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A Black talakai stand out side of the new dawn emcampement speaking with a hooded skunkgirl wearing a jersey and talking to the nanite adept speak to her. She called the group to meet her with outside of the walls of the Promethean headquarters, "Yes Yes I do understand. I'll debrief my team and we will help you out." She tries to calm down the skunkgirl while hoping that the rest of the group gets her messages and shows up.

Miranai walks in very cautiously, reading the message Kilsa had mass mailed out once more. Behind her follows Tod, a small feral fox with a metal plate where the left side of his skull and ear should be. In her usual dress and carrying her pistol and rifle, as well as her pack, all her gear and bots at the ready. She wonders if she should shrink herself, but doesn't think it needed. Kilsa would have said so... right? When she walks in she gives a bow, "Mistress, you .. umm.. called for me?" she asks looking to the skunkgirl a moment before walkin up to Kilsa.

A few moments later, Noire arrives, checking the time for confirmation. She's got her armor on as usual, more comfortable in it than just about anything else, and her elegantly-painted combat drone follows in behind her, along with her cat. The Valkyrie's cat ears turn and twist to get a fix on the group's position, and she moves to join them. "Reporting for duty, I suppose."

Clad in her tight pink shirt and bra, the new fabric clashing with the detestible state of her jeans, the equine Tiya approaches new dawn. The shemale mutely presses her way to the front and centre of the group, falling to her knees in front of Kilsa and starting to lick at her boots, ignoring the others, just dragging her tongue over the leather over and over again, obsessed with her task, making them slick with her saliva.

Spade skitters to a pre-arranged meeting point she was asked to be at, her sewing kit under her arm as she walks. She has no idea what to expect, but if her attendance has been requested this must be important to her friend. She inspects the beings surrounding Kilsa when she arrivies, taking note of the turnout before standing silently as she waits to see why they're all gathered here.

Shirai clears her throat quietly as she enters the room. "Kilsa, What's up?" She asks, having tailed into the room behind Noire and Tiya. "And how are you all today?" She asks the congregation a little more relaxedly than usual, even having forgone several parts of her armor. The canine does, however, quirk a brow at Tiya's actions.

Kilsa nods to Miranai, "Yes. I did, Mira. Good girl." She notices Noire arriving next, "Thank you for coming." The skunk girl she was talking to sniffs near the group. "I smell alot of smells on you all. Could you help me get my husband and my daughter back from a group of humans that attacked me. I put in the request... My husband was taken by these men in stange armor looking to hurt us, we weren't nude or anything, we were walking down the street and boom guys pullout in a black van with guns ablazing my husband and daughter fought back but I just took rifle but to the face as they dragged them off. They said something about the toy factory but I'm too afraid to investiage." The skunk admitted looking at the group pitifully, "Well you go there and get my family back?"

Miranai looks to Noire and then down to Tiya licking Kilsa's boots. She watches as everyone files up to them and rubs at her arm under her bust. "Umm.. h.. hello.. everyone.." she says swaying softly in place. She smiles though when Kilsa calls her a good girl and her tail starts to wag a bit. The abundantly pregnate taur watches some more as Tiya licks on Kilsa's boots and wonders for a moment if she should do the same. She whimpers softly at the idea, and likely couldn't kneel low enough if she had to, so, instead, leans up against the Talakai and licks to groom softly on her. She listens to the skunk and nods softly, waiting for her mistress's responce.

Once again Noire finds herself having to make the effort of ignoring Tiya's actions, though really the repetative nature of it is probably what sets her at unease this time, easily distracted as she is. "So we're looking to run into a fight? Well, that's not likely to be a problem. You can count on us." The mostly-human member of the group looks down to examine herself a bit with an appraising glance. "Might need to look the part, though."

Tiya climbs onto her feet as she finishes the task of licking Kilsa's feet, as ordered in greeting. The mare bows towards Kilsa before freezing. A pout crosses her face, looking from Miranai to Kilsa and back again, looking a little dejected. What also takes her aback is the sudden change of Noire. The shemale equine might already be used to Kilsa not sticking to one shape for five minutes, a humanish being suddenly changing to almost overshadow nearby buildings is something else. The dickhorse mutely moves around to put Miranai between herself and the huge robot thing, her hands clasped in front of her, bending her head towards Kilsa, looking like a very good girl!

