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Less then 1 hour... that was all she had left was less then 1 hour and she'd be little more then a lifeless puppet. Mira had taken the time to talk to various people, as well as prepare for this. She... might be going back into 'slavery'. She hopes that Anbessa and Nyo get her message. After thinking about it for a long time, she decided that the KS HQ would be more easily defended if Karyn came to attack. She stares down at her work station, and sighs. She didn't want to go back.... she knew what might happen in a fight. Maybe it would be better if she found a way to shut herself off completely. Shaking her head, she almost starts to cry. "Don't be thinking that Mira... Nyo, Anbessa, and Kilsa all said they would make it better, so trust them, they will make it better." She hopes beyond hopes that Nyo and Anbessa got her message.

Luckilly, the first of the two messaged is soon to get to the KS HQ. Anbessa yawns faintly as he steps down the street towards the HQ, his left eye faintly glowing green from his opened COM device. Typing in a message to Miranai to tell of his arival, the Human treds softly down the semi-abandoned streets of Fairhaven towards his destination, his hands hiding within his suit pant's pockets... Though, considering the soft clatter of his Custom M4 Carbine on his back, he is letting himself relax for a little bit before the storm arrives. He looks over his shoulder towards the street behind him. "... Where is everyone...?" He asks to the crisp air around him, his shining silver eyes glancing about the buildings and streets around him before he returns his attention to the KS building.

The Nanite adept is pacing back and forth in front of the building waiting for this bitch that she didn't like. Her eyes are hard and her mind is focusing on every bit of leverage she could use to make this situation better, to keep her focus she decides to stay out of the com room and allow Mirana to calm herself down and to keep herself from acting rashly in the face of this day. The form she has adopted is on of a human with yellow hair.

Arriving eastward from the La Maison d'Etre, the male husky known as Nyo spots Anbessa and anyone that came with him, eyes widening slightly. He's fully dressed unlike usual, desiring decency anywhere but his home. Clean white pants which bulge blatantly in the front, a sleeveless white jacket over the top of his long-sleeve grey shirt, and his kevlar vest underneath that as well. Around his waist is a grey belt equipped with his holsters, which carry a modified chainsword and a small UZI. Giving Anbessa a wave, he remains silent, frightened for what is to come.

Just behind Anbessa walks another husky, dressed as one would expect from a 'redneck'. Tight, dark blue jeans that hug her curves, an old-looking yellow tanktop lossely belted around her waist, and a small denim jacket over the top of that, left unzipped. "This is the place?" she asks Anbessa, crossing her arms over her chest in a slightly smug manner, not liking the sound of the brief briefing she got on the situation.

Daniel was flying high above the air, keeping a watch for suspicious activity with his own impressive, robotically augmented vision. He hopes that his person doesn't know anything about instant transmission or something, teleporting evil people was never a good thing. He had several channels open on his own comm device, allowing him to broadcast his progress to anyone of the KS members with an active comm unit active. He knew Miranai had one, but he wasn't sure about Kilsa though, sending her a little ping to make sure she was. 'Oi, Boss... you there?' He telecomms to her, Miranai could hear as well due to the open signal, as well as the two recently arrived guests should they have theirs on as well.

A flash of tawny fur, followed by the russle of hir lab coat, marks Angus' appearance as shi steps out of the alley way. Shi was not happy after Anbessa informed hir that someone was coming to take back Mira, and there was no way shi would just sit there idly by after all she had done for hir, so shi followed the now human Anbessa. "So, this is the KS building?" Shi asked, scratching hir collar lightly as shi looked up at the place. The coyote actually looked ready for war, as shi stood there in full combat armor, hir hammers slung over hir shoulder as shi tightened the strap of hir Coil rifle, not to mention the one thing that shi never seems to part with, a lab coat stitched up in multiple places that now looks as if it will fall apart.

