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The door to the fae doctor's clinic clicked as he unlocked it, throwing the door open and flying in with a sigh. His pants were off, and he was furiously scrubbing at the groin in an attempt to get the icing stain out, because nothing says 'I'm gonna make you feel all better' like a big white stain in the front of your pants. "Come on damn it... fuck it, I probably have some detergent under the sink."

The nanite adepts smiles as she walks into the room following after the doctor and smiling as she takes a form of a equal size fairy as she walks up beside him. "I could help with that when your free." She giggles as she moves closer to the male fairy. The tiny Succubus says with a cheeky smile. "I mean I don't image you get many your size in the wasteland that aren't feral." She smiled looking at his groin. "A crying shame too.." She winked.

Tiya steps slowly into the room, moving to stand beside the door, idly, smiling and waving to the fairy, apparently letting her guard down a little. The feral folds her arms, smiling, watching her tiny mistress tease him, her tail swishing along the wall, her ears perked to listen to the pair. She seems to not have any orders just now, so she's taking the chance to relax.

Spade smirks, listening to the comments. "This is a nice place you have, do you do umm..." she chitters before moving close to cupnoodle and whispering something and looking away embarassed. "And i'm going to have to make you a pair of jeans to replace those. Just be careful with them." she adds with a smirk.

Cupnoodle lets out a surprised gasp as he hears the adept's voice behind him, spinning to see her in all her busty succubus glory. "O-oh! Hi there Kilsa..." The fact that she was as small as he was finally snapped into his mind, causing him to gulp nervously. His eyes glance up at the spider, giving her a little nod in response to her question. "... And I'll be more careful from now on, promise!" He gives her a friendly little smile, still nervously glancing at Kilsa.

The busty succubus smiles and moves closer to the fairy, "Don't be afraid I'm just here to watch over Tiya and makes sure she gets some friendly interaction and bonding with each of you." She smile as she shifted into another small form and winked at Cupnoodle. "I've wondered what you were upto anyway." She smiled and waved at Spade as well. "If you want to make something for the mare I don't mind that ether." She snapped her fingers at Tiya, "Tiya you have my permission to relax and speak your mind. Be respectful to everyone and enjoy yourself." She commands with a smile before the small now Vixen pets Cupnoodle's wings.

Tiya breaks into a smile at Kilsa's words, bowing towards her happily. "Thank you, Mistress," the mare says, her ears flicking happily, staring towards Cupnoodle, and more particularly his nudity. The huge horse shifts a little on her hooves. "If Mister Daniel is also naked, may I be as well, mistress?" she asks, frowning a little before looking over the fairy again. "I'm not sure mister works. How should I address you, Beta?"

Spade frowns. "All of you put your clothes on." she chitters and shakes her head, pulling out her sewing kit, and a rather new looking box of materials to work with. "So we need to make you a bra, would you mind sitting down?" she asks Tiya with a smile, before whispering something else to cupnoodle.

The fairy nodded, stepping away from the wall he had pressed himself against with a little smile. "... I wouldn't call it fear, I just wasn't expecting company is all. And you approach me tiny... and a succubus... didn't know what to expect!" Listening to Tiya, he quirks his brow at her. Beta? He didn't know what all that nonsense was. He quickly throws his pants on, giving the spider another understanding nod. "You can just call me Dan, or Doc." He shrugs. "Don't know what Beta is, so I'd rather be called something I know."

Now a fox girl, Kilsa decides to leave the fairy alone. "Aw you put your pants on. Oh well I guess my foxiness isn't what your intrested into." She gives a mock pout before finding a nice spot to sit and lookling at Tiya. "Do what Spade says and enjoy clothing, Its always more fun to unwrap a package." She chuckles and looks to Spade, "So what are you plans for the mare, Daaaaaahling?"

Tiya pouts at Kilsa's order but nods all the same, obediently sitting down on the floor, her huge breasts in front of Spade. "Yes mistress," she says, turning her eyes towards Dan "'Beta' is your position in the group. You are lesser than the Alpha, my mistress, but greater than me, the omega," the mare says, turning her eyes back towards Spade, waiting for more instructions.

Spade whips out a tape measure, and begins handling Tiya's chest as she works out some dimensions to work with. She's not going to waste all her good materials, the bra needs to be... large.

