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A message goes out to all the com devices linked to the KS Solution members to assemble as Kilsa sits in the meeting room looking over a small sheet of paper. Her face is a display of irritablity, "No way." She reads over the letter over and over again, "over twenty moai statues, 1 beg screen TV, A dozen dildos, a high powered Nanite scope, and 200 vials." Kilsa growls and continues to read hoping that the group understands that this mission is highly improtant. The Black Talakai rubs her horns in irritation, "Someone is going to die."

A thump comes from the door to the outside, opening afterwards as Danielle flutters into the room, rubbing her face. "I got here as quickly as I could. Too quickly in face. OW." She curls up in the air, rubbing her face viciously as she works her healing nanites into it, hoping to relieve the pain. Once she was done, she sighs and looks off to her highly irritated boss. "So, what's going on boss, really seems to be pissing you off by the looks of it."

Spade sits staring at the sheet of paper, right next to Kilsa. She doesn't move, she doesn't say anything, and save for the occasional breath she remains motionless. In her arms is a single moai statue which she tightly grips to her chest.

Tiya steps quickly into the meeting room, whickering in alarm as she spots she's the third one to answer the summons, plainly having hurried to get here on time, judging by the whitening of sweat on her pelt and her lack of shirt. The busty equine quickly steps over towards Kilsa, blushing and getting down on the knees, her bum poking out visibly from under it and starting to lap along the talakai's feet, bathing them in her drool, taking longer about the task then normal.

Virginia follows after Danielle, fretting lightly at her hurting herself before she starts fixing it. Sie looks around the room. "So this is Cupcake's um...what is this, your job?" Sie questions to Danielle "Also, Mind introducing me, kiddo?" Sie'd only followed Danielle because she rushed out of hir place, and wanted to know what was up. It was nice at least to visit the place Danielle had mentioned on occasion.

She watches as members assemble and smiles, "Funny you should ask that, Danny, I wonder how many of you have been home in the last few hours. The Wet Bitch just got robbed and the list of items may sound familiar. "Moai statues, Vials, medical tools, vials on top of vials." She slaps the paper on the oak table and growls loudly, "We just got robbed. Now luckly one of the things stolen was spare com unit. We have permission to use the agents in question secure line to track the damn thing but we..." Kilsa pauses and looks at the strange new person infront of her, "Excuse me, Who are you?" Kilsa shakes her head, "No matter for now, I'm Kilsa and let me finish my briefing quickly. We are getting signal from the comm unit detecting them in the sewers running throughout this city." She then nodded to Virginia, "Are you a friend of Danny? If so we could use an extra hand on this assignment."

The fae furrows her brows, someone took her expensive imported medical tools!? Tapping a few buttons on her wristpad, she views the security camera in her appartment. "Son of a BI-" The camera cuts to outside the door to the meeting room, conveniently muffling Danielle's long string of expletives. "-WITH A GOD DAMN PIG!" She yells as she finishes. She huffs, wiping the sweat from her forehead as she nods to Kilsa, "Yeah... this... this is Virginia." She lets out a sigh as she calms down, "She's my mistress, the one who turned me into a succubus. She's teaching me the ropes and what not... seduction, soul stealing... all that."

Spade stands up, and slowly walks to the door. She doesn't seem to notice anyone else as she opens the door, rather aggressively so that it sicks to the wall, and makes her way towards the nearest sewer opening. She continues to hold her moai statue close to her chest as she moves.

Tiya finishes her required greeting of her mistress, pouting a little at not being called a good girl, but shrugging that off as the shifter's own stress. The mare backs out from under the table, unable to see where she's going and bumping into Virginia, jumping in surprise and climbing to her feet, turning around and starting to bow already, the first words out of her mouth "Sorry Mistr-" the shemale equine manages before pausing, noticing that this is not anyone she knows, moving her snout closer to the demon, sniffing curiously at her, the huge horse towering over Ginny. "Who are you," the feral asks, her head on the side, not apparently having listened to Daniel.

