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The nanite adept smiles in her human form a yellow fold in her hands as she looks over the lastest mission she wait calmly for her employees to answers her summons, "A fat reward tied to this one. I might just buy those vials I've been eyeing in the story with the cash this is going to bring in." Kilsa chuckles to herself while leaning against the breifing room table.

Tiya enters the room holding a broom over her shoulder and wearing her maid's dress, plainly in a hurry to join her mistress. She movers up mutely beside her seat and drops to her knees, the broom clattering on the floor as she licks at Kilsa's feet. Sitting back up, the equine smiles at the human, tossing her mane a little. "Hello Mistress. You called for something fun?"

Dio holds a paw to his ear to better listen in on the new summons. Feeling somewhat bored lately, the lion seems to perk up a little at the potentially exciting venue. Previously relaxing in the common room, Dio gets up from his seat and straightens out his semi-formal wear before striding down towards the meeting location. "Hello boss," he says with a smile and takes a seat, "What do we got for today?"

Shirai paces into the room, a quiet yawn escaping her lips as she slips on one last section of her armor. "So, who were we supposed to be cleaning up after?" She chuckles quietly, propping herself up against the wall and looking over to Kilsa curiously, a nod of acknowledgement to the others in the room.

Spade skitters into the room, a mass of moai statues clutched in her arms as she carrys her sewing kit hazardously. She approaches Kilsa and lays each Moai statue out carefully, lining them up to face her. "I'm here dear, what's going on?" she chitters curiously.

The Nanite adept chuckles and nods her head at the mare before gived her mane a few loving strokes. "Well I have a mission that is going to impress RSX. Apprently We have some defectors from the establishment that have set themselves up with a Feral fighting ring, Now this normally wouldn't cause RSX to get their panties in a bunch but these fine upstanding soldiers decided that some of the best ferals would be non-feral. Guess what group has powerful sane creatures and likes to wear funky sombreos?" Kilsa pauses for dramatic effect. "You guessed it. Promethean! Now those not to bright fellows kidnapped an infectee with a still working come." Kilsa smiles even wider, "Now we can go in all gun ablazing but I decided that we could try a subtle approach as well. Don't want to piss of either group by killing their folks." She speaks to everyone and shakes her head, "No we don't. Now I'm thinking we are all mutated enough to pass for promethan and see if we can get the captives out before....now wait for it. Breaking everyone faces that isn't an innocent." She chuckles while sitting on the desk. "Any questions?"

Tiya smiles up at Kilsa, her tail swishing along the floor and bending to give a series of kisses along the adept's feet. "I like it mistress," she says, giggling inwardly at the dramatic effects in the shifter's mode of speech. "So you want me to pretend to be promethean, mistress? I'll try and be a good girl," she says, positioning her head for more pettings.

"So it's defectors setting up a fighting ring, they picked up the wrong fighter, and we're there to retrieve. Got it." Dio leans back into his chair and smiles. "That certainly sounds quite interesting. Do we know what this captured individual looks like or perhaps his mutation? They might've loaded 'em up with nanites, but it might still be good to know."

Shirai flicks an ear back and shrugs. "Sure, I'll bite." She replies with a shrug. "It wouldn't be the first time I've been mistaken for a Promethean." She comments, muttering something under her breath before pushing herself off of the wall, listening in on Dio's comments. "We'll be off soon, then?"

Spade shakes her head. "But promethean... their propaganda..." she chitters trying to recite her zephyric information store. "I guess..." she chitters thinking to herself and shifting forms to something more fitting for the operation. "Alright, I'll do my best sister." she chitters and starts to snatch up her statues.

She nods at Dio, "Well not that simple since my employers are RSX they have no freaking clue who the kidnapped Promethans are. I was going to do things the simple thing of just releasing all the ferals." She winks, "Now I have the location of one of the Prommies that got captured. Thank science for com units, They are being holded up in an not-so-abandoned building six miles south of the highway. It supposed to be an old solar energy plant but large enough to host these fights. Now get your gear and lets be off. Also.... I'm taking a risk here myself but I'm going to have my feline friend here bluff our way inside. If you have any weapons you want to hide do it now because we have to go now while our window of opportunity awaits." She passes a set of dog tags to Dio and smiles, "This was given to use by the RSX form the informant, Your name is now James and you didn't get your infection shot." She grined as she shifted into a common skunk girl before leading the group out to a waiting van. "If you can't hide your weapon leave it in the van." Kilsa says quick as everyone gets inside and the van begins to drive off.