Spade looks over the group and smiles, watching the interactions and transformations. When she hears of the issue she stows her sewing kit, pulling out a tiny moai statue to give it a few endearing rubs, after which she smiles a bit and puts it away, pulling out her spiders kiss, a gun she hasn't fired in oh so long, and an half empty resealable energy drink from the last time she was in a true position to have to fight. She shifts her many legs in place and stretches them out before checking her weapon and looking to see how the group proceeds.

Shirai looks back to the skunk, nodding to the lady. "I can do that." She offers, pacing across to Kilsa with a slight smirk. "You say they were armed. How armed are we talking? Military grade rifles, or handmade?" The canine asks, choosing to ignore the affection from Tiya and Mirana to Kilsa.

"WHAT IS THAT!!!" The skunk girl screams out before moving back about five steps and droping to her knees in fears. The Talakai walks up and puts an arm around the skunkgirl, "This is the power many of our members hold, not exactly like Noire here but still powerful in their own way." She looking at the mare smile, "Tiya, good job but you don't have to worry about Noire I recognize the form and hope that our friend understand that discretion is the bettter part of valor." She nods as she watches Noire shrink. A gentle pats for both Tiya and Miranai before she whispers to each one. A small glance to Shirai and Kilsa gives an apologetic look before the skunk starts speaking again, "Well. Um. They had this cannon that hit my daughter and her skin sizzled and she drop to ground like a stone. My daughters about as big as your horse friend there. My husband is a little weaker than my daughter and he tried to set them all on fire the armor they wore too the brunt of the blast with no damage that I could see before I got knocked out. As I was waking up I was hear them talking about the Toy Factory" The skunkgirl sighed, "I'm so useless..." Kilsa pats the girl one last time before speaking to the group, "Everyone armed up and ready to take a fun a little tip to the Toy Factory and deal with these kidnappers?" Kilsa whispers to Shirai before heading out toward the Toy factory.

Miranai yips out as Noire grows and changes, never before seeing someone do that, but, her left eye glows green for a minute as she references something. She nods and calms, still clinging slightly to Kilsa. The pats help calm her more and she murrs softly. She listens about the cannon and wonders. She checks over her own weaponry and pats them gently. The bracers on her wrists glimmer softly as she checks thier power. Everything read 100%, and she puts her bots on standby, Tod giving a soft yip from under her. "Yes Mistress, all systems read at least ninty percent charge. I.. I think I'm.. well.. ready.." she says still trying to keep Kilsa between her and the rest of the team, Tiya making her yip slightly when she gets behind her, but a silent nod to Kilsa conferms she heard what the shifter said.

Noire shuffles her feet awkwardly after she shrinks, rubbing her horn a bit in embarrassment. "Sorry. I forget how big that one gets. Just try to focus on the fact that it might be just as scary to the other guys, if we're lucky." She tries to affect a cocky grin, but it's hard with the strange beetle-face. At a somewhat-more-reasonable size, she doesn't even look that much unlike her normal self, just more steel-plated and with a beetle shell instead of feathered wings. Her ACTUAL armor still fits, at any rate. "Let's go smash something."

Tiya looks down at the shrunken Noire for a moment before focusing on pressing bcak into Kilsa's patting, nickering in pleasure. The equine nods at the whispering, smiling to her mistress before something strikes her, making the shemale pause. "None at all?" the equine asks with a pout, looking between adept and vulpine for a few moments. "Not even if she asks?" the shemale says before seeming to give in, nodding and turning her head towards Miranai, bending down to her level at rubbing her face against her shoulder, her nostrils flaring, drawing in the girl's scent. "I'll be a good girl," she reassures the group, seeming to not feel the need to state her readiness.

Spade is content that her gun is satisfactory, and seeing the shifting going on considers other forms for herself to assume, deciding to remain in her most natural form. "So they're heavily armed and ready to defend themselves? Do you know if they havhe more than guns going for them?" she inquires looking to the skunk. Surely they can't be heavily armed, defended, and be strong enough to support thhemselves without their precious guns. A simple drop on them would probably work in that effect.