Breathing becoming more shallow, Mira listens as Anbessa and Dan announce things over the open comm. She looks about nervously, why weren't they coming inside? She could use someone to hold on to right now. Should she go outside too? Well, if she did, she'd be nothing more then a pile of Fox waiting to get scooped up. No, she was safer in here. She picks up her rifle and holds it a moment. "At.. at least.. they will be.. u.. using the mark one.. and.. and not the mark two or three..." She says, but that doesn't comfort her much. If a fight did break out, she would just get caught in the crossfire... reluctantly she walks out into the lobby area, and sees Kilsa there, "M.. Mistress Kilsa?" She says, eyes with tears in them and weapons behind her.. "If.. if you.. a.. are going to pick up a .. w.. weapon.. I.. I'd do so now.. I.. I need to lock the room down.. K.. Karyn might try and use.. m.. my.. inventions too." she explains, radioing back out to Anbessa, Nyo and Dan the time remining, minutes.

Anbessa glances over towards Nyo, waving back to the husky boy with a faint smile before he turns his head towards his two tailing companions. "Yep, this be the place. We ain't got TOO much time to get comfy though, if my COM's clock is right..." He says, returning his attention over towards the building. His eyes begin to quietly inspect it before he speaks up through the COM. "Anbessa here. How much longer till the guest of honor gets here?" He asks, his hands leaving his pockets in order to retrieve his M4 Carbine from his back. As soon as it gets into his arms, he begins pulling a few things out of his Suit jacket... First of which being a Scope for his weapon of choice.

The human smiles sweetly at Mirana, "I will try to handle this with diplomacy. I don't want to kill her if I don't have to. I'm not a monster and she seems more to want you for business not to just be a bitch even if she is. So please trust in me." She says from the doorway. "If this deal goes south, I'll make sure your safe even if I have to offer everything." She says sadly and steps outside.

Shifting anxiously, Nyo glances at the main door to the KS building, biting his lip. His muscles tensing and body getting ready for the situation ahead, he can't help but feel incredibly nervous. "I-I..." he starts weakly, despite the others around that he doesn't know, and would normally shy away from. "I-I need to see Mira... before..." he trails off, heading inside to the lounge area to see the yet unknown to him Kilsa and his mate Miranai. "I-I'm here..." he says in a somewhat scared voice, stepping over towards the taur to make sure she's okay, noticing her tears.

Erika leans against the side of the building, the shine of a silver handgun visible in a makeshift holster attached to her loose belt. "So... this bitch..." she starts, indicating the old master who has yet to arrive. "She uhh... used to 'own' this Mira chick, right? Why exactly is it so bad that she take Mira back? Not like I'm questioning the 'objective', but... I just wanna know what I'm going up against." she talks to anyone that happens to be within earshot, hoping for some answers.

Daniel curses slightly at the short amount of time that they had left, but didn't let that distract him from his watch. He had to keep the area safe, and at least offer some kind of warning so that they'd know when she's coming. He hopes he could offer that at least, if he can't, well... he's probably not gonna be much in a fight. 'Hey, if things come to it, feel free to offer me up or something! What with how much of an iron will I have, she'd probably jump at the opportunity to try and break me!' At least he hoped this, he's been used as a scapegoat before and he's pretty good at it.

Angus watches Anbessa for a few seconds shi sighs, and places hir hammer down before shi pulls out hir own rifle. Checking the clip hir ears twitch at Erika's comment, and shi frowns. "Either way she is not going to take her back." Shi mumbles slapping the clip back into place before shi slings it back over hir shoulder and picks up hir hammer. Without much else to do shi walks inside, and stiffens when shi notices Mira's tears. "Hey Mira, Kilsa...Long time no see." Shi smiles, giving them a slight wave.

Looks to Nyo as he enters, "Oh.. oh Nyo.. you.. you made it .. t.. thank you." Then Angus comes in as well, "Oh.. Angus.. h.. hello, I didn't expect you too!" She starts to cry, tears dripping from her muzzle. "And... Mistress Kilsa.. I do.. I trust you all." She leans in to hug Kilsa and Nyo, "Thank you.. thank you both." Her eyes are closed as she hugs on the pair. "Thank you.. I don't know what I'd do without you all, I know she will be coming soon I just ho." And it is possible to feel her heart slow, her breathing stop, and she stops supporting her own weight, leaning completely into Nyo and Kilsa, them the only thing keeping her from falling over. Meanwhile, coming from the east, another Fox Taur cames walking, very proud and very tall looking. Behind her comes Gryphons, Ogres, and Trolls. A small handful of each, all with collars. In her hand is a small black box, and there is a smug smill upon her face. Dan would be able to see her coming from blocks away, but she makes no attempts at hiding herself this evening, and anyone looking would be able to see the group approching.

