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In the Comm Center, Mira has hidden things she had hoped would never see the light of day again. She is currently storing them all away, out of sight in a hidden, after testing to make sure they were still functional. She didn't test if the weapons systems actually fired, that was far too dangerous. She sighs as she has GBX move the heavy server back into position. She could rebuild the server if it came down to it, and she knew the things she was storing back there would be able to break out if she called them. She hoped it wouldn't come to that, that the people she got them in case things really got out of hand wouldn't do anything to make her have to. She sniffles slightly at the thought, she should never have built them. Never. She then walks back out into the crafting area of the room to continue working on the beam cannon she was working on yesterday. The taur is completely nude, and heavy, heavy gravid. All of her on display for all to see, as her clothes, stretchy as they were, wouldn't fit her. Outside, the evening is beautiful, if not a bit cold, a clear day with a full moon shining bright.

Daniel was male for once, felt good to be as well, those breasts of his were starting to get heavy. God, how do woman put up with the damn things... and those hips, they're so hard to walk with, especially with the pregnant belly! Still, at least he didn't need to put up with them as a guy. What was he doing, he always gets lost in thought... Right! He needed to check up with Miranai to see if that server for his office was ready so he could start constructing a basic AI for her to work with. ... Though he wasn't expecting her to be naked, god why did she have to be naked? The short incubus shivered slightly as he felt the lust in him spike, god she was curvy all over! 'No... no... PTSD... PTSD... keep yourself composed.' He thought to himself as he approached her, a nervous smile on his face. "H-hey Mira!"

Tiya has been working to clean the base, brushing up stray fur, cleaning off the occasional stain, fully aware that the foxtaur is working in the room, also fully aware that she has been busy. The shemale looking around the door a little after Daniel, smiling and walking into the server room, a tray held in front of her. "Mistress Mira, I thought you might-" she starts before she pauses, noticing Daniel and smiling to him. "Good evening Doctor. I was bringing mistress Mira some food, would you like some?" she asks, gesturing to the tray of sandwiches and juice, looking around for a good spot to put the tray down.

The nanite adept walk into the comm Center with a smiles on her face and her hands intwined with Shirai's. "Next time we will have to make sure to bring someone for my kids. Maybe raid the pet store for a ton of rubber balls, chew toys and hell knowing them some cat nip." She smiles and give her a peck on the muzzles before looking at the group with smiles, "How is everyone!" She calls out obviously in the best mood she has been in since the encounter with Sol.

Shirai giggles quietly at Kilsa's suggestion, returning thekiss on the cheek. "Maybe! And from the way Vex was talking, should we just start calling them 'our kids'? She smiles. Much like Kilsa, she appears to be in a happy mood as well. "But the pet store idea I can get behind, love." the canine chuckles, waving over to the group as well though her gaze seems to slip around Daniel rather than fall upon the diminutive doctor.

A large silver lion paces around the common room in a bit of a bored state. If he were going to work in this establishment, it'd only be logical for him to register the layout within his head. Dio sees a few people pass into an interesting looking room and decides to follow suit. He pushes open the communication room door and scans its features and its current inhabitants. Still the newest member, or member to be, the formally dressed lion decides to make friends if possible. With a confident stride, he makes his way towards the epicenter of the group and finds himself a nice place to stand. "Hello lovely individuals," the lion says with a short bow, "A pleasure to see everyone again. "

Virginia heads into the room, having found it in hir explorations of the complex earlier. Thankfully, just the people sie needed to see were here. Sie calls out "Daniel, we need to talk." and heads for him. "After, I gotta speak to you too Kilsa." sie says as an aside. Sie seems pretty serious.

Spade wanders into the communciations center to see how Miranai was doing, she seed upset the last time she saw her. Carrying her sewing kit, and still in fox girl, she approaches the taur, giving everyone waves and smiles. "How are you feeling today? You left sort of... off?" she yips and tilts hehr head.

