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Meniatz flies around, exploring the city, when sie sees a large building for something called K/S Solutions. Curious, sie hovers around the building before descending near the entrance. Sie pokes hir head in the door and slowly walks in. "Um...Hello?"

"Hello! please come in!" Kilsa walks in and notices a succubus like creature standing in the entry way, "I'm Kilsa, I'm the K in K

Virginia didn't want to look at or talk to Meniatz. Part of hir that was slowly growing was telling hir sie had to apologize to hir mistress for causing hir such distress, perhaps worship hir body as part of it. Sie fought to ignore it. When the tentacle went in hir mouth, sie just allowed it. No point fighting. Sie hated raspberry though. Sie pulls out the thing and says "I learned I was happy at the expense of others." to meniatz "Didn't even care what they wanted. I've raped people, Meni." sie licks hir lips. "I feel like doing it again. Fuck. Remember...how I was on cocaine in the old days? It's like that. Feels amazing. Gives me energy and makes me want more." sie starts crying "And it fucks my brain into thinking it's okay, giving me dirty thoughts all the time. It's coming back. It's pulling me back in, I can feel it. Just kill me. I'm a danger to everyone." Sie closes hir eyes and becomes listless.

Meniatz is too tired from repairing Ginnie and Dani's nanites to respond to Kilsa's criticism at any great length. "I...trusted them..." Sie says weakly. "I love them..." Sie strokes Virginia's hair as sie speaks to hir. The succubus' words cut deep, and Meniatz can barely stand hearing hir sister-mate hate hirself the way sie does. "Please, don't talk like that, Ginnie. We can...get help for you. We can make you *cough* better." Meni is practically choking on hir own tears. "Killing yourself isn't the answer. It just hurts us more, and...you're too good a person to want to hurt anyone...not like that." Sie rests hir head on Virginia's healing body. "Please...don't throw your life away. You mean the world to Dani and me...and to Anti and Natake, too."

Tiya smiles at her mistress's praise, wiping tears from her eyes. The mare nods slowly, licking at Meniatz's cheek in greeting before the huge feral mutely rests her head on Virginia's chest, making sure not to hurt her, but fixing her eyes on the succubus. "I think you shouldn't do it. I hurt myself because you wanted to be hurt. You're a pack member and... you can't rape me," the feral says, leaning forwards and licking at the suicidal girl's cheek, smiling down at her, her third-person speech fading as she relaxes. She looks up towards Kilsa, looking awkward. "Can I ask you for my reward, mistress? In private? It... It won't take a moment.

"You may ask, Tiya." She says before Looking at Meniatz and Virginia, "Can I ask, does something make you unnartural succubus's? I know I can become one but not your forms in fact I've never seen the form before." She looks at the pair and sighs, "If you die Danielle will be sad and I will have to walk to go to hell to cheer her up. Live even if it just for Danielle, I won't pretend to like you but I will work to help you." She says with a huff.

Virginia chuckles bitterly at Meniatz and says "You just like having me as your pet, right M-...Meni?" Shit, it was setting in faster than sie'd feared. Nearly called hir Mistress. Just the thought of calling hir that sent an unwanted pleasurable shiver through hir. Sie ignores Tiya. Sie could rape her. Rape her mind. Of course, she was out of hir league, but...if sie could have, sie would have. "What do I do then?" sie asks kilsa "I can't handle this infection, but my Godess placed it on me. I can't get rid of it."

Meniatz sighs. "Well, Kilsa, on one of my research expeditions, I found a most unusual tribe of succubi who had developed a special tail that is able to milk sexual fluids from their partners. I accidentally attracted the attention of their leader, and I expected things to get progressively worse from there. However, much to my surprise, she took quite the liking to me and allowed me to live among her people as I studied them. By the end of my time with them, I had gained a thorough understanding of their tribe, and, consequently, a new form that I can transform into." Sie then gives Virginia a kiss on the forehead. "I like having you as my close friend and sister-mate. You mean far more to me than a pet, love." Sie then gives Ginnie a gentle squeeze. "The tribe of succubi worshipped freedom and pleasure above all else, which is probably why the Maternal Beast gave you their form. Sie must have wanted you to embrace your freedom from your torturers and learn to enjoy the wonders that this world has to offer." Sie nuzzles into hir. "I know I do."

