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Construction occurs next to the little hollowed out building, A small table with several chairs and a refridgerator that is full of drinks and small snacks. Kilsa asked her employers to join her while she looks through a broken window as the construction team made up of Clockwork foxes and a F-15 girl leading them.

The sound of heavy hooffalls from behind show the approach of Tiya. She gets down on her knees without a word, having barely glanced through the window and starting to lick over the adept's feet, rubbing her nuzzle against the leg, coating them in her drool.

Spade skitters towards where Kilsa had asked her to meet, wearing a rather ill fitting ragged cloth outfit. She carries a sewing kit with two moai statues balanced on the top carefully as she moves, stopping in her tracks and offering a half hearted wave with a leg to her friend. "Hey!" she chitters as she moves closer.

A few moments later, the flutter of wings and some scattering of dust can be heard outside, and Noire enters shoftly after. She offers a quiet wave of acknowledgement to Kilsa and Spade, while casting a raised eyebrow at Tiya. As her drone floats in after her with a quiet buzz, Noire thinks better of saying anything about it for the moment and takes a seat.

Kilsa gives a nod to Tiya, "Tiya, you may relax here. I will not punish you for being yourself while we are amoung friend under the condition...you serve the drinks." She smiles and give the mare a soft kiss on the cheek. before waving to Spade and giving her a big hug. "Hey Norie!" She says to the final person to enter in the door. "Well Our building is in the works. Soon it will be built and we will have a true base of operation." The Talakai looks proud and can't seem to stop smiling.

Tiya stands up slowly, rolling her tongue around in her mouth as she straightens up, giving a bow towards the adpet. "Thank you, mistress," the topless mare says, turning around and looking at the company. She gives them both a wide grin, her eyes glittering before she steps over towards the fridge, standing next to it ready to obey her mistress, her tail flicking about behind her, looking curiously at the moai statues riding atop the spider.

Spade looks over tiya and frowns, giving Kilsa a look before she opens her sewing kit and starts producing threads. "So what exactly do we do again?" she asks with her occupied mind.

Noire's lips tighten a bit at the word "mistress", but she focuses her attention back onto the spider girl next to her. For someone who seems to enjoy sewing so much, and a spider no less, she can't help but wonder why she has on such ragged clothing. "Well, technically we 'solve problems', as it was explained to me. I'm hoping that's not as all-encompassing as it sounds," she says with a brief glance to Tiya, "but from the sound of it you'd almost think we had our own cheesy 80's action show, theme song and everything." She grins a bit at the mental image, putting a hand over her mouth at the thought of her trying to look serious in a bell-bottomed catsuit.

The adept smiles and starts humming a cheesy theme song, "Nothing of the sort we aren't big heros like that or nothing. We are more of a surgical tool like a scapel. We can do complex surgeries or we can just slit throats." Kilsa winks, "I won't stop you from dressing in spandex and calling out your attacks but I think it safer to say we are a an ever-adapting group in trouble times that is looking for a positive way to make a few cred."

Tiya snorts at Noire's comment before raising an eyebrow at the looks towards her, leaning against the fridge and folding her arms beneath her breasts. "Sorry to interrupt a description I have already heard... But have I done something to offend you to?" she asks, tapping the top at the fridge. "I have been instructed by my mistress to provide you with drinks, should you like, otherwise, would you care to explain the problem?" the feral says, her head on the side, her eyes moving between spider and cat, an outside observer might not that the group is in danger from old ladies.

Spade stops her work and looks to Tiya, a frown on her face. "I'd like a soda if you have it." she chitters with a hint of offense, turning back to her work. "Well that's a worthy goal." she adds as she works.

Noire looks out to the window, her catlike gaze equally aloof. "It's nothing. Sorry if I offended you." Her tone makes it unclear how sincere the statement is, but she carries on anyway. "I don't know about spandex, but you made me think of something." She taps Spade's arm with the back of her hand, then points out her sewing. "If you plan on giving our HQ a store at some point, we could set aside a corner for some non-adventurey things, like clothes. I took a few fashion courses back in college and I've been training in crafting lately. With a little help," she looks over at Spade before turning back to Kilsa, "we could makes some wares people would really want. It'd be a great way to get creds in our downtime."