Miranai looks up as she hears someone walk in and is shocked to see what she sees. She'd seen that before, and knew it had to be either Daniel or Virginia, seeing how this one was male, she assumes Daniel. She reaches under her bench, and grabs her laser pistol. Her left eye glows as she powers it on, keeping it out of view. "S..stay back.. stay right there.." she says, then when Tiya calls him doctor, she knew, this was Daniel, and he had changed. She stares for a moment as thoughts run into her of what could.. and likely would happen. Would a low setting be enough? She adjusts the pistol to medium, the only sound being a slight humm of it warming up. She looks over to Tiya and blinks a few times, then over to Kilsa as well. "M.. Mistress.." is all she says, not wanting to move from where she is. Her gaze shifts to Shirai, and she calms slightly. The sight of two people whom she at least thought she could trust easing her a bit. She looks over to the lion entering with a bit of concern again. With this many people around, she could either be in a very safe place, or a very dangerous place, but she couldn't tell which just yet, and her breathing starts to pick up in pace. The arrival of another succubus clenches it for her. Her breathing hits a paniced pace and she resets the power setting to max. "Just.. don't.. don't move please..." She says in a half whine, her eyes darting to Kilsa. She'd need much more then her pistol to keep safe if Kilsa couldn't do something. Looking over to Spade as she enters, she backs away, bringing the pistol with her. She is very slow moving, and whimpering audibly.

Daniel quickly raises his hands to the sides of his head, oh christ she was packing heat and it was aimed right at him. He makes sure not to move anything besides his eyes, he didn't need any new holes in him, god knows his body will just tell him to fill those with a phallus as well, though for now it seems fear has trumped his libedo. With his body cooling down, and lucid thought returning to his head, he gets the idea to slowly back for the door. "I was just here to talk about the servers in my office, but you seem to be tense... I'll just... go." He murmurs as he sets a foot behind him.

Tiya mutely puts down the tray, smiling at the company enters before looking back to Miranai, her head on the side. "Mistress Mira? There's nothing to be afraid of," she points out. "If any members of the pack have threatened you, please tell me and I'll restrain them until the Alpha chooses who to punish," the mae says, seemingly unworried about the pistol and more worried about Mira. "Mistress Mira, you will need to calm down, you will hurt your babies," she says, looking appealing to Kilsa, hoping firstly that her mistress can solve this and secondly forgive the lack of proper greeting.

The adept reaction is one of mercy as she shift into a large tentacle monster with soft pelt of fur, "Mira. Your mistress is here, Shirai is here and Tiya is here. You know I would let nothing happen to you. Holster your weapon but you are free to keep it close but if your going to shoot someone shoot me but I can't have you hurting anyone else here." Kilsa size increase until she is large enough to wrap a tentacle around Mira in a hug and use four more to raise her about the group putting a little distance between the too. "Trust me." She speaks bust doesn't face Daniel, "Don't leave please... We need to work on this. Right here and Right now." She says maternally to broker no argument.

Shirai quickly makes her way over to Mirana and puts a hand on the 'taurs shoulder. "Whoa, whoa... Miranai, you're safe here." She murmers to the terrified girl. "Tiya is right. There's nothing to be afraid of here. Certainly not while we're here." She smiles comfortingly before turning back to the room at whole and speaking sternly. "Just a reminder for posterity. If you have a dispute or disagreement with another member, keep the violence out of the complex; resolve it with words. Understood?"

Dio looks with interest as Virginia enters the room. Was shi a member of this group or just visiting? Regardless, he doesn't say anything or attempt to draw any attention. It would probably be better that way. The naked fox taur on the opposite side of himself catches Dio's curiosity. Quite a hodgepodge of individuals this company seems to have. Witnessing her quite flustered state, the lion had a good idea of what was going to come next. He didn't quite understand the context, but that took a bit of a backseat when the deadly weapon was pulled. Finally, something to get rid of that boredom! Using his larger body size, Dio slowly walks in front of Virginia and obscures hir while facing the distressed Mira with a smile. However, it would appear his assistance wasn't really needed as he watches the adept transform into a bizarre form and deal with the problem. Oh well, it's the thought that counts. Standing by and watching the scene, Dio couldn't help but wonder if such strange occurrences happened here often.

Virginia sees the pistol getting brought out and holds up hir hands defensively. "Woah WOAH! Calm yerself! I'm here to fix things and leave the orginization, *please* calm down!" Sie catches daniel leaving and says "Wait, wait, don't go. I have to fix you. Oh god, this is all going to hell." Then kilsa steps in to hopefully fix everything. It seemed to hir that it would. Sie wasn't sure how to feel about Dio stepping in to shield hir. Things were...awkward between them.

