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The morph command allows you to store, load and delete a series of character descriptions, which is quite handy for people who'd like to change their description regularly. It is a simpler method compared to String Parsing, though also not as robust.

For more detailed information about the morph command, use the morph #help command.


  • morph and morph #help: Shows the list of commands.
  • morph #help2: Shows additional help.
  • morph #add: Add current description as a new morph
  • morph #list: List all the morphs you have and their commands
  • morph #remove: Delete one of your morphs
  • morph #bind: Bind a morph to your current infection (including hybrids).
  • morph #unbind: Unbind a morph from an infection.
  • morph #listbind: Lists what bind your current infection matches.
  • morph #auto: Sync your morphed description to your current infection.
  • morph <command>: Change to a morph (see morph #list for commands)
  • qmorph <command>: Change to a morph quietly
  • morph #connect: Set a morph to go to when awake
  • morph #disconnect: Set a morph to go to when asleep
  • morph #allow <player>: Allow the named player to edit your morphs
  • morph #assist <player> [#ADD|#LIST|#REMOVE|<command>]: Edit another player's morphs.
  • morph #clear: Stop allowing your morphs being edited

Setting up a morph

  1. Create a description of your character with the 'editplayer' command or through the website.
  2. Enter the command morph #add.
  3. Enter a description of the morph. Not really necessary.
  4. Enter a name of the morph. This is the identifier for the morph, and has to be unique. You will use this name to change to and from different morphs.
  5. Enter a message that is displayed every time you change to the morph. NOTE: Do not add your name in front, it gets automatically prepended. You can, however, morph silently, so the description isn't completely necessary, although recommended.
  6. You're done! The morph is created. Use the morph <name> and qmorph <name> commands to change to this morph.