Shirai trudges in looking a little tired, taking large gulp from a thermos. "...Lovely. How late am I?" She chuckles, tail swaying slowly as she approaches the group. "So, how are you all and what should I have been doing?" She smirks slightly, giving Kilsa a brief hug on arrival.

The Adept nods at Noire and smiles, "That does sounds like a nice way to get business." Kilsa give a sniff and smells a familiar scent before hearing Shirai speak. "Your fine. We are just chilling here as the workers I hired get the building set up for us to start moving in." She smiles and points out a window to the Clockwork foxes and the F-15 girls working. "Tiya. Please get me a soda of any kind. I'm a little thirsty."

Tiya nods her head towards the adept, smiling. "Yes mistress," she says, bending to open the fridge and pull out two sodas. She approaches the group again, handing a soda to Spade casually before presenting the bottle to Kilsa, licking her lips nervously, her tail flicking behind her. "Here you are, mistress, please enjoy it," she says, ignoring the veiled hostility behind her, focusing on the task given to her.

Spade smiles and accepts the soda, clicking it open and downing a bit of it as she works. She addresses to Tiya quite plainly "What colors do you like?" as she works out what looks like the bottom of a plain shirt. "And do you change shape often?" she adds, looking to Noire with a smile. "I was planning to sell them myself but I'd love to work with someone gifted in textile arts."

Noire smiles back at Spade, trying to refrain from glancing back at the spider legs on her back out of courtesy. "Not exactly GIFTED, really, not in the TEXTILE arts at any rate. I just like to keep a broad skill set." The cat girl / valkyrie drinks her soda with just a slight nod to Tiya in "thanks". She notes Shirai's entrance, and nods to her, too. "Hi, Shirai. We've been talking about objectives, things we plan to do once the HQ's done. Any ideas?"

Shirai chuckles quietly as sodas are passed around, opting out of the stuff in favor of more from her thermos. "Really? Just waiting around?" She smirks incredulously. "Hey Noire. Not right now, honestly. I don't talk with many people when I'm in the city or outside of it. I quite value time to myself." the canine chuckles. "I'm not sure about what we'll be doing, but I'm up for just about anything within reason."

A soft chuckles from kilsa as she look over to Equine, "Tiya you are allowed to sit and drink with us as well." She says before turning to Shirai, "Well Shirai its kinda like this, I can't get to many people to take use seriously without looking like we are professional. You know with a nice base and a lot of minor deeds under our belt. Only contract I've got right now is simply to milk a few skunk girls. I'm putting that one sooooo far on the back burner." She chuckled even louder as she shift into a skunkgirl with odd fur.

Tiya nods towards Kilsa, going back over the to the fridge and getting a soda for herself, returning and sitting down on the floor, crossing her legs. "I like... pink?" the equine asks, looking at the spider, sipping at her drink. "And I stay like this," she says before looking up at Kilsa, licking her lips slowly. "Why do skunk girls even need milking?" she asks with a shrug.

Spade nods and flicks her sewing kit open once more to find some form of pink to give the creation when she finishes it, her legs turning into a flurry as she works. "Well that's easy enough. Just give me a bit." she chitters and looks to Noire briefly before watching her work. "Well mine is a very specific skillset, so i'd be happy to have some help if you want to work together sometime."

Noire nods at Spade, watching her legs move with fascination. "It'd be fun, and educational, if nothing else." She smiles genuinely at the spider person, but as Kilsa shifts into something different, an almost imperceptible twitch in her ears makes her pause. Uncertain as to the cause, Noire looks around, and zeroes in on Kilsa. Something about her (apart from the fact that she's a skunk), sets the cat-valkyrie on edge, but she can't quite pin it down. Of its own volition, her tail puffs up and flicks about. "... Hm." That fur...

Shirai nods. "Well, what kinds of 'little jobs' do you mean? There's always some salvaging to be done." She comments, not expecting it to be the kind of work the group will be looking for from her expression. "And I'm fairly sure there are some areas that need cleaning up for the Prometheans and Zephyr. Not sure about RSX; They don't get along too well with me from personal experience." She adds unconcernedly. "I don't really mind if we deal with them, as long as they don't slander me again." She grumbles, shaking her head a little disdainfully. "It's surprising how few of them managed to understand that just because I don't directly associate with Zephyr or RSX doesn't make me a Promethean either. I just helped them out with their farms and salvage aquisition."