Anbessa's attention is quickly caught by the sudden flurry of motion from the corner of his eye. He turns his head towards it... Then opens his eyes wide. "Aw hell... Here she comes..." He mutters into his COM, him turning himself towards the oncoming group. He glances to Erika, "Used to... She ain't going to be anytime soon either if I have any say in it." He returns his attention towards the oncoming group, his fingers quietly squeezing the handle of his M4... "Even if she seems deperate for her back..."

A quick glance at Erika tells Kilsa that this person is going to be a liability. "Yes. I have know that she wants Miranai for her repoductive capabilities. I have a plan that might work. I just need everyone to avoid shooting and killing her but considering Miranai's friens I'm a little worried that things will get out of hand by the first stroke." As she looks out of her eye she see the bitch in question approaching, Kilsa walks calmly to try to meet her with her hand up in a sign of peace.

Nyo nods to his mate, his arms wrapping around her and holding her close to him. "Of course I came, Mira... I-I love you, and... this Karyn will not have you..." he vows, petting up and down her back. "We'll make sure you..." he trails off, noticing that the taur has fallen limp, eyes going wide. "M-Mira?" he gasps, swallowing audibly as his arms wrap around her tighter, keeping her standing. "O-oh no... K-K... Kil... Kilsa? Sh-she's here..." he clenches his teeth together, trying to keep his cool despite the situation that has just arrived, not letting go of his mate.

Erika nods to Anbessa's statement, feeling the same. Her paw waits at the ready, in case a gun needs to be drawn. Eying Kilsa out of the corner of her eye, she furrows her brows. "What's that mean, huh?" she asks, certainly hoping that the friends Kilsa is talking about don't include the members on the Surrogate Brotherhood's side. The arrival of the high-held taur draws her attention that way however, gawking at the small army brought with her. "I hope she doesn't want a fight, cause we're in deep shit if she does..." she mumbles, biting her lip.

Daniel curses even more when he sees the group arriving on the horizon. 'Ah shit, they're... oh who am I kidding, they're not trying to hide themselves at all!' With that, the fae descends, and flies into the building with the group stationed there. "Welp, I estimate 2 minutes until they arrive, that doesn't leave much time for a plan. My offer still stands, I'm NOT letting Mira back with her." He glares at Miranai's seemingly lifeless body, petting her ear softly, trying to comfort himself.

Angus nods softly at Miranai's greeting, hir ears folding back as shi smiles. "Ya...I heard what was happening, and I came to try and help." Shi turns away as it seems that Mira starts to get worse, and that's when shi notices the group. Baring hir fangs sit shift hir grip on hir weapons, gripping hir rifle in hir right hand so shi could shoot from the hip as hir hammer rested on hir left shoulder. Taking a step forward shi stops as Kilsa walks out, promises of murder glinting in hir eyes as a grin crosses hir muzzle thinking that the bitch should of brought more backup.

Looking up to Kilsa's approach and signals for them all to halt behind her, however quiet a few move around to make sure to protect their master. "Kilsa was it? Hello again, I know you made an offer before, but time's up. What is your final offer for my pet, and if I don't approve of it, I will have my property back. Now, speaking of which, drag hir out here, I want to see my pet and I know that shi won't be able to come out here on hir own." She glances back at the mootly crew behind the human, "Really now... do you think to fight me for hir? If I can't have hir no one will, or did you forget I control my pet." She holds up the small black box then motions for her crew to continue forward till they are right upon Kilsa, letting her get in close while still having cover. "You didn't forget did you? Do you need a demonstration again? I'm sure shi is begging by now, I did turn up her... production, and unless someone's been doing a lot of work on hir, if I turn her back on right now, I bet shi'd come running out here for me to take care of hir myself."

