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A small pink fennec walk into Daniel Clinic with a big smile on her face and a bag with a slung over her shoulder. "oooooooh Doctor!" She called out in a sweet happy voice while grinned with all her canine teeth showing, "Are you heeeeeere?" She hoped that the other group members would be here for introductions, it wasn't required but it was atleast a nice start to building a little team work.

The door to the fae doctor's triage rattled slightly, a techno beat could be heard from behind. It turns off, the door cracking open soon after as Daniel peeks out, a pair of shades hanging low on his nose. Seeing the fennec, he smiles a but before flying over. "Well hey there boss... I can call you boss right? I don't even know if I was accepted yet..."

Shirai rolls her eyes with a grin as she paces in after the fennec. "Hey there Daniel." She greets the fairy, murmering something across to Kilsa. "Yes, you were accepted. I guess you didn't get my page?" She replies, a little surprised by the fairy's comment. "Bit of a surprise Kilsa wanted to drag us over here - You're not expecting any patients, are you?"

A grunt sounds from outside and the light is blocked off for a moment before a large equine makes her way through the door, very obviously both male and female, given her lack of adequate clothing. She looks around for a moment, nostrils flaring for a momement before she steps closer to the fennec, bowing to her despite her stature and giving a quiet "Mistress," before she stands up, taking in the room again. "Why meet here? It's a bit cramped, isn't it? And it stinks."

The nanite adept smile, "You can call me Boss if you like but I've taken to being called Kilsa. Except by the mare over here." She points a thumb to Tiya, "Now We are meeting here because we offical don't have a building and honestly my home is smaller and everyone here know how to get to Zypher." She tell the horse before look at Shirai, "I'll answer that when it just me and you." She winked and look at the group with a chuckled, "Now I wanted to introduce all of you to one another even though we are missing a few members."

The fairy shakes his head, pointing to the 'SORRY WE ARE CLOSED' sign hanging from his office door. He idly checks his pager, smiling as he sees the one Shirai spoke about. He looks the group over, the only person he didn't recognize was the equine, so he decides to introduce himself. "Ah, hi there. Names Daniel! Sorry it's cramped, I could increase the size if you'd like." He holds up a remote as he says this.

Shirai chuckles quietly at the equine's comment, "Yeah, you tend to get that from chemicals everywhere. Might be a little from my bag, too..." She replies - there's quite a lot of odd salvage in there - before turning to give Kilsa a smile. "Right. I'll have to catch up to you later, then?" She smirks, nodding to the equine as well. "I'm Shirai. It's a pleasure." She smiles, though she looks a little put off.

Tiya looks down at Kilsa, nodding to her and trying not to knock anything with her movements in the small room. "I'm Tiya, and I'll cope," she says with a smile, looking around at the people she doesn't know. "What're we doing here?" the shemale asks, her eyes on Kilsa. "You said get to know each other, but how are we going to do that?" the horse asks, folding her arms under her breasts.

The fennec give a small chuckle, "With this!" She open up her bag and reveals nothing but dozen of bottle of different kinds of liquors and beers and shot glasses. "I made a nice little raid on the the toy shop and found someones stash in a locked minifidge." She grins, "Now we should celebrate with a little story about ourselves and try to get to know one another, I want to know much about each of you. Even though I've known one of you for a good while..." She winked and blew a kiss at Shirai. "So are you game? Oh and there might be a reward that I know your going to want." She pull out a lockbox and sets it to the side.

Cupnoodle nods to Tiya, stashing the remote in a pocket of his smock, the shades as well since now wasn't the time for raving! Though it DID seem to be time for booze, drawing a large grin from the fairy as his eyes scanned across the various bottles. He flutters there, speechless and happy.

Shirai curses quietly at the 'storytime' mention. "Great; I can't even remember far past P-day." she chuckles. "I'm not going to have anything from too far back to mention." She smiles, giving Kilsa a hug at the blown kiss. "I'm in, but I don't know if I'll have anything too interesting to share." The painted wolf smirks, fishing some ciders and a bottle of vodka from her bag. "I guess I'll chip in some as well. I don't drink enough of the stuff on my own to make it worth keeping." Noting Daniel's expression she quips, "Buddy, I hope I never turn up in your emergeancy room." with a warm chuckle.