Spade drops her sewing kit and holds her hands over her head, readly throwing off her ragged clothes to reveal a newly made tank top and a knee length skirt. She has no weapons on her person. "I'm not here to hurt you dear, I just wanted to see how you were, You seemed upset, and I think I had a part in it so I'm sorry. Please pu the gun down?" she says as she watches the taur.

When Dan steps back, her heart skips a beat, and it is very clear she is shaking enough not to be able to fire the weapon properly. Her eye continues to glow as she is told by the targeting array on the pistol repeatedly to hold steady to aim. She gulps and her eyes move to Tiya for just a moment. Calm.. standing in front of her are two instances of all her nightmares, calm was far from her mind. She gulps and brings the weapon to her side, "Just.. don't move please. Keep right... right there." Hurt her babies? Something screams at her that a panic could do just that. The commands from Kilsa hit her hard. She blinks a few times and her head starts to hurt. "Mistress... I..." As the wetware reworks over her brain, it seems more and more a good idea to do exactly what Kilsa said. Not wairing the holster, she can't do that, maybe just powering it down would be enough? Her eye slowly stops glowing after she puts the weapon into shut down, soft whirling coming to a stop, the weapon hanging fully powered down at her side. She yips out when touched, but after she relises who it is, she just lets herself be hug and lifted slightly. She looks over to Shirai, who reinforces Kilsa's commands with her own. She nods, not quiet finding her voice. The lion was an odd one, as more rational thinking comes back to her, and she can't help but wonder a moment who it was. Similarly she can't help but wonder what Virginia was talking about. But her eyes continue to meet Danial, then back to where Virginia was standing. She looks over to Spade and it finally dawns on her just what was going on. In her panic she'd seemed to scare just about everyone but Tiya. Her breathing is far from normal as she nuzzles against the tenticle holding her.

Daniel glares up at the giant fluffy tentacle monster that was his boss, shaking his head. "Are you nuts? She'll kill me if I stay here!" He continues to back away for the door, looking at Virginia with a confused look as she speaks of 'fixing' him. "I'm afraid I don't follow, I wasn't aware I was broken." He looks himself over, surely today's check up didn't miss something. Maybe he had a loose bolt that he'd missed somewhere? And then the taur lowers her weapon and allows herself to be scooped up by the adept, letting him at least relax so he can attempt to bolt out the door.

Tiya reaches out suddenly almost without looking and grabs Daniel's shoulder, large fingers digging in hard. "I don't want to hurt you, because I might hurt my foal," she says, moving around to stand behind the incubus, holding him close. "Mistress says you mustn't leave and I'm a good girl," the feral points out, nuzzling at Dan's head, seemingly unconcerned by the panic in the room, showing a remarkable calm. After all, it doesn't seem to be issue and her choices are clear. "Please don't run, talk with Mistress Mira. I won't let mistress Mira hurt you."

The adepts tails lashes out and wraps her mate in an embarce before lifting her up to the tentacle platform that Miranai was on. "Good girl, Tiya." She comment and look at Dio. "Hey buddy after your last mission you are a member of the KS solutions." She notes before chuckling a little. "Now Miranai talk to us." She offers her tentacles moving gently to carress her and Shirai's back. "And relax, I won't let anyone hurt you. Ever."

Shirai chuckles quietly at the odd embrace, arching her back as it's rubbed by Kilsa. "Yes, let's get down to business." She comments, nodding to the vixen. "Daniel, Virginia. You should probably have your chat as well. It can be mediated here if you want." the canine offers.

Dio has been around the succubi party long enough to have an idea of what was going on. In fact, he had to deal with the same problem himself in the last few weeks. Realizing that the more violent portion of the talk had went without much fun, Dio shrugs a little and steps to the side to give Virginia some space but still chooses not to look at hir. The lion's ears perk and he turns to face Kilsa with a bow. "Made the cut did I? An honor to be working with you. I'd love to sit down and discuss the finer details, but it would appear there are more pressing matters at hand."