The first thing anyone would see of someone else coming in is a small feral fox running up to the door, and yipping at Kilsa, then turning to yip back, "She's ... in there?" comes a timid voice. Waddling up though the passages of the lower levels, Miranai peeks into the room, the little fox running back to be under his owners tauric belly. She heaves a sigh of relief at seeing the shifter, "Oh... M.. Miss Kilsa.. I.. I wasn't sure coming here.. would be a good idea...." and she blushes at the thoughts of the last time she was here, nearly raped by a bear! "I... I just.. needed to see ask.. what exactly. umm... Aushie had.. got herself into wi.. with you Miss.." She then looks about the room, and slinks away slightly at the unfamilar faces, looking toward Kilsa almost pittifully.

Cupnoodle playfully sticks his tongue out at the tiny fox. "I'm no nudist, can't just have my junk flyin' about." He teases right back, looking back at his wings. He should really find some protection from those. He gives a little raise and lower of the head, as if to say 'Ooooohhh', "I see now, pretty easy to understand, though I wouldn't say I'm above you." He nudges Kilsa. "Tell 'er, she could easily overpower me, wouldn't stand a cha...?" He turns to face the new arrival with his mouth still open as though he were talking... he didn't even know this one, where did she come from?

"Your my subordinate, thus you are over her." She grinned widely as Miranai arrived, "Hello Miranai. Welcome to the free Clinic of Daniel on of the members of the K

Cupnoodle gives Kilsa a little smirk, and the horse a look of pity. Couldn't possibly be easy being on the bottom, musta been some way for him to help. "Anything I can do for her at least? Me and her might not be on the same level, but still." He looks up at Miranai with a quirked brow, flying up and patting her on the shoulder. "Easy... easy... you're safe in here. Nothing can hurt you right now..."

Nodding to Cupnoodle she smiles, "Well Daniel, I was thinking you could get me some equipment for prostate milking, similar to the ones they use on bulls." She gave a wicked grin before looking at Miranai, "Don't worry, Miranai, they are all my employees and I trust them. Even Tiya" She says turning back into the massive set of breast current threatenting to smush her to a quick end. "Everything will be ok."

Tiya nods towards Miranai, turning away from her, sensing her as off limits, watching the spider tending to and measuring her breasts, whinnying a little at the pleasure from her mammaries. "Not swollen. They're always that size," the mare reassures Spade, watching the tailor work, tossing her head a little.

Spade nods and sighs. "Well if you do become swollen i'm not sure this one will contain you, i'll have to do my best at working in some give." she says, almost a fourthh of the way done, her legs and hands blurring as she works. "So what color?"

Miranai continues to look about, and actually yips when Cup pats at her. However, as Kilsa talks to her she relaxes slightly, and takes a deep breath. Instead of continuing verbally though, anyone looking would notice her left eye glowing for a moment as she looks to Kilsa. She then looks over to Tiya and Shade, "Umm.. I... I can.. s.. sow and ... and knit.. i.. if I.. c.. could help.." she offers still keeping herself mostly behind Kilsa

Cupnoodle quirked his brow again, he had a feeling he'd be doing that a lot. "Prostate milker? While it's not what I was originally talking about I'm sure I could deal with that. And if not, I could probably just handle the process myself." He withdrew himself away from Miranai as she showed signs of him only making it worse, giving her a little nod as he flew back down to the ground in front of her.

A soft chuckles comes for the adept at Cupnoodle's words, "Well Doc. I was really just kidding but I know you feel for the feral. How about everyone once in a while I could send Tiya to you for some relaxation when she is a good girl." She walks over and petted the Shirai as Spade continued to work on her. "I don't know a thing on sewing well. You would have to ask my Sister if you can help Miranai." She leans over and whispers something to Cupnoodle before ending with a lick to his wings afterwards she just grins.

Tiya smiles, nodding down at the Spider. "Pink? Black so I don't stain it? I won't strain it, I'm not going to get pregnant," the sheale reminds the arachnid, turning her head into the petting from her mistress, rubbing her muzzle affectionately against the hand of the adept, eyes rolling to meet Miranai's. "Another Beta?" she asks, a little distracted, trying to take the pose of the petting, wanting more and more to be a good girl as time goes on.

