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It is a dark evening, the sun setting fast. The weather has been warming as Spring comes in and Miranai has been spending more time out gathering salvage, training with her weapons, or just enjoying the day. Bots in no need of repair, weapons crafting can wait another day, despire the fact that if she were to stray to far from the KS HQ there would be many a feral to deal with, it seems to be a very lovely evening for the Fox Taur.

From the Carnal Pleasures comes a small band of trolls, ogres, and banshies. In the middle of them all they are lead by a Fox Taur, who seems to keep them under an iron paw. They carry with them weapons made by a skilled crafter and with unusual designs on the sides of them. Each has the dipction of a vixen in a lewd pose. The Fox Taur herm in the middle looks at a map. Shi had spent a lot of time tracking down hir missing slut, shi was hir best breeder, and shi wanted hir best money macker back. The Fox Taur hirself didn't look to have much in the way of weapons or defense, but knew between hir body guards and what shi had planned, shi wouldn't need much. They head out toward the KS HQ.

A strange black fox with many tails stepped out of the training room with a smile, A good work out had the fox in high spirits as she walks to the common room of the KS solutions and walks up to a vending machine to get a drink. "Whooo." She smiles and admires her claws as a drink is purchases the moment she picks up the drink her claw puntured and spilled it all over herself. "Dammit." She sucks at the side of the bottle drinking form the hole. "Mmmmm."

Walking down towards the K

Hearing a vulpine scream, Dio's ears twitch in response while he quickly turns around to view the door. "Gotcha," Dio says in response to Kilsa. Not an awful lot of time to think, but there was someone in need right then and now it would seem. The lion sprints out the door directly behind Kilsa and surveys the situation. Oh boy, someone was in trouble alright. Hearing Kilsa's additional orders, he responds with a nod and exclaims, "On it, boss." Quickly, he takes a position in front of Mira and stares at the group. Turning back over his shoulder, he looks at Mira and whispers loudly, "Stay behind me. We're going to make our way into the facility. You don't know me well, but trust me." He turns back around and takes out the orb that's been in his pocket. It would seem that it's a regular ball of stone. "They'll probably start attacking once we move. Are you ready?"

Spade was about to go and get help when help arrivies swiftly, leaving her not so alone with a seemingly paralyzed fox. She doesn't recieve any instructions, so her thoughts turn to how she can help. The device... she decides to step behind Kilsa, prepared to move after her. If Kilsa gets close enough for her to leap out and grab the device, she'll do so, but until then she just provides a bit of cover fire with a prism storm. It's too late to talk this out it seems.

Tiya perks her head on at the noise from outside, tossing her mane in alarm at the noise. The shemale noss at Kilsa's order, rushing out onto the street, her maid's dress flapping. The mare doesn't seem to be phased at all by the group opposing her pack, her stride barely pausing as she runs at the group, ignoring any wounds she may take in the attempt, not even attempting to dodge as she strives to reach the people hurting her friends and hurt them in return a hundredfold.

Shirai joins the group, having heard the fight beginning from a nearby street on her scavenging route. The canine quickly moves up to Kilsa's side, a dangerout glint in her eyes as she eyes off the fox 'taur standing across from Mirana. A soft light envelopes her hand as she readies herself for combat, intending to loose her solar ray at the moment any agressive movements are made. "What's happened." She demands, glancing around the group.

As the fighting starts suddenly the group of ogres, trolls, and banshies move to protect their leader, one of them taking the direct hit from the fire, the rest staving of the disoriating heat. More move into position to take the blows for their mistress, and start to return fire. They choose to stick to the weapons that are crafted for them for now.. and.. anyone who has seen Mira train or fight would recoginize the weapons they are using. They are exact copies of Mira's own rifle, pistol, and energy grenade launchers! A few fall, but the group is large enough to take the hit in numbers for now. As Tiya rushes into their lines, she is able to down a few before an Ogre and Troll together smash their fists into the horse's head, knocking her face first to the ground, where one of them stop on her skull, cracking it and effecently rendering the horse uncontious. As Dio tries to escort Mira back, she protests, "But... Karyn will.." she shakes her head and tries to make a break for it with Dio, but, unfortunately the fox taur notices, "NO! My pet will not be escaping again! EVERYONE! Stop!" And she pushes a few more buttons on the device shi is holding. Mira's eyes go wide, pupils dilating fully. She stops dead cold, and falls over. Mira doesn't move, not even breathing. "If you don't stop hurting my playthings and employess, then I'll do far worse to Miranai then shut her down."