Kilsa smiles, "You like pink?" Her skin changes rapidly as a new coat of fur rips through her skin. "Now I'm pink too." She chuckles and stand up stretching. "They want the milk from wild skunk girls to find out something relating to their breeding and growth rate." She chuckles and grips her own mammaries through her shirt. "So these won't work." Kilsa note Shirai's concern, "I'll try to make our RSX dealings with those that are more friendly and sympathic to infectees." She reaches over to the Equine and gives her a gentle scratch like one would do to a well behaved dog.

Tiya tosses her mane at the scratching to her hair, rubbing her cheek into Kilsa's thigh in thanks for the affection, her eyes focused on the group. "Why do you ask?" the Equine asks the spider, still rubbing her head against the adept, eyeing the mammaries. "What are all your names?" she asks, looking around the group, tail swishing along the floor. "I have not met some of you."

Spade speeds up the process by making the shirt thin and just big enough that it can be worn by Tiya, her work more than two thirds of the way done. "I'm making you a shirt, you're exposed." she chitters very plainly. "Educational?" she quips back to Noire before addressing Tiya again. "I'm Spade dear. It's nice to meet you."

Noire's hackles lower when Kilsa's fur shifts again, and she flexes her hand idly as the mystery goes unsolved, for the better of all involved. "I've got a quick eye and I'm just about as quick to learn things. Besides, I never got to finish that class before everything..." Noire waves her hand, dismissing the subject. "Well, anyway, it'll be fun and that's reason enough. Plus, I'd been planning on working on armor at some point, so it'd help me make it so it doesn't look like people are walking around in steel boxes." She turns her attention to Tiya, at least making the effort to act civil. "I'm Noire. Nice to meet you, Spade. You, too."

Shirai glance back at Tiya for a moment. "Hm. You seem... Different to last time I saw you." She muses, and looks back at Kilsa with a slight smirk. "I appreciate the thought, Kilsa." She smiles, giving the adept a nuzzle in apparrent disregard for the others in that moment.

"I've not tried my hand at making anything in a while, I'm not a feral but I have given in to the feral way of fight except a few key items. Like my rocket launcher...." She looks at the pink rocket propped up against the wall. "Well Tiya.. There is our new friend Spade a sister from another organization I was apart of and is a very good maker of clothing . The uncomfortable looking feline is Noire, She hates large wolfs and doesnt' play fetch very well." She chuckles with her poor introductions. "Tiya went through a life changing experience recently." She grins like she is hiding something before whispering to Shirai.

Tiya shrugs towards Shirai, her head on the side. "I have recieved new instructions from my mistress and been marked. This requires a change of attitude towards the pack," the equine says with a sigh, looking a little sad for a moment, rubbing her cheek against the adept's thigh for a moment. "I have yet to assert dominance over any of you and so this pack is lacking structure. However, I am submissive to my mistress, who is Alpha," the equine explains, giving a full descripition of her world view, leaning against Kilsa. "I am Tiya. I would like an opportunity to establish who is dominant," the feral says, bowing to the pair for a moment before smiling to Spade's offer. "My mistress broke my clothing and has yet to offer more. You will need her permission to garb me, Spade."

Spade listens to Kilsa with a smirk and then Tiya with a raised eyebrow. If they think they're going to assert dominance over her they are sadly mistaken, she'll have to have a heart to heart with them in their sleeping quarters after hours involving poisons and a gun if that comes up she decides, visibly nodding to herself. "Kilsa, do you mind?" she asks looking up to her friend as she finishse the basic shirt, reaching for some dye as she studies Kilsa's shirt design. She smirks once more and begins producing more thread, reaching for black dye as well before she starts to apply pink to the shirt.

Noire's ears flatten back against her helmet at the prospect of having dominance asserted over her. "Okay, I'm just going to say it. You kind of weird me out. That whole..." she gestures at Kilsa and Tiya with both arms, "thing... is kind of weird. But I can deal with that. I'm used to having to deal with that. I'm an artist, I was in college, I've seen some weird relationships. I've been pretty open-minded about that kind of thing. So I can live with the whole mistress/pet deal, just don't expect me to play into it. If I sub for anyone it's going to be in the bedroom, or a hotel room, or a closet or something." She crosses her arms stubbornly, feeling just a little bit bad in the back of her head for going off on such a tangent. So she quickly picks back up again, tail flicking anxiously. "... How long do you think it'll take to finish the building?"