Spade thinks and shakes her head. "I've already started and it'd take longer to split the work, I can do this. Thank you for the offer though if I need your help I'll be sure to ask." she chitters and opens her sewing kit to snatch the pink out. "Unless you want to be slutty and show beneath your thin shirt, we're doing a light color, pink will work."

Miranai looks to Kilsa a moment then holds her close, "So... you'll.. umm.. take me Mistress?" she asks nuzzling against Kilsa. She looks back over to Cup, and shies away slightly and looks around deciding, if Kilsa was going to take her, she better introduce herself. Still holding the shifter, she moves slightly to be more visable, "Umm.. I.. I guess. I should ... umm.. i.. introduce.. myself? M.. my name is.. Miranai.. b.. but Mira would.. would be enough too..." She looks downward, not making direct eye contact with anyone and shifting her four paws around a bit as she talks. She looks over to Spade, "And.. umm..a .. alright.. but.. if.. if you e.. ever need anything.. an.. any help.. j.. just.. umm ask.. o.okey?"

"It's pretty hard knowing when you're joking." The fairy teased the adept with a grin. He listens to what she says to him, shivering a bit as she licks his wings again before looking behind him at his own butt. With a quick glance towards Tiya, he shakes his head quickly, a horrified look on his face. His eyes glance back to the taur, and he smirks a bit. "Oh come now, you have no reason to be so scared of me. You could just step on me if I were any kind of threat." He let out a little laugh, quickly over his previous fear.

"Yes I will take you. Under the same terms I took you before, I want you to grow." She smiles widely and look to the others, "Now this is my good friend Miranai and I would like you all to be nice and friendly too her, She will be a member of the K

Miranai looks to Cup, "Oh.. I.. I don't think.. you'd be helpless..." she says but nods a few times. Looking to Tiya she thinks for a bit, "Omega...? And... dominate?" she asks, blushing deeply, "I... I think... I'd be.. more.. under you instead..r.. right Mistress?" She looks to Spade and waves a goodbye, her eye lighting up a soft green as she records the data on him. Then, as Spade talks about home, a shocking relisation strikes her, "I.. I lived at .. at.. now.. I don't.. have a place to stay..." She looks about to cry.

Nodding to both Kilsa and Tiya, the fairy removes his hands from his squishy hind-quarters. "Well I'm glad to know I don't need to worry about becoming a cock sleeve... though I can certainly pleasure someone bigger than me if they ask nicely." He gives the horse a little grin, and... vibrating? That was an odd feature for sure. He bows to the taur as she leaves, chuckling a bit. "Maybe now I'm helpless, but I hope to not be later on!"

The spider turns around as she hears Miranai and looks at her expression before a smile comes over her face. "If you're a friend of Kilsa's, you're free to come stay with me." she chitters, offering a hand to Miranai. "She was kind enough to put me up after I went through.. a housing loss. I'm sure she'd offer you a room but I won't let her pay another cent, I owe her so much. Come stay with me, i'll make room if you promise not to damage my statues."

The doctor helped them on their way, giving the leaving pair some of the candy he kept for his patients before closing the door behind him. He smiled at the pair still in his room, pointing behind him at the door. "Those two are nice enough, 'specially that Spade... maybe I was wrong for being scared of all spiders." He shrugs momentarilly before flying up to Tiya, giving her a little grin. "Looks like I'm your new caretaker, Kilsa, if you'd tell her what this means?" His face goes blank for a minute. "... Because I honestly have no idea what it means."

"Sure." Kilsa moved to Tiya, "Stand." She waits for Tiya to stand and smiles, "Tiya is mostly feral, which means sex is a big part of her life. I bite her she gets horny. I smack her she gets excited, I can be cruel to her as I want but as her Alpha, I must maintain control but I am not a possessive woman all the time." Kilsa shift to her large talakai form and gently runs her hands over Tiya's crotch. "I want you to do for her what you do for me. Tiya will always have a small fear for me that keeps her from opening up to me and asking for things but with you she can atleast enjoy a safe place where she can be herself without a 'Mistress' around." She says, "Tiya.. When your with the Doc anything you tell him is not punishable by me, he is your friend and while he is still above you. He will listen when you want to talk about how much of a bitch I am." Kilsa says while cupping Tiya's balls and smiling, "Say thank you to the doctor."