Virginia looks at daniel, hoping that this mdeiation that was offered wouldn't interfere too much. "Daniel, I wanna give you back your soul and fix all the stuff I did to your head." Sie turns to kilsa "and after that, I'm resigning from working here." Sie was worried daniel may not *want* hir to do this. Sie wouldn't have it though. Sie just needed to cut ties with this place and move on.

Spade approaches Mira, taking a seat directly next to her and laying a hand on her side, looking up at her. "Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable around me? I know i've got faults that make it hard to trust me but I don't have any bad intentions for you dear. I don't want to hurt you at all. If theres anything to be done about it I'd like to know okay?" she yips and lets her tail sway a bit, still quite used to her form for the time being. She looks to her sewing kit and ohps down, only to hop back up with it, and, a tiny moai statue that she has tucked away inside. "Here, would you like one?" she asks the taur.

Miranai listens as Daniel speaks and is shocked at what he says. "I... I wouldn't.. if.. unless.." she starts to say, looking over to Kilsa. When he starts to leave she yips and is about to shout out to him when Tiya stops him instead. "Yes... Mistress says you .. should.. shouldn't go." she echos, then "Wait... foal?" she looks to Tiya blinking a few times, and she still wonders about being called Mistress herself. As Kilsa talks again she nods, "Umm.. Ok Mistress... umm.. what would.. you like me to say?" She asks, eyes only looking away from Daniel to observe the area where Virginia is. The rubs on her make her calm significantly, breathing returning closer to normal. When Shirai talks she nods, "Umm.. I.. I just don't.. don't think.. umm.. I'm not." She has a hard time finding words, but both her mistress and her miss had asked her to talk, so, she takes a deep breath, "Doctor... what happened to you? I.. I know succubi.. if.. if you get near me.. you'll hurt me.." she says "I.. trusted you.." She says almost in a whisper. Looking over to Dio once more, she wonders a moment if this would be a new friend.. or a new threat, so far it seemed the line between the two was so blurry. When Virginia talks of turning Daniel back, she looks very wairy, "Umm.. how.. would umm.." She didn't understand exactly how a succubus would want to undo what they had done. When Spade walks up to her, being slightly lifted from the ground, she looks to him, her eye flares up as her cyborg parts search for bots it can use, but the current uplink isn't on the proper command line, and can't activate them, it continues to try despite, eye glowing the whole time Spade is there, but she doesn't seem uncalmed at all. "I.. I'm comfortable.. a.. around you Spade... just.. umm.." and she points to her glowing left eye, "this.. this isn't.." She takes the statue and holds it lightly in her free hand.. "For.. for me?" She asks looking back. She seems significantly calmed, breathing normally again as Kilsa continues to hold and stroke on her.

Daniel thrashes in the mare's grasp, his brows furrowed as he tries to break from her. As Miranai looks shocked about his comment about killing him, he seems to calm a little. Well at least she wasn't going to make any attempts at destroying him. He barely picks up what the taur says, but the words 'I trusted you' in particular send an arrow through his heart. His eyes well up, a few tears running down his cheeks. "... A lot of people trusted me Mira. And I've let a lot of people down... that's why I let myself turn into this." His eyes drift over to Virginia, and he seems to cringe a bit. "For example, I couldn't save Ginnie, no matter how many times I tried reassuring her. That's like telling a terminally ill patient they're going to live... and when she changed I decided to join her, and that's why I won't let her change me back." He was plagued with guilt, unable to comprehend that in doing so, he let another person down.

Tiya kisses at Daniel's cheek mutely, lowering her hand to cradle his belly, meeting Mira's eyes with a grin, patting the bulge. "Foals," she explains, rubbing her long muzzle against the incubus, looking towards Virginia finally. "Mistress will be leaving the pack? You'll stop being a mistress," she says, smiling, kissing at the top of Daniel's head, repositioning her breasts, resting them on top of the captured male's head. "Please... hurry and fix doctor, my foal needs a good daddy."

The adept look at Daniel and sighs, "You aren't dead, you have your whole life to make it up to everyone you let down. I know that route and I'll be happy to help you on the way and I know all of are in agreement." She winked at him and smiles, "If not we will kick your ass till you look normal again." She wipes away a tear on her face while till smiling. "I love you like a little brother...sister...erm... like family." The adept blushes feeling very corny at the moment.