Tiya breaks into a grin at the display of booze, carefully sitting down on the floor, her legs crossed and leaning forwards eagerly, long, dyed, tail swishing about behind her. "Right, sounds good. I just hope you've got a mug in my size," the equine says with a chuckle. "And," she points a large finger at Kilsa. "You owe me a new outfit. You asserted dominance, fine, but I don't have spare clothes and I'm sick of my tits banging together."

Cupnoodle chuckles at Shirai's comment, waving his hand dismissively. "Oh pshaw, I actually work my best drunk! Body converts the energy into a fuel of sorts, or some science mumbo jumbo... either way, heightened reflexes!" He taps his head a bit with a grin. He lands on one of the tables closer to the group, pointing to his office. "I can chip in too, got a fully stocked mini fridge of my own in there!"

As she pours the glasses for herself, "Doesn't have to be Pre P-Day. You could tell us anything or if you don't want to talk you could ask some questions." She smirked, "I'll get you a uniform when I get them made. Otherwise you have nice tits, let them hang out." She chuckled, "So what does it mean being dominat to you, Tiya?"

Shirai smirks at Tiya's comment. "I suggest you fireproof your clothes if you plan on sparring with her again. And Daniel, that's not how alcohol works. It doesn't give energy at all unless you're filtering it into a combustion engine - which you evidently aren't or you'd know." She snickers. "Really, telling the ex-biotech about alcohol..." She smirks, opening one of her ciders. "...Been a long time since I've been in a room with this many people."

Tiya shakes her head towards Kilsa, sighing and reaching out to snag a bottle, popping the cap off it and taking a swig, eyes on the fennec. "Thanks, I guess. Better be a sexy unifrom," she says, leaning back. "It means I'm your bitch and I'd obey you. May not like it, but I will. At some point if you piss me off enough I'll take another swing at you," the equine says candidly, taking another gulp of what appears to be spirits.

"Sooooo if I wanted you to give me a foot rub I can ask for it?" Kilsa eyes glimmer a bit, "You suuuure you want to give me that kinda authority? I would abuse that in rediculous ways." She grinned widely and poured herself a small shot of vodka.

Cupnoodle shrugs, sticking his tongue out playfully at Shirai. "My argument is 'because nanites'." He says with a little giggle. He takes to the air again, flying into his office and eventually dragging a bottle of peppermint schnapps out. With a grunt he flies, and lifts it to the table. "So we're telling stories are we, alright, I'm not too interesting but I'll think of SOMETHING." He sighs before squirming into the bottle.

Shirai chuckles quietly. "Now I'm curious. Where did you two happen upon each other, hmm?" the canine grins, tugging Kilsa onto her lap for a moment with a chuckle. "Seems a lot of people Kilsa meets have been on the recieving end of her fist for their first impression." the wolf jokes.

Tiya shrugs towards Shirai at the question. "She had a booth, she had a good pitch," the mare says before focusing again on the fennec, taking another swig of her bottle before speaking again. "And I challenged your dominance, I lost. So I'm submissive. I'll obey until I'm good enough to make you the submissive," she explains, shrugging her shoulders, large breasts wobbling. "I expect you to abuse it."

A smirk cross Kilsa face, "Until you get dominance I want you to make sure that everyone of the guild is taken care of. Washing clothes, massages, any think to make everyone comfortable without hurting yourself." She smiled, "Also....I would like you to model our uniform."

Cupnoodle chuckles a bit, looking between the equine and the fennec. "Godspeed to you then! Kilsa might be small, fuzzy and adorable NOW... but holy hell she terrifies me at times." He looks back to Kilsa, a smirk curling his lips. "No offense, still look up to you as a big sister!" Having said that, the fairy dunks himself for a few mouthfuls of minty deliciousness.

Shirai snickers quietly, putting a cap on the schnapps loosely to see the fairy's reaction. "Kilsa's ...Honestly not that bad then she's trying to be terrifying after the first time." She chuckles. "I'm sure if she really wanted to, she could be horrifying, but I'll believe it when I see it."

Nodding her head towards Kilsa, the equine sips at her bottle, looking at the liquid sloshing in the glass before giving a little bow. "Fine, mistress, that seems good enough," she says putting the bottle down, plainly wanting to stay sober. "And I was going to wear the uniform anyway, I did say I need stop my tits swaying about," the shemale says with a shrug.

The adept chuckle smirking at the group, "I'm only scary to those that don't like movie monster, or rape, or spankings, or being breed." She grins sweetly to Daniel, "You shouldn't fear me. I like you enough not to hurt you." She looks at Tiya and reaches over to flick her nipple.