Shirai nods. "Thanks for the information. I'll be a minute to pick up the rest of my armor." She replies to the skunk, quickly padding out of the room to fetch her gear with a quick murmer back to Kilsa. "I can be there soon." She nods, making a quick line for her room.

As the group leaves the skunk calls out, "I don't remember much else expect they drove black van that were a little smaller than school bus Look out for any black vans." The walks is relatively uneventful till the group arrives only a few street from the toy factory. A pair of husky females are lying on the floor with hug gaping holes in thier body and the strong smell of burning rubber, The girls don't seem to be dead but they are healing slowly. Kilsa looks over the wounded Husky who alternate between growling and whimper in pain.

Miranai walks behind Kilsa the whole time, trying not to think of the nuzzling she got from Tiya, but can't, nor the comments about if 'she asks'. "Mistress... umm... a.. about.. umm.." but as she is talking they arrive. The first thing Mira does seeing the wounded Huskies is think to her sister, with a slight gasp, the next however is much more useful. She sets down her pack, pulling out three odd looking things, one shaped like an egg, another a box, the last a square. Her left eye glows brightly as they all fully power on. Two bots roughly human shaped, one hoving slightly, and a chopper drone that doesn't look like it could fly much more then to keep itself aloft. Her pistol and rifle also power up as she looks around. "Mistress, s... should I.. umm.. help.. help the Huskies?" she asks, trying to keep a look out for trouble. The biggest, her guard bot, takes up a defencive position with the Taur, her little fox comapinion watching behind her as well.

Once they arrive, Noire notes the wounded and moves over toward them, starting to get her medkit out, but she looks up at Miranai's offer. Given her current form, she turns to keep an eye on the perimeter instead, holding the kit out as if offering to anyone who wants to use it. "If you can, you probably should. If not, I can see what I can do."

Tiya has followed meekly after the group, watching Miranai closely, running her tongue over her large, flat teeth, her arms swinging. The shemale spots the huskies at the same time, moving over towards one, poking one with her hoof before turning her head away, losing interest and starting to walk towards the toy factor again before pausing, turning and looking over her shoulder at the group, raising an eyebrow as she sees they're not following. "We're stopping? But they'll be fine and learn a lesson," the shemale explains, turning and walking back towards Kilsa, pouting. "I thought we were going to have a fight..."

Spade whips out her sewing kit upon seeing the huskies, sticking a leg into one of the holes to test it's width before smiling and beginning to sew what portions of the wound she can shut. "They'll be fine, we need to be on the move." she chitters and stretches, looking around for surfaces to climb up.

Shirai looks around the desolate scene unimpressed. "What a waste..." She sighs, looking across the devastation, quickly making her way over to the husky cautiously. "...Hey girl. What happened here?" she asks the wounded girl, taking a look over the wounds, nodding across to Noire as the metal man puts his medkit down nearby. "They'll heal fine." She comments, giving the husky some locan anaesthetics and disinfecting the wound. "Tiya, if we're in for a fight I want to be prepared. Look around you. I want to know what happened before I walked in if I can." She comments, and looks back to the husky. "Is there anything you know about the people that came by here?" She asks the husky with quiet concern working along next to the spider for a moment. "I can catch up in a moment if you need to move on."

A soft thump is heard before a chunk of dirt is torn up from the ground. Second later another soft thump is heard as a bullet tears through kilsa thigh. "ARGH" IT doesn't take long before a group of human appear armed to the teeth, "FUCKER SHOT MY LEG!" She screams as she tries to heal the damage and a group of eight soliders dressed in heavy looking metallic armor, "Delta to HQ. Non Feral, six of them. Permission to engage and wipe." All of the soldiers cock their guns and prepare to fire. "Understood. Hey we have a sniper on you with APR rounds trained on your buddy here. I want you to surrender and turn around before we are force to kill you." He turns off his com device, "Though I wish you mutated fuckers would give me a reason."

Miranai yips out slightly as Kilsa is shot, ordering NURSE to immidiate begin treatment. She quickly gets to work, if they are using comms, they are now her best friends. Hacking into their comm lines she listens to them, then sets up a secure channel to Kilsa. She doesn't have anyone elses comm ids yet and can't set up to them. While she is doing that, she commands GBX to take position between her group and theirs. She waits for Kilsa's answer, but looks around, saying low to everyone, "I... I think... we .. we should hold.. back for .. for now." But she looks to Kilsa to confirm however.

