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A soft know on the door come from the talakai, "Tiya, I know you are there." Kilsa says in a very calm voice as she knocks again. "I can feel my nanites..." She says before a soft sound is heard as she shift into a human form and knocks a third time. "You can open or you can make me wait."

Danielle looked up from the bed, wondering why Kilsa would be here at this hour. She squirmed from the mare's grasp, flying to the door and opening it. "Evening Boss." She says with a bemused look on her face. "Anything I can do you for? If it's Tiya you're looking for, she's resting in my bed over there." She motions behind her at the sleeping horse.

In perhaps a bout of bad luck for her, the mare remains sleeping as Kilsa enters, deeply asleep, her cum-spattered crotch more than enough evidence Kilsa would need. The horse is snoring slightly, curled up, her ear flicking atop her head at the sounds but not hearing enough to kick the feral's brain into gear.

"Danny, I'm going to be frank, how much would it cost to replace everything in this apartment?" She doesn't look at him as she moves over to Tiya with the calm and grace of a military commander. "Tiya..." Kilsa reaches down and smiles, "I was on my way to my room when I noticed that my nanites inside of you were a few million short and I can see you've had a bit of fun but I think its time for you to wake up." Kilsa presses a hand to mares chest and increase the temperture slowly starting off like a warm touch and slowly starting to cause her fur to smoke.

"I don't think a lot of these things can be replaced without traveling to other states..." Danielle states, looking around at a few things. "Why might you be a-" She cuts herself off when she sees what Kilsa was up to. She darts over as quickly as possible as she shakes her head quickly. "Woah woah! Don't blame her! It was my fault!"

Tiya jolts to a wakeful state almost the instant Kilsa touches her, her eyes blinking quickly, her reaction times a credit to her prey species state, the mare looking up into Kilsa's face. The mare whickers in fear, shaking mutely, whimpering at the burning on her chest, panting but remaining mute, not quite meeting the shifter's gaze, silent save for whimpering.

"I'm not blaming you, Danny." Kilsa grabs the mare by the snout and tosses her to the floor before sitting on her chest. "Explain." Kilsa body is temperture is starting to increase to the point of the air around her moving in waves, "I must be slipping as a Mistress when my Omega doesn't bother to even consider me when going to have fun. I'm hurt.." Kilsa eyes shimmer with nanite as her eyes start to water and sizzle. "Was I not good enough? Was my reward not to your liking? SPEAK!" Kilsa says before slapping the mare across the snout with enough force to turn her head.

Danielle grit her teeth, she could feel the heat from where she was flying! She darts towards her boss, happy she had made the choice to apply thermal plating to her current body, though it was still uncomfortable, but she fought through it as she grabbed Kilsa's shirt collar, and tried with all of her tiny robot might to pull her away. "You're GOING to blame me, I was the one who caused it!"

Tiya nickers in alarm as she lands heavily on the floor, looking up at Kilsa with fear in her eyes, panting in alarm as she feels her body start to hurt under Kilsa's touches. The mare lickes her lips nervously, about to speak before recieving the slap, tears welling up in her eyes and turning back to the shifter, a thin stream of blood trailing from her nose. "M-mistress... Don't hurt the doctor," the equine says, voice full of fear. "I-I came to help the doctor, b-because you were gone and I-I thought I'd be helpful a-and y-you'd reward me again," the horse says, sounding miserable. "A-and the doctor w-wanted to fuck..." the horse says, not meeting either party's eyes, shaking in fear.

The moment Kilsa is touched by the fairy she give a growl and her body quickly ignite burning away her clothing, "Don't touch me!" She says as here eyes steam up from the burning tears, "Tiya. Who is your mistress?" She growled as she stood up off the mare anger and hurt flashing across her eyes, "You fucked her, I wanted to atleast see if I had a shot and Omega doesn't eat before the Alpha, drink before the alpha or FUCK before the alpha." He form shimmer as she growled and began to increase in size, "I will not hurt the doctor for going behind my back. You... your another story, I'm....I'm so disappointed in you Tiya, I thought we could have been friends I was even thinking of promoting you to delta. I had a mission picked out and everything!" After she finishing shifting a very large black dragon looms over Tiya. "Tell me Tiya. Was it worth it?" Her body still shimmers as arcs of flame dance around it. "SPEAK BEFORE I LOSE IT."