"There maaaaay be a problem with that last part, lady." Anbessa steps forward, the black suited human standing a bit taller than Kilsa. He smiles to the Taur as he lets out a faint purr, his left eye still glowing a faint green as he speaks once more. "I had to personally sate that... If that was cause of you, thanks." He says, smirking in spite at the lady as he looks up at the goons she moves forward to intimidate the others. "Though! I digress..." The human male says confidently, him winking towards the Foxtaur as he stands up straight, glaring up towards the towering mooks. The air around the human is, no doubt, intense... His presence demands attention somehow, and the attention is not just of his good looks as he stands his ground towards the attempted imtimidation. His eyes, which were once glowing a faint silver, shift to a ominous gray... Anyone who knows Talakai, it is just him changing color. Though it is still unsettling. He glances to Kilsa, then back to Karyn. "Lets talk?"

The human look at Erika out of the corner of her eyes and shakes her head before approaching Karyn and her large group, "Karyn, I can't bring her out now over regards to her safety but I am no fool and I understand money and greed. After all... I'm a greedy girl myself. I wish to offer you the biggest deal of your life. Mira is only a single creature while I offer something greater than just one." The girl smiles as her face shimmers and her body takes on a talakai shape, "Why take one breeder when you can have sixty. I am offering the best of my children, They are trained most understand and speak english. Best of all..." She says with the flair of a carnival saleswoman, "I don't like you and you sure as hell don't like my but ten of my children are full blooded Talakai and the others are partial in some way. They want to get out of the forest and fuck everything, I have grandchildren so numberous already I am probably related to most of the ferals populating the forest. So no violence, no kidnapping just an honestly trade." Kilsa children stand filing out of the nearby building filling up the streets.

Nyo glances at the little fae from before, watching him as he flits to pet at Mira's head, giving a shake of his head. "W-we... n-no, only a last resort... I-I heard how wicked Karyn is, and no one deserves that..." he argues weakly, a tear making its way down his cheek before he clears his throat, getting ahold of himself while he lowers to his knees, letting Mira lay in his lap. "We'll save you, I promise..." he whispers, his heart hurting seeing her this way. As the Great Bitch Lord herself makes her way to the entrance of hte building, he only holds Mira tighter against his chest. Looking over his shoulder, he listens to her speak, but the taur remains unconscious in his arms. "Sh-she isn't yours to own... n-not your property..." he mumbles, certainly not prepared to give her up. The offer Kilsa makes causes his eyes to widen and his jaw to drop, appalled that she would be giving away her own children to someone like that.

Erika's paw rests softly against her shiny silver pistol on her holster, sneering at the old master and her troop of goons, ready to fight back if trouble is caused. "Sorry to break it to ya, but she ain't yours. Funny though... you gotta FORCE her to like you, cause you're such a bitch." she snarks at the self-centered taur woman, her free paw resting on her hip.

Daniel quirks his brow a bit, a stunning offer on Kilsa's behalf but... no... it left a terrible taste in his mouth. He had a daughter of his own at home, he could never think of giving her up. The fae decides to perk up the offer himself, despite Nyo's protests. "I also throw myself in. I might not look like much, but I'm a shifter. I can supply a variety of forms for a variety of tastes, believe me, I could make your clients very happy no matter what they're looking for." The look on his face was dead serious too, he was willing to throw himself under the bus for Mira.

Angus snarls as shi takes a step forward, and shi doesn't say a word. Sparks start to fall off hir form as shi walks, and a ball of dark green flame kindled to life in hir right hand as shi stepped up next to the others, hir glowing eyes staring right at the bitch as hir grip tightened on hir hammer. "Try it you bitch."

Karyn looks over to Anbessa as he walks up to them, "You lie, no way that a single person could sait hir when she is like that, she could go all day and still want more!" She exclaims. The guards do seem to bulk away from Anbessa, but Karyn holds up a hand and snaps her fingers. "Just one man and a crew of.... god only knows what exactly. Looking about at Kilsa's offer, she can't help but be impressed, and when Dan sweetens the deal she grins, "Ok Kilsa, lets draw up some..." she starts, ignoring Nyo and Erika for now, she didn't care about people who think poorly of her, that is till Angus steps up and makes a threat. She stares back at him, "Well... this will be interesting, did want to try this out." She yips a few times, a strange field comming off from her. The flames in Angus' paw suddenly stop, as does the electrical current. Everyone about would feel very strange.. drained, include Karyn and her own crew, but she and they were expecting it. "There.. no.. no more threats.. and no suprises either, now.. lets.. lets draw up a contract Kilsa, I'll take your offer, but, on one condition, I want to see Miranai one more time. You have my word as a ... business woman I'll not hurt her." Then she looks to Nyo and Erika, "And think what you two want, I make good money doing what I do."