Cupnoodle rolls his hand a bit, glancing off to the side. "Perhaps terrifying isn't the best word, intimidating perhaps? I mean- hey!" The sound of his bottle's cap against the glass causes him to try and headbutt it off, only dazing him as he falls back into his drink with a splash. When he 'wakes up' a moment later, he gives Kilsa a thumbs up.

Shirai smirks, downing the rest of her drink and picking up another, removing the oddly stubborn cap with a hidden blade. "So, who's story is coming first?" She asks the group curiously, giggling at the fairy's reaction and removing the cap again. "Gotcha."

Tiya groans at the flick to her nipple, the action making her whole mountain of breastflesh wobble and shake. "He okay?" the equine asks, looking over the tiny fairy, seeming to ignore the pressure to her nipple. "And I won't go first, want you all to be nice and drunk before I open my mouth," she says, picking up her bottle again and draining it.

The nanite adept smiles, "I'll tell you a little about my begining, I was a medic for the Army and I was just about to seperated from the forces when I signed up for this mission. I wasn't suppose to eat anything on the field but I ate some rations form a fallen agents pack and ingested some command nanites. We got attacked by some shepards and I was captured and raped over and over during the course of a month. I remember snapping and shifting into a render.... I ate them all." She finishes with a bottle of vodka. "I got hired by Zypher shortly after their agent beat me up and I work up in a triage."

Like an angered squid, Cup spits a mouthful of his drink in Shirai's direction before giving her a grin. "I'm fine miss, little head trauma is all... Anyway, I suppose I'll go now, just gimme a sec to recollect my thoughts." He dunks himself again to drink and think.

The fairy resurfaces, nodding. "Alright, I'll be telling y'all about why I'm part robot." Before speaking, he clears his throat. "We'll you see, I have this weird auto immune disease that causes my body to freak out and start killing itself. Well it started off small, I would just lose small patches of hair, my skin would dry... well it got worse. Eventually I went blind in one eye, one of my kidneys failed, that kinda stuff. Well I discovered a solution for this, a certain strand of the nanites similar to the ones that counteract cancer. By this point, I was blind in one eye, had difficulty breathing, and suffered digestion problems. Now come P-day, these nanites became much harder to find... and the condition picked up again. I probably would have died had the Prometheans not found me and built me into a much bulkier robotic body than this one. Now I spend my time improving the tech they gave me, making it into the much sleeker and advanced model you see now."

Shirai smirks, downing the rest of her drink and picking up another. "More interesting than mine. I just woke up like this, didn't remember how I got there or what happened to get me where I was." The wolf comments. "There aren't even too many things to talk about; I salvage materials and trinkets and pawn them off to people that want them, and I craft some things every now and then. That's it." She shrugs, the fairy's drink rapidly evaporating from her fur as he ducks back into the bottle. She listens fairly intently to the fae's story. "Must've been pretty awful to go through." She offers sympathetically.

Tiya listens to the stories, shaking her head and picking up another bottle, biting the cap free. "Well... Seeing as I need to join in with this..." the equine says, shaking her head. "As far as I know, I was born like this," the horse says, waving a hand over her body to indicate her current form. "And I'm pretty sure I'm feral," the mare adds with a shrug. "Not sure how you count it, I'm pretty bright, but I much prefer being a good girl and following instincts," she says, taking a deep swig. "If I was a stupid feral, I'd rape you all right now. As a smart feral, I'm getting drunk and waiting until you offer sex."

She smirks at everything before looking the group, "As our doctor and therapist Daniel.....I think your work is cut out for you." She laughs, "To good friends and to good business." She help out a glass and smirked, "Sooo my fellow victims of P-day. I gotta get this out the way. Do any one have any phobia or fears that my interfer with missions or operations." She asked.

Cupnoodle shrugs, "I don't let it get me down, I'm just happy I remember that far back." He gives a smirk to the equine, shrugging slightly. "I haven't the foggiest how sex would work between us, the rather dramatic size difference and all." He chuckles a bit at this, his cheeks now flush with both his drunkeness, and a hint of embarrassment. He shrugs, lifting his fist for the cheer instead of his drink. "Arachnophobia is my only one. A friend is helping me get over my... voraphobia? Fear of getting eaten whatever that is."