The blade hiding in Noire's scorpion tail flicks in and out, in and out, like a butterfly switchblade knife. She's tempted, ooooho so tempted, to smush these little men. But she still considers herself human, that's still the way she feels. And deep down, she's curious as to the reason these men could even have for their behavior. ... And if that doesn't work, it wouldn't take much to squish them later. So, she nods back to the others, and shifts back to a normal human being, for the sake of giving the others a face they may have a harder time shooting at, or at least one they may be more capable of responding to. "Right, then."

Tiya snaps her head around at Kilsa's whickering in fear and anger to see her mistress wounded, taking an instinctive step towards the humans who hurt her, tossing her mane in rage, her chest heaving before she pauses. She turns her head back towards Kilsa, scuffing her hoof on the floor angrily, looking between the adept and the armed mortals, her nostrils flaring, ears flicking. "Mistres... What... what do I do," the mare whickers, nervous, this people having defeated her dom... they could could defeat her too, right?

Spade looks to the group for a moment, then to the soldiers and shifts her form, becoming a fairy to reduce the chances of her being shot. She also manages to quickly whip out a prism storm, creating a brief blinding agent to be useful when she shouts "Run" and flutters off as fast as she can.

Shirai looks back at the armored figures, packing the medkit and passing it back to Noire, her hackles briefly raised as Kilsa screams out. "I'd appreciate it if you could tell us why the factory is off limits." She asks calmly, making no movement towards the men, though no attempts to move back. "I'd prefer it if we didn't have to resort to vio-..." The exhales exasparatedly as Spade makes her move. "...Great. Just great. Thank you, Spade." Shirai grumbles sarcastically, waiting for Kilsa an Miranai's moves before taking further action, a warm light forming in her hand to blind the attackers with if necessary.

"HOSTILE ACTION." The leader screams as a hail of bullets begin to open fire with bullet that hurt like hell and it takes a few moments before the nanites withdraw from the group and flows back into the group of shoulders before many of them start tossing out powers similar to the group themselves. Kilsa starts to shift before a gun with four prongs hit kilsa and start causing her to shift involuntarily as they pull her away in the confusion as the rest of the group charges in to the whirling vortex of ice and pain.

In the confusion a large terragon drops down in on top of the lead soldier. "RRRAGGGGG." As the Tarragon uses his body to shield you a few husky appear from the sewers and grabs the wounded members of the group excluding Spade due to her small size and distance from the rest of the wounded. A few more explosions rock the area above before everyone can hear the soldiers cheering. Hours later the group is inside of a another building with many huskys tending to thier wounds

Miranai starts to flitter her eyes. Her left eye glows a bery bright green, "Ugghh...ahh..mmm... f... functions..ch.. check..." Her wetware reports that all her bots are non-responsive, only Tod who is completely out himself. Her rifle and pistol are fully functional however. As she scans her body, she gets back detailed information back about her whole self. After insuring that herself, and all her kits are still alive, she decides to just lay there, but calls out, "Mistress... Mistress.. Kilsa..." and shivers as she is flooded with past memories and emotions, starting to just cry and sob, "Please .. not... not the.. the ass.. please.. anywhere but.. but that... MISTRESS!" and she just bawls uncontrolably.

The noise rouses Noire in a nearby cot, who uses a bit of her energy to shift back into her more familiar steel-skinned cat girl Valkyrie form, if only so she can cram her palms into her forehead with maximum efficiency. "Augh, quit yelling. This is almost as bad as that hangover the other day." She slowly looks around, finds her drone laying offline on the ground next to her, and her cat laying on her chest, quite unhappy at the sudden change in size. She scratches its head as she looks around. "Everybody else make it out okay?"

Tiya wakes up grumpily from the noise around her... and notes a nearby husky peering over her. Instantly, the confused, wounded and blood-stained-rag wearing Feral snarls, snapping her teeth at the predator, sitting up with a growl and swining off the bed, insntantly in defensive mode, looking around at the unknown canines warily, her nostrils twitching until she walks back against one of her teamate's beds, jumping again, turning around with a yell and raising her fist towards her teammate before stopping, frowning in recognition.