Anbessa smirks to Karyn as he winks to em confidently. "Talakai are amazing bei-..." Though, as soon as Kilsa's offer hits his ears, he turns towards the fellow human with raised eyebrows... Then a look as if he was looking at the most disgusting filth that can be made. Though, he turns as he hears Angus' threat. He blinks, him shutting his eyes a bit as he bites down on his morals. He raises a hand to stop her... Till he feels that familiar chill of the nanite power leaving him. He blinks in suprise before turning towards Karyn, him raising an eyebrow for a moment. "You can turn off the Nanites...?" The human is suprisingly not too bothered by the nanites shutting off, as if used to spending time outside of the Nanite bubble. Though, he just grumbles for a moment before he glances to Kilsa... Then walks away, staying facing the many opponents as he goes back to the line with everyone else... He has one hell of a poker face on.

The Nanite Adept nods, "If you want to see her fine but only take one of them with you. I don't want a ton of dirty boots following me. I will take Danielle and myself, Just to keep attendance. Now about that contract." Kilsa is very amicable to Karyn even if all her friends hate her guts for it. This is about Mirana not her own or anyone elses feelings, "Now the remote is the only of its kind right. I would like instructions on its uses and upkeep. Can half ass it right?" She says simply.

Despite the sudden severance of the nanites in the area, Nyo holds tight to his mate, his shoulders slumping. He's never left the bubble before, so his eyes grow wide. "Wh-what... what happened..." he mumbles, shaking his head and trying to regain his composure. The bitch's last comment makes the husky scowl, glaring at her and not prepared to let Mira go no matter what. "M-money... isn't that important... g-greedy... the only way anyone would ever care for you is if they were forced with your... evil collars..." he growls, feeling like the hprrible taur doesn't deserve to see Mira again. "Sh-she's NOT yours... sh-she doesn't belong to you, she's her own person..." he argues weakly, teeth bared slightly.

Erika loses her balance altogether, another who has never experienced a loss of residential nanites. After toppling to the ground, she sakes her head and quickly braces herself agianst the side of the building, drawing her gun but keeping it held down. "Wh-what the hell... you bitch..." she grumbles, though her gaze turns to Kilsa, the one giving up her own children to sate this bitchy witch's corrupt desires. "A-and you... you're no better than her... you're both despicable bitches..."

Daniel didn't feel much thankfully, aside from a light tingle through his skin signaling his more nanite-fueled services had been shutdown, thankfully almost everything else seemed to be up and running. He was thankful for this, lest he fall out of the air and crash to the ground, or worse, have his synthetic heart give out... that'd be horrible. He can only wonder if the other taur was accepting both of their deals, or just Kilsa's... looks like he'd have to stick around to find out, not like he was going anywhere!

Angus was not new to the experience of having hir nanites work for hir, so shi knew what came next. Pain, hir entire body became racked with pain as it felt as if it were trying to reject itself. With a snarl shi nearly dropped to one knee, but when nyo mention collars....those damned collars hir vision nearly turned red and shi stood up again. Raising hir hammer shi gripped it in two hands, and bared hir fangs at the fox taur.

Karyn nods to Kilsa, "Agree able, Fang, with me!" And one of the more muscular trolls walks up to stand next to Karyn while the rest back away. "And, try anything funny, despite my warnings and my attempts to make sure you don't, and I'll just kill my pet. Like I said, you have my word not to do anything, but that doesn't mean I won't react if you do." She looks over to Nyo and Erika again and laughs, "Oh come now, Kilsa is just a smart business woman herself. And, Mira gave hirself to me of hir own will, at first... shi did come to me for comfort and protection, and I gave it to hir... just, reworked or agreement, so shi could work off what she, well, owed me. She even gave me the remote freely, took a long time to figure out how it worked though." She presses a few buttons on it and shows the screen to Kilsa, "See, help files, I moved them to the front of the screen so I could look at them more easily. Now, 60 of your children, and that fae over there, for my pet, and hir remote." She works over hir comm, and soon Kilsa has a digital contract to sign, "Is that preciese enough for you, or do we need to involve more red tape?" She asks. When Angus starts to ready that hammer and bare hir fangs at her, one of the ogres raises their 'Millicent' Rifle, Mira's Mark 1. "Don't even think about it, tiny." he says and Karyn smiles, "Lets walk inside Kilsa, and, well, nothing funny." She states again, walking in with Kilsa when she does. Taking a moment to look to Anbessa she just grins at him.

