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One enemy, several? Does it matter? They're all just targets waiting to feel your claws, fangs, and whatever other limb happens to be available to knock them down. You're a whirling vortex of destruction and moderately good at getting out of the way, but you're better able at continuing to mete out the pain while ignoring your own.


AoE Big Hits DPS

Powers by Level

10 Bloody Roar
15 Will to Destroy
25 Dance of Destruction
35 Staggering Blow
40 Bloodthirst
45 Frenzied Assault

Class Combat Skills

Accuracy 1
Bleeding 1
Controlled Burst 1
Damage_(Combat_Skill) 1
Fast Loading 1
Health 1
Penetration 1
Sacrificial Fury 1
Speed 1
Vampiric 1


Big Hits

Purchased in [New Dawn]: Feral Training or on the web interface for 300,000 Freecreds.