the traditional human design. The belt holding up his pants has a neatly closed leather knife sheath. Atop his legs is a well-worn ass lacking in inhuman adornments. A private peek would reveal that: He has an average wrinkled shaft. He has small balls.