Virginia listens to the briefing and mumbles "Shit." wondering what sie'd gotten hirself into. Well, it wouldn't be a problem, really. If they wanted hir help, and they were friends of Danielle, then sure. "Not sure what I can do to help, but I'll give it a shot." Sie nods to Danielle's explanation after chuckling at his rant. Strange that a young looking girl like hir was a mistress, regardless of the eroticism of the form. Sie says "Oh!" at being bumped into and smiles at nearly being called mistress. "I'm Danielle's Mistress. If you're lucky enough, maybe yours one day." Sie wasn't yet aware that she was already owned.

"With a god damn pig indeed... And a pleasure to meet the mistress of someone I've been working with for so long. Viginia a pleasure to meet someone that is showing this meek friend of my the joys of being naughty. I would like to speak to you on that in private....later" A sinister grin crosses her face as she looks at the succubus with a bit of respect. "I've gotten my own stash of vials taken away. I really really want those back personally. I hate to see what happends if this thieves open up my those vials of magma wurm." Kilsa hears Virginia's comments and grins, "Sorry Virginia, Tiya is mine and I would like to keep her that way." She chuckles and moves from the table. "Alright we are headed out to the Mall, its the safest entrace to the sewers and hopefully to our thieves, I want them taken alive if possible. This is still a request from the owner of the wet bitch and they don't want a bunch corpses on thier mind." She walks to Virginia and give her a handshake and a wink before heading out the sewers motioning for her group to follow.

Danielle rubs her chin as she watches Spade exit the room, an eyebrow quirked. When Kilsa talks of them headed to the sewers she gives a little nod, she must have been on her way there already. "Alive if possible, quite possibly actually." She gives Virginia a little look, "Seems I might be getting a little training, eh Mistress?" She motions over towards Tiya, "And as the boss lady has already stated, Tiya is hers. But I can put the good word in for ya, maybe she'll let you play with her?"

Tiya blushes at the offer and the possibilty of sharing her, mutely nodding her head towards Kiya and standing up straight, her large breasts swaying on her chest, hurrying to follow her mistress a pace behind her. The mare's tail swishing behind her, subconciously giving Virginia a show to show off her attributes, Kilsa's mark visible on her rump as she moves. Eventually her nerve builds at the shemale starts to nuzzle at Kilsa's shoulder, full of affection and trying to show it.

Spade takes her time outside ...

Virginia smiles and says "That would be lovely." to Kilsa's offer to talk in private. Sie returns the look of respect to Kilsa, believing hir to be the more skilled mistress, having gotten someone under hir using only hir wiles, While Ginnie relied on succubus magic and seduction advantages. Sie smiles to Danielle "In feild training is always better than the classroom. "Sie gives an apology for hir assumptuous words to tiya, returns the handshake to Kilsa as sie passes, and follows hir out. Sie couldnt help but admire Kiya's half nude and teasing form though, regardless of being already taken.

The Adept keep her eyes peel the group makes it to the sewer entrance but something strange is going on. A group of mall rats are standing around the sewers with holstered weapons and the coolest experession of annoyance a rat can show. "Dude I'm like so totally pissed." The lead rat of the group says before pull up the manhole and having a group of moth girls attacking them as group. Now would be a good time to get in the sewers but the mall rats seem to be losing against the group. A Peregrine girl is circling over head as the madness starts to get even more strange as some ashen force thier way out of the large sewer entrance and join the fray. "What the hell." Kilsa says before smiling, "They aren't on our list but I in favor of helping them for future business ventures." She says before running into the fray.

Danielle follows close behind the group, eyeing the rats with a little smile. She always liked the Mall Rats, they were always happy to trade some of their soda for a couple medical supplies, and damn is that some good soda. When the group is attacked, she lets out a cry of anger! "Woah, we can't just let this happen! Besides, I get my soda from these guys, if we save them they'll owe me big time!" And with that, she takes off, arm blades ready to go!

Spade sees the emerging trouble, and dives in while letting a rain of tiny crystals scatter across her foes. Not because she wants to help the mall rats, but because they're all in the way of the sewer entrance and she wants to get down there.