Shirai sighs quietly at Daniel's reasoning and shakes her head. "Dan, we've all made mistakes for the worse. But thing about it. You've helped many as well." replies. "Don't condemn yourself for it; Kilsa is right." the canine offers, giving the adept a cuddle and looking back to Virginia. "...You've surprised me. I didn't expect you to follow through with this kind of action. I hope you find what you're looking for."

That little incubus was Danny? Dio had met the doctor a few times before, but had never seen him in that form. It would seem like things are progressing at a relatively good pace. Not wanting to intrude on the delicate healing process, the lion makes his way over towards a table filled with tools and beings idly tinkering with them without much direction or focus.

Virginia doesn't catch what Miranai says, and looks irritated at what Daniel says. "You let people down by becoming what you *have*. Just let me *fix* you and you can start making things right too! Please, just come to me." Sie steps towards him "You never could have saved me in the first place, you can't blame yourself for failing what was impossible." Sie looks to Tiya and nods saying "That's what I'm here for. If he won't agree, you gotta help me force him."

Spade smiles as Mirana seems to calm down, especially when it's such a positive reaction to the moai statue. She yips to Daniel "You've been acting far different than you normally would, you told me you wouldn't lose yourself but you seem to have." she says sadly. She decides to try and convince the machine she's harmless, hopping up so that she can lick the eye she smiles and holds her hands out in front of it in the shape of a heart, her tail swaying. She then takes a seat next to Mirana and lays gently against them. "How close do you think you are?"

Miranai listens to Daniel, and wonders a moment, "If.. if you wouldn't let her.. I.. I could do it.." She offers. "And.. why.. if that.. umm.. infection is a.. a death sentance.. would you take it? Why not.. make up for everything..." Her eyes continue to look him over. She felt bad for him, but at the same time, she could feel fear and pain creep around in her head, waiting for the effects of following commands to wane and send her into a panic again. She looks again to Tiya and can only think of, "... congratulations?" to say. She looks to Kilsa a moment, and nods in agreement, but as the adept talks of kicking ass, she shakes her head, "No.. no please.. no violence please.. I.. I was just too scared. Too scared..." her breathing starts to pick back up though she tries not to think of the things her mind tries to bring back to her, whining softly still held by Kilsa. She looks to Dio again, wondering if he knew what he was doing... "Umm.. Mister Lion.. who.. are you exactly?" she asks finally. Listening to Virginia, that is the most sensable things she'd ever seen and heard a succubus do and say, she blinks a few times, "I.. could try.. to.. umm.. help purge.. you too.. if.. if you want.. I could try..." she is very very wary of the words, but.. the taur was nothing if not helpful. She looks to the statue again, and then yips herself a bit when her eye is licked, "Spade! That's my eye..." she explains, and when she opens it again she sees the heart and, for the first time that night, smiles. "How close do I.. oh.. I.. I don't know Spade.. I don't control it... umm.. not completely anyway.. it.. it has more control over me..." she explains. She looks again to Daniel and Virginia, "I.. I could try and help you..." she says but her eyes seem shaky.

Daniel frowns, staring at Virginia a bit. The corrupted half of his mind had no idea how to take what they'd all said, and while it was confused, the lucid half took the chance it was given to yell to her and Miranai, not particularly looking in any specific direction, "No matter how much I fight, d-do what you have to, pl-" He makes a pained face, but manages to continue, "Please! I... h-hate what me and Ginnie have become!" He shook his head, began sweating, and seemed as though he remembered that he was struggling for freedom, no doubt the succubus inside still fighting for control with him right now.

Tiya nods her head, mutely moving her arm at Daniel's reaction, kissing at his cheek. "Mistresses want the best for you," she says, wrapping her arm around the doctor's throat, holding her still and asserting a little power over him. "Please, can everyone help doctor? I want the nice doctor... Sexy doctor is nice... But everyone else hates it," the feral says, running her tongue over Daniel's cheek. "Sexy doctor got me called a bad girl and Mistress Kilsa wants nice doctor," she says, her tail swishing, looking at Kilsa after a moment. "How far can I go to stop doctor struggling?"

