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Arms: Superior Fist
Tail: Milk Squirt, Quadrupedal Stance
Head: Headbutt
Legs: Foot Stomp
Skin: Thick Hide
Torso: Muscle Mass

The Mootaur is size 10 and a herm. Hir body is covered in smooth, human skin over hir upper body. Downy, skin-colored fur clings like velveteen against hir abdomen, a gradient blending from skin to richer fur. From the hips down, hir flesh is covered in brown and white cow-patterned fur. Hir head is mostly human but with telltale aesthetic differences. Long, bull-like horns spread from hir temples, and a thick hoop ring hangs from piercing through hir septum. Hir ears resemble those of a cow. Hir body is buxom and human. Sie has 2 hefty breasts. Hir arms are well-defined and lightly toned. Hir upper torso blends down into the shoulders of a well-bulked cow's body, with four hooved cow legs. Behind, a whippety cow tail with long tassels winds behind hir thick flanks.