Tiya watches Meniatz and Ginny with a hint of jealousy in her eyes before she stands, bowing towards Kilsa. "I'll leave you, mistress. I won't be helpful here so until you call I'll be sleeping in the relaxation room," the equine stays, taking a careful step closer the shift, licking her lips nervously and leaning in to whisper in Kilsa's ear, pulling back with a blush and halfway to the door before the shifter can process it, slipping out before she gets a reply.

Virginia says "I just can't handle the instincts, Meni. They're too much." sie's very tired now, emotionally and physically. Sie just felt like death. "Look...just take me home and help me fix this tomorrow, okay?" Some part of hir worried that by then, hir mutation's hold on hir would be restored, but sie just didn't care right now. Sie had no ideas what to do, and apparently no one else did either. Or maybe that was hir mutation urging hir that way, to give it more time.

The nanite adept look at the pitiful succubi. "You must be kidding me, I have an Ideal but I don't know if it would work or if you would trust me to do so." She sighed and shook her head. "Though it might mess with you...greatly." She admited.

Meniatz looks up curiously to hir fellow shape-shifter. "What did you have in mind? If it's anything dangerous, it will have to wait until Ginnie is feeling better." "Sie then picks up Virginia and gives hir a kiss on the cheek. "Sure, love. We'll get you home and fix you up as quick as we can."

Virginia would've asked, but whatever. Sie'd take whatever sie could get.

"Its not dangerous I did it on another as punishment. I've been an adept for a long time and have gained a mastery over controling my nanites. I can immerse Virginia within my mass and cause her nanite to align in my control. I could make her into something else that might crub the crazy a bit." She offered not knowing how well it would work.

Meniatz nods. "Well...if it's safe, then I don't see why not, but...I would like to go in, too, just in case. You scolded me for not being there for Ginnie, and I'm not going to make that mistake again." Sie is determined to stay by hir little sister-mate's side, regardless of the consequences.

Virginia nods. "It sounds like a good idea to me. Let's get this done before I decide to change my mind." Sie sits up, looking weary.

Kilsa smiles and shifts her body into a large gooey mass with holes running through her body, "Please touch me." She waits for them to do so before sucking them both inside of her form. She focuses on her nanites and begins to shift Virginia.

Meniatz enters Kilsa's body, shifting hir own nanites in concert with Kilsa's. "I'd like to do help, if I can." Sie says as sie follows Kilsa's lead.

Virginia allows hirself to get pulled in, and hopes that this will work.

Virginia feels a tingling sensation, and realizes sie's changing. Bits and peices disappear, and sie...she, becomes mostly clean looking save for a few cattish features. Just when sie was going to celebrate, the changing hits hir again, and reverses, hir tribal succubus form reasserting itself.

Kilsa looks at the form and growls, "Damn. I didn't want to do any more to you because I don't want to make things worse? I'm sorry but the only person I can think of that could help would probably be another supernatural." She makes quotation marks with her fingers. "Like the roo or the wolf or heaven forbid the....nevermind on that last one."

Meniatz emerges from Kilsa, hir gooey form giving Virginia a hug after sie changes back. "You were a very pretty kitty, sis. I'm sure we'll have better luck next time." Sie then shifts back to hir own succubus form. "In the mean time, would you like to go to the church?" Sie then looks to Kilsa. "What? You mean the Coyote? Yeah, that's not going to happen." Sie says flatly. "He'd probably make things worse just to mess with hir."

Virginia had figured this would happen. Why wouldn't it? Sie hugs Meniatz back and says "Alright...let's just go. I'm sorry for...everything."

Meniatz offers Kilsa a hand. "Would you like to join us?"

The Now Cat girl shifts into a into large wolf and shakes her head, "Don't be sorry just try and find a solution." She shakes her head again and wags her tail. "I'll be here or the wet bitch if you need me."

Meniatz gives Kilsa a kiss. "Well, thank you for your help, Kilsa. I know we kind of got off to a rocky start, but I think we can become good friends." Sie says cheerfully. Sie then picks up Virginia and takes flight.