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This page will describe how to make up a brilliant character page for yourself! The use of this template is highly suggested, but not required. It will streamline the look of your page, and include boxes for important things. It will even have an area for a character picture if you have one! It will automatically display any recorded RPs you have been in, and is easily edited as more information develops.

The Template and The Page

To begin copy everything following this message, that is everything in the grey box.

{{ :Template:Charpage 
| disclaimer position  = off
| gallery position     = off
| hooks position       = left
| logs position        = right
| custom position 1    = right
| custom title 1       = Dedications
| page color           = brown
| page border          = 
| cell color           = white
| cell border          = Red
| cell text            = 
| link color           = 
| link hover color     = 
| header color         = black 
| header border        = 
| header text          = white

[[Category:Active PCs]][[Category:PCs]]

Now, with this copied, search for your name! It will offer at the top to make the page, click that, and copy this into your edit box. There, the template is now in place.

Entering your Information

Now that you have your template in place, we need to get some info in there! To start, click the 'edit' button in the bottom right of the box you want to add information into. Then just start typing! You can use wiki commands to do things like link to other people in your contacts box, for example Kilsa. You can even add an image! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in pub, or page Miorna.