Her grin is met with a rather blank look. Anbessa must be a devil Poker. He sights faintly before the human walks over towards Angus, him walking in between Angus and her targets. His eyes meet with her's, which his are now focused into a faint glare at Angus. He takes a few steps towards her before he whispers a few choice words to her. He then turns back towards the others, him returning to that blank, merely staring at them as his fingers tap the underside of his M4. He ain't putting it away, but he ain't aiming it at anyone yet either. Working as a Guard in the Maison helps a little bit.

A soft smiles crosses Erika, "I am despicable, what of it?" Kilsa says simply, "My children are not being forced, They were asked and they agreed. Not that its any of your business what I do." Kilsa eyes glimmer darkly before look at Danielle. "Please join me. I want you there" Her eyes are hard and distant as she enters the Facilities, "Neo take into account the few gathered here, If any aggressive action is made on these four respond with the most painful subduing that is availible." She doesn't take long before she leads Karyn to Miranai, "Mirana, I'm making the exchange for you now. Now Karyn I don't wish to slight you not do I wish to lose my medic. With Danielle's many many metal agumentations she is poor for breeding and might turn off your customers, I will offer my womb to produce you another set of children that you can have from birth. If it sweetens the deal I'll make sure the brood is of Talakai blood or I can just pay you a flat fourty thousand to keep danielle out of the loop and make up for the meger losses?" Kilsa asks simply.

A tear runs down Nyo's cheek at the sight of teh evil bitch coming in, leaning over Mira a bit more protectively. He hears the situation, and knows that Mira won't be taken away, but he himself would not be removed from her body. The husky glares at her the whole time, as if to exude a psychic message to go away and never come back. He's not going to get in the way of Karyn seeing his mate, but that doesn't mean he has to leave her side. "Y-you're h-horrible..." he whimpers, gritting his teeth slightly. The command Kilsa instructs for the computer makes his jaw drop once more, his expression shocked. This is where Mira has been staying? She does not belong here, and this is no home for her. Kilsa's medic? We'll see about that... other than keeping close to Mira and holding her protectively, he doesn't do much else.

Erika scoffs at basically the entire situation, seeing the true filth the world has to offer right in front of her. "Fuck... this shit..." she growls lowly, holstering her firearm and shaking her head, never having seen such bullshit from anyone her entire, three-year life. "I'm outta here, not like I'm useful anyway..." she begins to simply walk off, back towards the east. As soon as she rounds a corner, unknown to the others, she begins to dash for it, intent in her eyes.

Daniel nods slowly to Kilsa, following along with her and the other taur as they go to discuss their deal. "I'm hell bent on doing this Boss, I'm not letting you interfere." The little fae snaps at Kilsa, "You might be able to produce some children for her, but they'll never live up to what I could do for her and her customers. I can be any size needed, I can suit any fetish desired, and because of my mechanical augmentations I'm easy to clean and repair. And these have never gotten in the way of me producing suitable children anyway, both my seed and my womb have produced wonderful children, so breeding is an option should it come down to it." It wasn't clear why Daniel felt the way he did, but he wasn't going to let his boss stop him now.

Tiny, tiny! Well that ogre was definitly going to see just what tiny could do as Angus took a step forward, hir soft glowing eyes turning harsh in hir attempt to reach to ogre...that is, until Anbessa walked into hir path, and shi faultered when shi met his eyes. Hir ears twitch at his whisper and shi sighs, lowering hir hammer before shi uses it to prop hirself up. With a glare shi turns back to that ogre. "Tiny my ass...now if we were talking dick size you'd be the tiny one you ugly piece of shit." Shi grumbles back, giving the ogre a death glare.