Shirai growls quietly, looking less than pleased as the group begins to come to. "You're lucky you came out at all." Shirai comments. "And you owe these huskies some thanks. I couldn't have patched you all up." She grumbles. "Now I don't expect YOU to have noticed since you all got yourselves knocked out, but Spade happens to be back there. And Tiya, knock it off. I get that it's instict, but compose yourself." She comments rather flatly. "I'll go see if I can find the husky that pulled you all out." The canine grumbles, stopping by Kilsa's mat to give the adept a soft kiss. "I'll be back soon."

The now fairy Spade takes her time observing the enemy before asking the husky to take her to her friends. She opts not to attempt to take a carefully aimed shot at the sniper, just noting his position before she follows the husky, assuming they'll know where to take her.

A few huskys are tending to Kilsa before she wakes up and pets on of them, "I must have had a wild night, I hurt like holy hell..." She wakes up and smells everyone scent and realizes that she didn't dream getting her ass kicked by a team of pissed off soldiers, "Sooo...That went badly, Alright everyone looks alive." As Shirai was looking for her Husky girl, Kilsa walked over to Miranai and put a hand on her head, "Calm down your as safe as can be at the moment, I think." She pats Miranai before walking over to Tiya and puts a hand on her fist, "These are allies for not, don't attack with out my ok." She spoke as the door swing over and a husky leading a small fairy in to the room yips happy, a large scar on her chest that is slowly healing up at a much slower rate than a common feral. The husky move to Shirai and starts to lick her face remember her as the one that helped her. A soft clapping echos as a Kangaroo wearing a flower necklace walks in the room, "You guys are like crazy dudes, I mean seriously you totally took on those guys without thinking but your so damn awesome that I like totally could save too of my girls." He grinned and gave a peace sign with his fingers, "Are you guys like some kinda badass heros of the nuuuu world, dudes?" He says while clapping, "You all got like major balls, dude." He says, "Oh I forgot to tell you who I am. I'm Ricky but my friends call me arf, bark and sometimes... arf bark rawr whine." The husky around him begin yapping happily while others look annoyed.

"No.. please no.. just...m.. make it stop..." she sobs out before Kilsa puts her hand on her. She looks up with tears streaming down her face, but as the adapt speaks something inside her head clicks, and, while the horrors she is feeling and seeing in her mind's eye continues, she does calm, sniffling and hiccuping from her sobs earlier. Sore, wounded, and hopelessly burdened, she tries to keep up with Kilsa as she walks around, either unwilling, or unable to be far from her. She watches as the husky's move around, once more reminded of her sister, Angelily's, pack and how much good they do despite almost all being feral. She listens to the kangaroo, and to everyone else. She nods to Noire as the only answer to the question, and watches Shirai move about. No matter what happens though she tries to stay close to Kilsa, Miranai's left eye shining a moment, then glowing normally as she enacts verious requests.

Noire groans even more as the odd Kangaroo blathers on, slowly getting up to her feet. "So alright then, maybe next time we're surrounded by an enemy we don't know anything about, maybe we don't charge in face first." She stretches, her adept nanites rebuilding around the wounds fairly quickly as she pours some energy into the task.

Tiya whimpers at Kilsa holding her fist, nodding and pouting as she unclenches it, starting to rub her muzzle against Kilsa affectionately, "I'm sorry mistresses! I woke up and it hurt and there were huskies," the equine explains, clearly thinking everyone else had been unaware of it. The equine turns her head towards the roo, flaring her nostrils for a moment before deciding to ignore the obviously insane male, going to stand next to Miranai instead following her and looking concernedly down at her, apparently trying to make a choice for several moments before spreading her arms and hugging the taur. Then, in a rather surprising display of strength, the equine lifts the girl in her arms, pregnant belly and all, without saying a word, cradling the heavy girl against her chest as she follows Kilsa.

Spade sighs as she approaches Kilsa, a deathly guilty look on her face as she rubs the back of her head. She flits in front of her and says "I'm sorry... I heard one of those words that I can't fight... please forgive me. I can point out where the sniper is, and... they have nanites flowing between them all that makes them all as strong as the group... I suggest investigating by swiping some of their armor to see if thats what gives them power, or... they threw out powers like the ones you usd didn't they? Maybe use something that in ithe long run would deplete them so we could take them... I'm sorry." she says as she sighs once more.