Shirai quirks a brow at Tiya's comment. "You don't say." She replies, a hint of curiousity on her voice. "You don't sound to happy about that." the canine replies, an ear flicking back slightly. "It's lovely that you're so plain about your views, but I'd prefer not to take part in them. I have no objections to sparring, but 'dominance challenges' certainly don't fall into the way I do things." The canine smirks slightly, murmering something across to Kilsa.

The Adept stand up shake her head, "Tiya. There will be no challanging the members, you are the omega here without a chance for advancement. I do offer you release from your position and this group after your year contract is up, with good behavior I'll even give you just a month in our service." She stares the equine in the eye, "You challenged me and lost, I have marked you which mean everything of mine is superior to you, this group is mine thus everyone is superior to you. Shirai, my mate is equal to me so her word is law to you just as if I said it to you myself." She look at the group, "If she challanges you or disrespect you in any way let me know. I will personally deal with her." Her eyes shimmer, "You do remember what happened the night I marked you." She said and looked at Bite, "Feel free to dress her how ever you want. I would like her in less revealing clothing than torn rags." She then look to Noire, "Feral do it differently than us Noire, This is solely between me and Tiya, if she really hated this arrangement then she could ask me to release her but I doubt her pride as a feral would let her." She healed her hand against her chin, "I think it should be finished by the end of the week... I hope." She said as a F-15 girl and the Clockwork Foxes break out in an orgy. "I really hope...." She leans over and whispers something to Shirai.

Tiya had been grinning at the group, her ears flicking happily, inwardly considering that she could at least become a beta in this pack given the reluctance around before her mistress speaks up. The horse whickers at the announcement, looking distraught, her body shaking for a moment. The equine opens her mouth to say something, perhaps a protest before lowing her head, looking cowed, giving a soft "Yes mistress," before turning her eyes to the group, suddenly kowtowing towards them, her body shaking with the shame and sadness of her position. "I'm sorry for my disrespect, betters. P-please forgive this Omega," the equine says, gulping. "I-If you inform me how to address you and serve you, I will obey," the mare looks reluctant but she needs to obey after all.

Spade finishes dying the shirt and sets it aside to dry, looking up. "You don't need to appologize for your position. I don't expect you to wait on me or serve me, just be yourself." she chitters and looks to Kilsa's shirt again. She begins applying dye to a collection of thread she has set aside, letting iti work itself out she puts the dyes away and reaches for her moai statues, a smile breaching her face as she comes into contact with them. Her mood perks up and she stops being so blunt halfway through saying "So you're paying them to fuck? You should get some of your money back, you can see that on the streets."

Noire winces at the display, both feeling bad for having been spiteful and even more weirded out at the sudden 180. Luckily, she's saved from her position by a beep from her drone, indicating she has other business to attend to. Trying very hard to hide her relief, she quickly stands up and stretches a bit before heading toward the door. "Yeah, what Spade said, just... forget it. Anyway, I need to go. I'll see you guys later, maybe by then HQ will be done. Bye." With a wave and a woosh of her wings, she's gone.

Shirai tilts her ears back slightly as Tiya's disposition changes from happy to morose, gently giving her a pat on the back. "Call me by my name, for one." She chuckles quietly. "I think I can live without being served. I'm in the same boat as Spade as long as you don't try to get in my pants every other day." the canine murmers something across to Kilsa, before replying to the latter part of Spade's comment, vexed by the Valkyrie's sudden departure. "Somehow, I don't think she is. Might have to have a word with them."

The adept growls but shakes her head, "They are on salary so I don't have to pay them any more than I did till they finish the job." She watches as they finish and pass around cigarettes." She looks a little sadden about Tiya but decides to be diplomatic. "Tiya, I'm going to ask you something and remember, I won't get upset or punish you. What would make this less soul crushing for you?" She look at Spade and Shirai, "I have feral children so I know a little how a feral thinks but I am not here to abuse you...much. I would rather us have a good relationship." She look at bite, "Could I persuade you to try and keep Tiya in respectable dress while she works for us."

