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We're going to properly break down modifiers for a crafted item for you with the example listed below!
(Insert +rpinfo for Heavy)
Recipe Info
- This information is going to affect the costs and such of your base recipe.
Cred Cost - Increase cost of freecreds. Example: Heavy/Light Melee is base 100 freecreds, modified by +120% which will come to 220 freecreds.
Durability - Currently unused.
Salvage Amount - Additional cost to the base recipe in salvage. Example: Mechanical salvage type, Common Rarity, 1 additional salvage required.
Skill Modifier - Additional skill level required to use this recipe. Example: Heavy/Light Melee is 1 normally, adding 2 more brings total skill required to 3.
Upgrade Cost - Artifact of an older system. Currently unused.
XP Cost - Additional XP cost required for the modifier, add to base recipe. Example: Heavy/Light Melee is 10 base + 5 for the modifier which equals 15 XP cost total.
Item info
- This information is how it's going to affect the item stats itself. All listed percentages are based off of the item stats you are affecting. If it provides a bonus to a stat that isn't on the item, that bonus is ignored.
Multiple Modifiers
- That's right, humans and mutants! You can add multiple modifiers to an item, provided you have all the requisite supplies and skill! When calculating numbers this way, however, modifiers are calculated one at a time before the next is applied to it, they aren't added together. This means that things can quickly become expensive if the modifier is a percentage, so keep an eye on that! In addition, the skill level will increase beyond the base listed amount for additional modifiers. 1 modifier incurs no additional skill level beyond the listed modifier. However, when you add the second, that's an additional 5 skill required, the third is an additional 10 required, which all stack. This may seem expensive and unfair, but crafted gear has far more potential than most anything you can buy off the streets!
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