Tiya stands up obediently, looking into her mistress's eyes, submissively. The mare starts to tense and shift as her crotch is played with, the flared head of her shaft poking up from her wrecked jeans, scuffing her hooves on the ground. The horny feral looks towards Daniel, nodding her head. "Thank you for being my friend, doctor. I hope I can be a good one," the shemale says, leaning towards the fairy, running her tongue over his front, coating him in drool.

Shirai yawns quietly as she paces into the clinic, looking a little tired. Her bag is particularly full today, it looks like she found a good haul of stuff to pick up. "Hey Kilsa." She greets the adept mid-grope, looking rather nonchalant about the whole situation. "Sorry I showed up so late, love." the canine apologises tiredly. "I ran over here once I got your page. I wandered a lot further out than I'd intended." Shirai stretches herself out and murmers something to the adept with a smirk, somehow managicng to completely ignore the blantant sexual display in front of her.

The fairy nods, "So be her friend? Well that part is easy! I think I'll throw in a little something myself." He rubs his chin, looking the feral horse over for anything else she might need. Spade and the new chick handled clothes, Kilsa handles... he didn't want to think about that. But what could he do? After a moment he snaps his fingers. "Dick spa!" He blurts, grinning up at Tiya before eyeing her bulging package. "I'm sure that whatever it is you and Kilsa do wears you and your naughty bits out... so hows about I treat you to a gentler touch when you're with me?" He flew down, running his hands over the flaring head of her cock, his skin soft and gentle.

Kilsa leans down and whispers to something Cupnoodle before moving to Shirai and giving her a deep kiss, "I've missed you." She begin to rub on Shirai's stomach while commenting on her whisper, "All the more reason to keep yourself safe. We have enough so that you can afford to prop your feet up and relax." She smiled softly and walked Shirai over to the nearest chair. "Have a seat and relax with us."

Shirai grimaces slightly beside herself, her ears at attention. "Well, I guess I can't say I wasn't expecting something like that when I started heading over." Shirai comments a little nonplussed, though she accepts Kilsa's kiss and offer, taking the seat with her. "Kilsa, you've said it before; I'm a wild girl. I don't like to sit in one place all day. I have to be doing things." She replies with a slight whine to her voice. "I take the safe routes around for a reason."

Tiya groans at the feeling of soft fae flesh against her yeilding shaft, fully erect down, flared head against her knees. "Dick spa?" she asks, standing still, looking at the male fairy. "What is that, Doctor?" the mare asks with a frown, tail swishing about behind her.

Kilsa's words drew a heavy blush from the fairy, his own member straining against his jeans as he lets out a pained little whine. God damn he'd forgotten how much an erection could hurt in jeans. He gives his boss a nod and a friendly smile, pumping his fist as he did. "I'll do my best for ya boss!" He chimed cutely before looking back up at the equine looming above him. "Simple! Your regeneration might be practically unmatched, but I'm sure things are still sore afterwards. I'll just treat you to a lovely time, really pamper the hell out of you while not spoiling you at the same time." He rubbed her shaft again, rather liking the feel of it. "And yes, that means I'll let you cum. A lot." That last part he added with a little seductive tone, rather unlike him.

A smirk cross Kilsa face, "A wolf in the wild will hide herself better when she is carrying pups." She grinned and thought to herself, "If you don't like to sit all day just keep the routes close the city so I don't have to go too far to reach you." She says with concern in her voice. "I've lost kids before and they were in a large pack. Doesn't hurt to play it a little safe." Kilsa grunt as she shifts a little slowly into redheaded woman and wraps her arms around Shirai. "I don't want you hurt but I won't baby you, Shirai. Though I have no problems pampering you, I think I would enjoy it greatly." She says giving Shirai a nibble on the neck.

Tiya pants in pleasure at the treatment her shaft is recieving, taking a couple of cautious steps to the nearest seat, going down on it, her flared cockhead leaking pre. "R-really? You mean it?" the shemale says, panting, panting the fairy, her powerful heartbeat able to be felt pulsing through her dick. "How... How are you going to get me off?" the equine asks, still not sure this isn't all some mean game of her mistress's.