Tiya stands up and follows Kilsa into the van, pouting a little as all the information goes largely over her twitching ears. As far as she tell, she'll just need to be ready to fight and follow her mistress's lead. Fair enough, really. Once sat in the van, she pulls at her uniform, quickly sitting it off and sitting down naked, carefully folding her outfit neatly and putting it on a spare seat, smiling to her mistress. "Do I still submit to you as normal or do I pretend, mistress?" she asks, head on the side, surveying the skunk girl. "I thought mistress hated skunks..."

Dio looks a bit taken back when Kilsa mentions a feline doing something specific. "Seems like it'd be best for a human to perform such an act. That's quite a big risk indeed, but..." The lion takes the dog tags and eyes them for a bit and they dangle in his paws. Satisfied with his inspection, he places them over his neck and lets them hang across his chest. "If that is what you designated as my job, then I shall perform it to the best of my abilities." After his little speech, Dio gives a short bow and quickly walks into the van before taking a nice seat and leaning back. He slips a hand into his pocket to make sure the stone orb he keeps in his pocket is still there and ready for access.

"What weapons?" Shirai quips, taking a moment to put her bag back in her room. "If we're looking at an old solar plant, I might take a look around the electronics if I get the opportunity." She comments, pulling herself into the van with the audible sound of metal-on-metal from her armor. "Better a disguise that way, Tiya." She shrugs.

Spade thinks to herself and nods, moving to follow Kilsa, dropping her gun on her sisters desk for now. She doesn't need it, she has enough power without a fire-arm but it's usually handy to have. She slowly moves out to the van, getting used to moving her new form a bit so it looks more natural before she hops in and eyes the outfit folded by Tiya, making sure they did a good job and it wasn't damaged in any way.

"Oh no, Tiya. You will not refer to me as mistress and if need be you will not speak unless spoken too. The only think you will do is follow Dio's orders until this mission is over. Though salvaging the place would be a good idea and Dio I trust you to keep them stupid and possible make a little extra money with all of us beautiful female powerhouses." Kilsa chuckles while taking the time to tear holes in her clothing before they arrive. They are a half mile down but the RSX driver lets them out. The walk is short and each of the group is giving handcuffs and footcuff that allow them to walk but not run. At the Door to the power plant is a Large female with a powerful looking shotgun. "Halt! Designation and Purpose, This is offical RSX business. Don't interfere." She has a three bottles of beer sitting around her and obviously smell of weed, smoke and strangely enough chocolate.

Tiya smiles, nodding to her mistress and keeping the maid's dress safe and clean in the van, giving a little bow towards Dio in acknowledgement

Tiya smiles, nodding to her mistress and keeping the maid's dress safe and clean in the van, giving a little bow towards Dio in acknowledgement of the order. With the rest of events, she simply remains mutely, accepting the cuffs with a frown, idly putting the one around her wrists to her lips, pressing her teeth against the metal curiously. "These are stupid... you couldn't hold a feral with these..." the mare comments, frowning and shutting up as the rogue RSX operative comes closer at the group's pace. She flares her nostrils and tosses her head in disgust at the smells surrounding her, plainly disliking the scents.

With multiple chained up women walking around him, Dio couldn't help but feel like some sort of human trafficker. The thought almost made the lion laugh, but he managed to stifle it and return his thoughts to the more important matters at hand. Now in front of the RSX operative, Dio takes a firm sniff in the air. It's been awhile since he's been in such an environment. The lion puffs out his chest and towers over the woman slightly. Before speaking, he spits on the ground and taps a claw on his dog tags. "Good, because RSX business is my business. Name's James. Missed out on my fucking shots, but that's how shit goes. If you look here, I've got some fresh meat for the grinder. See this one right here?" Dio points towards Tiya. "That's one fine heavy hitter. And this one..." He points towards Spade. "Shit man, that's prime betting material right there. Looks like some ordinary mouse, but she'll fuck something up twice her size if you ain't careful. And these two..." He points at Kilsa and Shirai. "You don't want to make these bitches angry if you know what I'm saying," he says with a sleazy chuckle. "So you gonna let me in or what? I got some fuckin' bets to make."