Shirai gently pushes the husky back a little awkwardly, noticing the wound on her for a moment. "You haven't healed properly yet..?" She muses, keeping her ears perked. "Hmm. Well, it's good to see you're okay as well." She comments, before glancing up to the kangaroo. "So it was your friends out there that dragged me back here. I'd appreciate it if they let me walk myself." the canine chuckles quietly before glaring at Spade. "You and I need to have a talk." She demands firmly, though malice isn't present in her gaze. "Your actions almost cost the group their lives, 'words' or not. Just think about that for a while and get that looked into. I have more to say to you when we're not in such gracious company" The wolfess reprimands, before turning back to the kangaroo. "Call it what you want. To who do I owe the pleasure? Right now we're looking for a client's husband. You haven't seen anything? A black van, a couple of skunks, a short fight?" She queries, dismissing the praise in favor of practicality, looking to the... affectionate husky as much as the kangaroo.

"Duuude like I totally saw those assholes, comin' in like they are the fuzz, I would have kicked their asses if they didn't wear all that armor and have all those guns..." Ricky chuckled, "Now my girls here can't really do much to talkin' but man are they good at getting in an out of anywhere dude, I mean like they totally stolen this bombass weed from those dick bags." He holds out a bag and pats the wounding husky on the back who wags her tail. "I mean they just got in the toy factory and got out but well... they got hurt but you guys like totally took an asskicking for my girls and my weed. You dudes are heros in my book but yeah if you looking for some people that got ganked in the streets so burtally those guys got em. I would have helped but I was too high, I mean I didn't even think it was real since the snyth shit messes with your nanites."

Miranai listens to Noire talk and nods, "Yes.. that... that.. would.. b.. be good." she says before she is lifted up and is soon laying on her back. She yips out in suprise and tries to keep her skirt covering her up, but it is no use, her 'lower assets' are now clearly on display for all to see and she blushes very deeply. When Spade walks up to Kilsa though, she scrambles in Tiya's arms, till over her own comm she hears Kilsa's words that she will relax, and relax she does. Unable to stop herself from breathing short though, she decides to just stop breathing. Mistress says calm and relax, so, calm and relax. She checks on the bots she ordered to join her, they were still 3 blocks away. She twists her ears around to listen to Shirai ask questions, nodding along, then listens to the 'roo, not really caring for the talk, till he says something about it messing with the nanites, "Wait! Nanites? It.. it.. messes with.. with the nanites?" And her mind starts running a mile a minute, "Mistress! I.. I need to see.. see their weapons and.. and armor, any.. anyway I can."

Noire's expression flattens and her lips tighten at the word "weed", as if suddenly quite a few things about this man make sense now. California. Some things never change. She sighs, massaging her forehead and trying to keep her tail-flicking from being too obvious. Maybe it's the cat girl in her but she feels a little outnumbered by all these dogs. And with her head the way it feels, she's not in much of a mood to fight any more. "Hey, boss. If it's all the same to you, I think I'm going to go back to base to sleep this one off. It looks like the mission is," she looks around at the people gathered, "... successful, at any rate." She rubs her forearm, knowing fully well that the mission is far from over, but with the very violent and painful fact of their ineffectiveness at this task, she doesn't much trust their chances of another attempt any time soon. "Call me to let me know what she finds. I'll be in better shape to help by then." And with that, she takes her leave.

Tiya giggles to herself at Miranai's expession, holding the vulpine against her, smiling and happily, holding her steady through her writhing. The equine lets the vulpine get it out of her system, pressing her warmly into her before starting to nuzzle at Miranai's neck, grinning. "You seemed to have trouble walking, mistress," the shemale explains, not seeming to really notice the taur's endowments, instead smiling warmly at her face, ignoring the rest of the conversations unless they involve her, Tiya just happy to have a job to do, particularly one that lets her cuddle foxes.

The Spade fairy doesn't seem convinced or comforted by the forgiveness expressed by Kilsa, shaking her head when she sees how Miranai reacts to her and listeninig to Shirai with a defeated look, looking like she might almost cry. She almost got her friend killed, rubbing it in seems unnessecary to her, but she takes it in stride as she listens to the others. She's done enough, she'll wait for someone else to give an idea based on what little intel she could gather.