Tiya perks her head up at the words of reassurance, her ears flicking happily, getting back onto her knees and nodding around at the company. "I will still be oblidged to serve you, should you need it," she says, turning her head to look up at the adept, licking over her lips, trying to figure out how she can push it. "I... need something under me... even a toy or some treats would do," the equine says, her tail flicking. "I need rewards for service... that's the alpha's job," the equine points out. "And... sex... And time with mistress to get used to position," the mare shifts around nervously looking ready to flinch in case her mistress punishes her for asking more than her due. "It's hard being sub to people I could win dominance over," the equine says, her eyes flicking towards Spade for a moment as she says that.

Spade watches Kilsa for a few seconds and then nods with a smile. "Of course I can do that for you." she chitters, looking away and muttering under her breath "Master..." before she returns her gaze to her Moai statues, although not at all lwithout catching Tiya's glance at her in the process. Her eyes narrow for a second, and her gaze bears a malicious quality as her fangs drip something on the ground before she lets it go completely. Kilsa can deal with it if it comes up, and shes no push over. "So we need to get you some... maybe some shorts... and a bra."

Shirai smirks slightly at the spider's comment, giving Tiya a sympathetic hug before heading back around to Kilsa, finishing the contents of her thermos.

"Everyone seems so tense. I have an ideal I can get you a fun toy. I can also reward you for service if you want that. I will also take care of the sex itch from time to time." She wondered fro a second, "Also as a small thing to give you something for you to do. Any good compliment someone else give me about you. I'll reward you. If you do really really goodd I'll even allow you to enjoy some dominate roleplay." She winked before looking to Shirai, "So I can see that nothing getting done with those lazy bums outside." She growled and look at her companions, "I'm glad to have you all gathered I've been meaning to ask something of you Tiya. Um where do you live?"

Tiya smiles happily at the hug from Shirai, returning it with a tight squeeze that almost breaks ribs but is surprisingly chaste for hugging a feral. The mare releases the wolf soon enough before turning her head to look up at Kilsa, one ear pointed towards Spade to show she is listening. "I'd like that, mistress," she says, grinning again, seeming to be a lot more happy at the promise. She frowns at the question of where she lives, shrugging. "I thought you had my scent, mistress? I live in an alley near Zephyr," the equine says, her head on the side. "I taught the other ferals that it's my territory and it's nice and cosy now."

Spade slips on some gloves, grabbing the drying shirt and the dry thread and begins working out some letterings on the front, resembling the design on Kilsa's shirt. She quickly accomplishes this, simple yet elegant and then decides to add something of hers to it. She takes the side of the shirt and works out an "S" and then a spiders web around it, before letting it finish drying.

Shirai flinches slightly at the overly tight embrace slightly. "Christ, remind me not to hug you anytime soon." She quips, a little fire and static escaping from under her fur as it's dishevelled from the pressure, though her clothes and armor seem uneffected. "You've got quite some strength behind you, that's for sure." She compliments with a chuckle.

Kilsa chuckles at Tiya, "Yes, I have your sent but I don't stalk you." She thinks... "What is it with you all and living in alleys, I was living in a forest before I bought a home. A lot more comfy and an alley and warmer in the winter, Well soon we will all have our own rooms in the base." She smiles, "Though Shirai can spend time in my room all she wants." She winked and looked to spade. "How is it coming, Sister?"

Tiya shrugs towards her mistress. "It's a long walk from the forest if I wish to visit Zephyr for food. If you can bluff well enough, they just give you things for free," the feral points out before turning her eyes towards Shirai, lowering her gaze after a moment. "I am sorry for causing you discomfort," the mare apologies, turning to Spade finally, looking between her and Kilsa a couple of times. "Is this the uniform you mentioned, mistress?"

Spade chitters "Let it dry completely or you'll dye your skin, fur, anything exposed and only in one location." as she closes her box of sewing supplies with a smile. "Unless you want to be pinkish." she adds as she reaches for her moai statues, removing her gloves before touching them. She becomes awfully chipper as she watches them for a while, giggling to herself.

Shirai rolls her eyes. "I spend more time on a mountain, myself. The hideyholes I use in the city are temporary." The wolf retorts with a chuckle. "Tiya, don't worry about it. I'm not dead and you didn't try to rape me. We're in the clear." She smirks. "I almost doubt you're a feral. Almost." The canine smirks.

"I wonder...." She looks at Tiya and look at Shirai, "You know Shirai we could let her live with us till the room is done. I mean it not like she would attack us and honestly if I get called on a mission or have to group the team we would have four members in the same building." She winked at the Spider, "And Spade would have a model for her clothing a few rooms down which I'm sure would give my Spider motivation to give the good word for a good model which would give her a niiiice reward from me." She looked at Tiya and whispers something in the equine ear.