Tiya screams in fear at her mistress's word, crying too and squirming clumsily up onto her knees, looking up into the dragon's eyes, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. "I'm sorry mistress! It wasn't worth it, mistress Kilsa. You're my mistress, I'm sorry mistress Kilsa," the mare sobs, her body shaking in fear, looking like she's almost ready to pee herself from terror, trying to crawl closer to her, bending her head, trying to lick at the shifter's talons, her tears rolling onto the carpet. "I'm sorry mistress Kilsa," the horse sobs, her body shaking. "I thought you'd already used your gammas! Y-you're the Alpha... A-and the gamma w-w-wanted to fuck... S-so I did. I'm sorry my mistress! I didn't want to upset you," the mare cries, tossing her mare in terror.

Danielle flies backwards, catching themselves after a moment. She turns to face the horror her boss had become, she wouldn't be able to handle this female... she probably couldn't handle it male either but she would at least do better. She shifts, furrowing his brows as he charges in front to face Kilsa. "God DAMN IT!" He yells, unfolding his arm blades with a subsonic hum. "I already TOLD YOU it was MY fault!" This was ballsy of him, but he wouldn't let her hurt Tiya for something he did. "She came to me for something to do, wanting to help! I took advantage of the situation, trying to sate this new demonic lust of mine. She had nothing to do with it!"

Kilsa reaches down and picks up Tiya as if she was only a few pounds. "No Tiya, It was worth it, you gotten something your mistress wanted with her permission." Kilsa talons Dig into the back of the mare neck, "I just want to know did either of you think of me?" Kilsa body is fully inflamed as she speaks burning the back of Tiya neck. She glance at Daniel with a look that doesn't say anything nice for Danielle, "Try it." She uses a single firey hand to pin press Tiya face first against a wall. "You've already usurped my authority with Tiya now you want to do it again with blades. Go ahead." Kilsa eye steam even more at this turn out but her free hand is guesturing for Danielle to come forth. "Demon or not I'll beat the unholy out of you. Its obvious that you don't respect me on any level, WELL IF YOU WANT TO BE THIS WAY THEN COME ON." Kilsa voice breaks in the scream as she cries more. "Judas..." She looks at Danielle her eyes as hard as diamond.

Daniel's voice was breaking at this point too, drawing his blades on his boss hurt him a lot inside. "I respect you as much as I respect Tiya, that's why I'm trying to protect her! And if this is what it takes to get you to hurt ME, then I have to do this!" He didn't have the heat to hide his tears like Kilsa did, thick rivers running down his cheeks from his eyes. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if Tiya was punished for something I caused, you of all people should know this!" He took a swipe at Kilsa, his blade doing pretty much nothing to her, but either way he'd made the first move.

Tiya yelps in alarm as she's strangled by her mistress, coking a little at the burning paid around her throat, not even bothering to raise her hands to try and defend herself. The mare whickers in pain as she's slammed hard into the wall, coughing, a tooth falling out of her mouth, eyes fixed on her mistress, shaking in fear and sobbing but not trying to defend herself. "M-mistress... It's not worth it. Mistress's happiness is more important than mine," the horse sobs, blinking her eyes free of tears, nose still bleeding, not even trying to regenerate, perhaps even holding it back conciously. She actually screams in alarm as she sees Daniel strike her mistress, her arm reaching out towards the fairy, unable to reach her. "Don't! Don't hurt my mistress! Leave her alone," the mare yells in a strange turnabout, craning her neck painfully to see. "Mistress! Forgive him! Punish me more instead of him! It's my fault, mistress! I didn't tell him the rules! I thought he knew! I'm sorry for being stupid mistress, I'm sorry for letting him hurt you," the submissive sobs, emotional agony on her face.

"So that is how it is..." Kilsa look at Tiya, and lets her go. "Tiya! Make no action to help myself or Danielle." She look at Danielle as her body shift down to a fairy size and her form changes to something made for combat. "Tiya you will stay silent and see the results of your actions and hers." Kilsa eyes can barely be see before she stops the heat from pouring out of her body, she adopt a pose for fighting, "I didn't think I would have to ever have the moment, I can see where my faith gets me." She says softly as her voice cracks. "I trusted you." She says before walking to the Fairy. "Tiya is currently sitting at level ten punishment. The more you do to me the more I will lower it." She does move anything besides her tail. "Fight me or Tiya will suffer greatly and don't hold back."