The adept puts her mate and her friend down further away from daniel as she shrinks down to a human female with bright green hair. "Do what needs to be done. I would like to see him back to himself too." She says to Tiya before moving to Miranai and Shirai and giving them a big hug. "We will have him back soon." She says before look at Dio, "I promise that we aren't normally this crazy." She says with a small wink before turning to Miranai and whispering something into her ear.

Shirai joins Kilsa in the hug, nodding to her with a slight smile crossing her face though she says nothing more. Rather, she pulls the adept closer into a tight hug. "Usually we aren't, that's for sure. It's been hectic lately." she sighs.

A growl of pain emanates from the silver lion before the sound of a large nail hitting the floor echos through the room. "What... What's with all this 'please' business," Dio says with a slight wheeze. "I remember meeting a small doctor once. He was always eagar to help others." The lion begins to lean his entire weight into the bench. "I heard he joined up here in this very facility. Where did he go? He's got a job to do, doesn't he? That... That doctor better come back real fuckin' fast..." And with that, Dio collapsed on the floor face down while blood gradually began to pool up around him, originating seemingly from his torso. Perhaps the lion would fit into the crazy after all.

Virginia shakes hir head to what Miranai says. "I'm sorry but...It's already too late for me. I went to pray to my goddess, who's spoken to me in the past in dreams whenever I did. She didn't come this time. She's abandoned me. What's more, she's the one who placed me in this form, and every attempt to change me to something else has failed. The most I can do is undo what I've done to him. To be completely honest, It's taking everything I have to remain rational right now, to keep myself on the task of fixing him. You don't know how badly I want to...but I won't. Not now." Sie folds hir arms around hirself, gripping hir sides. "Just bring him to me. I'll do what I have to, and then leave. You won't see me around here again, I promise that." Then dio seems to gravely injure himself. sie turns back to them and says "Hurry! I'll fix him, and then he can save him, to me, hurry!"

Spade stretches and looks through her sewing kit, taking a set of needles out and, even though she is in fox form, starts producing thread quite easily. She starts to make tiny baby caps, knowing how quickly they will be useless but unwilling to let that deter her as she lays gently with Mirana. She looks rather shocked at Dio's droppinig out, blinking and shaking her head. "Not so much a gentleman..." she says to herself before looking to Daniel, knowing he'd be better suited but getting up regardless and expendinig herself to help reconstruct Dio's body.

As she is sit down she looks over to Daniel. The hug helps to hold her calm though the more she sees of the two, the more fear and paranoia try to fill back into her. "Doctor... we'll.. we'll fix you..." she says getting more and more uncertain as time passes, mind returning to where it was before. When the whisper comes to her, she looks to Kilsa and simply nods, "I.. I'll try.. I'll try.. but.. but.." she whimpers, "what if.. this happens again... I.. I don't think.. I could let him touch me... I.. I'll try.." she says again. Watching Tiya hold Daniel in a headlock she feels a bit safer, she might not be able to trust Daniel, but her friends here would at least try to keep her safe. She nods to Shirai.. "Hectic... too hectic.." she says softly. She smiles as Spade leans against her, starting to make... baby clothes? She giggles a bit at the fellow fox. However, she is a quickly shocked She looks over to Dio as he.. wait.. was he playing with the nail gun!? Her eyes go wide as she starts to cut the power in the room, eye glowing brightly, but she is a bit too late, and... "Oh.. oh no.. no.." not connected to her medbot, she can't do anything to help, but when Virginia speaks up, she looks over to her, "I.. I'll still try, if.. if.. you can.. umm.. keep from touching me... but.. but for now, if you are going to fix the doctor.. hurry!" She says, getting ready to try herself if needed.

Daniel lets out a throaty gurgle sound as Tiya gets him in a headlock, grabbing at her arm and trying to claw it. Damn it, why did he have to bite his nails in nervous habit?! Struggling, the little incubus stares at Miranai, his expression full of hate, but the look in his eyes told her to do it. The real Daniel might as well have been caged in there, staring at her with the saddest puppy dog look possible. He tried to talk, but all he could make was the strained chokey sound.