Spade smiles to see how well Tiya takes care of her outfit, and frowns a bit when shes given cuffs. She sighs and puts them on, making sure they're secure. WHen they're addressed, semi-testing her binds but mostly just studying how Dio and the female interact. Her tail sways above her ass slightly.

Shirai maintains her quiet disposition effortlessly, though her hackles rise slightly at the scent of smoke and alcohol on the door guard as the group arrives, a palpable air of discontent around at the exchanged dialogue.

"Jame..James, I don't know a fucker name james but not like I give a shit. Well you can only take one at a time to the betting ring. We will take the others to the pens down stairs." She looks over the rest of the group and shakes her head, "They all look like shit to be honesty, This must be your first time fighting. It doesn't matter how tough they are against the little weak ferals of this city. The Champion right now is Princess, hell it took nine weeks to even capture her. Anyway take your ass in and put your cred on the table with the man in the mask." As Dio is guided inside a man in a mask of a pink pony looks at him, "Wow. You brought in a alot so you must be new. I'll explain quickly, You send in just one feral she will fight against everyone of her level, four monsters at C level, three monsters at B level, two others at A and at S Rank she fights the princess. Most of the bitch you brought look like they couldn't beat a rookie fresh in the bubble..." His eye locks on Kilsa, "A skunk girl? Really? You just wanted that bitch to get fucked up." He chuckles and snaps his fingers as a large diamond drake walks closer. "Take everyone but that strong looking horse to the pen." The Drake nods and effortlessly breaks the binds connecting everyone to Tiya and takes them down to a single cell and guild them in he sniff them from outside the metal bar coated in a reflective looking metal. Dio and Tiya are led to a large room with a pit that probably housed a generator before it was made into a ring. A female human stands near the lion, "Ah your infected total buzz kill but I'm guessing your sending the horse to fight?" She smiles and holds out her hand. "Give me 3,000 cred and I'll change the rations of the fighters in your favor." She winked and waited for the Lion to pay or not as defector led Tiya into the ring with other armed defectors behind her incase the large shemale attacks.

Tiya shoots a look over her shoulder at her fellow group members as she's led away, giving a look towards the diamond drake at the display of strength, wondering who princess is in the back of her mind. That prommie she was meant to not hurt? The shemale looks around the ring, her tail swishing behind her, rolling her eyes to look at the defectors behind her, weighing her chances. Deciding not to risk it, she pulls her hands apart with a grunt, the cuffs digging in for a moment before the chain breaks. She releases her hooves in a similar way and starts rubbing her wrists, waiting for whatever comes next.

Dio doesn't say much of anything as the masked individuals lay insults upon him and his co-workers. He just simply grins and nice toothy grin. As the others are taken away, he gives them a good luck nod for their part of the mission. Walking past the mentioned betting table, the lion decides to have a little fun while he's here. "Ten thousand on the horse," Dio exclaims as he slams the money down on the table. Eventually, he's led to the arena where he takes in all its features. Nice place. He looks at the woman carefully and determines that she's probably not lying to him, but instead rather desperate in a sense. "Yeah sure, I like increasing my odds," he says with a grin and putting the money in her hands.

Dio spends 13000 Freecred for RP reasons.

Shirai growls quietly at the outright insult from the door guar, tail flicking irritatedly though she keeps her attention on the area around her, glancing back and forth for potentially avantageous terrain or a shiny bit of salvageable equipment as she's ushered off with the others.