Tiya doesn't even seem to have a real attachment to the mall rats, not having that much of a relationship with the group. However, her natural instincts for a fight start kicking in as she watches the stream of her fellow ferals out of the manhole, the fact that her mistress is charging in ahead of her all the permission she needs to let loose. The equine's hooves clatter on the tiles of the ball as she charges in, her muscles bulging, gritting her teeth in excitement already.

Virginia didn't want to get involved. Sie had basically *no* combat experience, and while sie had recently learned to generate electricity, sie didn't think it would make a very effective weapon with someone who didn't know what they were doing. Sie stayed on the sidelines.

A hard kick connect with a moth girls face as kilsa charges in with a roar, instead of using her weaons she fights like beast. "Tiya! I'll be proud if you take out five or more." She winked as she jumped out of the way of the rain of crystal which managed to impale a few of the Moths as more poor out of the sewer. As those three continue to battle a single mall rat dressed in some of the coolest clothes since P-day join the fray smashing this mall rat is dress in black latex wielding and electric chain saw against a render both of them are smiling as they attempt to kill each other.

Danielle lets out a cry as she holds her arms out in front of her in a superman-like pose, her upper body suddenly spinning at high speeds with a high pitched mechanical whine. She darts through the air, and pierces through the skull of a moth girl rather easily. Covered in blood and a few specks of brain matter, she grins widely before looking back to Virginia, "Mistress, come on and join the fun! If a little fairy like me can take these guys on, you should be able to no problem! Use your fancy magic!"

Spade hovers just above the fray, continueally dropping a literal storm of prisms upon her foes as she works out what appear to be ice shards to accompany them, a sharp rain of icicles preparing to launch down upon her foes. She stares rather blankly at her enemies, and doesn't seem to nocie Kilsa at all.

Tiya nods her head towards her mistress, grinning broadly, her ears flicking excitedly. "Yes mitress Kilsa," the equine says, moving towards the nearest ashen rend, making a fist and punching it hard in the chest, grunting with effort and the sickening sound of breaking bones, the feral sent flying into a group of it's allies. The shemale doesn't even seem to notice Spade's attack as she wades through the fray, taking a couple of long crystals in the shoulder with a thud, the shemale not seeming to notice the injury, instead grinning, waiting for the next victim to come into range.

Virginia was mildly disturbed by danielle's living bullet display, but was this really *fun*? Sie slowly, carefully approached the brawl, and tried to find one that was away from the rest. Finding a moth girl, sie starts moving towards her, moving forward and backward in nervousness. Eventually, sie gets the nerve to rush her, and using hir Electric nanomagic, sie grabbed hold of her arm and attempted a shock. Thankfully, she took her by surprise and sent a jolt through her that caused her to smoke and then fall. Sie looked unsure at her, wondering if she was going to get up and seek vengeance. Sie kicked her a little, and then suddenly realizing she was leaving herself open, stated looking around in a panic for any feral that may be rushing hir like sie did the moth girl.

The battle goes realitively easy as the group mops up both the Ashen and the Moths without any problem till a moth girl the size of tank burst from the ground splash the group in rubble, the large creature harrasss the group and attempts to beat everyone equally before the combined effort of the group keep the creature still enough fore Spade to put a bullet throught its brain causing it to collapse as the rats cheer and the still living moths scatter. "THank you very much." A seven foot tall mall rat with a chain saw says wile walking to the group, "Those Renders and moths ususally don't bother us much."

Danielle was absolutely caked with blood at this point, taking the time to wipe her face off and toss her ruined hankerchief off to the side. "Well that wasn't too bad, but it certainly took some time. Time that the robbers could be using to escape!" She peers down the manhole, grimacing slightly. "Boy am I glad I can fly, never been in the sewers before, but I'm rather sure the disgusting gunk is still down there."

Spade looks like she might be fairly proud of herself, having shot down two big foes and rained just enough prisms upon the rest to maim or kill them, if her eyes still didn't contain a thousand yard stare. She pops the sewer entrance open, taking time to shift her form to one shes far more comfortable in before she decends ahead of the group and starts clearing out ferals while she waits, she doesn't know where shes going but she wants to get going.