Daniel felt a pain in his chest, he didn't want things to go this way, he just wanted her to beat the hell out of him and call it that. "So either way someone I care about is going to get hurt. I never wanted this... I never wanted to disrespect you and I sure as hell never wanted to challenge you... but I guess I have no choice now." He presses a few buttons on his wrist, and the series of metal plates that is his body armor unfold over his body. "Here I go... half as long, twice as bright." He charges his boss at high speed, diving at her, trying to ignore the pain in his heart as he attempts to shoulder barge her!

Tiya pants in relief as Kilsa drops her to the ground, her chest heaving under she hears what's planning, the mare nickering in alarm. She sits where she landed, knowing she's been ordered not to interfere on either side. On the other hand... she's caused this, this is her fault, and she knows the price for that is punishment. And she knows these two are pack members and important ones at that. Her logic, even filtered through her feral brain that is compelled to obey, comes to one conclusion. Omegas are expendable, and Alpha or a Beta are not. The mare stands up suddenly, charging inbetween the pair and holding her ground, just in time to take Daniel's shoulder charge into her, the PSI from his attack telling with a sharp crack of a broken collarbone, the horse wincing but panting. "L-level 11... please... mistress..." the horse manages, looking at the shifter with a look of abject terror. "Love mistress. Can't hurt mistress. Made a mistake," the shemale's words becoming thicker, losing the levels of intelligence she normally has, her instincts telling that everything is wrong. "Dan... Kilsa... love. Can't fight. Omega... not important. Take out on omega," the horse is panting, barely standing down, but still stubbornly between the pair.

Kilsa doesn't block or even try to put up a resistance as she watches, "No.." She looks at Danielle, "I'm not happy with what I'm seeing." She stop her actions. "I didn't expect this." Kilsa look heartbroken, "I'm sorry.." Kilsa screams loudly as the wall shake as her body glows to the brightness of a small light bulb. "Fuck! FUCK!" She screams as walks to the door and punches it hard enough to that the force punches a hole into the door and the door across from it and leave a normal human size whole from where she is standing to the outdoor. She slumps to her knees as the ground around her sizzles around her she shimmers and become a full size human woman crying into her hands. Her body looking like a human candle as she continues to steam from the eyes.

Daniel opens his eyes when he felt fur, not searing pain. ... No. "God damn it Tiya, NO!" He shouts as he realizes what he'd done. He looks where he'd connected with her, it was definately broken, and blood was rapidly pooling undernieth. God damn it, it hit something important! "Yeah, I didn't fucking expect this either!" He bites, flying by Tiya's neck and making an incision. "Fucking shit, hold it together Tiya I can help!" He attemptd to drain the blood as it pools, but too much was coming out... he had to cut it off at the source for now. "Boss, for fuck sakes! Unless you want her to die, quit crying and help me!" He squirms inside, trying to find the severed vein.

Spade blinks and looks in through the hole in the door that was created quite abruptly before her eyes, swinging it open. She heard familiar shouting, and thought to inspect the sourced, but upon seeing Kilsa she frowns and tilts her head. "What's going on here?" she chitters and begins to scowl. Her sister is crying and appears to be on fire, Tiya is injured and Cupnoodle is frantic, there had better be a good reason. She skitters into the middle of the room and folds two of her legs, waiting for an answer as she holds onto her moai statue. She scowls and says to Tiya "As your superior, I demand you make a full recovery, you will devote your being to it." she says and looks the group over once more, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Tiya sinks to her knees slowly, frowning a little, confused at why her legs aren't working, for some reason not feeling any pain from the spot. The mare tosses her head a little, looking down at Cupnoodle, smiling to him alive and well, even if the fairy seems to be distressed over something. There can't be anything wrong, can there? She feels fine, even if her legs aren't doing their job. She reaches up slowly to her neck at the place cupdnoodle is probing, blinking slowly at the blood on her fingers before she spots Kilsa crying. Mistress is in trouble, mistress is upset still. It's Tiya's fault, she feels fine and mistress doesn't. The horse slowly starts to pull herself towards the shifter, panting, still losing a lot of blood. "Mistress. I'm sorry mistress," the mare says, raising her eyes towards Spade as she enters, nodding to see her grinning and showing her missing tooth. "Mistress is hurt, though. Mistress comes first," the battered mare says, still dragging herself towards Kilsa.