Shirai nods to the 'roo. "You don't say..." She replies to the mention of getting in and out intact, though she folds her arms as the drugs are presented and shakes her head. "Well, that's great. You said your girls have been in the building? If they know anything about the layout it'd be appreciated." The wolfess turns back to Kilsa. "Hon, we're going to need to pull in some more supplies for this place." She sighs. "We're going to want to get in and out quickly if we go in at all, and we're not going to want their attention if we can avoid it at all." She sighs, putting a hand to her head for a moment before putting one of Kilsa's arms around her, taking some weight off of the adept's injured leg, passing a note to the roo. "We have some business to finish. If you can get any more information - any at all - forward it to me, please." She requests.

The adept takes a deep breath and nod to Shirai, "Alright everyone, We botched our first attempt to get in so here is the plan. Everyone headout get supplied, you have six hours. I will stay near this location and get a good vantage point on them. If I see anyone move in or I will contact you all, Spade your with me. Shirai unless you need to go back your also with me. Tiya and Miranai, I want you to supply up. Tiya I am trusting you to protect Miranai any sexual contact and I will immedately give you a level ten punishment. Miranai, I want any infomation you can hack from anyone on who this hell these assholes are and what kinda gear they are using. I will contact Noire soon as possible and I'm Sure Ricky won't mind using his home a as a meeting point." Kilsa starts acting like a leader and Ricky just nods before speaking, "It cool man, I don't mind just don't use my stash or get my girls all barking any we will by cooler than every since your like my bad ass hero's maaan." He chuckles before Kilsa dismisses her group to their jobs. "Oh Spade." She smiles softly. "I trust you as my sister that you will keep your cool next time. I except that kinda work from Tiya or hell even myself but your my big sister. I still have faith in you."

Miranai continues to keep an eye and ear on Spade but licks Tiya softly, "Th.. thank you?" she says, completely unused to being a more dominate one, "But.. I.. umm.. I can.. walk..s.. so please.. put me down?" she asks very softly. She listens to Shirai and nods, "Ok..a.. anything.. I.. I find out.. I'll message to .. Mistress and.. and you.. could.. could you send.. m.. me your.. comm ID?" she asks as she turns on her wetwares 'permiscous mode'. She listens to Kilsa commands and nods, recording down everything expected of her, "I'll.. umm.. get to work.. on.. on that now." she says and starts by imputting her old Zypher researcher ID into their mainframe, and starts hacking them again. However, as Kilsa says she trusts Spade, she turns to look at the now fairy. She whines softly, but, blinks a few times, no longer trying to keep away from her, but still watching her closely. She'll follow Tiya out when the horse leaves.

Tiya pouts and whimpers at Kilsa's order, nodding all the same gently places Miranai down on the floor, resting the taur on all four feet before standing up, smiling. "Where do you need to go, my lady?" she asks Miranai, her tail swishing about behind her, this talk of comms and hacking and all those things going over her head, just standing idle, waiting for the next order to come or the next interesting event to happen.

Spade nods and shifts her form to her most comfortable form, hugging Kilsa. "I"m sorry, you're right. I'll have to... yeah>" she chiitters and thinks it all through. She can't fight her commands but her actions leading up to it could be given some betterment. "I understand sister, I'll do my best to watch out for your reckless behavior." she says with a smile.

Shirai looks back at Spade a little apologetically. "I'm just going to ask 'why' later. There's nothing else I have to say about it." She offers. "If it's something that can happen again, then we can discuss other means of action, if you want. I'm fairly certain neither of us want to get each other hurt again." She comments, giving Spade a careful hug.

"We have our orders, I have faith our first mission is going to be a success and well... when we puts this into our history books we are going to omit that inital asskicking." The wounded talakai says as her wounds finishes closing up. "I'll take first watch I can heal from the nearest roof when I find a good vantage point." She leaves the pair with Ricky who offer them brownies as the men in armor few a miles away begin using a truck to move the dead terragon off the road. "Looks like it going to be a long day..." Kilsa says as she shifts into a blue gryphon and flies to the top of the nearest building.