Laser Pistol

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Item Laser Pistol
A small handheld device capable of emitting a beam of heating light quite capable of cutting things, or setting things on fire.
Additional Information
Power Fire-En Cost 10
Upkeep 3 Loadout 15
Base Power Stats
Type Attack, Direct Damage, Single Target
Target Single Enemy Energy 8
Charge 600 Cooldown 2300
Accuracy 75% Damage (Type) 9 (Energy)
100% chance of inflicting EnergyDamage at magnitude of 4.0 for 3.0 rounds
50% chance of inflicting CriticalDamage at magnitude 2.0 for 3.0 rounds
Differences from Base

Laser Pistol/Extra Notes

Edit notes
Concepted Design by Glein

Laser pistol: A useful weapon which deals out Energy-based damage, rather than the Physical-based damage of most attacks. Buy it from the "generic" shop.