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Waddles back into the K

"Well the sound of howling is out of head from last night." She moans and looks at Miranai, "Could you get drinks for all of use including little Tod and maybe a little snack?" She then look at Shirai and shift into her full talakai form and give the wolf a hug. "How have you been, Wolfie?" She kisses the wolf on the muzzle and smiles.

Shirai nods to Miranai, giving the 'taur a brief hug before returning the kis to Kilsa, her ears folding back a little at mention of the howling. "I think... The fact I refused payment should say enough about how I feel about the result of the mission... Something I need? erm... I suppose I could go for a drink of cider if there's any in the fridge? Don't worry about getting me things, though. That's something I prefer to do for myself." She yawns, cuddling up to Kilsa and resting her head on the adept's shoulder. "And how are you, love?" She murmers, head tilting up slightly to face Kilsa.

Miranai nods at the issued commands from Kilsa, "Ok Mistress! And Miss, cider.. ok." She nuzzles into Shirai during that brief hug, with a sigh, "I... look forward to pleasing both of you.." she says before she, slowly heads out to the kitchen to get some snakes, food, drinks, and anything else she can think of that will make the pair happy. She wonders briefly about the mission, but, if Kilsa didn't think it important for her to know, then it must not be.

The adept raise and eyebrow at Miranai before whispering to Shirai, "I've been better I'm still thinking of what to do about our doctor?" She puts her hand on her chin and shakes her head, "I also wonder if we could have done things a little better regarding Sol." She said while hugging the wolf and smiling, "We can't win them all."

Shirai looks back over to Mirana perplexedly as the taur moves out. "...Why in the world are people referring to me as 'miss' and 'mistress'? I've told them enough times already to just call me Shirai." She grumbles. "As for Dan... I don't know either." the canine sighs, obvious disappointment in her voice at the mention of the doctor.

Miranai returns with a platter of drinks, various finger foods, and a bowl for Tod. She presents them to both, "I.. I hope this is to your liking Mistress.. Miss.." she says, then setting them on a table. She turns on one of her more... useful bots, GBX and has it pick up her gear, "I'm... just going to hide this.. ok Mistress? Miss Shirai.. and.. I'll be back later.. I.. I need to make sure it is secure." She gives a bow, first to Kilsa, then over to Shirai. Then, still dragging ground, Mira waddles along to the comm room, to make sure this stuff was behind a very large, very secure locked door till she thought she would need it.