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A human female sits in a garage outside of the library, She is currently reading a book to herself with a bunch of savanged chairs and random treats in the middle on a cheap fold out table, she hoped that her flyers when out enough to get a few people to come out and attempt to get some of the insane worlds residents a little relief from the daily rape. Her pale eyes shimmer as she looking around hoping that she wouldn't be sitting by herself the entire time she rented out the garage from the library skunks.

Oh she wouldn't have to worry about that, as it seems that at least someone had decided to read her flyers...but he probably wasn't what she expect. "Hello.... Anyone there?" Came a voice, as a Coyote entered the garage. To be honest, Angus really had no idea why he even came to this thing...considering a coyote wasn't exactly the best person to try and open up to. Never the less he came, trying to look a little less threatening then usual. He had worn his usual charcoal colored Peacoat, with a pair of jeans, and had even decided to leave his weapons at home as he smiled at the Human. "Hello there, I hope I'm not late."

Edel hurries in, skittering to a stop. "Hi, I hope I'm not late. And that this is the right place. Something about therapy, yes?" She adjusts her duffle bag, the contents rattling about.

And in soon after walks a little cartoonish pony, like somthing from a 1980's toy line, speaks up and can be heard. "I'm Ms. Kindheart, nurse and surgon ready to teach my skills. I've also recently been working to help turn ferels back into sane people again, Just like I was helped." Kindheart said before hir hat fell off hir head and sie had to bend over to scoop it up with two hooves and it gave everyone a chance to look at hir panties under hir skirt. Sie's the smallest person there, But at least sie has an advantage of being able to work real up close when performing surgury.

Solindria follows in a slowly, shi glancing around the area and room before shi steps inside, cocking hir head at the assortment of other creature's, the taur smirking to herself as shi finishes looking around before bowing her head to the group, "Hope im not too late for the Jolly' little party am i? " she asks with an almost sarcastic tone, although she already knows the answer.

Alkain hmms as he wanders in and peeks about, "Uh, hello?" he chuckles at the others and waves, "Hi... Never been one for therapy actually..." he looks around for a comfy seat to sit in

A grin cross Kilsa face at seeing the Coyote, This wasn't her first time seeing one before and she read enough on them to be very cautious. "Oh no your the first to arrive, have some cookies." She notices a fennec coming behind the Coyote and gives a slow squeal of happiness. "Yes this the place for some therapy and what I would like to call a safe place. We will begin when we have a few more people." She notice the pretty pony and every urge to impale and kill the creature is repressed by sheer will power. "Hello, Ms. Kindheart, We will be begining shortly." Kilsa says simply, before a Wolfen predator and a Kitsune walk up to her. "Your not late and I glad you came. I think we have enough people to begin. First like my Kitsune friend said, I sure most of you aren't keen on the ideal of a cold doctor trying to tell how to cope with suddenly being a horse, a cow, or a 20 foot mechanical dolphin. So I'm here to have us all both vent and at the same time find ways to cope so we don't act like those that we are tying to survive against.. So I'm going to ask this and if no one perks up I'll tell my story. Tell me about each of you and while you do I would like to give each of you a cookie for attending." The human girl passes out cookes to each of those attending.

Angus chuckles at the offer of a cookie. "Oh why thank you." He responds, giving the Fennec that enters a slight nod in greeting,but then he hears a third voice... Turning slowly he fixes his eyes on Kindheart, and they widen as he barely registers the other two's entrance. "Gah!" He shouts, hopping up onto one of the chairs near himself in surprise, before the thing starts to topple over. "crap crap crap!" He mutters as he trys to keep his blanace, before the chair crashes to the ground...followed by one Coyote with a Thud. "Ouch....yam I think you might want to start first..."

The small fennec gives the cookie a sniff before shrugging and devouring it. "About me? Well... There isn't entirely too much to say. I'm a recent infect. Or... As I've recently learned, recently mutated. I guess I've had the nanites in me the wole time!" She glances at the coyote, then at the pony, blissfully ignorant to the reason for such fear. "Before everything went up in smoke, I worked in an antique store. Mostly just doing cash register stuff. I was a hobby tinkerer, too! When everything started going down, though... Well, my first thought was zombies! I know what those are all about, you see it in movies all the time. I hoarded a bunch of supplies and locked myself up. I kind of thought I was safe. Once supplies had run out, I started having to sneak out for more. One day that didn't end so well for me. Short story even shorter, I was a husky for a while, and now I'm this. Not quite used to dealing with all the new... Instincts and whatnot." She gestures vaguely and eases herself into a seat. "Oh, right. I am Edel, by the way. Or Eddie. Your choice."