The adepts turns around to see Miranai acting funny and shifts into a human. "Wait Wait. Why are you even attacking my friend and who are you. I would really really like to understand what going on, you certainly don't look like anyone I've made enemies with." The pink haired human says while walking closer with her hands up but keeping a respectable distance from the evil Fox Taur. "I can't let you take my friend. Obviously you have some sort of ill intent for her."

"Ah damn it," Dio mutters under his breath as he hears Mira fall over to the ground. The lion turns around and crouches down to get a better look at the now downed taur. He leans down and checks if she's breathing, but doesn't hear a sound or notice her chest rising. Shutting down seems to be the correct wording and Dio realizes there's not much he can do for her at the moment. He returns to his ready stance, but relaxes a little as Kilsa attempts to talk things out. That taur is more than likely not bluffing about the remote's power, so it'd be dangerous to start firing off for the moment. For now, he stands there and racks his brain for ideas.

Spade stays tensed up, ready to grab the remote if possible, and stays near her sister for both protection and to protect her. She watches the taur and the group with a frown. "Playthings?" she chitters angrily, looking to the evil one with a look of malice.

Shirai maintains her distance, a look of indignation on her face at the 'taur. "I hope you have some good answers, fox." She barks, the radiance from her hand not letting up as she continues to wait for an appropriate time to strike. "Maybe you should consider why Miranai fled."

The Fox Taur looks to Kilsa as she steps forward and shifts, "I want my Pet back, plain and simple. She is my property though I should thank you for taking good care of her." Shi says as her group gets to helping the fallen. "She was my best product too, people would pay a lot of 'creds to use her. I got to enjoy her myself when she wasn't on call." Shi says with a smile remembering. "Oh, I know I treated my pet badly before, left her alone in her room for... how long was it? I'd ask, but I'd have to turn her back on, and not doing that." She is well protected where she is standing, no less then 2 trolls and an ogre standing gaurd over her directly while the rest form a wedge between the fox taur and Kilsa and her group. "I've learned to treat my pet and playthings better, trust me. Now, what would you like in return for taking care of her while I was away and then while I was tracking her down? Of course, payment will not be given till I can give her a full checking over to make sure she isn't damaged." Once the injured are able to stand again, the whole group takes position to keep the fox taur well protected.

The adepts eyes twitches at the fox taur before her but she keeps her cool to preserve Miranai's safety. "You seems like an intelligent person so I can tell you want I want. I want Miranai, I would like to see what I can trade you, I'm extrememly wealthy and upfront in my dealings. Hell I even own the building behind me. Lets talk about what Miranai is worth to you and what we can do to trade for her." Kilsa smiles widely her clothes baggy on her form since the shift. "I'm unarmed and I would rather be have Miranai safe, She is a part of my unit and I would not like to see her go." Kilsa states down playing the value of her friend.

Trust him? Obviously Dio would be hard pressed to believe such an assertion considering the attacking taur's recent actions. Originally, the lion had thought himself to attempt a barter for Mira's life. However, he wasn't quite sure how that would turn out considering just how much trouble the taur went to in order to retrieve their friend here. Diplomacy still rules the atmosphere at the moment, but Dio decides to have a back up plan just in case. With the power of earth nanomagic, he rolls various small pebbles under the group, sure to cause chaos if the situation comes to an impasse.

Spade listens to the dealings, thinking of some of her own. "Locking them away? Well..." she chitters, deciding how much of a shame it would be if those rumors came up. "I've heard some fairly scandelous things about you dear, if you are who I think you are. Maybe you should deal fairly with my sister." she says very bluntly, looking to Miranai for a few seconds before watching the taur. "I see no need for all of these... thugs... either. You don't need a group of bullies in a peaceful retrieval."