Shirai chuckles quietly and nods. "I know you won't." she replies simply, giving the adept a kiss on the cheek. "I'll try not to wander too far, but that's usually the only place I'm going to find less commonplace stuff to use." She explains. "Though if you realy want to pamper me... I suppose I could let you every now and then." The wolfess chuckles quietly, keeping her eyes off of the fae and feral, murmering across to Kilsa.

Cupnoodle smiles up at Tiya, and it seemed to be pretty genuine. "Well I'm sure if Kilsa doesn't mind, I could show you right now if you'd like." He gave a bit of a lusty grin before turning his attention to Kilsa, slightly bouncing on top of the horse's cock head in excitement. "Hey Kilsa! Mind if I show Tiya here a sample of what I could do for her?" He calls over to the adept before leaning over, lapping at her slit as he attempts to clean away some of the pre leaking out. There's so much however, he only ends up covering his face in it.

A nod to Cupnoodle is given before kilsa smile, "If Shirai is ok with it. I woulf tell you to make sure she doesn't get off but those pheromones probably affected Tiya the worst." She say calmly but still hasn't satified the urge given to her from the previous combat. She whispers to Shirai before giving an apologetic look to the wolf.

Tiya groans at the licking to her sensitive hole drooling more pre, panting a little. Her eyes raise to Kilsa, whimpering. "M-mistress? I can't get off? Can I fuck you, then? If you use me can I cum?" the shemale begs, squirming in her seat, grinding her teeth together, looking worried.

Shirai waves a paw at Kilsa's first comment. "I'll live. Don't let me get in your way." She smiles, looking back to Kilsa with a quirked brow at her whispered message. "I'm going to take a wild stab and assume that's 'Aiushthas fault." She responds, not so much a question as an assertion.

The fairy smirked up at Tiya, shaking his head. "I think she was saying she would usually have me do it, but is being generous right now. Still, we have our permission!" The little fairy cheers a bit as he flies up, giving the equine a kiss on the nose before sprinkling a powder over her. It left her in a daze, but after a few seconds she snapped to, only to see a small group of Cupnoodles fluttering around her cock. "Fairy hallucinogenic powder, makes you see many mes, but here's the kicker!" They all fly in and cover the horse's huge cock, all hugging and grinding and kissing... and she could feel every bit of it.

"Yeah. Only one smart enough to bring a Gas mask was this little pixie." Kilsa looked at Tiya and sighed, "You miss heard me. I know your suffering so enjoy." Kilsa pulls a privacy curtain to give Cupnoodle and Tiya their privacy. "Yeah. I'm partially resistant to effects like that but even I was just barely on edge, minute-man Doctor came in his pants and Spade was either going to kill someone or rape them. Kinda got a little out of hand honestly." She chuckled.

Shirai rolls her eyes with a smirk. "I have to say, I've heard of ferals having pheromones, but not quite THAT strong." She comments a little sarcastically. "I suppose I'm lucky in that regard. I can just ignore their effects. If not the more obvious ones."

Tiya frowns, shaking her head and snorting, trying to clear her mind. She looks to the group of fairies, frowning before her mind goes blank. Her feral need to reproduce taking over largely. The shemale starts to move her hips against the group, groaning, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, more pre pulsing from her cockhead. "D-doctor... nice..."

Shirai rolls her eyes with a smirk. "I have to say, I've heard of ferals having pheromones, but not quite THAT strong." She comments a little sarcastically. "I suppose I'm lucky in that regard. I can just ignore their effects. If not the more obvious ones." the wolfess reclines back in her chair a little, and glances back over to Kilsa. "You said spade looked like she was going to kill someone? That sounds... Uncharacteristic, even."

The real Daniel overhears their conversation over the commotion his other selves were making, blurting out, "I CAME BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T STOP TEASING MY WINGS!" His voice was a joking type of whine though, easy to tell he didn't mind it either way. Turning his attention back to the horse, he couldn't help but giggle at her expression, looking over what he could do now. His spot was quickly filled by the fluttering group, but an idea came to mind. "Outta the way, coming through." He says, squirming passed the rest and settling near her cock's slit. With a little 'whee', he slips himself inside without much trouble, stopping himself before he got to the pain zone. Once comfy, he grins, and begins letting off a pulsating vibration, teasing her cock from the inside.