Tiya pouts in annoyance at the lack of her killing blows, moving towards the corpse of the giant moth and kicking at it, almost hoping it'd spring to life before she turns and walks towards the open hole, looking around. "I'll carry you through, mistress," the mare says with a shy smile towards Kilsa, jumping down into the muck of the sewers without a backward glance, not bothering with the ladder and turning around, reaching her arms up towards the light, readying herself to watch the shift, her long tail swishing, ears flicking in contentment, the blood form the crystals impaled in her shoulder stopping, but the shining spears still buried in her flesh.

Virginia pants, bent over with hir hands on hir knees. That had been harrowing for hir. Sie'd was probably never in danger from the start, but the percieved danger had hir shaking off adrenaline now. Sie had to mostly use hir illusionary spells in that fight, only a few times actually using hir electricity. Sie sighs, and stands straight. "Alright...I'm okay." Though no one was asking. Sie'd been knocked around during the fight, but sie'd live. Sie followed the others down. Sie'd not been in the sewers before either, and hoped it wasn't *too* horrendous down there.

The Mall Rat speaks to the group as Spade cleans out the enemies viciously in the lower levels. "Heh. You guys are so cool at killing these guys. She comments and walks to the group and smiles, "Did you notices the little uncool little fellas that stole my self protrait." She grumbles and looks to the group. "I saw one of them take it down in the sewers before the Renders came out." She says before revving up a chainsaw and slicing up the renders to move the bodies away. Deep inside the sewers the Spider noticed a Moai sitting on top of a drain pipe, it looked like someone has colored over it with a crayon.

Danielle flies back to her mistress, shifting into her larger succubus form. She picks her up in a kind of wedding carry, and flies the pair down into the pipe. "I wouldn't dare let you walk through that nasty stuff, goodness knows I wouldn't walk through it." She sticks her tongue out at it before following the trail of death Spade has left behind, no doubt that was the right way to go!

Spade stops dead in her tracks after knocking out the feral in hand, dropping them and staring at the statue. Her expression doesn't change, but her body tenses up as she aggressively approaches the moai statue, using her skills of intimidation to her advantage to make it look like she shouldn't be approached, and rightfully so. The thoughts creeping through her mind as she angrily cries silently against the statue and tries to rub off the crayon are not at all pleasant ones.

Tiya continues waiting at the bottom of the entrance, staring up at where she expects her mistress to appear, barely noticing the demonic pair flying past her, instead waiting patiently for her mistress to join her. She is utterly oblivious to the anguish Spade is undergoing at the end of the tunnel, frowning a little at her mistress's tardiness.

Virginia giggles a bit as sie's swept up. "Oh, well thank you very much!" Sie leans up and gives hir a kiss on the cheek. "You should get some sort of reward later. Do *you* have any ideas?"

Shirai approaches the group, taking note of the larger succubus. "Kilsa. You asked for me?" She greets the group with a grimace as she sees the dismboweled renders and spade's sudden change in disposition. The canine quickly forms a makeshift facemask from some cloth. "Really, the sewers? What exactly are we down here for again?" She asks the Talakai, murmering something under her breath.

The Mall rat wave them off as kilsa mentions about KS solutions and speaks on how they could be in better business in the future. The Adept smiles before dropping down in the sewers and look around she nods as she beckonds for the mare and the wolf to follow her. "Our stuff got stolen and we are tracking them down, a small mission from the Wet Bitches staff." She answers as the group is greated by a small goo girl holding a moai statue inside of it. It spots the group and begins to run away quickly darting down tunnelings left and right.

Danielle grins slightly in response to Virginia's praise and kiss, giving hir a happy nuzzle with her cheek. "Thank you mistress, I'm sure I'll think of a reward, but for now I need to find our stuff!" The fae looks around, spotting Spade and her defaced Moai statue, feeling a bit of sadness for her. "I have a cleaner that would help get it the stuff off no problem!" She calls to her, hoping to cheer her up at least a little bit. And then she spots the goo fleeing, another Moai inside of her. "SPADE, THAT WAY! FUCKERS HAVE YOUR MOAIS!"

