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Arms: Marsh Wisp, Small Claws
Tail: Tail Flip
Head: Disarming Smile
Legs: Erotic Dance
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Feline Agility


The Minkitsune's body is covered in sleek field of ebony fur with the silken smoothness minks are known for. The tips of their fur are frosted with crimson that forms a pattern of tapering V's as frequent as leopard spotting. Their head is graced with a narrow taper of muzzle that terminates in a petite, pink nosepad and plush lips that one could crave the caress of. A pair of tapered, mustelid ears often tip back, and a rich mane of lush hair spills from between them. Their long-lashed eyes carry a soft but sultry shimmer to them. Their body is lithe and demure with long, lean muscle and enough padding to accent their curves. Their arms are slight and svelte with slender digits. Their legs are limber and lovingly padded for a pleasing appearance. Six silky-furred tails languorously sweep behind them as luscious plumes of ebony fur tipped in crimson. Beneath them, a lasciviously rounded rump lies with a fine undercurve and an inviting cleft. A private peek would reveal that: Their groin resembles that of a minkitsune.