"Don't mind him. Men are often threaten when they can't go for more than a minute. Yeah I didn't get where that anger came from but I could tell it was something that didn't need to be talked about with a large group." She nodded sagely. "I don't think Aiushtha is really suited to us so I decided to take someone I think would be more capable." She grinned. "So what did you find out on your travels?" She asked nuzzling up to Shirai.

Tiya yells in intense pleasure at the fairy vibrating inside her, writhing in her seat for a moment before she gets an idea. Reaching into the group, the equine grabs the base of her shaft, pumping it a couple of times before holding it still, cause pre to build up behind the doctor. Bending at the waist, the shemale strains her neck for a moment, tongue outstretching to just barely start licking along the fae's wings, only just able to reach.

Shirai snickers quietly at Cupnoodlt's outburst and Kilsa's reply. "Very nice, Kilsa." She smirks, and nuzzles back against the adept. "Not much new, unfortunately. But plenty of metal and some hardware I can put to use later, and I think you might have a use for these..." She smirks, pulling a pair of steel handcuffs from her bag, along with an intact key. "Abandoned police station. You're welcome."

The fairy grumbled a bit, "Oh I'll give you a minuEEE!" He squeals. He certainly wasn't expecting a tongue of all things to be lapping as his back, let alone the horse's. This didn't mean it wasn't appreciated though, a few breathy moans escaping his mouth as his own erection strained agaisnt his jeans again. He lunges them forward, effectively digging his vibrating crotch into the horse's sensitive walls, and pleasuring himself at the same time.

The human womans eyes light up at the handcuffs, "I love you forever!" She grins widely and places a hand on her mates shoulder as she shifts, "So are you the cop or are you the robber." She grinned and twirled the handcuffs around her index finger. "Even out on your own you were thinking about me. I have a gift for you I got made at the Toy factor." She walks over to her bag and pulls out a plushe Talakai similar to her normal form. "I hope you like it."

Tiya continues licking at tips of Daniel's wings, all she can reach for the time being, panting heavily, the length of the shaft trapped behind her breasts, the mare already feeling her testicles clenching, unable to hear the lovey dovey conversation beyond the curtain. "G-get out," the horse yells, suddenly, stopping her licking. "I'm... I'm going to..." the equine is shaking, trying to hold back her orgasm and not splatter a fairy against the other wall.

Shirai takes the plushie, giving Kilsa a kiss on the lips. "You're too kind, Kilsa." She giggles. "It's eerie how accurate these things are." the wolfess smirks, pulling another from her bag shaped a lot like a 'roo familiar to herself and Kilsa. "Remember this person, hmm?" She snickers, perking her ears at Tiya's sudden yell.

Tiya's words echo in the lustful doctor's mind for a moment, though the slit widening and threatening to swallow him up snapped him to quite well. He scrambles as he sinks lower, grasping the slippery edge and hauling himself out as quickly as possible, diving off the horse's head and into her jeans, bouncing off various things before resting snuggly under her gigantic orbs.

A sad smiles graces her lips as she looks at the plushie, "I remember him. I wonder does she remember him." She looks at the plushes and flicks the ears of the roo. She breaks out of her fog as she hears the commotion just beyond the curtain. "I can't believe I hired so many perverts. A woman like me feels unsafe in the work place of dangerous ferals and made doctors." She jokes with her mate.

Said orbs tense against the fairy, Tiya panting for a few moments as the orgasm takes them over. Burst after after burst of thick seed sprays across the room, landing against the curtain, making it rustle, the mare neighing loudly. Her chest heaves, trying to come down from her high, reaching down between her legs, feeling around for the fae, trying to pull him back into sight as the final gouts of seed drip to close.

Shirai nods, putting the plushie back in her bag with a wistful sigh. "Maybe. She's been trying so hard to change her ways for you." She smiles back bittersweetly. before Kilsa makes her joke, responding, "Now Kilsa, this is exactly why you can't tie me down here. If you feel unsafe, imagine how I feel!" She giggles, though Tiya's pleasured neigh keeps her laughter from being heard by the equine or fae.