Miranai remains motionless, but... a few tears can be seen coming from her eyes, dropping upon Nyo as the deal continues to be discussed. Karyn looks over to Dan and then Kilsa, then back around to Nyo and Mira. Karyn walks over to her former pet and leans down. She pets over Mira a moment before standing back up proper and continuing, "Look, am I taking the fae or not, because, honestly, he is only the icing on the cake. The contract includes him, but I can make one up that doesn't in a heartbeat, you two just decide before I decide to just take my pet here and go." Anbessa and Angus outside get to deal with Karyn's group as they laugh at the pair. One of them steps up and, is, well giant by compairson, "Yes, you are Tiny little 'yote, And you too little Human, we are here because Karyn offered us survices for a year if we helped her, now, just stand back and let us finish our work and no one will have to be missing any limbs." He laughs.

Anbessa turns over towards the Ogre and Giant, his fingers rather impatiently tiptapping the sides of his M4 as he looks up at the Giant. "Still got bigger balls, a bigger dick, and I get more pussy than you, chubs." The human says in an annoyed tone, him rolling his grey eyes for a moment before he returns his eyes back up to the tall mercenary. He, regardless of the numbers nearby, stands firm ground against the taller beings. Gotta admit, the human really doesn't seem to phased, even without the Nanites protecting him.

"SHe is off the table and ignore her comments she doesn't seem to be in her right mind nor thinking of how this would negatively affect Mira if she learned that her freedom was bought at the cost of a friend she would be broken. Please draw the contract without Danielle." She leans close to the fairy and speaks very slowly, "Listen carefully if you got something you need to work out this isn't the way, If you mention another word about selling yourself I will let the security system subdue you till this transaction is over." Kilsa look at Karyn, "The cake will be without icing now the sooner we can run this along, The longer you take the more restless everyone gets anty and I am not responsible for the madness that the others will do. My people are only the fairy, the fox-taur and myself, Everyone else is not under my command and I don't have faith in thier sanity so the sooner we are done the sooner we can both go home safetly." Kilsa removes a pen from an inside pocket on her shirt. "I'm ready when you are."

The husky boy's eyes don't leave Karyn, having literally no trust for her at all. "N-not yours... you have bad hearing..." he mumbles to the abusive and horrible taur woman, though his eyes grow wide at what he sees when Karyn pets Mira, knowing his severe caution would come to use at some point. After the bitch's hand leaves Mira, his own replaces it, rubbing her tears off as an excuse to swipe the little device he saw. Leaning down, he plants a soft kiss on Mira's head, knowing that if she's shedding tears, she must be partially aware. "It's okay, Mira... I'm with you always..." he whispers, cooing slightly and rocking her in his arms.

Daniel glares at his boss, and just by how serious he was, it might well have been a death glare... but he calms himself. He shakes his head, looks at Miranai's deactivated body, and flies off. "I owe her a debt, and I thought this would be a good way to pay it off." He looks back to his boss, shaking his head again. "You just... couldn't let me. Fine." He starts back up and heads outside again, joining the other two, who seem to be dealing with their own problems.

Angus glares at the Giant and the Ogre as a vicious smile forms. At Anbessa's comment hir grin widens as shi nods hir approval. Shi started to stagger slightly, even while shi was supported by hir hammer, and hir grin slips. Shaking hir head shi looks back at the mercenaries and shi gave them a rather defiant look, before flipping them the bird. "Why don't you come see...what...tiny, ca-" Before shi could even finish hir sentence shi came crashing to the ground, the pain of hir own nanite infused body causing hir to pass out.

Miranai continues to cry as she listens to the deal, Nyo's patting doing little to comfort her. Karyn just laughs at Nyo, "OH, she was mine, but as soon as this human here signs this, she is all hers, and I hope they are both happy." She fixes up another contract and it is ready for Kilsa's digital signal and in Kilsa's comm's inbox. "Just sign and we can all be done. This one doesn't include the fae." She says. "You lot all have things to work out it seems, and I wouldn't want to interfere with your all, more then I have to. Just sign that electonically, and we can be done with this mess." Outside the ogres, trolls, and such just laugh again as Angus passes out, "Well, looks like the boss is almost done, ready men?" the largest says looking back over the group. They pay little heed to Daniel.