Kindheart shook hir head when Angus freaked out. Hir ears pinned to the back of hir head as sie frowned, gave a sad sigh, and then looked at Angus. "Relax I'm not like the others. And I can prove it." Kindheart said as sie pulled hir panties down. "I have a womb, and I don't have to inject anyone with parasites to reproduice. In fact, my body only wants me to make foals the same way 99% of the world does." Herma actually waved hir tail and did a little giggle as sie blushed and pulled hir panties back up. "Well before P-day I was a nurse. Then I became ferel for quite a few years. and only recently i've become a sane and normal mutant again... what passes for normal anyway. The only difference mentaly is that I dress a bit more revealing and I'm not the prude I used to be."

Solindria smiles and takes the cookie, nodding in thanks, "Ta very much, I love biscuits, " shi says with a cheeky grin, holding the cookie aside until shi finishes talking, "For me, too much to say but the short version? I'v been loping around since this bloody mess started, I wasn't infected at first but as things got more and more out of hand i found myself joining the masses, much to my dismay, before that I was a chef oddly enough here in america on a swap-job with some american lad.. If Ihad said no to the offer, I wouldnt be here.. " shi says with a grin, taking a bite of the cookie before saying, "Funny how the world works isnt it?".

Alkain blinks at the human he doesn't know who calls him a friend and chuckles with a shrug, he starts to say something then the Coyote freaks out at the pony. He stares a bit and shrugs, clearly oblivious as well. By that time he sees that the fennec has spoken and stays silent as the others speak, he eyes the pony at the mention of, "Parasites?" he tilts his head in confusion before shi lowered hir panties and shakes his head to dispel the naughty thoughts. He looks to Kilsa and shrugs, "Thanks for the cookie... And my story isn't all that great, I was a grocery bagger. My life was pretty much going nowhere, I was a gamer and a... Well, a furry." he chuckles at that, "So... When I mutated, sure I was scared, but I admit to liking it a bit." he blushes at that and shakes his head, "Anyway, like Edel there... I'm still getting used to it." he smiles and adds, "Oh, you can call me Alkain by the way."

"Mr. Coyote, I would suggest you treat Ms. Kindheart as a fellow survivor regardless of the form. I can trust that Ms. Kindheart isn't going to lay a brood inside of you." She listens to Edel's story and nods, "Still you were braver and smarter than many who just walked around and ended up dead or worse." She look at Edel and smiles at her, "Even though you are mutated I must say you've gotten one of the more impressive mutations. I normally use that form myself when tracking more agressive ferals." She look at the fennec again, "Though I usually go a bright shade of blue or pink." She listen to Kindheart and gave a smiles before walking closer and squating down to look her in the eyes. "I am afraid of your strain of infection but I have walked a mile in your shoes before and spent a month as a pony so like I said, your among friends here." She gives a little kiss to the strange ponies brow. Kilsa listens to Solindria's story and nods, "I know that feeling." She smiles and give a big sigh, "Here my story and I'll try to tell it without seeming to unstable, I was with the us army. We were sent to retrieve a few sample around the city without getting the notice of the locals. We went in as smooth as butter, it didn't take long before we were spotted by a group of german shephered infectees. Funny enough I apperently got my hands on a some command nanite in one of the building we had entired before hand. My crew was fucked hard and pretty much eaten, I on the other hand had a nice month of getting raped constantly. I shifted into a render, I kill them all I barely remember what happen besides walking the streets and getting attacked and waking up in the Triage as a human again. They asked me my name, I lied and told them Kilsa. I've become kilsa and tried to push my humanity away considering the horrific things I've done but I realize that others out there have it worse than me and have no one to talk to, no one to help them so that is why I wanted to hold these sessions to help those out who need it." She smiles at the group, "We are all humans at heart and don't need to fall prey to the infection mentally as well."

