Margay Taur

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Margay Taur

Arms: Gouging Claws
Tail: Quadrupedal Stance
Groin: Love Box
Head: Bleeding Bite
Legs: Feline Agility
Torso: Milk Squirt, Nurse
Form: Unbirth

A researcher once observed a Panther Taur breeding with a Margay. They thought nothing of it due to the size differences of their given genitals. But somehow, a day later, this happened. All over the place. What was crazy enough with a Margay just got worse!

Like their Margay mothers before them, these feline hybrids inherited dual-genitals and get their kicks using their very large belly capacities to play out their kink with a side effect of constantly lactating as a result. And like their hermaphroditic fathers they have inherited the tauric torso, gender, and sex drive.



Monster Notes

The Margay Taur has additional powers which are not available to players. These are Juggernaut and Royal Delight.