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Certain rooms have the ability to be mined, using the mine command and spending builder nanites or a patrol point in exchange for an attempt at retrieving common salvage.

Builder nanite cost of each use of the mine command depends on the density of the deposit, and each use will deplete the density.

Defeating enemies in an area increases the salvage density in the area, and lowers the associated builder nanite cost of mining. The difficulty of such fights is not relevant.

Mining attempts made with patrol points scale with builder costs, from 2 points to well over 10 per attempt.

There are several perks related to mining, and some relating specifically to salvage;

Prospector increases chances for higher rarity salvage while role playing and from combat results
Conservative miner reduces the amount your mining attempts reduce the density in an area by 33% of normal
       This essentially translates as a 33% increase in the number of mining attempts you can make relative to density.
       This also works for RP Sources. Draining them by only 2/3rds of the resources gained from the source
Fairhaven Chemical
Latex Toy Factory
Abandoned Installation
Neogames Lab
Corn Maze
Deeper in the East Forest
East Forest
New Dawn - Farms
Abandoned Installation
Neogames Lab
Abandoned Toy Factory
Abandoned Installation
The Wasteland
Neogames Lab