Angus puts a hand up and points in the air at Kilsa's comment. "Noted, and I'm sorry Ms. Kindheart." He sighs, he didn't really mean to offend her when he did that and he really was sorry. He took his time as he listened to the others to gather his thoughts, and placed his hands behind has head as he layed there. "I guess it's my turn then.." He sighed, closing his eyes. "My name is Angus, before all of this went down I was a student in College. Actually trying to recieve a degree in Biotech Engineering suprisingly, but I did manage to learn the trade after I managed to get here." He comments, waving a hand about to indicate the city. "As for my firts encounter with the infection, it ended with a Wolf beast taking a full round of buckshot to the teeth..after it nearly tore my arm off. After that I pretty much wandered around...and I left a few bodies in my wake as I slowly started to turn into a Wolf beast myself. After that, I don't really remember what happened, Guess I went feral... But I do remember waking up in New Dawn after some Prometheans managed to help me." His ears folded back as he yawned and stretched lightly. "To make a long story short my first week in the city ended with me being thrown out a second story window, A lot of shit happened after that, and then I became a Coyote."

Edel reaches up to rub at her ears, nodding. "Yeah, it seems like you had a violent start. I can't say I blame you. It's pretty much kill or be killed, or worse, these days. I had a bit of a rocky start with the things around here, too, but I've gotten better at handling myself. Now my biggest issue is trying to sleep at night with ears this sensitive." Not really her biggest issue, but she tries to lighten the mood with it, regardless. "I'm getting to do productive things, again, at least. I find that the best way for me to deal with these new... Problems... To be to keep my mind occupied. I've been hired to do tech work with a military group, so it's a start. This 'new' body itself isn't really so bad, though. I can do a lot of things that I couldn't before. I miss shoes, sometimes, but I don't really need them, now. I do want to ask, though, if I may... What brought you to become a coyote? My information on it is woefully limited, but I do know that they're not so... Mundane, as other things."

Solindria blinks as hir ears perk up at kilsa's story, "Bloody hell, thats rough.. lucky your still on once piece then, isnt it now?" shi states, listening to the stories being told before shi squirms a little uncomfortably, "I can relate on that sleeping matter" she says to the Fennec, "For months I couldnt sleep properly due to the stress and this odd bulky form, couldnt eat, drink.. hell, couldnt look ay myself in a mirror.. still cant to an extent, Things.. are rough now, are they not?" she asks in a demoralised tone, ears lowering as she folds her arms.

Alkain hmms and nods to Angus, "That sucks... What'd you do to deserve being thrown out a window?" he looks at Edel and nods with a sigh, "I can't say I like killing... But if they can't be saved... It's probably a mercy." he sighs and shrugs, at the sleeping problems and chuckles, "Only thing I had to get used to is the tails." speaking of they swish a bit, "Well, it's not all that bad I guess... I mean, we could all be feral."

Kilsa nods to the group, "I have feral children and not feral children, I've think that my biggest problem is being a mother of sixy. I am curious as well thought about the Coyote. I've meet a few and seen thier power but I don't understand them at all. I want to know something of each of you, if you were going to say how you survived in this wasteland and stayed sane what would you tell each other?" She look at Solindria, "I am lucky I can still be human when I want to. I normally don't stay human but it makes people relax. I perfer to be a fennce or a talakai."

Angus flicks an ear at their questions, before he starts to stand up, dragging the chair that he knocked over with him. "Well, you know how the saying goes. Curiosity killed the cat." He comments back at them, turning his chair around so that he could straddle it backwards. Laying his arms on the back of the chair he smiles, a soft golden glow giving his eyes an unnatural look. "No, coyotes are far from Mundane Edel." He chuckled lightly as his tail started to wag behind him. "Tell me, what do you know about Coyotes. What rumors have you heard?" He asked, before he turned to Alkain. "A Dragoness decided to threaten me and a friend, I decided to smartmouth back. In response, she sent me out the window and tumbling two stories down to the ground, along with broken glass from the window AND half the wall it was attached to."

Edel folds her legs, awkwardly, at first, trying to work with the new bends of her legs. "What I know? Nothing modern. I keep to myself, mostly. I visited a camp outside of the city. I learned the stories from them. Among other things. As for your question, miss Kilsa, I survived by knowing how to fight," She pats the large duffle bag, "And... Well, knowing when not to." She tugs nervously at her neck tie. "As for staying sane... Well, I'm not really sure how to define 'sane' anymore. I never thought walking around with spears and laser rifles, trying to kill things just so I could remain unviolated for another day would be sane. It's possible I'm on the line of being feral, hard to say. The Prometheans helped me out at first. I later signed on with Zephyr to use their resources, even if I don't entirely agree with them. The best advice I, as someone new to all of this, could possibly give is to wait it out and try to take it in stride. And invest in a lot of weaponry."