The nanite adept stands up and walks over to Tiya without a single word before placing a nipple against Tiya mouth before squiting a thick silver solution that tastes like nectar into her mouth. Kilsa begins taxing her self as much as she can as the nanites keep going through Tiya and being absorbed into her body before she even swallow. She look at Tiya with a look like a mother would, "I'm sorry."

Daniel fights his way through the torn muscle and steady stream of blood before finally finding the severed vessels. God it got the vein AND the artery... that's gonna take some time to replace. It takes him a moment, but he manages to stretch the fiber back over itself, and seals it back together with a cautery tool, once again letting the blood flow where it was needed. He sighs, looking over the rest of the work he'd need to do until he remembers Tiya can regenerate. He moves the broken collar bone back into place at least, he had to do that, otherwise it would reform funny. He emerges from his incision, finding himself higher than he had when he entered, as well as the fact that Kilsa was now nursing the equine. He shrugs, and sutures the incision closed, hopping off of Tiya's shoulder and packing his things back into his bag.

Spade looks the group over, getting half a response from Tiya. She stamps two legs and sighs. "Tiya, what happened? And you'll listen to me because it's clearly what your mistress wants too." she chitters and motions to the feeding.

Tiya frowns confusedly at her mistress's sudden forgiveness, opening her mouth accomodatingly at the nipple being pressed to it, starting to swallow, her confusion seeming less important as what is clear is that her mistress wants her to drink, the equine sitting up and shuffling closer to Kilsa to make it easier. The shattered bones start to knit almost the moment that Daniel puts them back into place, but the regeneration and the nectar of her mistress can't replace Tiya's blood, the horse feeling rather week. The horse rolls her eyes to look at Spade, looking between Kilsa feeding her and the spider. "Mistress... punished Tiya?" the mare says, voice voice muffled by her refusal to pull away frmo the shifter's nipple.

Kilsa nods at Tiya, "Yes I punished you." Kilsa picks up the equine and place her on the bed before leaning near the wall and sliding down to the floor her body exhausted from the strain. "I'm so sorry." She curl her knees against her body as she just hangs her head not feeling the urge to cry but just feeling horrible all over from her heart to her soul.

Daniel shifts back into a succubus, or an incubus due to his current gender, so that he might be a normal size for this. He focuses slightly, the metal in his finger extending and hollowing into a needle before he plunging it into a vein in Tiya's arm. He takes a moment to scan for her blood type before his shoulder opens up, tunneling down into the needle. With his free hand, he takes a bottle of rubbing alcohol, pours some into his mouth, swishes it around as he winces at the taste, and spits it off to the side. After rinsing his mouth out a bit, he starts to drool into the open compartment in his shoulder... though saliva doesn't come out, blood does.

Spade listens as best she can and sighs, moving over to sit with Kilsa, handing her the statue to hold as she puts a few arms around her sister. "Did you cause the injury?" she chitters in a quizzing tone.

Tiya meekly lets Kilsa carry to the bed, whimpering to see the distress of her mistress, whickering in fear and getting ready to move before the docotr comes to her, frowning at the strange actions of the seemingly mechanical medic before looking back over to Kilsa, trying to shift towards her, whimpering in distress a again. "Doctor... Stop... mistress needs Tiya. Mistress is upset," the mare complains, trying to get to the shifter but far too weak to move to her under her own power, instead reaching out feebly towards her.

"Tiya. Mistress.." He voice breaks at the word, "Commands you to rest." She says before looking at her sister, "I burned her badly because that is what monsters do. I'm a walking disaster, I just ruined two friendships." Kilsa looks numb as she speaks her mind in a far away place, "Sixty fucking kids and I don't know any restraint." She stand up, "I've done a piss poor Job. Tiya until I tell you otherwise your allowed to recieve any sort of care any of the others want to give you... Physical, mental, and sexual. I'm an unfit mistress for you but.. I'll do better, somehow, even if you both hate me."

