Leg Splitter

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Leg Splitter stats
Description An item that will cause some infections to find the owner turning tauric in non-tauric forms. This is a useable item, each use will turn it on, then off. Warning: Only works with some infections, and may not work with your favorite infection. If you want one added, please put in a +request, hopefully with a suggested description.
Cred Cost 20000 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Edible X 5
Common Chemical X 5
Crafting Skills Chemical of at least 1
Edible of at least 1
Item Stats Charge of 0
Cooldown of 0
Damage of 0
Damage Type of Healing
Energy of 0
No Trade of 1
Target of Single Ally Self NoAoE

Creatures that support this item are listed here. More will be added as their code is updated; submit a +request if you have one you want updated sooner!

The item is permanent when used, and persists through death and taking Universal Antidotes. Using it a second time will turn off the effects.

The syntax for using the leg splitter is as follows:
[if stat misc/Leg Splitter of [player] == 1]New taur description[else]original ass description[end if]

Code for the leg splitter should go in at least the ass description, like other taurs. Edit notes