Solindria blinks and shrugs weakly at Kilsa's question, smiling at Edel, "This one has the right idea, Jolly good!" shi states with a nod before turning back to the ground, "As for surviving?.. Get out of the city would be the best advice surely.." shi says somewhat dismissively, shrugging hir shoulders, "I dont even know if I could as sane or not feral anymore.. I never acted like quote : normal people, before anyway.. and I suffer the same urges as those... others, the same depraved needs.." shi says with a blinks and shake of hir head, not wanting to drone on and on, "Long story short.. Make friends if you wanna stay sane, solitude does you no good, trust me on that.." she says with a confident nod.

Kindheart nodded a bit and looked at everyone, "I'm just mostly interested in doing things that I used to do before P-day. Treating the sick and injured, trying to bring ferels back to sanity. And as for those urges, If the ponies that reproduce like I do outnumbered those that are like something from the movie Alien it would be a win for everyones collective sanity."

Alkain looks at KIlsa and tilts his head curiously, "Hmm, what would I say? I'm not sure... Then again, I really haven't experienced much of this new world." he nods to Angus and chuckles, "Well, sounds kinda like you deserved it... Your friend wasn't hurt were they?" he nods to Edel in agreement at that, "Though... I wouldn't say I was exactly sane before all this started anyway." he looks to Solindra and chuckles, "Yeah, friends are a good thing to make." he looks to Kindheart and blushes at that, "Yeah... I suppose that would be true."

The nanite adept smiles, "I think that we have a few key ideals here that make sense, We have to keep positive, make new friends, keep armed and do what we can do from the old worlds." She smiles and shakes her head a bit, "When I wasn't working I had a dog at home, a pretty little german shepherd. Now I just try to play with other peoples charmed and tamed ferals." She blushes, "I tried to teach a feral skunk girl fetch.." She blushes heavily.

"Sanity is overrated. It's a concept left over from when the world was sane." Angus chimed in with a smile, before he turned to Edel again. "A Coyote named Redd walked up to me, and pretty much offered it on a Silver platter. To become a Coyote, to gain their powers....and to learn their secrets." Looking around at everyone he nods. "Anyone else hear any rumors about Coyotes, I can prove or disprove most of them if you want."

Edel rubs her chin, "I see... Interesting! Maybe I'll interact with more in the future. Or even become one. It's hard to say so early." She gives a nod to Kilsa. "I've always liked dogs. My parents used to have a labrador." She frowns a little and rubs the back of her head. "I'm still shocked how much things have changed. The hardest part isn't the fighting, or even the constant... Mess that goes on, these days. It's when I wake up and I'm between the sleeping and waking world. I forget everything has changed, till I catch a glimpse of my fur, or my paws. Or feel my ears brush against a pillow. It's very... Surreal. Not unpleasant or enjoyable, just weird."

Solindria listens intently to everyone, ears perking up at Edel, noding weakly in agreement, "Yeah... Surreal.." shi states very slowly before blinking, "Oh, sorry! I tend to get lost in my head alot.." shi clearing her throat, trying not to look too follish, "So.. uhhh, what was the question?... " she asks with a lost look on her face, she shrugging weakly with an embarrased chuckle. "Sorry..."

Alkain hmms? at Kilsa and nods, "Yeah, that about sums it up." he chuckles at that and shrugs, "How did that go?" he nods to Angus and shrugs again, "I suppose... Well, it seems more like the definition of 'sanity' has changed." he chuckles he nods to Edel as his tails swish, "Honestly? Before all this happened, I was uncomfortable around dogs... Not the wild ones though, it's weird..." he chuckles, "Anyway, I'm not like that anymore, I guess it was the change." he hmms? at Edel and ponders that with a shake of his head, "Can't say I'm like that... Not exactly anyway." he blinks at Kindheart and flushes deep crimson, though you'd only be able to tell by looking at his ears... And the little bit of blood dribbling from his nose

Kindheart blushed and then looked at hir hooves before sie got the courage to speak up again. "Yeah, Ummm... I guess I would look forward to going into heat, since I can give birth normally. But will I be able to pass that on to my children? If my grandchildren have to burst out of someones chest what's the point." Kindheart sighed and hir ears pined back.

The nanite adept smiles and looks over the group, "You feel me all with hope. Unfortunately I am out of time for now but I wanted you to know that I hope to see you again." She stars to shift her body until standing before the group is a large golden dragon. "I have a small mission to run. Feel free to eat all the cookies, Next time I'm hoping to discuss outlets for our.... new-found heighten reproduction." She winked at them before heading off.