Spade blinks as she's snapped to attention by Danielle, running after the goo girl with all the speed she can muster. If she ever gets in range she has intents to pummel the girl over and over.

Tiya follows her mistress happily, sneaking in the odd nuzzle on the shifter's cheek when she can, giggling, obviously enjoying herself. She got a fight, she got time with her mistress, all she needs is the magic words 'good girl', the horse grinning. She spots the goo, licking her lips and taking off after the thief, a paces behind Spade, trying to overtake, wanting the praise.

Shirai nods to Kilsa. "I'm surprised they actually got this far." She muses, a brief delay before the canine lances the goo girl with a ray of sunlight, enveloping the creature in burning radiance for a moment to stun and leaving them sizzling from the heat.

Virginia watches the action and struggles hir way out of Danielle's arms. "Sorry, but you can chase faster without carrying me!" Sie uses hir wings to keep hirself from touching the floor or anything else, and follows after the goo thing. Sie couldn't do much to help, but sie could at least make the effort.

The Goo Girl is hit by the solar ray glancing her side as Spade tackles her like a football player the goo is screaming in pain form the sizzling good. "AAAAAHHH!!!" She look at the spider swats at spade weakly before trying to remove the moai statue which is cracked d from the solar rays damage to the statue. The statue is pulled out as it is missing a chuck of its head. Kilsa walks to the goo and growls. "I think we found one of the theives."

Danielle catches up with the group rather easily, though not before the light beam and Spade reaches the goo first. She spots the missing chunk, and can't help but wince slightly, feeling pity for both Spade AND the goo. "Well... I think the goo is about to have a pretty bad day."

Spade sees the statue break apart and bears her fangs as she bears down upon the goo girl with a flurry of punches, throwing all of her legs into it as she vents her anger upon who she believes to be the guity party. She cries into the solution as she does so, letting out frustrated sounds of anger.

Tiya catches up with Spade, no match for the speed of the infuriated spider and bending over the pair. She frowns, squatting down and picking out the statue in one hand and the goo with her other,gripping her by the neck and standing up, holding the thief out of reach of the arachnid, holding out the statue to try and soothe the moai-obsessed girl.

Virginia stopped hir flight. Welp, seems sie hadn't helped, like sie thought. Was sie going sie going to benifit the group at all, or was sie there to be pretty? Sie wouldn't have much problem with the second option, sie just wanted to know.

Shirai continues on to Spade and the others, murmering something under her breath as she watches Spade pummel the goo, rifling through her bag for a moment, evidently not having whatever she was looking for on her. "Come on, Spade. There are more statues that have been taken. The sooner we've found them the better. I can help repair any damages when this is over. I've got glues and solvents if you want them." She offers.

The goo girl struggles in Tiya grip and gurgles, it doesn't seem to be very strong but it whimpers and struggles more her ability to not need to breath keeping her alive. "Leeggoo. MINE!!!" Her tentacles slap against Tiya boob with the force of a kitten. "Leggo! Leggo!" She squeaks out her words angry as her wounds heal up slowly and she eye the moai statue with a desperation. Kilsa looks confused, "Where is the rest of the stuff and where are my damn vials!!" Kilsa grunts before look at Tiya, "Good girl, Tiya now bring her along and give Spade her statue."

Danielle can't help but chuckle at the goo's reactions, taking advantage of her distraction to fly over and slap her in the back of the head. "Oi, where is my medical supplies?" She flies to the goo's front and looks her right in the eye, "Tell me where they are, and I promise you something lovely~" The fairy had an odd glint in her eye, and her voice sounded rather alluring as she attempted to hypnotize the goo.

Spade doesn't let Tiya keep the goo girl from her for long, resuming to pummel them when she moves back into range.