Tiya doesn't even seem to be concerned with Daniel's efforts to escape, picking the incubus up body, without the least effort, the victim of her restaint a quarter of her size. She moves towards Virginia, holding him tight, only giving a snort of derision at Dio's stupidity, holding out the incubus to the succubus.

Kilsa decides to let the group take care of Daniel as she move over to Dio and places a finger against his head and presses her nanites into the lion allowing it to make him heal alot fast with Spade already helping him. "I swear... didn't your mother tell you not to run with scissors."

Shirai curses as the scent of blood fills the room, quickly moving over to help the lion' wound stay clean and seal over without incident. "What the hell do you think you were doing, Dio?" She chastises. "Now is not the time to go trying to kill yourself. Stress isn't helping anyone." She growls.

Virginia heads over to Daniel and kneels down to meet him face to face. Putting on the most alluring voice sie could manage without giving over to hir instincts, sie said "I'm gonna kiss you now. You'd like that, right?" Sie leans in, and kisses him on the lips. With his head held stil, sie began blowing into his lungs like sie was giving CPR, pushing in the energy sie took from him. Then, sie pulled it back, taking out the darkness sie'd placed inside. As sie draws it in, it fills hir and darkens hir skin turning it a light shade of purple. Sie stumbles back, shaking as sie shudders, a smell of sex coming from hir. "G-gotta get out. I wanna..." Sie looks longingly at them, forked tongue coming out between hir lips to lick them before sie forces hir teeth down and bites it. Focusing on the pain, sie turns tail and runs out, the aforementioned tail stretching out to try and grab at someone just as sie gets out of range.

Spade notes that Dio is likely passed out, shaking her head. She's done all she can. "Doctor you need to help him." she chitters and looks around for her tattered rags, pulling somethinig out of the pocket. She begins rubbing the moai and looks to Daniel to do something, moving to sit by Miranai again, trying to busy her idle hands wiith more needlework.

Miranai looks to Daniel and is just about ready to purge the doctor herself when Virginia does it herself. Seeing the effects quickly as Daniel turns back into the fae she'd once knew and trusted, a slight smile appears on her features. As all the rest go to help Dio, they seem to only be able to keep him from slipping from the gaping nail wounds in his torso. Mira whimpers slightly, if only she was hooked up to NURSE, she could heal him. But... if she were hooked up to her standard bots, then they would have come to hurt Spade, wait.. Spade? She holds up her hand to see if her eye was still glowing.. it wasn't.. Spade was leaning right next to her and her wetware wasn't trying to call for help. A double blessed day, though.. when she looks to Daniel, she can still feel the fear and pain trying to crawl back in, held at bay only by the rememberance of Kilsa's snuggles.

The fae doctor slowly drains of color for a moment, turning an almost paper white before regaining their color... their NORMAL color. They lost the tattoos, the horns have been sucked back into their head, and the tail falls off before squirming and dying. The doctor was back to normal... and very sleepy right now. He considers taking a nap until he hears someone needs his help. The will of a doctor punches him in the gut, and he wakes the fuck up. "Who what when!?" He shouts before flying over to Dio, "Don't you die on me you fuzzy bastard!" He shouts into his face before resting a hand on his chest. Using a similar tactic he'd used with Virginia, he begins to merge with him, replacing Dio's nanites with his own, the wounds appearing in Daniel's robotic chest and Dio's closing. It's a good thing there wasn't anything important in the doctor.

Tiya lets go of Daniel in surprise at the quick transformation, relasing him, watching him fly over towards the injured Dio. She cautiously moves to next to Kilsa, kneels down against her, starting to lick at her mistress's feet, still looking rather confused. "What now, mistress? Mistress Mira's food will have gone cold..." she says, going back to more mundane concerns, one eye fixed on the doctor still.

"Now Tiya, you let the little doctor go and get his bearing." She smiles before her com chirps. "Oh. Oh!" Kilsa looks a little nervous and speaks to the group. "I've to take care of something that can't wait. I'll have to take a small trip to the Z. Tiya, while I'm going Shirai is the alpha in charge." She kisses her mat and pats her mare on the head. "You've been very good today. I'm proud." She reaches into her bag and pulls out a vial that is black as night. "See you all soon."