Tiya freezes for a moment as her mistress whispers to her, whickering at the words, the tight remains of her jeans tenting a little, the kneeling mare looking around at Shirai and Kilsa, licking her lips. "If I raped you, I'd be dead in a few minutes," the mare points out. "If I'm nice to you, I'll get rewarded, maybe with sex," the feral says, espousing her logic, shifting on her knees a little. "I would be happy to live with and serve my mistress closer, if she wishes it."

Spade shoves the shirt at Tiya, looking at their chest as she does so and then looks away. "I'd be happy to have a model, we could make some wonderful outfits for you, maybe some that'd make Kilsa want to take advantage of you more." she winks and then waits expectantly for them to put it on.

Shirai looks back at Kilsa with a smirk. "Hmm, maybe we could." The canine looks across at Tiya with an appraising gaze. "She'd have to be a good mare, though. Do you think we can trust her with that?" She smirks, murmering something to Kilsa.

Kilsa nods to Shirai, "Tiya. If I told you to be a good girl and not touch anyone in the house without thier permission could you do that? Secondly can you be trust while we sleep no to do anything that might get you neuteur by two creature that can ignite their flesh?" She smiles, "And also could you model off that body for a spider that would dress you VERY well?"

Tiya nods her head eagerly, inwardly focusing on the rewards promised and not on the threats. "I'll be good! I'll be good, I promise mistress!" she says, nodding her head, looking around at Spade, biting her bottom lip. "I'd like that! I promise to behave," she says, holding the shirt against her chest for a moment before pulling it on, grunting as she tries to force it down over her huge breasts, the thin fabric stretching to show her black areola clearly. "How do I look, mistress," she asks, turning her head towards Kilsa.

Spade watches Tiya put it on and smiles. "It looks good on you." she chitters and smiles at her work, taking note of its fit. "You do need a bra though." she chitters and nods. "So I have a model, we'll have to see eachother in private soon so I can make you all sorts of... fitting clothes. You can't run around topless dear." Spade looks to Kilsa for a second, thinking to herself. Almost reluctantly, she pushes one of her moai statues out at her friend.

Shirai chuckles quietly at the awfully sane feral's reaction. "Yeah, spontaneous combustion tends to be bad for you if you're not careful." the canine chuckles. "...I think Spade'll have to make the clothes a little wider at the bust." She smirks.

The now skunk Kilsa moves over to Tiya and crouches near her before reaching out and lifting her boobs up and down, "Yeah. definately need a bra." She smiles and shift her form into something to play with the Mares mind. "I think she would look good in a few dresses too. Regardless I think Spade will do well by all of us when she gets into full gear making our uniforms." Kilsa then moves over and huggles Shirai while giving her a big kiss. "So Shirai have you thought about how to christen our new rooms when we get them?" She lean in and gives the wolf a second much longer kiss.

Tiya moans a little at the groping of her heavy breasts, looking around at the company. "I'd just like something to stop them getting in the way as I fight..." the mare says before shrugging, fixing her eyes on Kilsa, looking a little jealous at Shirai and Kilsa kissing, running her own tongue over her lips. "I'd wear whatever my mistress orders," the mare points out, shifting in place. "If Spade wishes me to wear anything or do anything, I'm oblidged to." She looks thoughtfully at the spider for a moment. "Anything."

Spade looks heartbroken as her gesture is disregarded, her legs almost buckle and she recoils her statue to hold it against her chest. She nods to Tiya and looks for her soda.

Shirai presses into the kiss with a soft moan before she smirks coyly and replies, "Well, I thought you'd have a couple of ideas. Maybe we should have celebratory drinks first, hmm?" She giggles, casting a sympathetic look over to Spade as the lady recoils.

"The adept moves over to Spade and smiles, "I know your trying to give me this but I wanted to request something more beautiful of your skill for me, Sister." She smiles, "Could a have a bigger maoi statue for our lobby?" She blushes, "I want to show off your skills when everyone walks in."

Tiya climbs to her feet, smiling at Spade. "I thank you for the clothes you have made me, My lady Spade," the feral says, turning around and moving toward the fridge, getting another soda and moving back over the spider. The mare bends over, breasts straining against the clothing, presenting the drink to Spade, showing her teeth, ears flicking happily.