Tiya continues to hold the goo girl, letting Spade punch her to her hearts content, holding out the statue and infact shivering in pleasure at the compliment her mistress pays to her, the thief plainly unable to harm her and the mare relaxing, starting to hum a little even.

Shirai sighs quietly as the goo girl continues to get pummelled, idling until any progress is to be made. "Spade, come on... This is solving nothing. We'll get more done if we move ahead rather than wait here. The longer we give the robbers, the further they can get, the more they can spread out."

Further ahead a yip is heard as the goo girl is crying out from the beating. A bunch of random ferals poor from a tunneling most of them are very young huddled behind a large Mutant hynea who is holding a large spear. The children are holding moai statues while others are playing with infection vials like they are space ships. "Go away!" The hyena growl loudly as the children behind him huddle tighter together.

Danielle gives up in her attempt at hypnosis as she sees a few blurry figures emerging from the pipes through the goo girl. She flies around, prepping herself for another battle before seeing just what it was that emerged from the pipes. She holds a hand up to her mouth, a twinge of regret running through her as she realizes they'd been hunting down kids and their protective parents this whole time.

Spade stops punching the goo girl and breaks into tears of frustration. She looks the group over and approaches the hyena. "Why would you steal something so precious if you aren't going to take care of them..." she chitters, holding out the crayon ridden moai. She can barely see through her tear, she won't be pummeling these children but she is beyond belief with what they've done. She looks at it and pulls it to her chest, holding it tightly. "Why..."

Tiya mutely hands the frightened googirl towards Shirai, thinking her the best mistress to deal with her and putting the recovered moai down nearby, walking towards the family group and the hyena in particular, not seeming to be the littlest bit afraid of the spear. "Those are mistress Spade's," the mare says, pointing at the statues, "Mistress Kilsa's," she adds, pointing at the vials. "Other things went missing too. Give them," the feral states, simply, apparently not concered that it may be being put to better use here, instead trying to stare down the hyena, looking very, very, large and very, very, scary

Shirai sighs and shakes her head as the goo girl is passed to her by Tiya. "Tiya, intimidation isn't necessary here. We can negotiate the item's returns and maybe make some allies rather than force them to do something and regret it later." She sighs murmering an apology to the goo girl before turning back to Tiya and the hyena. "The items were stolen, yes. And we do want them returned. But I don't agree with threatening families over it. Is there anything I can offer in return for peaceful co-operation?" She asks, putting a good deal of emphasis on 'peace', a slight glare to Tiya as she does.

The hyena moves backward and looks at the statue with a confused look before look back at kids to an older set in the far back who are juggling Kilsa vials. "You find these?" The kids look sheeply and shake thier head. The hyena eye twitch in frustration, "Stupid. Stupid kids, your going to die from this. Drop all toys!" He shouts and the child stop way they are doing and drop all of the toys on the ground and some of the medical tools clatter and the mutant looks at the goo, "Give back squishy for toys?" He asked hopefully not very concerned that she is hurt but wants her back. He feels a little fearful of the mare but his eyes are more comfortable darting from the mares chest to the goo girl. He hears Shirai and Tiya demands for the toy and give a nod, "Stupid toys from stupid kids. Have back and give back my squishy." He says while stepping back from Tiya as the children start to cry from the aura pooring from Tiya and scampering deep into the sewers. Kilsa shakes her head and looks at the hyena, "Couldn't you have picked a better place to raise kids?"

Danielle is worried as Tiya steps up to the group, but is glad she isn't solving the problem violently. As the kids drop their things, a smile comes to her face, happy nothing had to happen. She couldn't help but wonder though, were all those ferals they'd killed before parents as well, or were they just a random group? A look of dispair comes to her face as she realizes that she might have been the cause of a lot of orphans today.

Spade shoves the moai statue at the hyena and shakes her head. "It's ruined... they can keep them... they need to take care of them..." she chitters and cries harder before she pulls out the one she carries at all times and curls up on the floor. The whole situation is getting to the spider, and apparently she's decided to take a break from the world to cry to herself, becoming rather unresponsive.