Shirai nods to Kilsa, giving her loved one a quick hug. "Take care, Kilsa." she smiles, waving to the lady as she departs. "...Dan?" she asks incredulously as the fae seems to come to herself. "Dan, how do you feel? Are you okay, feeling well?" the canine queries, looking intently at the doctor since the idiotic lion seems to have been put back together just fine.

After being healed by several different individuals, including one nanomagically adept doctor, the lion begins to shuffle slightly in his pool of blood. "Ugh..." he says while rubbing at his head. He looks down at the awful scene below his torso and groans under his breath. Gradually, Dio picks himself up from the floor and uses the bench to support his weight while looking slightly wobbly from the blood loss. He faces towards the crowd and gives them a hearty smile. "Ah, sorry for that everyone. I'm not so good with power tools. Darn thing just slipped in my paws." He shifts his gaze towards Danny and nods. "Well well, I see that the doctor is back. I look forward to working with you." The lion looks back down at his suit and notices just how blood stained they are. Slapping himself on the forehead, Dio mumbles, "My suit... again! Everyday this seems to happen. I'll have to go get it cleaned! I'm sorry you individuals have to see me like this!"

Spade smiles. "I can make you a new suit, just come by my appartment at the wet bitch sometime." she yips as she settles against Mirana, happy that the trouble had passed and Daniel was back to normal. She begins to resume work on her baby caps, looking around the room.

Miranai looks around a moment, feeling fairly happy for a moment. Daniel was cured, Spade safe again.. at least for now, though.. she felt sorry for Virginia, maybe.. someday she'd come back and Mira could help..? However, once Kilsa leaves she whimpers a bit, "Yes.. D.. Dan.. ar.. are you you again?" She asks, rubbing her arm under her bust. She gets a creepy feeling going up her spine. Her breathing starts to get rapid again as she watches Dan healing Dio, mind wondering quickly to what someone with such an ability to enter another's body could do.. do to her.. She feels the panic swell in her and can't stop it. She looks with nurvious eyes over to Shirai, then Tiya, Spade and back to Shirai. "I.. I'll eat.. eat is up in ... in my r.. room. please..ok?" She says as she moves as quickly as her gravid form will let her, picking up the tray of food as she goes, whimpering and whining softly as she goes, one hand holding her pistol, the other the tray of food, and lastly, the statue Spade had given her held between her breasts.

Daniel swats a little with his leg at those disturbing his work, "Easy easy, this is a nano-medical scene, if you get too close a piece of me might be stuck in you forever!" He glares up at Spade in an almost comical way, "I don't think you want that, it's horrifying!" Yep, not a hint of lust or sexual need in the boy, he was back to his old self. He hardly even notices Miranai leave, though he'll most likely be sad, but not now, now he has work to be doing.

Tiya starts to speak up before Miranai leaves, something about her making a fresh meal before she sighs, getting to her hooves and moving towards Dio, bowing to the injured lion. "It's my duty to serve you, master. If you give me your soiled clothing, I will return them in a day cleaned," she says with a smile, her head on the side. "May I help you too, doctor?"

Shirai sighs relievedly at the doctor's response. "I'm glad you're back to normal, Dan. I've missed you." She smiles, and taps Tiya's shoulder. "Also, Tiya. You handled yourself admirably. Thank you. If you don't mind, I'd like to have a chat with you later." She offers, pausing for a moment before adding, "Well. After Dio's got his things in order and we're all back to normal."

Dio looks towards Tiya and Spade and shakes his head slightly. "While I do appreciate the offer, there's no need for you to trouble yourselves anymore. Also, don't call me master please." The lion begins to take a few steps, clutching at his stomach and wobbling slightly. "I'd like to extend my gratitude for those who helped me along with my apologies for the ghastly scene. Now if you don't mind, I'll just be going back home to rest for awhile." Dio shuffles his way slowly out of the door while thinking about the silly decision he had made. Hopefully it didn't create too much of a negative impression.

Spade looks a little sad but nods, working on putting together more baby caps to leave here for Mirana to find before she packs up and stretches. She might be returning to her normal form soon, but for now she'll enjoy her current one. She intends to learn to effortlessly inhabit more forms for stealthy operations. "I'm making you a suit!" she calls out the door as dio leaves.