Anbessa goes tense for a moment as he hears the sound of body meeting ground, him looking over his shoulder towards Angus. He blinks, then sighs as he tosses the Ogres and Trolls an over the shoulder middle finger. He crouches down, holstering his M4 and gently placing his hands under the Coyote's body to heft her up onto his shoulder. He glares at the many mercs, then walks off a bit away. After he feels the familiar sensation of Nanite warmth returning to his body, he sets Angus down, laying against the wall. In view of the KS HQ, then returning to the doorway, reentering the anti naninte field

The adept looks over the contract and nods, "I would ask off the record for visitation to my children if you don't mind but that is purely up to your discretion at a later date." Kilsa uses her digital signature. "A pleasure doing business." Kilsa plays around with the remote reading a helpfile on the remote and smiles and waits for the female nears the door. "If nothing else good can be said about you, Atleast your decent at business, I would rather us not meet under such ugly conditions again." Kilsa says simply before flicking the green button on the remote and hugging Mirana. The adept sighs and takes a seat on a nearby table. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck......" The adept sigh her body starting to burn from all the anger she was holding back.

Nyo watches Karyn and Kilsa with disgust and spite, not often seen on the male's face. Still not moving from his spot, he continues to stroke at his mate, trying his best to appease her tears. "It's okay, Mira... please, you're safe now..." he tries some more, prepared to sit with her until she's on her feet, and leave with her to the Maison or the SB's headquarters.

Daniel really didn't give a damn if the large oafs noticed him or not, he casually fluttered there, striking a lounging position. When Angus falls, he prepares to assist, but Anbessa seems to have things under control, drawing a sigh from him. "Medic my ass, what good am I?" He chuckles a bit, still lounging in the air.

Miranai takes a sudden and deep breath after that green button is switched and lays there sobbing "Kilsa.... why... your.. children?" She just lays there in Nyo's lap not ready to get up, not ready to move at all. She is awake, active, and beyond morbidly depressed. She lets Nyo, Kilsa, whomever guide her. She is in no condition to try and do so herself. Her legs work, but she currently has no will to do so herself. Karyn looks over things once more before looking to Mira, "So long Pet, it was wonderful while I had you, but, I think this deal will work out better in the long run, for my business.ou understand, right Pet?" Mira says nothing, just sobbing deeply and staring off into nothing. Karyn shrugs and heads out toward the door, "Come Fang, you have earned your pay, you and your whole crew." Fang just smiles and walks along with Karyn. The group outside, cheers and seems to be ready to collect. If unstopped, Karyn will just head back to where she came, if unguided Mira will stay upon the floor and cry all night. She nuzzles into Nyo, desprete for comfort, saying nothing more.

Anbessa quietly walks back into the building as soon as Karyn and her group leaves, the human grumbling faintly under his breath as he looks to Miranai. He pads up towards Mira, smiling down towards the Taur before he wraps his arms around her torso, almost squeezing the taur too tightly as he shuts his eyes nice and tight. "Thank god... Mira..." He mutters softly, his arms staying locked around the taur as he purrs his happy heart out. He tunes out everything else for a while as he hugs up to Mira, only snapping out of it once to let Nyo into the embrace.

The nanite adept looks around and sighs, "My children volunteered, They aren't like us and the ones I offerend wanted to leave the forest and do nothing more than fuck. Anbessa, Take her with you at least for a few days for her to be surround her with friends." Kilsa skin ripples as she turns into a goo girl and puts the remote inside of her now gel like flesh as she slowly behind her and the only sound from the inside is a soft sobbing.

Nyo hugs tightly on Mira as soon as she wakes, so Anbessa has no choice but to 'let' him in on the hugs the whole time. "Mira... oh, I love you..." he whines, nuzzling her face all over. Seeing her emotionless expression however, he can't help but feel worried, and betrayed. Glaring at Kilsa, he watches her simply absorb the remote and take it into an apparently locked door. "B-but... h-hey! B-bring that back!" he calls after the twisted blob, whimpering in helplessness.

As the group leaves, Daniel looks behind him. ... No one was watching, he could just follow them, become an unintended bonus, though with a sigh he decides against it. With Miranai awake now, he flies over to her, giving his patient the biggest hug his tiny frame can muster. He didn't understand the pain she went through, but damn it all he was going to try and sooth it any way he could.