Daniel throws the bottle of rubbing alcohol at his boss, giving her a look of 'stop talking like that' since he can't really talk right now. God this blood tasted awful, how do vampires drink this stuff... it tastes like cherry soda with a fuck ton of vinigar in it. He sighs when she finally has at least 7/8th of her blood left... it's not all of it but it's enough to give her strength back to her. He takes a swig of vodka, swishes it around in his mouth, and swallows with a grimace.

Spade listens to her sister for a second and frowns, then quick as a flash, lands four solid punches against her sister, one against her jaw, just hard enough to knock some damn sense into her. "Stop it now. You're not a monster. You're a wonderful person. Everyone makes mistakes, get over it, and get up." she chitters and makes her sister grasp the moai statue, forcing a bit of a rubbing motion. "Now get up and make it right, don't wallow in your own pity."

Tiya whimpers loudly at her mistress's words, finally managing to pull away from Daniel as she doctor stops with a look of distress, still trailing the tube sticking out from her arm. The mare almost falls out of bed in the attempt but manages to grab Kilsa's arm, firmly. "Tiya love. Tiya love. Tiya rests when mistress rests. Mistress rests with Tiya," the feral repeats, still sluring her words a little, seeming to forget the word 'I' and that she can't order Kilsa around, instead pulling on her mistress, still weak, luckily for Spade ignoring the blows landed on the shifter.

The bottle smack kilsa in the head and burst into flames against her over heated body. The flames spread over her but as fast as they form her nanite make it a part of her already shimmering body. She looked at Danielle before Spade rock her world with the quick as lightening punches. "Your right." The distant look in kilsa eyes remain as she stand up while holding the moai statue. "I'm sorry Tiya but it extends fur than that, You can take care of yourself well without me around. I should...Trust you." She rest her free had on Tiya's belly, "You did nothing wrong, I'm just..Jealous and petty." She give her a hug, "How about this Tiya, When your all better Mistress will take you out and let you have a fun time beating up and raping as many skunkgirls as you like and to top it off. I'll let you." She whispers into the Ferals ear. "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

Daniel watched the bottle explode, forgetting that Kilsa was currently superheated. At least it didn't do much damage, just scorched his backrest. "While I wouldn't have done it as violently, what Spade said. Everyone makes mistakes... hell I almost gunned down my adoptive family the other day." He frowns a bit at the memory, but it was behind them now. "So... does this mean I can keep the baby? I'm sure Tiya would like that too." He said, resting a hand on his stomach. ... Where did he even KEEP the baby when he was like this?

Spade looks Kilsa over, ignoring the heat she scalds herself to plant a kiss on her cheek and give her a tight hug, turning her head to look into her eyes as she snaps. "Focus okay? I'm sorry I hit you but I'm here to look out for you, however I can. I love you sister, I hope you can forgive me. Now get up and calm down, you should get some sleep." she chitters as she lets go. As she does she squeezes her seared hands together and winces. She looks to Tiya and then Danielle and nods.

Tiya blushes at Kilsa's promise, spreading her face into a wide grin and showing her missing tooth again, rubbing her face against Kilsa closely for a long moment before pulling back and lick at the shifter's cheek. "Thanks mistress! Tiya loves you," the mare pormises, giving another look before turning towards Dan, still grinning, bending her head and starting to lick along the incubus's belly, where she's sure her foal is forming. "Mistress gets new foal to play with! Tiya will train her, Tiya promises," she says, turning her hand to grip up and Kilsa, still pressing against the demon.

A nods is the only response the adept give before looking to the doctor and walking close to him to whisper in his ear, "I'm sorry everyone." She says in a far away tone before looking at the damaged room. "I'll pay for the damages. Danielle, look after Tiya for the next few nights. Keep her happy for me." She says before looking to Spade with a far away glance, "You were right to hit me. I'll give this back tomorrow." She guesture to the moai statue in her hand before walking out of the room on wobble legs. "See ya." She cluthes the statue tightly as she heads to her own room.