Shirai smiles and raises her cider in a toast. "Nah, I don't think there's anything out here that'd freak me out too much." She comments, and nods to Daniel. "I would prefer to avoid being eaten as well. But that's partly why I have sharp things." She smiles, quietly thinking about something from the look on her face. "I think you should probably stay out of the bottle for a bit - I can pout you a glass, but you'd be ard to fetch from the bottle...

Tiya holds out her bottle, clacking it against the glass Kilsa holds out, leaning a little heavily on one arm as she takes a deep swig of the bottle. "I'd work something out," the mare reassures the fairy before turning her gaze back to Kilsa, shrugging. "Does dying count? I'd rather avoid dying. Apart from that... Well, I did explain the whole 'I'm your bitch' thing, right? For some reason a lot of you 'sane' types don't seem to get the idea of it," she says, raising an eyebrow.

The Adept smiles and winks at Daniel, "I think I could cater to that need some time." She think at the vore comment and frowns, "I don't consider myself a fan of Vore. If I ever catch a feral eating another feral whole I will kill them. Horribly." She growl and took a breath before smiling. "Now I had to ask what do you think of your new comrades." She chuckled and downed a bottle.

The fairy nods to Shirai, flying out of the bottle and drying himself off. "Afraid someone would accidentally drink me or something? Wouldn't be a big deal, this body if mine can withstand normal digestive acids." He chuckles at Tiya's proposition, nodding in silent agreement. He nods again, this time to Kilsa's offering to help him before stroking his chin. "I think they're pretty great so far, certainly likable enough!"

Shirai smirks. "No, but if you passed out..." She chuckles. "Well, you and Kilsa already know my opinions of you two. As for YOU, Tiya..." She growls acidically, before breaking into a friendly grin. "I'm sure we'll get along fins as long as you don't try to get in my pants." She chuckles.

Tiya snorts in amusement, an easy task given her muzzle, draining her second bottle and really looking flushed now. "I ass-assure you I'm a herbivore," the horse says to Kilsa with a grin, her flittering eyes moving to fix on Shirai. "Oh? Why not? Don't like my tits as much as mistress?" she asks with a chuckle. "They're alright people, you putting them above me too," she asks, her eyes moving to survey the fennec again.

"Hah. Well Tiya can vent her lust on that tons of skunk girls that roam the city or maybe a certain valkyre or..." She just winked at Tiya before opinion her little lock box. "Well one good bit of treasure I wanted to share was the the other thing I found in the minifridge." She had a few blocks of shimmering ore along with some creds. "This is the pay I have for each of you. This is to cement you all as some of the first members, more will come but you will be special for helping us get off of our feet." She stood up and shifted into her normal black Talakai form. "Now I'll leave you with this little thing before I go. I'm gathering up contracts and I should have a good one by the end of the week that I want the whole team on, it not required but there is good money in it." She smiles and licked her lips at Shirai, "Would you like to join me at my apartment in discussing the detail of your employment and that other thing." She winked and flick her tongue in a teasing way before offering Shirai her hand.

Cupnoodle grins with a little pride, he's likable! Giving himself a little pat on the back, his eyes widen almost immediately at his pay. He thanks the fen- oh she's a talakai now... whatever, she was thanked none the less. He turns to the horse which towered over him with a smile, "I'm sure I could probably help, I've been learning a few fairy tricks with some pretty fun results." He gives her a sly grin before turning back to Kilsa and Shirai. "Aw. Leaving already. Well don't let me stand between you two!" He says with a little chuckle.

Shirai shakes her head. "Didn't mean you any offense, Tiya." She smiles. "I'm just not as hedonistic as either of you." the wolf smirks. "That and the majority of ferals I've met certainly haven't been particularly fun to be around as a result." She continues, before apologing quite genuinely. "I have no doubt you'll prove me wrong in those regards, but you have my apologies if I make any assumptions or slurs - It's... Not something I'm proud of." Selena then proceeds to nod to the adept as she stands, taking the now-talakai's hand with a slight blush. "Of course. Sooner the better, I assume?"

Tiya gets to her feet slowly, groaning and cracking her joints, her eyes on Daniel. "Sure thing, later." the horse says, turning to look over the rest of the company, accepting her payment and sniffing at it. "Well, skunk girls are fine and all, but they really do get boring," the equine points out, her eyes on Kilsa still. "You know where to find me when you need help and you've got my scent. Come get me when you have that contract thing and those clothes for me," she says, already making her way to the door, breasts swinging about and showing just how much she could use those garments as they threaten to knock people if they're not careful.