Spade lets her hurt be nursed by the offer, a wide smile crossing her face as she nods. "I can do that for you Kilsa, I'm sure you'll love it!" she chitters and smiles, She accepts the drink from Tiya, offering a fanged smile in return along with a "Thank you dear, but you don't have to wait on me. I hope this was out of the goodness of your heart and not a need to serve." she says before turning to Kilsa again. "I don't... thank you for asking." she decides to say.

Shirai smiles, pulling a bottle from her bag and opening it. "So, What to do now? Wait for the orgy over there to end or head over and make them get back to work?" the canine smirks.

The adept smiles, "Well I'm thinking about heading back to the apartment for now." She look at the wolf and smiles, "I doubt they are goign to be doing much more tonight and we are almost out of drinks. I'll probably have some work for us tomorrow for now, Everyone go home and get some rest. Remember these faces because they are going to be going to be famous." She points to each and every one of the members gathered. "Also anything I need to know before we depart?" She moves close to Spade and put her hand on the statue, "I'll still take this one if the offer is up."

Tiya smiles, bowing towards Spade again. "You seemed to be thirsty, and I do need to wait on you," the mare explains, licking her lips nervously. "I have been ordered to by my mistress, who is higher ranked than you," Tiya says, glancing over her shoulder at Kilsa. "You will need to ask her to relieve me of the task," the equine explains, smiling at Spade, turning and going towards the adept. "Do you wish me to come back with you, Mistress?"

Spade nods to Kilsa and relinquishes the statue. "I'll walk home with you, it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Kilsa, do they really have to wait on me?" she chiitters inquisiitively, holding all her stuff in hand.

Shirai chuckles. "I'll head home with you as well, Kilsa." the canine smiles, offering a hand to the adept and taking a drink of her beverage.

The nanite adept takes Shirai hand in her own as she shift from a mare form to a large black talakai again, "Tiya, If Spade allows you please carry her stuff and you can stop server her drinks. You can come back but unless my mate gives the ok, no naughty stuff." She winks at Tiya before turning her head to Spade, "I would be glad if my Sister joins me my mate and Tiya." She start to walk with Shirai in hand before stopping, "Oh and Tiya once we step out of here you are back to being in your place, understand?"

Tiya nods her head towards her mistress, biting her bottom lip. "I understand, mistress," the mare says, turning and smiling to Spade, holding out her hand. "Please, my lady Spade, may I carry your bags?" she asks, tossing her mane a little, her ears flicking as she looks down at the spider.

Spade pushes up on all her legs, doing her best to look eye to eye with Tiya and then looking to her things, hands over all but her Moai Statue. "Of course, but just this once." she chitters as she walks with Kilsa.

Shirai chuckles quietly at Tiya's attitude, resting back against the wall. "Well, are we going?" She asks in anticipation.

"Of Course." Kilsa nods and begins walking toward the Wet Bitch with Shirai's hand wrapped in her own. "Soon we will all be able to live in much green pastures. Even you Tiya, you'll have your own little room." She grinned and shook her head, "I'm so excited!" She says loudly.

Tiya nods, following a couple of places behind Kilsa, holding Spade's possessions on her shoulders, her tail swishing behind her in time with her walking. "Will I be able to furnish my room, mistress? Or will that be your pleasure?" the mare asks, looking curious, hooves clopping.

Shirai smirks. "I assume you'd furnish your own, Tiya." the wolfess smirks.

With a wave of her hand Kilsa smiles, "Yes your room is your except it must always be unlock and is open to inspection at anytime. You also will recieve wages like any other member." Kilsa smiles and looks at the shemale, "Good Girls get good treament bad girls get a level three punishment." She smirks, "I'm not so bad of a woman to give you a good job and your own room without letting you enjoy the perks of being on the team." Kilsa lets her hand from from Shirai and instead wrams and arm around the smaller wolf.

Tiya smiles broadly, reflecting that if she's a good girl, her life might be pretty nice. The shemale follows her mistress.

Spade skitters along and follows Kilsa, looking her statue over with a smile as she seems oblivious to the conversation.

Shirai chuckles quietly, giving the adept a close cuddle. "So, now what?" he smiles up at the wolf and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. "Any plans?"

The K