Spade calmly follows the others, taking note of each and every one of the guards insults. She looks herself over and nods, they were right she LOOKED weak. As she gets inito the cell she examines the bars, tilting her head as she streches her arms over her head, breaking the binds, before she lays on her back and carefully kicks out to weaken or break them as well before laying back, her head tilted upwards so she is looking behind her at the bars with her prone form. If someone takes the bait, great but shes more worried about studying the bars to see if she can bend or break them, or if she will need other skills to open the lock.

Downs in the pens accross from the three females is a beat up looking fox boy with large goo girl tits that seem to weight him down. He looks at Spade and Shirai, "Please help me..." He says pitifully as a large shunk beast leer over him and licks it lips, "Don't cry Ralph, I mean those girls are probably feral..." The skunk beast uses quotation makes with is fingers. "As we are but atleast here you can't tell me no." As spade checks the bars she can tell that they are lightly eletrified and kilsa attempts a light solar ray on the bars which do nothing more than bounce back and leave a smoking line across her ear. Now back up where Tiya is she is pitted in a fight against several male foxes the moment they step out of the field many of them look sick and weak. The strongest of the bunch attempts to punch Tiya but doesn't do any more than tickle her stomach. The female from before sits down near Dio as the fight continues. "Ooooh seems like this ferals should eat better food." She chuckles and looks at him, "So what got you into using ferals for fighting?" She grins probing him for answers. "I mean I never seen you before and you have a champion with you. That horse probably doesn't need help."

Tiya frowns in confusion at the entry of the foxes, putting her head to the side. The equine doesn't even seem to deem them worthy of entering a fighting stance. She looks around the ring, wondering if there's anything she should be doing, or if she actually needs to hurt the foxes, the tod who struck her probably getting more hurt on her abs than anything else. She shrugs, mutely raising her finger and flicking the fox between the eyes, managing to put all the strength of her forearm in a small surface area. That much PSI has got to hurt. "Am I done?"

Dio eagerly anticipates the upcoming fight with a heightened sense of excitement. He should probably be more worried for the well-being of his co-worker, but it would seem the lion got a bit lost in the moment. There was some money on the line after all. As the weak little foxes try to fight in vain against the much more powerful mare, his excitement begins to fade. He turns back towards the female and crosses his legs. "Figured this was a good way to get my kicks if you know what I mean. Watch a 'good' fight, see a little bloodshed, and make some cash. My horse there is like a damn typhoon or something," he says with a chuckle. "By the way," Dio says as he leans closer towards the female, "Any other cool tricks you got up your sleeve?"

Shirai shakes her head and looks over at the attacking party. "No. I think you'll find I'm quite sane." She replies to the skunk flatly, raising an arm up through the bars and pointing directly at the skunk. "Now, all of you are going to leave that fox alone." The canine states, a lancing ray of light searing and dazzling the skunk with alarming accuracy.

Spade stretches, shaking her head. "So dears, the bars are pretty sturdy but... the walls and ceiling should be easy enough to get through." she squeaks. "Yes you're right, I'm "feral" she adds as she looks the walls over and says "The bars are also slightly electrified, don't touch them." she says before shifting her form into something far more suited to breaking out of this pitiful dump and starts attempting to bring the walls down.

"What?" The shunks says as he is knocked back by the sizzling beam and growling. "So you to play dirty huh? I can't rea-" His jaw drops as he sees spade transform. "Oh your one of them nanite changer folks." The skunk beast smiles, "Let me out and hell I'll leave anyone alone you want except the bitch that brought me here." Upstairs the second round gets underway as three very powerful looking feral of mix and match mutations look as ill as the last group but doesn't ull any punching in trying to fight Tiya and each other. The girl next to Dio smiles, "I could show you tell you that your horse will probably go down in round S against my favorite Princess." The ground rumbled from the down stairs groups actions. After the wall is knocked down by Spade the downstairs group is face to face with a firey herm Cerebus with a paint bucket melted on it head like a fake crown. The creature is on all fours and tentacles sprout from it rear. "Um...What is that.." Kilsa says as the creature growls at the group. "I don't think its friendly, whatever it is. I doubt this thing is going to be who we are here for so....kill it if you have to." Kilsa says.