Shirai scoffs at the fox's comment. "No, I don't believe you do." the canine replies bluntly, tapping a foot on the ground. "You're neglecting the fact that Miranai is another person. That she is thinking and feeling. The fact you had to put her down to get her to comply says something." She takes a few settings forward to stand nearer Kilsa. "So. Let's negotiate. I'd prefer for things not to escalate."

The Fox Taur looks around, noticing the moving rocks, and sighs, "I.. don't think you are taking me seriously. But... humm.. that whole building?" Shi looks over the impressive complex, "I'll tell you what, I'm not completely uncaring, and it seems my pet has got quiet the little ... family going for hir here. So. I'm goint to consider your offer, but.. there is going to be a time limit." Shi then fiddles with the device for a bit. After she is done it start beeping, "One week. Don't try to come for me, don't try to retaliate. I'll come up with a fair asking price for hir, shi was my best product, but maybe I can think of something I'd want even more. If you come up with something you'd like to offer, come down to the Carnal Pleasures. Maybe pay to have some fun with one of my playthings and give them your offer, so they can bring it to me." Shi snaps her fingers and the group around her starts to clear the area of debre. "I'll be back, till then, enjoy her." She says as she goes to depart, "Oh, and don't try anything funny while I leave, push this button," And she points to the device, "and no one gets to keep her." With that they all depart, the fox taur laughing about the need for thugs and peaceful retieval, about neglecting Mira, "How do you neglect a sex toy..." she asks idle as she starts to leave.

After the remote stops beeping, Mira starts to rouse and wake. She blinks a few times, but remains laying there for a bit, unsure of if she should move or not. She does groan, having hit the pavement hard, "Uggh... functions check..." she says as her wetware begins to preform a standard once over of her general condition and its own functions.

"Can't I even just get sane people that don't want to do something to people I care about?" Kilsa growls and shakes her head before looking to her group, "I don't know who that bitch is and I certainly don't like her. I'm going to try to resolve things peacefully but in the mean time." Kilsa begins speaking to the group in quiet hushed tones, "If things don't go south and something bad happends to Miranai I want you all to find her friend, Kill them, find her family, kill them, burn down the Carnal pleasures, kill anything that survives. I will not tolerate someone attempting to kill one of our own but that is only if things go south for now lets move Miranai and Tiya to the triage." The human speaks quickly and quiety. "I'm not liking this one bit and I'll be making a trip to the Carnal place as soon as I can.."

As the gang walks away, Dio couldn't help but regret not putting a few of his own plans in action right then and there. However, this was certainly a somewhat favorable result. Sure Mira was basically ticking away until her possible demise, but it was much better than being dead right now. "Kill 'em all, boss? You're getting me excited, but of course I want the best for our friend here. I'll take Mira here to the appropriate facility inside HQ." In a display of his strength, Dio bends down and carries the somewhat incapacitated taur inside.

Spade smiles and works to help carry Tiya and Mirana inside. "We should try and find a way to stop the remote from reaching her dears, some form of cancelation or something that doesnt' allow it to... I don't know enough about computers to figure this out." She chitters as she works.

Shirai's hackles rise at the fox's callous words, looking a split second from a merciless assault. A sharp growl is elicited from her, turning back to Kilsa. "I'll join you there if you want. I don't like this... abomination of a person either." She spits in a similarly hushed tone. "If they even warrant being called a person." Looking over to Miranai, her tone softens. "Are you okay?"

Miranai yips a bit as Dio picks her up and looks around. She quivers in the lion's grasp as she is carried, "I'm... ok.. I think.. waiting for functions check to... oh.." she reads the 'screen' she is displayed, "Oh... shutdown timeout set to... its in seconds.. umm... 1 week from.. 56 seconds ago.." She looks very dismayed a moment but then continues.. "I.. can hear and see while.. while shut down.. so.. when.. ummm. when Karyn said to enjoy me... umm.. I think she ment it.. also on a time out... 35 minutes.. increase hormonal production by 85%...." she says with a whimper and a whine. "Mistress Kilsa... Miss... Miss Shirai..." She says odvously worried about what this next week will bring and what she will be able to do about it.