Tiya smiles as she wins, nodding her head and starting to go about things simply, toning down her aura. The mare quickly turns around, walking over to pick the goo girl up, carrying her other towards the hyena, nodding her head. "Squishy," the mare says, turning her head, frowning and squatting down near the sobbing Spider. The horse picks her up bodily, ignoring any protests and cradlingSpade against her chest, moving to stand next to Kilsa, rubbing against her, carrying the arachnid easily.

Virginia chuckles a little bit at the goo girl being named "squishy". Sie'd pretty much been useless this whole time, sie was no good with kids, or negotiations. Sie looks to spade and says "Come on, don't take it so hard. I'm sure you can get more of those things."

Shirai sighs quietly, bringing the goo girl over to the Hyena. "Please, do teach the children not to rob. Not all people will take things lightly. And the medical tools aren't toys..." The wolfess sighs quietly. "If any of your children need medical attention, I could take a look at them if you'd like... Or are there any other parents around that need help?" She asks concernedly, looking over to Spade sympathetically for a moment.

A small spider girl with a translucent body and frail arms and legs move over to Spade and hands her a moai statue with a wig on it and a little doll. "Sowwie. Dun cry." She says meekly while sucking on her fingers timidly trying to make up for the wrong by giving up her own toy with the moai statue. Kilsa moves over to her sister and pats Spade on the back, "Sister I'll help you make more." She smiles and looks at the first plushie she ever got torn open and the vials missing. "I think we will have to gather what we can and leave. I don't think this is a success but... We still have a mission to do." Kilsa doesn't move but keep rubbing the Spider back making sure she is ok. The mutant Hyena and the goo girl look at the group and begin slowly picking up the things thier childing dropped putting them into a bag and giving them to the group. "Kids do bad. I'll punish them..sorry." The Hyena speak as the goo nod and makes a spanking guesture while the spider goo child hover near Spade.

Danielle rubs her eyes, the sight of the little spider girl offering her stuff up to Spade tugged on her heart strings. That just wasn't fair, darn it she's... SUPPOSED to be a man. Men don't cry at this hallmark channel bullshit. ... And then she gives up, plopping her face down into Virginia's shoulder as she starts crying.

Spade stares blankly at the girl for a while before smiling and taking the little moai in hand, holding it to her chest and smiling warmly at the child. "I think I'll make you some clothes later." she chitters with a nod, offering the girl a hug even as she's held.

Virginia just grins as Danielle starts crying. It pleased hir to see femininity out of the former male. Sie tries to pass it off at happiness at things working out. "So...happy ending?"

Shirai looks back to Kilsa, helping collect the items with little other action. "Kilsa, do you know how exactly the kids got into your rooms? THe owners are going to have to adress that..."

"You know I don't know really, I mean I wasn't there and I usually leave my window closed." The adept answers honestly before a sheepish looking looking skunk beast walk up with the squishy behind him. His arms are that of a diamond drake and legs are that of a griffon as he passed a large golden infection vial to Kilsa who smiles, "I think we should leave." She looks over the vial and sighs known that this infection is improtant to her but she decided that if everyone else has to lose something she should learn to give something up to. "Keep it.. and use it when you are in trouble." She looked at group, "How about we go and turn in our report and get smashed... Very smashed. The drink are on me, " She looked to Shirai and smiled, "The claws on that kid could easely cut through the glass and walls of the wet bitch." She gathers up the rest of the things, "Lets head out everyone." She pick up Spade smiles, before the spider child leaves waving at the larger spider woman and the whole family pulls out of that area of the sewer and heads to another.

Virginia looks excited at getting smashed. "Wooo~!"

Danielle prays that her crying will stop, but the prayer was aborted by the darkness.

Later on the adept turns in her report and collects half of the original wages due to many of the items being unusable. The KS solutions have made a connections with the Wet bitch as a provider of services but the biggest shocker is the amount of freecred the Mall rats dropping into the KS solutions. "Those cool bastards." The adept stats looking over the recepit, "I think we are going to drink some of the good shit tonight." She says before sending a few messages out to other housing establishments to watch out for theives.