Shirai keeps a cold glare on the group that was assaulting the fox boy. "We're not here to make problems for you. I think we'll be a bit better... equipped to deal with the RSX troops if we're not busy raping each other person we see." She states before the wall is taken down by Spade. "Oh, brilliant..." She grumbles, electricity arcing across her fur as she begins to combust. "Any other plans you have?" She queries her companions.

Spade stretches and looks to the others. "Are we going to fight it?" she asks before moving closer to the dog, reaching out to pet it, ready to pull back, hoping her skin would protect her enough to give it a few pats.

"Really? Is this Princess really that strong," Dio says while leaning in due to his increased interest. "Tell me more about the champion fighter. Is she some giant bear or something? Now that'd be something..." Dio feels the ground rumble slightly and starts to worry a little. If someone were to alarm upstairs that there's been a riot, those upstairs might not be in such a great position either as Dio would be a very likely suspect. Also the lion's bet might get lost. That's important too. For now, Dio decided it'd be best if he didn't look suspicious, so he continued to watch the fights and talk with the lady.

Tiya breaks into a huge grin at the sight of her newest batch of oppnents, her ears flicking wildly atop her head. She doesn't even seem to notice the explosion underhoof, simply revelling in the chance to let loose. The mare charges into the melee, punching one hard in the face, headbutting the other, body white with sweat already as she let's loose, ignoring the bruises she gets in return for her bone-crushingly powerful attacks.

The competitors goes down from Tiya assault as the female human near dio nods, "Its very simple. We have a hazard scale to determine threats, while this area is considered a mild threat we heard that Princess was pulled out of an area that was so much worse." The girl chuckles, "Princess is considered strong enough that if she wasn't under her sponsors special control we wouldn't be alive." The girl winked, "My name is Kim. Yours?" The group down stairs is faced with the large mutated Cerebus, The moment Spade come close the creature steps back and growls but doesn't attack the group, backing her self into a corner. Outside a Diamond Drake guard walks inside and smacks against the bars with his claws. "What are you doing inside of there. THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE WALL IN THERE??" He motions to hit an alarm to the other side of but the moment he passes infront of the bars a power acidic blast of skunk spray send the guard screaming to the floor as he tries to get the stuff off of himself. "You owe me now get us out of here." The skunk with the sizzling chest shouts.

Shirai curses quietly, glancing over to Spade. "Stay ready." She states, bracing herself for a moment before launching herself at the bars and producing a significant dent in both them and her pauldron. After a short moment to remove the damaged section, she begins to pull at the bars, slowly rotating the bend around to be wider. "..Could... Use a little... Help here." She growls.

Spade moves her currently hulking form over towards Shirai and attempts to aid in the bars removal. "We need to hurry so that we can get to the guard, he might still be able bodied." she grunts.

Dio stands up and claps after Tiya mops up the round of weak competitors. "Well done. Good.. Horse?," he shouts in encouragement. The lion still wasn't quite aware of the phrase his co-workers use to show appreciation for the mare, so he took his best guess. Sitting back down in his chair, Dio listens to the woman once more. "That strong you say? Oh my..." That could be a problem soon. The lion was starting to get a bit anxious and started tapping a large naked foot on the ground. Dio didn't want anyone to be around when Princess took the stage. "Kim you say," he says in an attempt to distract himself, "What a beautiful name. My name's James. They call me James the friendly lion at times."

Tiya squats down next to the the groaning form of her last opponent, poking at it, trying to encourage further movement. She wasn't even hurt in the least, and the sweat she got was mostly from the excitement of being able to fight. She straighens up, looking toward Dio and flaring her nostrils, the look on her face making it plain the lion got it wrong. An outsider observer might think that given her reaction to the phrase, this is the wrong time to be praising her anyway. She shrugs, looking around the room again, wondering what will happen next.

"On it." Kilsa says before opening her mouth and firing a powerful blast of fire at the Drake, The guard is quicker and rolls to the side before flicking some of the acid at Kilsa face from its claws. "SON OF A BITCH." The adept screams shifting her face to regrow the eyes that have already began to scar over from her rapid healing. Spade and Shirai's efforts tear down the bars but before they can even celebrate the strange mutant pushes her way out the bent bars knocking the two down smacking the adept down before she runs pass the holding pens and out to the arena. With out paying attent to the crown the strange mutant with a paint can melted to her head drops down infront of Tiya, her growling signals that she does like Tiya being in HER arena. "Princess?!" Kim says in shock, "There would be a whole nother round before the big guns come out. That horse is so dead..." Kim says with amusement.

Shirai growls, ducking through the bars and sprinting over to a switchboard. After a brief check of the labels - or rather, lack thereof - the canine reverses the positions of all the switches as quickly as she can in a hope they are indeed the cell door locks.

Spade forces her body out the way the beast went, looking around before she considers what to do. She'd fumbled the mission, that thing is going to get them noticed fast, what can she do? She decides to follow it, the turmoil will be good to pave an escape route right? As she emerges into the Arena she looks around slightly confused, trying to look the part she flexes a bit before running towards Tiya, thinking hard. She quickly shouts something about needles, surely Tiya will understand that and catch her scent, but to the crowd it will probably sound like a less than sane battle cry.

"WHAT" Dio springs out of his chair as princess takes the stage. This wasn't supposed to happen. Even the human next to him said as such. "You can't just change things up like that. What kind of ring are you shits running? And what is this?" Dio notices someone else take the stage and scoffs. "Another one even? Well, you cheat me and I'll cheat you." Immediately, he sprints for the ring side and shuffles through his pockets to bring out a somewhat small ball of stone. With the power of earth nano magic, he fires off deadly pieces of stone shrapnel directly at Princess. A few manage to burrow their way directly into the flesh on her side likely to cause some serious pain, but not enough to break any bones. Hopefully that'd give them the advantage they needed, or at least stall for time. Dio continues to hold up the stone ball and prepares to jump in if the champion begins to attack.

Tiya looks surprised at the entry of 'Princess'

Tiya looks surprised at the entry of 'Princess' into the ring, but soon reacts by starting to growl back, scuffing her hoof on the groan, her muscles tensing in readiness for the fight. She looks around with alarm at the entry of Spade and Dio's missile in the fight, neighing angrily, almost snarling them. "Mine!" she says, plainly wanting to keep the canine to herself, her field of dread kicking in, grinding her teeth together, ready for combat, plainly eager.

"The hell are you doing?!" The masked man from eariler come out as an alarm is sound as dozen of officers enter with there weapons drawn. The Organized was short lived as dozens of ferals begin to attack like mad as a group of Promthean captives try to keep to the back and take weapons off of any downed soldiers they see. Kim doesn't leave her seat as most of the soldiers are subdue, killed or raped in the Chaos. Kim sighes as a fox boy looks at her with a throbbing hard on, "Sorry dear I'm taken now take a nap." She puts a bullet through the Foxes eye and out the back of the his skull. "Its a shame my operation is over. Oh well." Kim begins to walk away ocassinally putting a bullet into her enemies. She doesn't stop until she is face to face with the skunk and fox from eariler. "Going some where?" The Skunk says armed with a large assualt rifle pointed at her head.

Shirai peers over the lines of fighting prometheans and ferals, trying to gather up pieces of material that could be used for patching up any harmed people on the back lines though she can find no substantial amounts of anything to treat anyone with. When things begin to calm, she watches the Skunk and fox intently, watching for the next action to be taken.

"Mine? I got some personal investment in this thing, you know?" Dio wasn't too particularly happy about his money being 'cheated' out from him, but it was bound to happen anyways. This Princess probably wasn't going to let them just leave. The job was done for the most part, now they just needed to get out and go home. Dio wasn't quite certain about facing Princess in a direct fight even with everyone so pumped and ready to fight, so the lion attempted another route. "HEY KIM," the lion roars at the top of his lungs, "Call this fucker off right now or more than your little show is going to be over."

Spade thinks hard to herself and sighs. "I'm sorry princess." she says and nods. "I can't let you two fight." she says as she speeds along a skill she's trained on her nanites, taking quick aim at Princess and aiming the crippling blow at their head.

Spade thinks hard to herself and sighs. She turns to Kim, speeding along a trained nanite skill, taking careful aim at Kim and aiming the crippling blow at her head. "Tiya don't start a fight, be a good girl." she grunts.

Tiya pouts towards Spade, jesticulating at Princess, largely ignoring the chaos all around. "But she growled at me! She started it," the horse says, looking upset, shaking her mane. "Fiiiine..." the shemale says, token objection made, moving to the side of the fighting pit and pulling herself out easily. "I'll go not fight and keep the open," the poor Tiya says, plainly dissapointed at not having a good fight, moving towards the exit, almost casually flooring a male husky that tried to leap on her mid-route.

The human is hit by Spade and sent crashing into the chairs the woman groans at the skunk smiles and looks at her while Cracking his knuckle, "Well Well you name is Kim is it... You took my clothes, you took my pride and you made me fight others for the amusement of others." The skunk smiles but is interrupted by bright yellow light coat his body before he ignites. "AWWWWWWWRRRRGG!! WHY IS IT ALWAYS FIRE!!" The skunk screams and rolls out the fire as Princess begins to scream and attack wildy. The creature begin to attack the soldiers and ferals and prometheans indiscrimnately.

Shirai curses quietly as the cerberus begins to rampage,moving out from her place in time to see Tiya leaving the building. The canine growls angrily at the cerberus. After a brief pause, thin streams blood flowing from cuts and gashes on the the beast.

Spade watches Princess, and looks to Kim cursing. She thinks to herself and decides to fire off a volley of prisms in her direction, widespread fire will supress her movement until someone can get to them. She tries to remain ready to engage princess if things get out of hand.

Dio was waiting to see if his intimidation tactic would work, but as he watches Kim fly to the ground it was quite clear there wouldn't be time to check. He shrugs a bit at the scene and finally steps into the ring. Now down one strong mare, the odds have been lessened on their side. Without some quick action, it wouldn't be long until everyone got a nice taste of those flames. Seeing that the champion's back was turned, he immediately took the opportunity and ran straight for her. Dio raised the stone ball and fired off multiple violent shots directly into Princess' body. The stone fragments penetrate various spots, some managing to drill directly through the body and leaving nasty exit wounds.

Princess takes the beating from the group as Spade's Ice shards the Chairs around kim. Princess has finally taken into her feral mind that that most of the ones attacking and causing her pain are the strongest people in the room, being the beast she is she decides to break them like Kim would want. "RRAAAAG!!!" The beast charges.

Shirai dodges, parries and strikes at the huge cerberus, several hits narrowly deflected by her armor as the group fights the huge beast. One lapse of concentration as Kilsa is struck and a paw knocks her back against a wall. A few moments later, one of the cerberus's heads leans down to bite her, a luckily timed roll putting her just out of reach. Grabbing its neck with an arm, she seizes the vulnerable moment and puts a blade through its neck, quickly followed up with a storm of shards. The combined catastrophic internal damage from Dio, the repeated pummelling of Spade, Kilsa's assault brings the beast to the ground - though whether dead or unconscious is uncertain.

Spade looks bewildered at the beast, then to her hands before she looks to see if Kim was stil there.

Dio gets up off the floor and straightens out his clothing after the rather tough fight. He watches as Shirai potentially ends the beast and chuckles lightly to himself. Wiping a bead a of sweat off his brown, Dio says, "Impressive footwork ma'am. Let's take our package home and wrap things up shall we?"

The Ringleader Kim is quicky captured by the remaining free promethean forces. The group is picked up by an RSX convoy after Kilsa shoot off a com message to the Convoy leader, The ferals are let loose after a healthy dose of Traqulizer to get them in a seperate van. Princess... or what left of her is take to RSX to be studied, The RSX contact is at the group headquarters with a brief case, "I'm greatful that you took care of this, we will deal with the remaining culprits and they will not see the light of day for a long time." The contact smiles and gives Kilsa the briefcase. The Adept smiles and divides the bounty up between her employees. "Good job. Everyone now go get some rest."